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12655 clicks; posted to Main » on 19 Jul 2003 at 5:19 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-07-19 08:54:03 AM  
Fark really isn't a blog...
2003-07-19 09:21:55 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
How you doin'?
2003-07-19 12:27:55 PM  
Yeah, Fark is more like a clipping service with a studio audience.
2003-07-19 12:33:35 PM  
So we're supposed to be excited about playing fifth fiddle to the host of Blue's Clues?
2003-07-19 12:50:09 PM  
Fark is a blog? News to me.
2003-07-19 01:20:53 PM  
Prepare the servers. Notice like this will truly push the servers to their limits. Dive! Dive!
2003-07-19 01:49:41 PM  
Empty headed comm majors don't know a blog from a smoked sausage.
2003-07-19 01:53:38 PM  
Those ebay item descriptions never get old. HAR -- erm, yeah.
2003-07-19 02:08:35 PM  
i think my highschool newspaper had better articles than this one
2003-07-19 03:45:48 PM  
Yogi Berra on

"Nobody goes there anymore. It's too crowded."
2003-07-19 04:56:07 PM  
well i got up and went to the grocery store today and they were out of strawberries so i bought graoes instead and they were pretty good. i also got some ripe peaches that were really tasty. on the way home i bought some gas. it's expensive these days. boy it's hot lately. looks like it's going to cool off though. then before i got into the driveway i ran over a dog.

there, now fark's a blog; i'd hate to see a gannett paper make an error.
2003-07-19 05:16:58 PM  
Fark isn't news either. It says so on the logo.
2003-07-19 05:23:05 PM  
Hahaha... that ebay description mentioned in the article:

This THULE roof rack is the ultimate in roof rack design. It is solid, secure and versatile. The roof bars come complete with a pair of brand new cycle holders (un-opened boxes) They are the roof mounted upright type (Thule 549). It will fit most cars and even if it wasnt compatible the kit to make it compatible costs only 20 from Halfords. I bought this set for my 3 series BMW (cost me 245) I used the roof bars once but never got around to using the cycle holders. You know how it is. If I buy you a bike, will you come riding with me darling? Of course I will buy me the most expensive bike in the store. Oh, might as well get the most expensive roof bars as well. And the most expensive bike holders too..
Did she ever come riding with me? What do you think? So hey, we got divorced, and life was crap for a while but it got better.
Oh, by the way, dont be fooled by the happy couple printed on the outside of the box. Theyre only models (hes gay and she hates herself cries herself to sleep).
So.. I sort of lost my ebay idiom oh well, - buy these infernal cycle holders off me and try and sustain your relationship. Me? Well I never liked cycling anyway.
(She got the house you know.)
2003-07-19 05:27:27 PM  
that ebay description is a classic.
2003-07-19 05:30:10 PM  
So will the real M. Kelly please stand up?
2003-07-19 05:36:07 PM  
FARKing in teh fast lane
'nuff to make you lose yer mind...

I liked it the way it was... Deutsche-Telecom says I'm connected at 115.2 Kbps but I feel like I'm getting the short end of the stick.

I saw a turtle.
2003-07-19 05:36:39 PM  
Sweet! I like Steve Burns' site. ;) And check out the picture I found!

[image from too old to be available]

I feel a cliche coming on.
2003-07-19 05:36:46 PM  

That's it. I'm leaving.
2003-07-19 05:37:21 PM  
Didn't we all know about like... a year-and-a-half ago? This column farking sucks.
2003-07-19 05:37:28 PM  
Ally Sheedy, 1983.
2003-07-19 05:37:41 PM  

for entertainment, go here (SFW)
2003-07-19 05:42:33 PM  

I didn't...

2003-07-19 05:44:18 PM  
If Fark is a blog, I might as well start now:

July 19, 2003
omg!!! today i saw billy and he was soooooo cuutee!! he said teh funniest thing i was rofl!!111 it was a nice escape from my usual depression i'm going to listen to korn now

mood: =) ecstatic
current music: korn

/depressed teenage girl blog
2003-07-19 05:45:30 PM  
what is a blog?
2003-07-19 05:48:28 PM  
randomBOB - Ally Sheedy, 1983...!

HAHAHAAA.. She looks like the unholy bastard offspring of Miss Sheedy and lilshortcakeliz up there. It's a MAN, man!

Seriously, though, I hate columnists like this. Someone sends them an e-mail or a press release and because they don't give a shiat about quality or actual information, they wait til the last minute to spout some ignorant nonsense about random things that just make them look stupid.

Has someone e-mailed her this thread? I think she'd get a kick out of it. Or maybe someone would kick her in the head and she would get out! I dunno..
2003-07-19 05:51:49 PM  
Blogs, eh? What's all that about? If I was writing a blog I'd make it really exciting with lots of car chases and naked supermodels. Who's going to know? Nobody, that's who.

First I'll need some crappy .gifs to get put all over the place.
2003-07-19 05:52:21 PM  
2003-07-19 05:55:23 PM  
I must admit, Steve Burns' music is pretty impressive.
2003-07-19 05:56:09 PM  
Ally Sheedy was teh 1983 hotness.
Anybody have a picture of her now?
2003-07-19 05:56:27 PM  
Blog != News filter

But in the interest of accuracy:

July 19, 2003

I've been reading this site about the dangers of psychiatry. I'm getting sick of people accusing me of being a Scientologist whenever I point out the human rights abuses in the psychiatric "profession". I'm not sure what to believe about Kobe Bryant but my first impression is that he's the latest victim of asshat groupies.

See, it's not a blog entry without gratuitious use of links.
2003-07-19 05:59:06 PM  
And it's not a Fark forum post until the links don't work.
2003-07-19 05:59:33 PM  
Although her column sucks, she's kinda cute, for an incompetent journalist, that is.
2003-07-19 06:00:08 PM  
I love Alton Brown.
2003-07-19 06:03:17 PM  
My links never work anymore, I was banned for an animated jpg taken from Scanners (1981). <img src=""> Twenty two years later, and Scanners was more subversive than we all thought.
2003-07-19 06:12:15 PM  
I sure as hell hope that Fark isn't a blog, because blogs suck and so do the people who write them.

Let me put this in a more meaningful way to the bloggers out there:

"You're just one out of a few billion people in the world, and I don't care about you, or what you do, so don't bother writing about it."

2003-07-19 06:16:19 PM  

[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-19 06:20:05 PM  
^ LMAO at kunal

i freaking hate blogs. if i wanted to know what people were doing, i'd peep in their windows.
2003-07-19 06:21:22 PM  
Saturdday, July 19, 2003
Today I read and founded out that kunal reall7y liked billy, and not me, ! and this after I took her to mcDonalds, and even got her a spersized meal !! WTF !!! Well at least i think I stil have a chance withh FladChickie.


2003-07-19 06:34:17 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
Moira Kelly's a farker? Sweet...
2003-07-19 06:36:21 PM  
Spectacular daily happening no. 644:

[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-19 06:36:44 PM  

Wouldn't mind if she smoked my sausage!

/need something to hit
2003-07-19 06:36:53 PM  
Blog this, USA Today!
2003-07-19 06:41:20 PM  
Is it 'hip' to say 'hip' anymore?
2003-07-19 06:51:04 PM  

Anyway, don't fault Whitney Matheson.
I doubt she does any kind of verification on those. It's probably someone else. I had a short email correspondence with Mrs. Matheson. She's a very nice lady.
2003-07-19 06:51:38 PM  
CrazyFool, better than 'extreme' or 'new hotness' I suppose.
2003-07-19 06:53:29 PM  
I'm confused. How is it that a guy works in the childrens' entertainment industry for so many years, then leaves on his own without being arrested first?
2003-07-19 07:06:55 PM  
How come that Blue's Clues guy still has that same surprised look on his face that he had all the way through the series? "Blue! I see a clue!"
2003-07-19 07:14:22 PM  
Uh, I wouldn't really consider an appearance in "hip clicks" to be "in the news", per se...
2003-07-19 07:19:03 PM  
People, People...Settle down. We're missing the important thing here:

I'd hit it.
2003-07-19 07:20:16 PM  
that was really worth reading
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