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(Canoe)   Dentist refuses to fill lesbian's cavity   ( divider line
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16568 clicks; posted to Main » on 18 Jul 2003 at 8:41 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-07-18 07:24:15 PM  
2003-07-18 08:45:41 PM  
No, it's not ironic. Please look up the word before using it.

That said, it's too bad he didn't fill her cavity. It's likely that it's the only time any portion of a man's anatomy (in this case, a few fingers) would be in her mouth.
2003-07-18 08:46:29 PM  
I would fill a lesbo's cavity if she asked nice enough.
2003-07-18 08:47:38 PM  
Is it safe?
2003-07-18 08:51:51 PM  
Why is it that, whenever I read brutal_honey's Personal ad, I only see two words: "Back Doors."
2003-07-18 08:51:56 PM  
Maybe he has learned that Lesbian breath really stinks...
2003-07-18 08:53:27 PM  
"It's not dentistry, it's!"
2003-07-18 08:56:47 PM  
great headline ... i did a double take lol
2003-07-18 08:58:42 PM  
I don't think I'd be too upset if a dentist refused to do a filling for me because he didn't like me.

He could REALLY not like me and do the filling anyways.

2003-07-18 09:02:28 PM  
He would be ok if he werent such a hothead about it.

If he just refused to sue her, and privately told her why, she might have sued. He should win such a suit, but wouldnt, But noooo he had to go off on her.

Sounds a scary dentist to me.

2003-07-18 09:05:51 PM  
there once was a new hampshire dentist
whose gen'ral demeanor offendest
when he said he'd not like
to do work on a dyke
lines were crossed, his career it did endest.

(only cuz i noticed MaxxLarge is back yesterday)
2003-07-18 09:06:38 PM  
2003-07-18 08:45:41 PM doublem
No, it's not ironic. Please look up the word before using it.

Woman is a lesbian and thus wouldn't let a man fill her 'cavity'.
Woman then becomes angry that man won't fill her cavity.

If not ironic, it's at least hypocritical in an extremely vague sense :-p
2003-07-18 09:07:08 PM  
You know what, I'll bet she's now an anti-dentite ...


had to get it in before anyone else did ...
2003-07-18 09:07:40 PM  
I am glad to see my good friends in New Hampshire actively countering their Arkansas-North reputation.
2003-07-18 09:08:21 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-18 09:08:30 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
He hated Jack, so I can understand why.
2003-07-18 09:09:10 PM  
"Look out! He's disgruntled! He's gone dental!"
2003-07-18 09:09:37 PM  
Lesbians are nt that great anyways...most of them look like truck-drivers with tits....oh so nasty

why do lesbos always have mullets?
2003-07-18 09:11:38 PM  
DAMN FUNDIES! They make real conservatives look like fools and assholes. I also hate dentists. Thats right, I am an anti-dentite.

2003-07-18 09:12:16 PM  
rwhamann: "If this wasn't my son's wedding day I'd knock your teeth anti-dentite bastard"
2003-07-18 09:13:14 PM  
I really don't see how she has a case. If he owns the business, he's can run it how he wishes and treat who he deems worthy. He's not a public employee, nor does the woman work for him.

Even his going off on her I would say falls in the realm of free speech. Now, if he actually knew she had AIDS and made that fact known in the presence of others then, yea, she should have a case. Otherwise, suck it up. Not everyone agrees with your lifestyle whoever you are and you're going to be descriminated against for it by the opposite end of society. Tough.
2003-07-18 09:14:20 PM  
People never cease to amaze me.
2003-07-18 09:15:48 PM  

"Our next act at the MGM Grand, it is my extreme pleasure to welcome to Las Vegas, Mr Cosmo Kramer, The Lord of the Rants"
2003-07-18 09:22:32 PM  
Not true Cubansaltyballs. Just look on the internet. All lesbians are hot, sexy and well made-up. They wear skimpy lingerie for each other all the time and seem to have the same taste in women that men do. And they don't mind if men watch... in fact they encourage it.
Actually, I'm surprised this lesbian wasn't doing her own dentistry. You know, to end her reliance on an obviously patriarchal practice of dentistry with their phallic tools and probing, to avoid the supplication and objectification of women in those dentist chairs, to buck the societal gender norms that men and women must have nice teeth etc.

The lesbians I know are strangely good with home repairs (not to mention plumbing).
2003-07-18 09:28:21 PM  
Wow, whats with all the anti-gay shiat here? The dentist was an obvious a-hole and dumbass.
2003-07-18 09:34:57 PM  
From JerkyBoys

Woman on phone: Hello?

JB:(said w/ a Hindi accent) Is this where you call if you have a complaint to make about a medical professional?

W: Yes.

JB: I went to the dentist to have my tooth removed. He put me under. When I woke up, my pants were down around my ankles and it hurts to sit down!

W: Oh, my God!!

JB: And not only that, he removed the wrong tooth!

W: Oh, my God!!

/good times....good times....
2003-07-18 09:38:26 PM  
seaman : yes i agree, but ya gotta admit, this guy was such a super-prick that it's funny.
2003-07-18 09:42:39 PM  
I don't understand why his license was suspended. Doctors get licenses for technical skill, not social skills.
2003-07-18 09:50:08 PM  
I've got something to stick in her cavity.


It's a filling.
2003-07-18 09:54:55 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-18 09:56:33 PM  
He doesn't have to work on her if he doesn't want.

OTOH he needn't be unpleasant about it.

Second grievance seems more egregious. Definitely no need to be unpleasant to someone who is merely in pain.

Still, I try to keep my ideologies out of my workplace, to the extent that that can be done.
2003-07-18 10:14:10 PM  
The man obviously had strong beliefs and his own business. He should have the right to do business or not do business with anyone he wants. He should have no obligation to work on anyone he doesn't want to.
2003-07-18 10:14:23 PM  
When I was a kid I had a dentist who was sadistic like that. Used a low speed drill and no pain killers. I would squirm in pain and he would get pissed off.
2003-07-18 10:18:00 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-18 10:19:44 PM  
Uh...People....Professional Licenses are generally granted under a set of guiding principles that include, espeically in the legal and medical professions, little clauses indicating that the holder of said license shall not refuse service to *anyone* under normal circumstances.

The treatment of the licensing board doesn't bother me in this case. What *does* bother me is why some graduate school somewhere saw fit to give this a-wipe a higher degree. [Of course, I've been wondering the same thing about a guy named Frist lately. I must be getting cranky as I get older...]
2003-07-18 10:22:37 PM  
BlindSeaman: Has nothing to do with anti-gay. It's a matter of personal freedom. If he wants to refuse her business, that's his right. If he's a raving bigot, that's fine too. There's no laws against any of this (nor should there be) and saying as much isn't anti-gay or anti-anything else for that matter.
2003-07-18 10:22:52 PM  
What would be ironic is if a farker used irony correctly.
2003-07-18 10:26:29 PM  
What bothers me is the time, 1999 he goes off on the lesbian, 2001 she settles her suit with him, mid 2003 he loses his licence. Thanks for keeping on top of that New Hampshire!
2003-07-18 10:29:36 PM  
There may be (should be) a professional code of conduct within the dentistry guild that he violated. The Bar Association and the American Medical Association have ethics codes and will come down on members for unprofessional behavior.

Otherwise, I suppose you could make an argument that he is indeed free to offend his client base if he wants to commit professional suicide.
2003-07-18 10:31:28 PM  
rdr: i agree with you on that, how did this a-hole get into dental school

Dave_te85: its not so much that he was anti-gay, its that he berated her when other people were present and did so in a very rude manner, he could have just calmly said: "I Don't serve your kind, please leave."
2003-07-18 10:43:27 PM  
"I Don't serve your kind, please leave."

Oh, yeah, THAT'S the most diplomatic thing he could have said.
2003-07-18 10:44:41 PM  
Just as discrimination on the basis of religion is wrong and illegal, so is discrimination on the basis of sexual preference wrong, and should be illegal (it is in Orlando, thankfully). To those asshats who say "It's his business, let him work on whoever he wants to," I say I'm glad you weren't in Congress when far better people were passing the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the (much earlier) 14th amendment, because that's the exact same reasoning other conservative asshats were using to justify discrimination against people of color.

Homosexuality is wrong, but that doesn't give every Joe Arsefarker the right to sit in judgment over people who engage in it. I'd rather associate with a hyper-leftist atheist homosexual (man or woman) than one of these boneheads that give a bad name to "Christians" everywhere.
2003-07-18 10:46:15 PM  
There's-a the back door for pipple like-a you!
2003-07-18 10:49:05 PM  
If you guys don't like the way this dentist works, your going to hate what I did while working at Mc Donalds. Lets just say the special sauce ain't all that special.
2003-07-18 10:53:03 PM  
I think they got him under this:

(f) Intentionally injuring a patient or engaging in any other unprofessional or dishonest conduct in practicing dentistry or dental hygiene.

I guess dentists are held to a higher standard than say, garbagemen.
2003-07-18 11:04:23 PM  
captainktainer, that's really imature and hypocritical of you to give us a lecture on Civil Rights and then tell us homosexuality is wrong.. could you tell me exactly what is wrong about it.. I'de like to know what you think I should be doing instead? I think you need to sort out your little double standards issue.. if somebody turned around to you and said black people were wrong, would you be offended?
2003-07-18 11:23:31 PM  
I submitted a much better article with the same headline yesterday.
2003-07-18 11:23:47 PM  
Maybe she had fish breath, hair in her teeth and spiked ben-wah balls rolling around in her mouth.
2003-07-18 11:37:05 PM  

I do not think that homosexuality is's a lifestyle choice that certain people choose, and it's their right to live as they choose. However, people who are homosexual should also not be taken aback everytime they run across someone who has a negative viewpoint of their lifestyle, because it is just as much a person's right to be against it as it is to be for it. Homosexuality has been considered an unnatural, un-Christian, unwholesome activity for too long, and it's not realistic to expect everyone in the United States to be open-minded enough to accept it, and to not discriminate against those who openly choose this lifestyle. It is not realistic to think that everyone in America is OK with people being gay! There are people in this country who believe that invetro fertilization of embryos is an abomination against all that is holy! So how can you expect this same type of mentally disabled people to accept homosexuality?

As long as we are on the subject, there's a question I have wanted to ask for a long time...why does it seem like a significant portion of the lesbian population in this country have such a massive chip on their shoulder when it comes to straight men? As a hetero male, I can honestly say that I have never, in any way, interfered or inhibited the happiness and prosperity of any gay woman, ever! Yet, it seems like a woman can't be gay without also having to be aggressively anti-male! I think I speak for most straight men when I say that we have a "live and let live" attitude on this subject...we have no desire whatsoever to meddle in your affairs in the slightest...why all the hate, ladies?

2003-07-18 11:37:49 PM  
maybe you should be doing women instead?
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