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(Detroit Free Press)   Man charged with felony for killing kitten while driving. No, really   ( ) divider line
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11815 clicks; posted to Main » on 19 Jul 2003 at 4:03 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-07-19 12:31:47 PM  
Dammit, as if I didn't have enough problems, now I'm on Fark as well. Stay out of my business, busybodies.
2003-07-19 12:52:42 PM  
"People have gone crazy over this case," said Sean Daigle, Valladares-Guillen's attorney. "He is a family man with a 5-month old baby who attends church and plays the guitar."

He's also a sick fark who kills defenseless animals is an uncaring and inhumane manner.

Book him, Danno.
2003-07-19 12:57:32 PM  
This is the church he volunteers at.
2003-07-19 12:59:38 PM  
I'll bet he wouldn't throw this cat out of the window...

[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-19 04:05:57 PM  
I hope he gets the maximum possible sentence
2003-07-19 04:06:29 PM  
I wonder if drew is gonna get bail?
2003-07-19 04:06:36 PM  
It's an ANIMAL, people! We eat them, for crying out loud!
2003-07-19 04:06:49 PM  
"He is a family man with a 5-month old baby who attends church and plays the guitar."

thats one talented 5- month old baby :O
2003-07-19 04:07:43 PM  
We need an Evil tag.
2003-07-19 04:08:09 PM  
Hopefully, his baby will grow up with more respect for living things then his dad.
2003-07-19 04:08:50 PM  
2003-07-19 04:09:39 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Not cool, I say we hang him.
2003-07-19 04:09:50 PM  
I think this is how we should take care of this guy
[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-19 04:10:22 PM  
... whereupon the poor kitten was promptly run over by Tunces the Driving Cat.

2003-07-19 04:10:37 PM  
They shouldn't send this guy to jail- they should toss him out of a police cruiser going 70 mph. Christ almighty, what an asshole.
2003-07-19 04:10:39 PM  
Can I throw that farking bastard out of a window? Please?
2003-07-19 04:11:19 PM  
literally or figuratively?

[read article]

oh. that's brutal.
2003-07-19 04:12:23 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
Episode II: The Kittens Strike Back
2003-07-19 04:13:33 PM  
he may attend church but he sure doesn't pay attention to the leasons taught.

and J that it was a defenseless animal is all the more reason to burn him.
2003-07-19 04:15:05 PM  
He is a family man with a 5-month old baby who attends church and plays the guitar."

You mean going to church or having a kid or playing the guitar doesn't preclude one from being a complete asshole? Will wonders never cease.
2003-07-19 04:15:54 PM  
Great reasoning there. Hey we can't keep the cat, so I'll just toss it out the window of a speeding car!
2003-07-19 04:16:15 PM  
Better to kill kitten when sailing, no really.
2003-07-19 04:20:08 PM  
If killing kittens is a crime, looks like I should call a lawyer.

Oh wait, we're talking about actually KILLING a kitten, not just fapping?

Good, I'm safe.

*fap fap fap fap*
2003-07-19 04:22:22 PM  
so you mean, all i have to do is play the guitar and go to church, and i can toss animals out of a moving vehicle? well sign me up, man!

tell you what, asshat. we'll toss your 5 month old daughter out of a moving car. then we'll see if it feels blown out of proportion.

i have no problems using animals for meat and products (i.e. leather). but this was just senseless. this was the taking of a life out of a matter of convenience, with no tangible product at the end of it. farker could have taken it to a shelter, it could have made another little girl or family happy.
2003-07-19 04:22:45 PM  
This asshat needs to be defenestrated himself...from a Learjet at 30,000 feet, with a cocktail napkin for a parachute.
2003-07-19 04:23:08 PM  
why can't he kill kittens the way everyone else does? This guy seriously need more boobies postings
2003-07-19 04:23:38 PM  
No doubt this guy is a moron, but it is a farking cat.
4 years in prison or 500 hours of community service!!!???
People have done less time for killing a human being. Get your priorities straight people.

Besides I kill a kitten at least once a day
2003-07-19 04:25:11 PM  
No, No.... the joke is that, you know, YOU ran over the cat, and then felt bad about it, and you went door to door until you found the owner, and then paid gave her 20 bucks because you felt so bad...and then the police arrested HER.
You know, for sellin' her pussy.
2003-07-19 04:25:45 PM  
Children, don't kill kittens and drive.

Especially when you're like two miles away from my house. That sick fark.
2003-07-19 04:26:34 PM  
Well, I grew up in a rural area, and cats and kittens were killed all the time. Drowning in a sack with a rock, bashing them with a shovel, shooting 'em, strangling, one instance of a pitchfork. No, I didn't kill any myself, but this guy is probably from an area south of the border that's similar. It's only the squeamish modernists that have a cow with this stuff.
2003-07-19 04:27:37 PM  
poe01: Good call. I second the motion for having an "Evil" tag.
2003-07-19 04:28:13 PM  
"He is a family man with a 5-month old baby who attends church and plays the guitar."

What an amazing baby. I wasn't playing the guitar until I was at least a year or so...
2003-07-19 04:28:56 PM  
He should have just strangled the stupid thing and thrown it away. Friggen felony for killing a friggen cat...what stupid law in this stupid country is going to be passed next? Friggen animals have more rights these days than human beings...
2003-07-19 04:29:21 PM  
2003-07-19 04:29:24 PM  
J and OlegTrevordovsky

Wow. You guys can go to hell.

Instead of doing the right thing (NOT GETTING A FARKING KITTEN), or the second best thing (DROPPING OFF AT THE HUMAN SOCIETY), he THROWS IT ONTO THE HIGHWAY.

He endangered the lives of other drivers and kill a defenseless living creature in a meaningless, horrible way. I hope he burns.
2003-07-19 04:30:06 PM  
OlegTrevordovsky: No doubt this guy is a moron, but it is a farking cat.
4 years in prison or 500 hours of community service!!!???
People have done less time for killing a human being.

Then we need to increase the penalties for killing a human being, not lower them for pointless killing of the most defenseless of animals.
2003-07-19 04:30:34 PM  
Makiki: I really don't think people take the killing of human beings lightly either. I see no problem with a strong disapproval of animal cruelty. (We CAN have both.)
2003-07-19 04:30:56 PM  
Well, obviously, the boobies drought is to blame for this.
2003-07-19 04:31:09 PM  
Why didn't he just use a "catapult" to get rid of it?
2003-07-19 04:32:13 PM  
Sick mutha farker
2003-07-19 04:34:15 PM  
Whoops, looks like Blackstar beat me to the punch on the guitar-baby.
2003-07-19 04:41:51 PM  
oh, he plays the guitar! that's a sure sign of a great guy. give him a choice, getting his butt farked in the slammer, or thrown out of a car at speed. what a farking loser.
2003-07-19 04:42:22 PM  

You are absolutely right. Anyone who kills another human being (outside of war) should either be killed or spend the rest of their lives repaying their debt to society. This doesn't mean rotting in a prison cell, it means being forced to do the most laborious, mindless tasks for the rest of their lives.

I guess cats don't always land on their feet huh?
2003-07-19 04:42:59 PM  
I hope all of you people whining that it was a 'poor defenseless little animal' are vegetarians. You don't think the cows, pigs, chickens, etc that you eat have any sort of chance to run away from the mallet before they become your next meal, do you?

I eat meat, and I don't care. I'm not a hypocrit who only likes the cute animals.
2003-07-19 04:44:40 PM  

Haha, exactly. I was thinking the same thing.

Charles Manson played the guitar too.
2003-07-19 04:46:05 PM  
Well, farkers may not give a shiat about personal liberty, but at least they'll step up to the plate for a kitten.

That might sound like I'm not for this guy roasting in a vat of boiling cat piss for the rest of his life. I am.
2003-07-19 04:46:05 PM  
err.. that was directed at nancysid, oops :)
2003-07-19 04:48:17 PM  
That's stupid. Killing stupid, non-sentient animals should never be as serious as a felony.

Hell, Farkers kill the world population of kittens several times a day.
2003-07-19 04:48:55 PM  
Who gives a fark if this guy goes to church? Plays guitar? please. He's an asshole who deserves what he gets.

And for all you numbnuts saying, "it's just a cat", get a farking clue will ya. He had a shiatload of options besides hurling the cat out of a speeding car onto a highway. Ever hear of an animal shelter?
2003-07-19 04:49:15 PM  
I eat meat, and I don't care. I'm not a hypocrit who only likes the cute animals.

Squirrel, not entirely a great comparison. There are regulations in place that allow for the humane killing of animals in order to provide food/other products for which there is actual need/demand. Just killing an animal in a slow, painful, cruel manner is disgusting and unnecessary, especially when there are a MYRIAD of other options.
2003-07-19 04:58:04 PM  
Felonies should be reserved for the really bad crimes, murder, kidnap, rape, armed robbery, etc.

It doesn't think. It has no mind. I'm not saying what he did was acceptable, but who really cares? Obviously, from looking at the posts, the majority of people care, and would never think of doing something like that.

/doesn't value animal life
2003-07-19 05:01:39 PM  
"It doesn't think. It has no mind"

uhhhhh, yeah it does have a mind, you on the other hand....
2003-07-19 05:01:47 PM  

You are a total douchebag
2003-07-19 05:02:48 PM  
Uh-oh...I just..............

Is he god?
2003-07-19 05:05:25 PM  
Most serial killers start by abusing animals.
2003-07-19 05:10:14 PM  
Throwing kittens out of speeding vehicles is not cool.

Charging man with felony for killing cat is not cool.

Just fine the guy a couple thousand, and let him clean cages at the humane society for a month or two.
2003-07-19 05:10:54 PM  
Kill a Cat for Christ!
Cats are the reason for SARS and they also carry the deadly bacterium Toxoplasmosis.
Kill all cats; all of them!
2003-07-19 05:11:41 PM  
Lord, I really didn't need to hear about this today. Sick freaking people. I hope he gets the maximum penalty possible.

Personally, I think the punishment should fit the crime. Hurl this jackass, headfirst, out of a large vehicle going 70+mph.

Sick arse people.
2003-07-19 05:11:54 PM  
every time you kill a kitten, God masturbates.
2003-07-19 05:13:59 PM  
J, we generally eat animals raised to be eaten. Kittens are raised to be warm and fuzzy.

I am a cat person. And a violent person. I vote we should let me have fun with him and a sword of my choosing.
2003-07-19 05:15:55 PM  
He was charged under the endangered species act. Kittens got on the list thanks to Farkers and Aria Giovanni.

Maybe I just grew up in the country, but when we had a litter of kittens we couldn't take care of, we just put them in a feed sack with a brick and tossed them in the creek. It's certainly more humane than this.
2003-07-19 05:17:13 PM  
What, no prostate health?
2003-07-19 05:17:25 PM  
Just because you dont want your cat, you dont throw it from a car, just like if you dont want a child, you dont leave it in a dumpster...

My dog is very cat friendly...maybe he could give the guya talkin to
[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-19 05:19:56 PM  
It is sad that the U.S. spends more on cats than it does on all aid for starving people in all other countries.

We could at least send them our extra cat meat.
2003-07-19 05:20:06 PM  
I suspect JustLo lives alone with his 50 or so cats, and stinks of urine and Friskies.
2003-07-19 05:20:17 PM  
Yes it's just an animal and therefor not as important as if he had thrown his kid out the window. But there has been proven to be a strong connection between people who abuse animals and those who abuse humans.

Also he could've caused someone to have an accident if that had hit their windshield.. plus he should get booked with littering.
2003-07-19 05:20:27 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-19 05:21:03 PM  
I have a chow too, Cubansaltyballs. It is very tolerant of our cat. Must be a breed thing.
2003-07-19 05:21:07 PM  
fark CANADA....thats for JustLo
[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-19 05:21:37 PM  
Kill a kitten? I need more cowbell, Mr. Lynch.
2003-07-19 05:24:42 PM  
How could ypu possibly fling something so positively cute 50 mph out of a window on the interstate? Kittens are meant to be loved and petted for their fuzzy fur. Cat lovers unite!
2003-07-19 05:25:26 PM  
Myrna: What did he do, park on it's back and kick it in the face? It was a kitten, getting run over by a car. You can assume it was pretty quick.
2003-07-19 05:26:19 PM  
trying again...

[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-19 05:26:56 PM  
I'm glad the majority thinks this guy should get hurled out of a window. The rest of you have obviously never held an itsy bitsy cute lil kitty witty ca... ahem, sorry, I went into dumb chick mode for a second there.
2003-07-19 05:28:09 PM  
Oops. Here's the direct link:

Stephen Lynch - Kill a Kitten
2003-07-19 05:28:13 PM  
It's one thing to be desensatized to killing animals, but a totally different thing to kill one like this jackass did. My buddy grew up on a farm and slaughtering animals was pretty much a weekly occurance. However, I saw him beat the living crap out of someone for shooting a dog with a pellet gun.
2003-07-19 05:28:35 PM  
animefarka: Awww, your kitty's even cuter than mine!!!
2003-07-19 05:33:56 PM  
Bibliophile animefarka
very nice cats, but do your cats have comoflage? I didnt think so....
[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-19 05:39:10 PM  
that's sick. The guy should have the book thrown right at him, and hit him in his nuts so he'll never reproduce again, much less get anything up. Sick mo'fo. Oooooh lemme at him... yes... i'll be nice... *holds big-assed syringe full of Fatal-Plus* Any idea how much this shait stings when not injected into a vein, but into skin? heh heh heh heh heh *manical laughter*
2003-07-19 05:41:48 PM  
Here's my two kitties, not as little n' fuzzy anymore but still cute:
[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-19 05:46:17 PM  
cubansaltyballs: Actually, my black cat's got great camoflauge.(sp?) When he was a kitten, we couldn't find him one day, thought he'd gotten loose. We scoured the neighborhood for him, only to go inside and nearly sit on him. He was curled up on our black couch the whole time.
2003-07-19 05:47:39 PM  
Anybody who can do this to an animal will eventually go on to harm humans. That is not theory, but fact.
2003-07-19 05:50:49 PM  
2003-07-19 05:52:59 PM  

My cat looks just like the black one in your pic. She even loves transfered butt heat as much as yours appears to. : )
2003-07-19 05:55:42 PM  
Ok, so your cat has camoflage too, but my cat has a drug can be seen here...Maybe I can get him help one day

The cat nip fiasco:

He Finds the nip, and he likes to snort it

Here he
has the nip, and is pretty tweaked

Later on
that night, the cat nip is still in his system

The morning after

2003-07-19 05:56:47 PM  
Where we grew up out in the country, we killed 2 or 3 litters of kittens a month, usually by putting them in a gunny-sack with a brick and tossing them in the creek. You modernists with your concern for animals, I just don't understand.

And we would have sex with our cousins, our half-sisters, and anyone who got lost in the woods. You modernists who think that you shouldn't have sex with relatives or strangers who get lost, I don't get it.

Heck, we'd shoot at each other with our .22 target rifles, and if someone got an eye put out or some brain damage or something, well they just dealt with it. You modernists who think you shouldn't play with guns and shoot your friends and stuff, well I just don't get it.

And my daddy and step-momma, and my momma and step-daddy, they would whip us with belts and ax handles and switches and lamp cords and stuff, and we turned out just fine, and didn't go running to the police or child protective services or whatever. You modernists who think children shouldn't be beaten, well, that just doesn't make any sense.
2003-07-19 05:59:32 PM  
People capable of these things should not be able to live in our society! Lock him up and never look back.
2003-07-19 06:00:03 PM  
keylock71: lol. That's my husband's scrawny butt though. You think I'm crazy enough to post my as$ on Fark?! I wonder if your kitty is as "big boned" as mine- he's freakin 22lbs!
2003-07-19 06:01:14 PM  
Man, he's an asshole for killin the cat and all that, but for fark's sake, give him community service, a big fat fine and a couple years of manditory therapy or something, don't jail his stupid ass.

His kid needs a dad, even if he is an asshat.
2003-07-19 06:02:23 PM  
He actually did do it!
2003-07-19 06:02:40 PM  
That is NOT how to kill kittens!!

2003-07-19 06:03:14 PM  

Nuala's close to that - about 18lbs of cat-beef.
2003-07-19 06:05:06 PM  
cubansaltyballs: that's farking funny, man. My cats don't get wacko w/ catnip- it sucks. The silver tabby does chase ghosts or something all over the house. My husband insists the cat is actually chasing "rods". Yeah, my hubby's a bit...odd.
2003-07-19 06:08:00 PM  
keylock71: cool name! My heifer's name is Panther. And I just realized how pathetic I am, discussing my cats on Fark like some weird cat lady...oh wait, I AM a weird cat lady. :-)
2003-07-19 06:08:25 PM  
Normally, I think that that if someone hurts an animal and gets into legal trouble, it's bull crap because they're freaking animals and we can kill them with impunity, because that's why they're there. Well, that and food.

However, this guy was a prick for just tossing away an animal like garbage... and why couldn't it stay? He was bringing it home and then it couldn't stay? Who wears the pants in THAT family?

Jesus, he should have taken care of it the way my gramps took care of the kitten population when they overran his house when I was a kid: smash their heads with bricks (or his boot), chop them up with a shovel and feed them to the dogs. Now THAT's humane and recycling!

Four years is waaaaaay too much time for killing something that would have been runover or gassed anyway, but I think they should give him community service in this form:

He needs to care for and feed all of the puppies in kitties earmarked for death in his local shelter. He's gotta name each one and play with them and love them everyday. Then he gets to gas them and carry their lifeless bodies to the oven to be burned.
2003-07-19 06:08:34 PM  
What's the farking problem? It says he attends church and plays the guitar, so it dosen't matter if he throws his daughter out the window, he's still a good guy.
2003-07-19 06:09:08 PM  
Let's track him down!
*Angry mob*
2003-07-19 06:11:08 PM  
Lock him up and throw away the key.
2003-07-19 06:12:25 PM  
Spreadhead: Bwahaha. I admire you.
2003-07-19 06:15:30 PM  
Geez, Leave this guy alone. It was one cat. ALL YOU FARKERS ARE HYPOCRITES

You eat meat and how do you think they get it from the animals? Let them die of old age you retards. I can admit its not the same case as killing for food but its one animal. People gas bugs, throw lobster into boiling water, catch fish with hooks, and hunt game with guns and arrows.

Just because its a little cat and its cute doesnt matter.

2003-07-19 06:15:59 PM  

Nuala's her official name, but since she doesn't come when we call her anyway, she's got a myriad of names including Peewee, Sweet Pea, Ralphie(she coughs up loads of hairballs), and my personal favorite, Stinkbutt.
I wish she'd get all loco on the "kitty-weed", but alas, she usually just plops her fat ass on the couch, curls up and starts purring.
2003-07-19 06:17:46 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
Lookit kitty!!!
I'm so lucky. We breed cats. Every few months we get a couple litters of adorable little kittens that just get cuter and cuter and cuter--- until we need to sell them. :(
For $500 each. :D
2003-07-19 06:17:52 PM  
Who hasn't killed a kitten while driving? Throwing it out the window when your finished is just rude. Get a sock, jackass.
2003-07-19 06:24:05 PM  
Yeah it was pretty funny, he found the bag of nip under the sink...usually when I would give him some, i would put it on top of the scratch post thingee...I did that when he was lil, so he would learn to love his post and not my furniture..and it worked WOOHOO!, but now he thinks that is the only place that catnip goes.

So he stole the whole bag, ripped it up on his lil perch thingee, then..well.. he just got wasted and freaked out. He even climbed up the screen door for sliding glass door, tore up a few plants, and emptied my bookshelf for me. After that he doesnt really like catnip anymore, he still eats it, but his love of the nip will never be like it was before the fiasco.
2003-07-19 06:24:10 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
More kitties!!!!
2003-07-19 06:25:37 PM  
What a farking dick...that guy needs to get thrown out a car window too! Oh, wait...let me beat him with my aluminum bat until he is comatose!!!

I love all cats, especially Pearl
2003-07-19 06:25:57 PM  
Haos: In my profile I say I'm not a hypocrite, which I stand by. In my opinion, killing an animal for necessities like meat or (before synthetic clothes were around) leather and fur is okay. People have used animals since the dawn of time for these purposes. Jeseus fished, for crissakes. (Heh, no pun intended.) But killing an animal, ANY animal, even if it isn't soft and cuddly, just because you feel like killing it is NOT okay. I hate bugs, but I try not to squash 'em. If I have to I feel bad, like its little bug ghost is going to haunt me for squashing it for no reason other than it was a fugly little thing.
2003-07-19 06:26:26 PM  
OOPS! That didn't work out too good! :">
2003-07-19 06:27:42 PM  
Jesus, even. *duh*
2003-07-19 06:32:53 PM  
like this: <img src="the URL of your pic">
2003-07-19 06:35:26 PM  
I'm jealous! I wanna breed kitties! Very cute.
2003-07-19 06:35:37 PM  
Thanks Bibliophile! :)
2003-07-19 06:36:26 PM  
Crap, it still didn't work! :(
2003-07-19 06:37:09 PM  
Having other people kill the animal for you is still killing. Now I fish, wear animal products, and eat all the meat I can so I feel no real sympathy for animals. And I fish for fun, not because I need it. People today can live without ANY animal products. So if you love animals so much you can live you day normaly without your leather couch, fur coat, or chicken salad so you are actually killing because you want to, not because you need to. Also, buying animal products just means your paying someone else to do the dirty work.
2003-07-19 06:37:33 PM  
Now don't keep us hanging...where's your cute kitty pic?
2003-07-19 06:37:37 PM  
And they say the leftest bed wetters have no voice...bleh...just a precursor for the acceptance of "relationships" with animals...thanks a lot.

/Exits with disgust
2003-07-19 06:39:21 PM  
Screw it, go to my profile! LOL This is my tattoo of my cat Pearl.
2003-07-19 06:39:24 PM  
To all of you who are saying "It's only an animal." and "Where do you think your meat comes from" -- I think you're missing the point.

Yes, animals die for us. But the animal that dies is dying for a purpose. We eat their meat. We wear their skin. They die for a purpose. They are -- for the most part -- killed quickly and humanely. They are not being thougtlessly slaughtered for no reason.

This, however, is completely different. It is a sensless and brutal killing of an innocent and helpless pet for no reason whatsoever. Except for perhaps laziness.

It would have taken little effort to drop that little kitten off at the nearest shelter. I honestly do hope they throw the book at him.
2003-07-19 06:40:04 PM  
I think henri is my favorite
[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-19 06:40:50 PM  
I just can't get that there HTML thang figgered out! LOL
2003-07-19 06:41:25 PM  
Haos, you dork.

There is a distinct difference in hunting or killing animals for sport and just wasting a life. This guy did what he did because he was a lazy jackass who didn't want to deal with his problem.

It's not like he was depopulating the cats in his neighborhood or cookin' it up special. He acted stupidly, he knew it and he got caught. Killing an animal as a resource is not the same thing.
2003-07-19 06:42:07 PM  
See? What Samael said...

damn slow typing.
2003-07-19 06:42:39 PM  
Awww...Henri is cuuuute...I'm saving all these wonderful kitty pics...
2003-07-19 06:44:45 PM  
Haos: I'm a vegetarian. And I don't hunt or fish. And technically, you're an animal, too. If you're ever in town, let's go for a ride up I-275, and we'll see how you like getting thrown out a window.
2003-07-19 06:46:25 PM  
*sigh* Where's that Fark cliche pic? "Arguing on the internet is like running in the Special Olympics: even if you win, you're still retarded." :-D That said, you have very good points, and you're right, someone else is doing my dirtywork. But I'M not doing the killing, so I feel better, okay?! When you say you fish for fun, do you mean fun like catch and release or fun like you bring the fish home but not because you can't afford food? Cause I don't understand the point of catch and release. I go crabbing to eat the damn crabs, not to sit on a boat all day and let 'em all go after I've been burnt to a crisp.
2003-07-19 06:48:49 PM  
my cat kinda looks like a few of yours, but he doesnt have the dark face...maybe mine has some siamese in him

My cat when he was lil
[image from too old to be available]
Trapezoid's cat
[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-19 06:49:16 PM  
Damn one-fingered typing. Bonestorm, Smuj, and Samael212 said it first, and better. Feh.
2003-07-19 06:50:18 PM  
So? I fish for fun. I enjoy catching the fish. Do I always eat it, no. This person even solved a problem by getting rid of the cat. By the way I illustrated it, I should get more jail time every time I deside to be "a jackass" and fish.

Let me play the smallest violin for the kitten being thrown out of a car.

I'll look at it this way. I wont give a flying fark until the poverty and starvation in the human race is taken care of. I'll worry about people, you kitty lovers can mourn over your cute little pets.
2003-07-19 06:51:50 PM  
thufferin thuckatash that coulda been me.
2003-07-19 06:51:57 PM  
I'm not sure where any "good point" was raised by Haos. "I eat meat" is not justification for throwing an animal out of the window of a moving car, no matter how you look at it.
2003-07-19 06:54:52 PM  
This site is great for learning HTML:
2003-07-19 06:55:33 PM  
Hahaha. Bibliophile, you should try visiting said site. :-P
2003-07-19 06:56:08 PM  
damn, you sure are bitter. people are saying it is wrong because an animal cant really fight back. It is a loyal, small creature that doesnt know hate as you do. You and this prick in the story must have been bullied as a kid, and now hurting an animal is all you got

sad...what sad sad little man(or woman, you're still crazy though) you are
2003-07-19 06:57:13 PM  
2003-07-19 06:57:42 PM  
It may not be federal, but I'm all for the guy going to a normal pound-[him]-in-the-ass prison.
2003-07-19 06:58:33 PM  
"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."

"Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet."
2003-07-19 06:59:01 PM  
Alright Im just going in cirlces with this. I could care less about any animals but Smuj people are different. I do whatever I can for the human race and am kind to most people (stupid online flame wars not included). But that is an entirly new topic for another day. Either killing an animal for need or just to see kitty's guts splatter on the side of the road doesn't bother me and thats how I will continue to live guilt free.

Now its time to eat some steak and shoot fish in a barrel!
2003-07-19 06:59:35 PM  
fark going to prison, i hope this piece of shiat gets by a bus.
2003-07-19 07:00:07 PM  
O-kay, forget the friggin hyperlink. Just copy this:
*blind leading the blind! feh.
2003-07-19 07:01:12 PM  
I wonder how many poor defenseless insects I've killed today...stepping on them, smashing them on my windshield, swatting them with a flyswatter...

Gosh. I don't feel bad at all. I wonder what's wrong with me? And if they did, would I go to prison??????

I'd better be more careful.

/cat owner and realist
2003-07-19 07:01:32 PM  
smuj yeah, yeah, yeah...
2003-07-19 07:06:09 PM  

The point is, this guy didn't have to fling the cat out of a speeding car to get rid of it. Animal shelters are happy to take in unwanted pets. A cheap ad in a local paper will usually find a home for the critter too. Please tell me you don't think flinging a living creature out of a speeding car onto a highway is an correct way to dispose of an unwanted pet? The jackass was lazy, and should be punished by having to do community service in an animal shelter.
2003-07-19 07:09:34 PM  
Oh come on now. I was just saying I try not to kill buggies to counterpoint haos's remark about us only caring about kittens 'cause they're cute. Stop making fun of me!! waaaaa!!
2003-07-19 07:10:33 PM  
Anybody who can do this to an animal will eventually go on to harm humans. That is not theory, but fact.

THAT is like saying.....anyone who would post generalizations to an entire population based on what some people do, is a complete scientifically formulated opinion and should be repected without question..


I have killed animals. For need, for relaxation (hunting/fishing) I havent ever harmed a human.. but some push me close..
2003-07-19 07:14:28 PM  
Im not going to say who but a certain someone who says the aren't a hypocrite also says they are a Grammer Nazi but when referring to my name, you should have written Haos' remark instead of Haos's remark!

/really starting to piss people off!
2003-07-19 07:15:47 PM  
I have killed animals. For need, for relaxation (hunting/fishing) I havent ever harmed a human.. but some push me close..

I think he's referring to people who maliciously kill animals for no contextual reason. Hunting is seen by some as a sport, and fishing can be justified by eating the animal. However, throwing a kitten out of a car window just because you no longer want it shows a level of contept for life in general, and could possibly lead to exercising such a mentality on us higher lifeforms down the line.

There's something just not right with this guy, shame we had to find out this way.
2003-07-19 07:16:27 PM  
what if the dude threw a 5 month old golden retriever out of his moving car?

I don't hear a lot of stories about how grandpa used to crush the skulls of puppies with is boot.
I get the feeling that some of these "it's just a cat" reponses are just bitter cat haters.

-also, next time I go to the steak house i'm asking for a steak from a cow tossed out of an airplane.
2003-07-19 07:18:50 PM  

You can ask for that! SWEET! I bet it would be real tender too!
2003-07-19 07:20:36 PM  
Why must concern for humans and concern for animals be mutually exclusive? "I'll worry about animals once human problems are taken care of" is a pretty weak argument. We can worry about both at the same time.
2003-07-19 07:25:29 PM  
Haos lol. Touche`
2003-07-19 07:26:13 PM  

/god question
2003-07-19 07:26:23 PM  
TheFarmer, how many deer or trout have you've flung out your car's window?

People, take in account the method and apparent lack of reason for killing an animal like that piece of crap that killed the kitten.

Geez, I'll betcha if I said something nasty about Dan Ackroyd, somebody else here would pipe in right away and say I'm making a generalization of people with webbed toes...
2003-07-19 07:27:49 PM  
yeah, it's "just a cat" and the poor thing would probably have been gassed even if he'd done the right thing, but a person who can do something like this (and he did it right in broad daylight in front of everybody) is warped, and I wouldn't trust him with my kids or my animals. Or my stuff. Even if I was married to him.
2003-07-19 07:28:26 PM  
HEY! What've you got against webbed toes?!

you walked right into that one...
2003-07-19 07:29:41 PM  
sick fark..... he should farking die like the kitten did.... poor critter... imagine your child being hurled out a window...
2003-07-19 07:29:52 PM
2003-07-19 07:31:05 PM  
2003-07-19 07:31:42 PM  
I can't believe I missed this...HAHAHA Haos:
a certain someone who says the aren't a hypocrite
*just farking with ya
2003-07-19 07:34:26 PM  
Yeah me too, if your ever in Peoria, IL Bibliophile Ill buy you a nice steak dinner! I know a great place!
2003-07-19 07:36:11 PM  
me thinks fark has gone to the PETA's
2003-07-19 07:37:59 PM  
as long as it's been thrown from a plane
2003-07-19 07:39:36 PM  
I've seen kittens/dogs/anything else living have its skull split with sledge hammers, put in bags and drowned in the river, beheaded with an axe, shot to pieces with almost any gun you can imagine.. and you know what? I'd do the same to any person who tried to put me in JAIL for doing that to a frikkin animal.

/wimpy PETA's
2003-07-19 07:44:04 PM  
This, people, is why I have never taken up a "cause": you always end up pissing someone off. I guess you could call me a waffler. "Yes, I love animals. Oh yes, killing them for fun is so wrong. Uh...why..yes, those ARE leather, yes, I happen to love steak..."
2003-07-19 07:47:32 PM  
I also love animals.. they are cuddly and cute :) much like myself
2003-07-19 07:49:43 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

I say we throw him to the lions...
2003-07-19 07:50:14 PM  
Thank you for the link, Bibliophile! :)
2003-07-19 07:52:52 PM  
I couldn't care if he was Jesus farking H Christ... If I was the Judge I'd go Middle East on his ass.. you know, have his nuts ripped off so he won't go near pussy again.

Seriouslty tho, few things sicken me more than someone abusing an animal that can't defend itself. Not only is it cowardice, but downright messed up as well... And I hope he does go to jail. It'll do the kid good not to be around a scumbag influence like him.
2003-07-19 07:54:46 PM  
Erm... I think I need to clarify my last statement.. When I said animals that can't defend themselves, I meant those usually kept as pets... Cows still make good eating :P
2003-07-19 07:58:45 PM  
The guy's a major prick for doing what he did, but he could get up to 4 years in prison? For a cat??? He should pay for his crime, but that's just excessive.
2003-07-19 07:59:34 PM  
Hey now you cat-haters, I said I'm a waffler, but I never said I don't love kitties, so leave the cat gladiator stuff out of here!
sky, you're welcome!
Bye all, I've got a date...
(...with my husband. Pathetic, I know.)
2003-07-19 08:02:03 PM  
I think it's okay to eat any animal that you *could* bring yourself to kill.
2003-07-19 08:05:37 PM  
[image from too old to be available]


/power to the kitties!
2003-07-19 08:05:52 PM  
What the hell? Who throws a kitten out of a window?
I hope this means that more animal cruelty cases will be prosecuted like this.
2003-07-19 08:10:20 PM  
Nobody throws kittens out like that.

I hope they throw him out of a speeding 747. Or even a slow-moving one.
2003-07-19 08:22:36 PM  
while i couldn't justify throwing it out of a moving car, couldn't he just stop along side the road and let it go, same thing just not as messy.
2003-07-19 08:23:19 PM  
and he wouldn't be facing criminal charges
2003-07-19 08:42:57 PM  
I'm a cat person..

To those saying that they're just stupid animals with no minds - Think of this:
Cats have minds... we can just think in much more developed ways than them. So what happens if there comes another species which could think at more advanced levels than us in that same respect (hypothetically)? Would we deserve to die? No.
So does a cat deserve to die just because they're "lower" and "mindless"? No, they do not.
Because they have minds, just not as advanced ones. They can still think.

Anywho. I've rambled enough about that.
Cats rock. 'Nuff said.
2003-07-19 09:42:44 PM
2003-07-19 09:58:27 PM  
The guy's managed to breed before growing up. I wouldn't say this deserved jailtime, but animal shelter community service would be extremely appropriate. And if that's his idea of a suitable solution, then his wife should be questioning whether he's a good person to raise their daughter. He's definately got problems which need to be adressed in a personal way rather than legal.
2003-07-19 10:28:20 PM  
Way too many people are missing the point here. I am a meat eater. I also enjoy fishing. Do I HAVE to fish for my food? No. I enjoy fishing, and it's nice to eat something I got hold of on my own every now and then. Now, I don't eat veal because of the conditions that calves destined to become it are kept in. (read up on this one) You see, there's a few issues here that separate this guy's case from most animal killing: 1. This kitten was not killed for a useful purpose, such as food or clothing or because it was a danger to human life/ property. 2. This kitten was killed in a manner that was cruel and painful. 3. There is a very strong link between people abusing animals and later abusing human beings. 4. Domestic animals are domestic animals for a reason: they put their trust and life in your hands. This guy abused this.
I don't place a higher value on the life of non- human animals than I do for humans. If this guy had thrown a human being out the car window for absolutely no reason, then I would say he most certainly should be locked away for the rest of his life. He didn't do that. He also won't be locked up for ever. I agree that we need to concentrate on other problems in the world as well. But did killing this kitten feed some starving kid in Africa? NO! Also, we CAN work on more than one problem at a time. You know why? there's no one world problem that's more pressing than the others. So, enough of the pathetic excuses and name calling. This was a cruel, pointless act, and this guy needs to be punished.
2003-07-19 10:31:47 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-19 10:34:47 PM  
Uh, to all you "I grew up in a rural area and we just drowned/smashed/useed for feed/shoveled our unwanted kitties ::HYUCK!::" farkers out there, I grew up in the middle of farking NOWHERE Texas, and WE never, EVER drowned a kitty. We had this thing, you may have heard of it? It's called a veterinarian? And they do this thing, called spaying or neutering, and, oh my GOSH, it's so amazing, after you have it done to you kitty, they simply don't have more little kitties for you to drown. It's shocking.

Another funny thing, feral cats that keep having kittens? You can trap those, you know, and most vet schools will neuter them for free and then let you re-release them. Which, on the outside, may sound silly, until you realize euthenized feral (and I mean TRULY feral, born wild, won't EVERY be pets) cats just get replaced with NEW feral cats. Sterilzing them and re-releasing them allows the population to stabilize. You'd be surprised how well it's worked, it's worth a couple of hours of your time to NOT have ten THOUSAND homeless kitties running around your property.
2003-07-19 10:56:23 PM  
Anybody who can do this to an animal will eventually go on to harm humans. That is not theory, but fact.

That's pretty funny. When I was a kid, I used to shove firecrackers down toad throats, light them, and watch them hop a few times and go boom. It was a fun way to pass the day. I also killed a few cats in my childhood.

I have a bit more respect for life now. I haven't killed anything outside of hunting since then. I've never started a fight in my life and I've never hit a woman either. I have no desire at all to inflict pain on anything just for pleasure.

Where's your fact now? Or is it only invalid after I die never having harmed another creature since then?

Try to think a bit more before throwing out a generalization like that. People do change for various reasons.
2003-07-19 11:08:46 PM  
So? Who gives a shiat about a stupid cat? Ok, so he threw a cat out a window. Big deal. So you think it's morally justified to ruin this man's life and family over a stupid dead cat? What do you think his family is going through right now knowing their father could spend the next four years in jail? He has a farking 5 month old daughter to support you farking idiots. You think her life and future is worth ruining over a dead cat? Fark you.

God damn I hate cat lovers.
2003-07-19 11:18:27 PM  

Personally, I don't think a man who would throw a living creature out a moving vehicle is fit to be a father.
2003-07-19 11:28:16 PM  
come on people read genisis all the beasts of the field are ours to do with as we see fit. with the feral cat problem we have im all for weeding a few out. btw cats kill game birds just for the pleasure of killing them.I hunt pheasant and quail and find LOTS of the nests emptied by cats. the birds are in tact but for the needle punctures left byy their teeth and claws.

/stay cats without collars = targets
2003-07-19 11:39:51 PM  

I was speaking directly about your brash generalization, not whether or not i specifically chucked a cat out of a moving car..

to totally prove myself correct, i will throw a cat out of a moving car at the next opportune moment, to show you that someone can do that, and continue to live his life without hurting other humans.. or you can admit that you were wrong..

2003-07-19 11:45:49 PM  
This guy's a dumbass... NEVER throw an animal out of a car... Run over 10 people in a market instead. You get to go home afterwards.

/ex cat owner (died of feline lukimia), current dog owner
2003-07-19 11:46:24 PM  
Sorry, KILL 10 people.
2003-07-19 11:48:03 PM  
"Personally, I don't think a man who would throw a living creature out a moving vehicle is fit to be a father."

And who are you to decide who is fit to be a father or not?

Since when is respect for animal life a requirement to be a father?
2003-07-19 11:48:36 PM  
10 to 1 this asshat serve more time than Kobe...
2003-07-19 11:55:24 PM  
And, btw, I love cats, and I wish my two hadn't gotten out and vanished, but I've seen a couple farkers here compare them to kids. Someone even suggested that we throw this jerk's 5 month old baby out a window and see how he likes it. What the fark is wrong with you people???

Prosecute him to whatever extent of the law there is. If the community feels his sentence is unjust, move to alter the law. That's how the legal system works, and why I try to avoid breaking laws. But don't tell me that a kitten's life is as important as a baby's, because that is just farking ignorant.
2003-07-19 11:56:15 PM  
I wish *someone* could decide who should be parents and who should not - like getting a license. I've heard SO MANY farking stories lately about people killing, beating, etc. their kids. And animals.
Although not a "requirement," respect for animal life, and life in general, should be a lesson a parent teaches their children.
2003-07-20 12:01:28 AM  
Billy -
how right you are
2003-07-20 12:12:22 AM  

That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. There is something seriously wrong with ANYBODY who would hurt an animal willfully and maliciously, including you. I'm sorry, but it's true. Respect for animal life is critical to being a worthwhile human being, not just a father.

So, you can call me "liberal" or whatever, and say I don't know what I'm talking about, and I don't know you personally, and that I shouldn't eat meat, and blah blah blah fark bullshiat, but here's the thing I've figured out in my years on this planet... There's something DEEPLY disturbing about a person who will treat a companion animal inhumanely, even if they wouldn't ordinarily hurt a human being. We're talking about willfully inflicting pain on something (be it cat, dog, pet chicken, favorite cow, etc) that has been conditioned for thousands of years to depend on us for food, shelter and protection. We, as humans, MADE them this way, and it is OUR responsibility, as humans, to not go around chucking them out of car windows at 70 mph. No, the guy didn't abuse his children, he "just" killed a kitten, but it's still abhorrent at a visceral level.

Not to mention that we, as humans, find kittens and babies cute for the EXACT same reason, in a nutshell because they have big eyes and big heads. We are emotionally pre-programmed to find these things cute and take care of them, so I DO find it disturbing at some intangible level that this guy has a kid at home... Nature made baby things cute so they'd be more likely to survive (..less likely to get tossed out of cars...), and it didn't work for this kitten, so I wonder how long it'll work for his kid...

Egads, I can't believe I had to explain that to adult. I need a cookie...
2003-07-20 12:41:53 AM  
hook him up the chrismas lights and light him up! (that was a metaphor)
2003-07-20 12:44:50 AM  
Haos has a brain; all you other farking farkers are fools!
SARS, or severe acute respiratory syndrome, moved from civet cats eaten by people in China.
A friend of mine almost died because of a cat scratch: 36% of cats are carriers of toxoplasmosis. If this was 1950 he would be dead!! Now what is more important, a disease carrying creature or a human?
Let us Kill All Cats for Christ sakes!!
2003-07-20 12:46:29 AM  
Is that anything like set us up the bomb?

/all your base belong to us
2003-07-20 12:51:38 AM  
"That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. There is something seriously wrong with ANYBODY who would hurt an animal willfully and maliciously, including you. I'm sorry, but it's true. Respect for animal life is critical to being a worthwhile human being, not just a father."

No it's not. Little boys being cruel to animals is quite common. Yet, the majority grow up and have productful uneventful lives. I think every other boy I knew while growing up had at least one cat kill to his name. None that I know of have ever committed a crime, gone to jail, or been convicted or even accused of being cruel to animals or abusing people.

"We, as humans, MADE them this way, and it is OUR responsibility, as humans, to not go around chucking them out of car windows at 70 mph."

What's this "we" shiat white man? I didn't breed them nor make them. No living thing (human or animal) outside my family is my responsibility. I'm not responsible for the sins of my ancestors. Even if I was, I don't recall many Native Americans breeding cats for pets. That was a western and middle eastern culture thing. Regardless, species come and go all the time in the grand scheme of Earth's biosphere. If it wasn't for humans these things wouldn't be alive in the first place.

"Not to mention that we, as humans, find kittens and babies cute for the EXACT same reason, in a nutshell because they have big eyes and big heads. We are emotionally pre-programmed to find these things cute and take care of them..."

I don't find them cute nor do I feel the need or obligation to take care of them. That puts your "pre-programmed" theory to rest. But, I have a greater respect for life these days and wouldn't kill one unless it was for food.

I grew up on a farm, I don't get attached to animals that might be food tomorrow. And, yes, I have eaten cat as well as dog. You would be amazed at what's on the menu in various countries. I wonder where this "responsibility" and "pre-programming" is there? Perhaps the proper term you're grasping for is "conditioning."


Hindus feel even stronger about cows than you do about cats yet they're just hamburger, a jacket, and a pair of shoes to us. Does that put it in perspective for you?



2003-07-20 12:55:34 AM  

all your base arebelong to us...sheesh I hate typing
2003-07-20 01:46:18 AM  
I have plenty of perspective. I just believe that every single human is responsible for what we as a species do on this planet. We took the trouble to domesticate certain animals and I think that we, being sentient and intelligent animals ourselves, owe them some measure of humane treatment as a result. And your argument about one animal being food in one country and a pet in another is moot. Notice I said abuse of COMPANION animals. In this country and this culture, that's what cats are. That's why, in this case, and this culture, what he did was cruel and reflects on him as a human being. In some countries, twins get left to be eaten by animals because they're a sign of evil...

And with that, I retire, because I've remembered the wise adage about arguing on the internet and it's parallel in special olympics...

I have to ask, though, what's this "White Man" crap? How would you have any idea that I'm either? And I seem to recall pleny of native American cultures (both North and South) domesticating animals, so you can stuff the crap about this being a European/Western/Asian thing. Go be a troll somewhere else, because this has nothing to do with race.
2003-07-20 02:06:24 AM  
I hope this guy suffers a hundred times as much pain, as this poor defenseless animal suffered in the last minuets of its life, for a minimum duration of a year.
2003-07-20 02:13:33 AM  
Cubansaltyballs, seems about right! if someone "hurt" this guy and he was being tried, as a jurist, I would not find that someone guilty.
2003-07-20 02:33:46 AM  
"I have plenty of perspective. I just believe that every single human is responsible for what we as a species do on this planet."

No, you have zero perspective. It's limited to urban, mainstream, narrow-minded claptrap. It wasn't humans, as a species, that domesticated cats. It was several different cultures. The vast majority of human cultures that have existed didn't take part in the domestication of cats or they were introduced into their culture from other cultures after domestication. "Companion animal" is a subjective term. It's definition varies from person to person and culture to culture. The USA, my friend, is made up of many diverse cultures and in some of those cultures, cats are still eaten. Go poke your head into some ovens around Chinatown.

You can have your belief that we're responsible for what we do as a species on this planet. I believe we're responsible for what we do as individuals. When you start trying to impose your beliefs on me, be warned that you'll get a gun shoved in your nose. I'm quite sick and tired of people like you trying to impose their values and misguided beliefs on others and that's what you're trying to imply here.

"I have to ask, though, what's this "White Man" crap? How would you have any idea that I'm either? And I seem to recall pleny of native American cultures (both North and South) domesticating animals, so you can stuff the crap about this being a European/Western/Asian thing. Go be a troll somewhere else, because this has nothing to do with race."

It's a common expression, if you were black you would be familiar with it. No racial offense was meant. Regardless, cats weren't domesticated by Native Americans. You missed my point that what may be one man's sancrosanct animal is just another man's food. How would you like to have Hinduism become the predominant religion in our government then have millions of people sent to prison for killing cows? Sounds pretty rediculous doesn't it?

Well, that's what Hindus in this country get to deal with all the time. They live in a country where their sancrosanct animal is murdered by the millions every year and no one goes to jail or is punished for it. How are their beliefs any less important than yours? Your sacred cat gets protected by law, yet their religion's highest form of life is a mass produced murdered commodity. How about the Chinese? They come here from China where eating a cat is acceptable and all of a sudden they can be put in jail for serving it up on a plate. Gee, that's a nice way to encourage diversity. "Sure, you immigrants are welcome to come on over just as long as we can forcibly impose our culture on you and our views take precedence in all matters."

Yea, only your beliefs are the ones that really matter. It's your beliefs that represent all of America. No one else's beliefs other than yours means shiat or should be given the slightest moment's consideration or attempt at understanding.

I have a hard time trying to find the right word for that type of philisophy...


Oh wait, there is a term that encompasses all of those qualities... Urban White American.
2003-07-20 02:47:15 AM  
fry that sick son of a biatch. fry him.

people like this dont deserve to be alive
2003-07-20 03:00:25 AM  
ha ha.
Some of you are so hardcore.

This isn't a peta issue. It's just an issue of what is appropriate behavior.
Hyperbole is great for forums but I don't think anyone is seriously suggesting that they throw his baby from a car.

I agree with the felony charge and a buttload of community service for this man...Why? Well do YOU think this is the kind of person we should let VOTE?

that said, this picture has always cracked me up:
2003-07-20 03:01:30 AM  
I shouldn't be allowed to vote either, I'm a big duh.

cut and paste, i'm too tired to figure out why it was unfetchable.
2003-07-20 03:08:42 AM  
OMFG, as if a pneumatic hammer is any more farking humane. Or drowning in a bag. Really.
4 years for throwing a cat out of a car? Sounds like some society has its priorities farked up and way too much money for the local prison budget.
I'm not supporting animal cruelty, but if you support killing a human because he killed an animal . . .
2003-07-20 03:43:44 AM  
You guys want to kill him for this? How do you think his 5 month old will feel about that? Sad. Might grow up to hate kittens. Wife left all alone to raise her. Animal rights people anger me.
2003-07-20 05:29:18 AM  
it aint like set us up the bomb....

let me ask you, what do you THINK "hook him up to the chrismas lights and light him up" means?
2003-07-20 10:22:27 AM  
Hate him?
Call him at home and let him know.
I feel no guilt in posting this as it is easy to get off of

Carlos "kitten killer" Valladares-Guillen
47771 Hickory St
Wixom, MI 48393
(248) 926-6339
2003-07-20 12:21:00 PM  
See, it is sorta like that, because you left out the to and wrote:

hook him up the chrismas lights and light him up!

Hook him up the chrismas [sic] lights

does sound similar to

Set us up the bomb.

Either way, I don't really think electrocution is a reasonable punishment for cruelty to animals.
2003-07-20 02:25:25 PM  
Im not going to say who but a certain someone who says the aren't a hypocrite also says they are a Grammer Nazi but when referring to my name, you should have written Haos' remark instead of Haos's remark!


I'd personally like to put a deer slug in the cat-killer's head, but violence shouldn't beget violence; now if I could talk him into committing suicide...
2003-07-20 02:46:59 PM  
Stoke, you make the mistake of thinking that our society should be tolerant of all societal differences. Many of us believe that some societal choices are better than others. If Chinese people want to eat cats, they can change the laws here (fat chance) or go somewhere that it is legal. We don't need to tolerate every cultural difference that exists in the world, just as other cultures shouldn't be required to change for us.
As you said, "I'm not responsible for the sins of my ancestors."

What's a good term for your point of view? How about Backwoods Black Alabaman?
2003-07-20 08:52:11 PM  
oh yeah, in retrospect i guess it does sound like set us up the bomb, i didnt notice that, oh well, alls well that ends well, alls corrected that is corrected.

Anyhow, it's one thing to say he shouldnt electrocuted, but that was some bad shiat he did, and frankly, since a thorough asskicking isnt a legal thing to sentence a man to, i figure the next best thing is hookin him up to the chrismas lights and watch him melt like a GI JOE in hiroshima.....HOOOWAH!
2003-07-20 09:04:37 PM  
"Sure, you immigrants are welcome to come on over just as long as we can forcibly impose our culture on you and our views take precedence in all matters."

And if you don't like it, stay home.
2003-07-20 09:31:44 PM  
you know, i dont think it's a part of ANYONE'S culture to throw kittens out the window of a fast car, EVEN in china, although they eat cats (i though it was more often dogs though) they also worship them in many ways and harming them in that fashion is even bad.

I dont know of any custom where people are encouraged to harm animals in that fashion, not like it matters because it happened in America not bangledesh or china, and since we're not stepping on anyone's toes that actually could ration they have a religious or cultural gripe about not being able to fling kitty kats, then it's friggin WRONG and it's ok to be WRONG, and the guy should be tought it's not alright to do.

If i cant run naked in the streats with a 7" erection without getting thrown in the slammer, then this guy sure as hell isnt allowed to throw kittens.

(i never really got arrested for being naked and erectile in public, but i'd like to be....nake and erectile in public that is, not i know i would and probably should be if i was).
2003-07-20 09:37:31 PM  
Spreadhead, I came to the US BECAUSE I liked the culture, now if other people come over to the US and try to change it, that seems wrong.
2003-07-20 10:23:15 PM  
You know, Farm cats regularly kill kittens because its genetic. Just like a lion killing all the cubs to get the female ready again.
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