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31711 clicks; posted to Main » on 19 Jul 2003 at 7:42 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-07-20 10:41:09 AM  
I gotta agree with Tim Allen being one of the worst, but Jeff Foxworthy should be on that list too....

Some of my favs:
George Carlin
The Amazing Jonathan
Dave Attell
Lewis Black
Nick Dipalo
Bill Hicks
Chris Rock
2003-07-20 10:57:05 AM  
Emo's damned funny. His old persona could be irritating (he's changed it over the past few years) but he has said some brilliant things. Even if he was once married to Judy Tenuta (who, at least, detested Roseanne and beat on her constantly).
2003-07-20 11:01:09 AM  
Oh, and The Amazing Johnathan made me p1ss myself the first time I saw him.
2003-07-20 11:02:55 AM  
Conan is the king of comedy.
2003-07-20 11:08:22 AM  
Fark you all. Judy Tenuta's friggin' hilarious.

This list should consist of every comedian whos stepped behind a microphone since 1994. Stand up Comedy's renaissance was in the 1980's. Everyone today's got the same old schtick, and it ain't funny.

My ten worst:

10. Gallagher
9. Paul Rodriguez
8. Paul Reiser
7. The recent George Carlin (Post 1990)
6. Whoopi Goldberg
5. Andrew Dice Clay (That got old really quickly)
4. Yakov Smirnoff
3. Tim Allen
2. Wierd Al Yankovic
1. Jeff Foxworthy (Yet another schtick that got old fast)
2003-07-20 11:10:11 AM  
Crap.. I forgot ADAM SANDLER. He's so bad he deserves a list of his own.
2003-07-20 11:12:54 AM  
2003-07-20 12:56:30 AM RaoulDuke

You are absolutely right. Andy Kaufman was a genius. I first saw him on an an old SNL where he stands next to a small record player playing the Mighty Mouse theme song. He stands there doing nothing until "Here I come to save the day!" which he lip syncs dramatically. It's so stoopid, but hilarious. It helps if you've been drinking all evening.
2003-07-20 11:31:09 AM  
I saw Bill Maher on HBO last night. Glad I wasn't in the audience, because I would have been unable to muster up the sympathy laughs. The rest of my family that watched it with me fell asleep 10 minutes into it.
2003-07-20 12:05:33 PM  
I'd definitely replace #7 (Tim Allen) with Dave Chapelle.
2003-07-20 12:07:28 PM  
"Denis Leary is an unoriginal fark....he even mocked Bill Hicks death from pancreatic cancer in the name of his album "no cure for cancer". I used to think he was funny, then I grew up. fark Leary."

He was talking about John Wayne, you idiot. 'As soon as we find the cure to cancer, we'll thaw out the Duke and he's gonna be pissed off. Have you every had a cold shower? Well multiply that by a million and that's how pissed off the Duke's gonna be.'
2003-07-20 12:12:30 PM  
ComaToast I saw Andy Kaufman once on late night TV, where all he did was read, I don't know, The Great Gatsby, maybe. Very dull, very unfunny, but, the audience followed along with every word, occasionally twittering with nervous laughter, waiting for the punchline that never came. When the crowd started getting impatient, he yelled at them, and started reading silently. And they waited quietly, nervous laughter dancing throughout the hall every few minutes.

I still don't get the point, but I have to admit, he had the audience enraptured, afraid to miss a thing, and having no clue that they were being played for his amusement.
2003-07-20 12:15:02 PM  
No mention of Pablo Francisco?

"Hey hey, you ever see this one?" (begins to bound back and forth) "I came up with the idea by smoking a lot of pot. I slid across my linoleum floor to get some Cap'n Crunch and thats how I came up with the Lazy shiat!"
Or how could you ever forget "Little Tortilla Boy"...

PS: Colin Quinn blows.
2003-07-20 12:35:32 PM  
No. NOTHING is as bad as Carrot Top. He is, hands down, the most unfunny man that ever lived. He's worse than that stupid uncle who thinks he's funny after drinking all afternoon and then spends the evening corraling you in a corner and telling you stupid jokes until you feign hearty laughter and then, while his head is tipped backwards laughing at his jokes, you slip behind him and run to the nearest bathroom until he finds another target.
2003-07-20 12:54:26 PM  
Glad to see somebody finally mentioned Paul Rodriguez. How did this guy's career last so long? He still pops up on TV occasionally. Also, Judy Tenuda is just plain stupid. She has a monotone whiny screaming voice, and never says anything funny. Jon Henson was the best host on Talk Soup. That smirk let you know something good was coming. What happened to him, anyway? There's so many bad comedians--too many to list--but at least Yakov Smirnoff ended up in Branson, where he belongs.
2003-07-20 12:59:23 PM  
FRKBOY: Some of the guest comedians on that show are funny. Norton is hilarious - see him live and try not to laugh.

Agreed, brianewart. Jim Norton is about the only guy around who gets laughs with anything he says, almost every time. His laugh-to-groan ratio is about 95% to 5%, which is the direct opposite of almost everyone out there today.

Worst comediation breathing? Rich Vos!
2003-07-20 01:06:56 PM  
I'm sure someone "significant" is perusing this ever increasing list that has pull. The fact that Carrot Top has been mentioned myriad times here, perhaps, stands to reason why he's doin' a collect call commercial. Quit broaching him, and he'll go away: it's a farking paradox. I like Carrot Top because of his annoyance. The last time I saw him on t.v. ( I believe it was the x-mas season), he was actually being quite politically incorrect, which makes him even funnier and annoying.
2003-07-20 01:09:33 PM  
Everyone else has chimed in so why not me as well.
To everyone bashing Colin Quinn, I used to agree with you, and while he has some trouble with actual delivery, if you've seen him on Tough Call he's hilarious.
The best though are still:
Bill Hicks
Jeffrey Ross
David Cross (possibly the best stand-up CD since Bill Hicks died)
Sarah Silverman
Jon Stewart
Conan O'brien
Robin Williams (Saw him live on the recent tour and it was amazing)
2003-07-20 01:42:45 PM  
2003-07-20 02:53:07 PM  
I think the general FaRK feeling is in - Carrottop is at the top of the bad pile and Bill Hicks is at the top of the genius pile.

RIP Bill.
2003-07-20 03:00:46 PM  
Despite the fact that I have nothing in common with the author of this article, or his generation, I found myself agreeing with everything he said... ESPECIALLY his choice for the # 1 position.

The fact that Leno (& his corporate-approved humor) has become the top-rated comedian in the US is perhaps the saddest comment you can make about this culture. But don't listen to me, as a child I lost my mind when I overdosed on Jonathon Winters.
2003-07-20 03:07:31 PM  
George carlin = GOD
Chris Rock = Hilarious and topical
John Stewart = Conan can't hold a candle to him, Conan is funny, but Stewart is brilliant. Conan + Andy, maybe

I highly suggest listening to a comic called Sean Cullen (May remeber from Corky and the Juice Pigs). His stand-up is brilliant. Unfortunately, the CBC gave him a sitcom that was probably the worst television show of all time, but check him out.

BTW, Dice is an ass-clown.
2003-07-20 03:21:06 PM  
Jeremy Hotz is hilarious. Not verbatim sum up of some of his material:

I got some of those maxi-pads in the mail the other day. Used 'em as coffee filters.
The garbageman must think I have a horrible disease.

The Canadian Army.. oh what a joke that is. They don't even have guns! 275 years without any wars. We should go invade Turkey. Call it Chicken. No one would see that coming!

He has this nervous twitch. farking hilarious.
2003-07-20 04:51:56 PM  
Colin Quin does NOT suck. He's a marble mouth sometimes, but he is clever and insightful.

Sam Kinnison was not just a screamer...there is an energy there and a vicious humor that was far different from that idiot Dice.

Mitch Hedgberg is great. And one of the best "newer" comedians around: that chinless zilch - lil' Jimmy Norton.
2003-07-20 06:07:42 PM  

lol, I have one his shows taped. The coffee filter joke made me pee my pants. Ok, not really but it was funny.
2003-07-20 06:13:41 PM  
2003-07-20 06:55:17 PM  
Leno is milk toast.

So is most of America.

No wonder he wins in the ratings.

Most people want familiarity and comfort.
2003-07-20 07:21:09 PM  
There's no way Richard Belzar shouldn't have topped this list..

The guy who wrote this article was full of shiat for the most part, but right own target in some areas as well.

2003-07-20 07:57:40 PM  
George Carlin is god, yes that is the honest truth. I think "Killer Carlin" is the only album of his that wasn't pure comedic genius.

All Hail George!!!
2003-07-20 09:06:54 PM  
Take Gallagher off and replace him with Ellen Degeneres. Then move Carrot Top to #1 and you've got your list. These people can take a perfectly funny room and suck all the humor out of it... I mean all the humor the room could have ever had until the end of eternity.
2003-07-20 09:18:08 PM  
1)Jim Breuer 2)Jim Breuer 3)Jim Breuer 4)Jim Breuer
2003-07-20 09:51:02 PM  

Half of you place Dave Chapelle on worst list and half on the best list.

Def Comedy Jam is overrated btw. Some of it is good but most is crap. Lewis Black gets so angry it scares me
2003-07-20 09:53:25 PM  
I must be the only one old enough to remember Shelley Berman...the funniest clean comedian ever!

Don Rickles rules, too!
2003-07-21 02:38:23 AM  
Bill Hicks > *. Also, mad props to David Cross. I haven't laughed so hard since Bill Hicks.
2003-07-21 12:09:30 PM  
Not a true comedian, but I vote for Jim Carrey.
2003-07-22 01:40:44 AM  
I can't believe that this freak hasn't made anyone's worst list:

[image from too old to be available]
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