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(Some Guy)   Will the Packers ride the arm of Aaron Rodgers to victory, or will the Steelers buy a stairway to seven? This is your official Super Bowl XLV discussion thread (kickoff at 6:29 ET, FOX)   ( divider line
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6578 clicks; posted to Main » on 06 Feb 2011 at 5:30 PM (6 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2011-02-06 06:39:42 PM  

YouPeopleAreCrazy: A Fark Handle: can we ban fox from showing sports solely for their choice of a "rally america" pre-game that included a drunk chick that doesn't know the words to the nation anthem?

You think that CNS/NBC/ABC/ESPN would be any better? Really?

yes i do...after all they all hate america unlike fox.
2011-02-06 06:39:47 PM  
What? No ads on change of possession? How Un-American.
2011-02-06 06:40:02 PM  
2011-02-06 06:40:12 PM  
My pre-game consisted of another 5.5 month old kid coming over to visit with my 5.5 month old kid and eating take-out.

They went home.

I kept the leftovers.
2011-02-06 06:40:18 PM  

ClavellBCMI: Whew... was almost a GODDAMNITSOMUCH moment.

It was for Steelers fans. We should've had it!
2011-02-06 06:40:22 PM  
2011-02-06 06:40:28 PM  

vegaswench: GrahamManning: I just finished two racks of ribs and three brownies. I'm hallucinating.


meet me at the Wynn later on. We'll have a cookout
2011-02-06 06:40:33 PM  
just a little bit offsides.

no matter, first down anyway
2011-02-06 06:40:34 PM  
First down!

For America!

In Chicago!
2011-02-06 06:40:35 PM  

Aar1012: Is it me or does the field seem farked up in the middle?

Not the middle, sorry. At the 25 yard line.
2011-02-06 06:40:37 PM  
I think the Steelers' defense took some penetration lessons from Roethlisberger.
2011-02-06 06:40:39 PM  
Offsides, doesn't matter, complete to Driver.
2011-02-06 06:40:40 PM  
Mid-field! Nice!
2011-02-06 06:40:43 PM  
Big first down!

/offside, probably declined
2011-02-06 06:40:49 PM  
Yay! What a catch!
2011-02-06 06:40:50 PM  
2011-02-06 06:40:56 PM  
Free play... FOR AMERICA!

Pass to Donald Driver... FOR AMERICA!
2011-02-06 06:41:06 PM  
Steelers came early, which during the off-season is actually a nice survival adaptation for their QB...
2011-02-06 06:41:08 PM  
Defering on the kick, worked perfect.
2011-02-06 06:41:20 PM  

Dr.Fey: Zombo can do anything.

I'm actually glad I decided not to post anything when I saw that.
2011-02-06 06:41:25 PM  

GrahamManning: vegaswench: GrahamManning: I just finished two racks of ribs and three brownies. I'm hallucinating.


meet me at the Wynn later on. We'll have a cookout

Already stocking up on lighter fluid.
2011-02-06 06:41:33 PM  
isnt it time for some commercials?
2011-02-06 06:41:33 PM  

Cornered Beef: So they teared down the Berlin Wall for football, who knew?

yup, Bayern Munich now plays the Eastern clubs !
2011-02-06 06:41:35 PM  
Oh, awesome! You can still hear the ref when you do the "cut the center channel" trick!
2011-02-06 06:41:37 PM  
Go Jets!!


/ still a successful season when you eliminate the Pats.

Go AFC Rapists, I guess
2011-02-06 06:41:41 PM  
Cool, offsides on 3rd down, wtg Pittsburgh :).
2011-02-06 06:41:42 PM  
"The point is, ladies and gentlemen, that greed rape --for lack of a better word--is good. Greed Rape is right. Greed Rape works. Greed Rape clarifies, cuts through, and captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit. Greed Rape , in all of its forms-- greed rape for life, for money, for love, knowledge--has marked the upward surge of mankind. And greed rape --you mark my words--will not only save Teldar Paper the Pittsburgh Steelers, but that other malfunctioning corporation called the USA."
2011-02-06 06:41:46 PM  
Packers dagron
2011-02-06 06:41:49 PM  

mikaloyd: Defering on the kick, worked perfect.

I've decided to start deferring for sex, just to see if it helps.
2011-02-06 06:41:51 PM  
Can someone adjust the anisotropic filter settings? The texture of the field is uneven.
2011-02-06 06:41:52 PM  
Joe Buck was about to mention that Aaron Rodgers has already had 2 concussions, but the NFL voice in his head told him to leave well enough alone.
2011-02-06 06:41:53 PM  

mikaloyd: Defering on the kick, worked perfect.

I wanted the Steelers to kick to start the game...losing the toss like that farked it up.
2011-02-06 06:42:23 PM  
I haven't seen a Geordi miss such an obvious catch since the crew of the Enterprise D played the 1986 world series on the Holodeck, and LaForge was made to be Bill Buckner!
2011-02-06 06:42:27 PM  
Give the ball to John Kuhn already!
2011-02-06 06:42:35 PM  

usernameguy: Oh, awesome! You can still hear the ref when you do the "cut the center channel" trick!

That reminds me, I should do that as soon as I can figure out how.
2011-02-06 06:42:45 PM  
God, chicken wings sound good right now.
2011-02-06 06:42:46 PM  
2011-02-06 06:42:54 PM  
Through his arms! damn.
2011-02-06 06:42:54 PM  
Should have had it
2011-02-06 06:42:54 PM  
2011-02-06 06:42:57 PM  
2011-02-06 06:43:00 PM  
Right through his hands!
2011-02-06 06:43:00 PM  
perfect throw?
2011-02-06 06:43:02 PM  
Missed it by *that* much....
2011-02-06 06:43:03 PM  

SilentStrider: Give the ball to John Kuhn already!

Yeah, we have a bunch of jokes lined up.
2011-02-06 06:43:06 PM  
Jordy... catch that please.
2011-02-06 06:43:07 PM  
2011-02-06 06:43:07 PM  
GAH! Just over Nelson's hands.
2011-02-06 06:43:08 PM  
If that had been a wheel of cheese he would have caught that.
2011-02-06 06:43:10 PM  
Catch the ball, dude. Jeez.
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