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(Otago Daily Times)   There are some dumb places to smoke dope. The paddy wagon is one of them   ( divider line
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2003-07-20 06:10:20 PM  
How did he get it in there to begin with? If a cop misses matches and a joint during search, I say smoke em if you got em.
2003-07-20 06:10:23 PM  
2003-07-20 06:10:25 PM  
<-- ew
2003-07-20 06:10:41 PM  
2003-07-20 06:11:10 PM  
have you ever seen the back of a paddy wagon...on weed, man?
2003-07-20 06:13:06 PM  
Was it too much to link directly to the article itself rather than linking to the frontpage of the site?

2003-07-20 06:13:23 PM  
Man, I'd eat it. The stone would last way longer.

But then, that's just me.
2003-07-20 06:23:11 PM  
You know, I actually saw an anti-drug ad recently that wasn't a flat-out lie or circular logic; it just involved some exaggerating. It was about this dude who was smart and active and stuff and now he smokes pot all day and lives in his parents' basement. Now obviously it would take serious abuse of pot to do that to you (and alcohol abuse would likely have a similar result), but it's a step up from "pot supports terrorism" or "pot makes you pregnant".
2003-07-20 06:23:59 PM  
No time to bake it into a brownie.
2003-07-20 06:24:22 PM  
What fools. Why smoke weed in a paddywagon when you could go to the cop's house next door and get high whenever you want? That's what I do.
2003-07-20 06:25:13 PM  
I agree with 64slices if the cop missed it during search he might as well enjoy his time before he's sent to the slammer
2003-07-20 06:27:53 PM  
Patton, who yesterday admitted possessing cannabis, and smoking cannabis, was sentenced to 50 hours community work and ordered to pay court costs of $130 on each charge by Judge Stephen O'Driscoll, who described his behaviour as "unbelievable".

Man, them's some mighty harsh penalties you got down under.
2003-07-20 06:33:19 PM  
Another dumb place is underwater.. I mean come on, you can't even light it.
2003-07-20 06:40:31 PM  
Hanover Fist

Actually, if you eat marijuana the buzz is not very strong, lasting only a fraction of what smoking it would have produced. The marijuana is never heated to the temperature needed to release the THC from inside. That is why "cooking" it works, but eating it only produces a small effect.
2003-07-20 06:44:56 PM  
Want to smoke dope in the back of a paddy wagon (or anywhere else you like)? Try moving to Canada.

2003-07-20 06:47:25 PM  
Pardon me for being an off-topic assclown, but...

Today I watched Office Space for the first time, and I have to say, that movie kicked serious ass. The guy in the lead role was hilarious (as were the other guys, and Jennifer Aniston was hot as always). As in my top ten movies of all time.

Anyone else agree?
2003-07-20 06:54:26 PM  
Want to smoke dope in the back of a paddy wagon (or anywhere else you like)? Try moving to Canada.

Yeah, it's great getting slapped with a fine.
2003-07-20 06:57:15 PM  
You can't get fined if you don't get caught. And If youre going to get caught at least it's only a fine.
2003-07-20 07:02:05 PM  
I don't know why this got a stupid tag. The guy had already been caught with weed so he's busted anyways, why the hell not relax and get high. Plus he'll have one hell of a story to tell his stoner friends. I'd give it a cool tag.
2003-07-20 07:02:29 PM  
Sorry, I should have said Ontario. The day after the cops decided to stop arresting people for possession, there was a big crowd in front of a police precinct in downtown T.O. smoking freely. No fines.
2003-07-20 07:12:02 PM  
planet_arge: You are one lucky bastard. :)
2003-07-20 07:15:15 PM  
sort of a threadjack....

but am i the only pot head in Canada who is not too too thrilled aboot our new pot laws? I mean...I love the fact that they're progressive and are much more lenient than our reefer-madness-neighbours, but last year the police in Vancouver were more inclined to ignore me smoking on my lawn in the summer becuase for them to DO something about it meant an arrest/paperwork etc. I am sensing there will be incentive to issue a fine and take my sac-o-nuggs if the legislation goes thru.


In the USA he'd still get $130 fine....after he spent a couple of years in pound-me-in-the-ass jail.
2003-07-20 07:26:12 PM  
Actually in certain states of the US weed is already Decriminalized and is a misdomenor (spelling?) Making it technically less harsh than the Canadian laws however the popo down here are much more likely to enforce. I'm not sure how many states are but I know Oregon is decriminalized.
2003-07-20 07:27:12 PM  
Yeah but you know they're just going to take it away when they search you so might as well light 'er up rather than let perfectly good pot go to waste.
2003-07-20 07:35:47 PM  
that's the coolest thing i've ever heard of.
what's a tinny?
2003-07-20 07:40:10 PM  
No you're not the only one, Bill_Wick's_Friend (I live in BC as well). I think it's a step in the right direction, but it's actually going to come down harder on smokers; also, I think it'll mean that Ottawa won't do much with the pot laws for quite some time after the decriminalization.
2003-07-20 07:40:46 PM  
He's already under arrest for possession. Chances are, when he gets to the pokey, they're gonna find it and take it away from him anyway. What else does he have to lose? This guy gets my vote.
2003-07-20 08:04:15 PM  
I know I'm drifting a little off topic but...

There's a little unintentional marijuana reform happening here. Next Thursday it becomes illegal to smoke cigarettes in bars in New York State. That means there will be groups of people standing around in front of bars smoking. That means you will be less conspicuous standing there toking.
2003-07-20 08:18:52 PM  
"It's impossible that your this stupid." -Henry Oak
2003-07-20 08:20:14 PM  
It's smarter that he smoked that because bringing drugs into jail is a felony... at least that's how it is in the United States of Prohibition.
2003-07-20 08:54:24 PM  
Hey, better smoked then found. Good for him... He's already been arrested, might as well enjoy it :)
2003-07-20 08:57:21 PM  
Cha ching! Props to this man! Seriously, think about it. Let's say, you're getting arrested, you've got drugs on you. I mean, if you're already getting busted for drugs, why not take whatever the cops haven't already taken from you? If you get caught with acid though, you're in trouble. That's like, 10 years in jail for every hit, or something like that. If a cop catches you, and he finds like, 10 hits of acid on you, but you have 90 more on you that he didn't find, you're best off taking those 90 hits before they take em from you later. Sure, you'll probably never stop tripping, and you'll probably be permanently insane, but you won't have to take care of yourself, it'll be up to those poor saps who busted you in the first place.

Conclusion: Take drugs, they're good for you.

Also, if you're gonna bake pot into something, it's best to make Cannabutter. Just boil a bunch of pot in some water with a bunch of butter, strain out all the crap, put what you have left in the fridge, and get the "creme" off the top. What you have here is butter laden with tasty yet tasteless THC goodness. You can't get very high off just eating plain bud. The THC is fat soluble, I believe, and it's more digestable when it's in fat.
2003-07-20 09:01:44 PM  
You know what? This story makes me want to go to my garage and hit my bong...
2003-07-20 09:22:40 PM  
this story makes me wanna go to my neighbors house and make sweet love to a lady.

we aren't so different, you and i
2003-07-20 09:31:14 PM  
I wanna go to my bong's house and smoke my neighbor. We are all slightly different, in our own ways.
2003-07-20 09:58:27 PM  
Silly piggy, have a donut!
2003-07-20 10:18:11 PM  
BlindSeaman - Not quite true - there are some state laws in the US that have decriminalized pot, but the federal laws are still intact (the DEA have busted some "medical marijuana" operations in California).

In Canada, it was the federal pot law that was struck down by an Ontario superior court. This means that the federal gov't has a certain amount of time to come up with a new law, but until then pot's legal status is questionable at best, at least in Ontario.

It's my understanding other jurisdictions in Canada can use the Ontario court's ruling as precedent as well.

I'm not a lawyer, so feel free to correct my comments if you have more accurate insight.
2003-07-20 10:49:55 PM  
I work in a movie theatre.

One time, we caught a guy smokin' dope inside the theatre. Which is pretty dumb. It was before the movie started, the lights were up, and it was a sold out show which made it extra dumb.
2003-07-20 11:24:52 PM  
mazingRando2000-Funny you should mention that i also work in a theatre, and people have been kicked out for the same thing.
2003-07-20 11:45:30 PM  
COPS had an episode where a prisoner in the tank at the police station lit up a joint and got busted. So it's not the first time that this sort of thing has happenned.
2003-07-21 12:30:39 AM  
Reminds me of a funny story (I work for a PD).

A parole officer called us because she had a warrant for one of the people she supervised and knew she was at a hotel in our city. The warrant was a no bond warrant and the lady would ultimately end up going back to prison to serve the rest of her time.

Officers got to the hotel room and the lady was there. They asked to come in and she let them in. The officers asked if they could search the room and also asked if she had anything illegal in the room. The lady moved a towel that was on the bed and showed them that she had pot and a crack pipe.

An officer was talking to her face to face and noticed a small white object in her mouth. He asked her what it was and she showed the officer and told him it was a rock of crack she just bought.

They were about to handcuff her and she asked the officer, "Can I smoke that rock real quick? I'm going away for a long time and want to enjoy my freedom for a few more minutes.". Needless to say, they told her no, took her to jail and confiscated her drugs. :)
2003-07-21 12:52:11 AM  
Am I the only one reminded of a X-COPS song?
2003-07-21 01:01:12 AM  
only white people call pot "dope"
2003-07-21 08:33:17 AM  
I had a friend who was arrested at a music festival last summer on his birthday. Someone had stolen his folding chair, and he tracked the guy down and was about to lay into him when undercover cops came out of nowhere and tackled him. It seems that they too had been watching Mr. Chair-theif, and it was unfortunate that my friend happened to find him while he was under surveillance.

To make a long story short, the two guys were put in the back of the same cop car with their hands tied behind their backs. They had never searched my friend's pockets, and he had a smoking implement and a small bag of pot on him. Since he knew he was going to be searched eventually, he stuck it the fold of the seat behind him.

What makes this story great though, was that after an hour or two when he was released, the cops gave him a ride back to the festival to drop him off. On the way he searched around for his shiate and low and behold it was still there. Granted, he didn't light up in the backseat of this cop car, but he did hide his shiate there.

Good times.

The only good news about that unfortunate incident
2003-07-21 06:06:00 PM  

That's one out of a few reasons I'm looking forward to this new law...
2003-07-21 09:59:41 PM  
Only white people call weed 'pot'.
2003-07-21 10:03:45 PM  
That was addressed to Lietva, for those few of you who ever load this page again...
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