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(RedOrbit)   In Mexico, men are being implanted with GPS tracking microchips   ( divider line
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8648 clicks; posted to Main » on 18 Jul 2003 at 1:54 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-07-18 02:02:17 PM  
In Dry Hot Mexico, GPS tracks you!

/got nuttin!
2003-07-18 02:02:19 PM  
GPS tracking my ass. There are nothing more than simple RF transponders coupled to a backend database.<br><br>
GPS would be well cool - sighs..
2003-07-18 02:06:19 PM  
Kidnappings, robberies and fraud are common here, and Mexicans are constantly looking for ways to protect themselves against crime.


For now, VeriChip can help confirm a kidnap victim's identity only after a body is found.

How exactly does this help prevent kidnapping???
2003-07-18 02:06:41 PM  
actually, they're really shocking devices that slowly increase their voltage the closer you get to the u.s. border.
2003-07-18 02:06:48 PM  
I was going to mention that GPS was not involved but grahams beat me to the punch, so I will just say..

Doesn't anybody read the farking articles?
2003-07-18 02:07:34 PM  
Great title, except there's no GPS.
2003-07-18 02:09:16 PM  

Right on, grahams... there's no mention of GPS in the article.

Though, the company is working on ways to use Satellites.
2003-07-18 02:10:38 PM  
Do they serve salsa with those chips?
2003-07-18 02:11:51 PM  
Chips, we don't need no stinking chips.
2003-07-18 02:12:16 PM  
no to repeat everyone else here, but I didn't see anything about GPS. Maybe the website read my 16 digit tracking code and realized that they didn't want me to know that I was being tracked via GPS, so they did't serve up the same aritcle. And.... OH SHIAT! THEY ARE ON TO ME!

2003-07-18 02:14:35 PM  
You couldn't implant something to track someone via GPS. GPS recevers are about 1" X 1" and a quarter of an inch thick. This does not count any of the hardware needed to make sense of what the antenna picks up, or the batteries needed to power the whole thing. Or the transmitter that would send the information to a place where it can be monitored.

GPS is a passive system, like radio or broadcast TV. you cannot tell who is using it. As was said above, These are just RFID tags that are tied into a database.

This however is a usefull invention, that could speed treatment and save lives (even if im incapable of speech they can still get all my personal information and if I'm alergic to drugs).

Spiffy artical, Dumb headline.
2003-07-18 02:16:44 PM  
How long until this comes to America? If you multiply the digits in the 16 digit tracking number, does it = 666?
2003-07-18 02:20:31 PM  
Mislabed. Should be:


The number of the beast, man!
2003-07-18 02:26:14 PM  
This strikes me as heavily rude.
I think someone ought to get sued.
They're PEOPLE, you turds!
Not livestock in herds!
You're not supposed to LoJack a DUDE.
2003-07-18 02:34:34 PM  
inching ever closer to a New World Order (tsk, tsk)

2003-07-18 02:47:32 PM  
?Donde esta pinche Juan?
2003-07-18 02:54:10 PM  


[image from too old to be available]

2003-07-18 03:11:22 PM  
Finally, a website that lets me keep tabs on what the Mexicans are up to.
2003-07-18 03:28:21 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

There he is..
2003-07-18 04:11:44 PM  
Thats great it starts with an earthquake...
2003-07-18 04:36:36 PM  
Thanks, but no thanks. I'd rather be covered in fire ants! Keep that shiat out of my body! It's bad enough that I can be tracked through my credit card purchases and cell phone usage. Cash and payphones, man!
2003-07-18 04:58:38 PM  

It's the new CATCH and RELEASE program ...

/Pinche cabrones ...

2003-07-18 05:07:09 PM  
Oh, it's for medical purposes....

I thought I was going to start seeing ads for adoptable Mexican men on

"This adult male is a Chihuahuan-Baja Californian mix and would just love to cuddle in your lap. Adopting home should have no children please!"

2003-07-18 05:18:03 PM  
This would be a very cool tool for terrorism intelligence. Just tag a few al Qaida, Taliban, and Baath militants and release them back into the wild. I would be surprised if we weren't already doing this.
2003-07-18 06:29:12 PM  
Yeah, these have been around since 1991, when I knew it as PetNet.

Great idea to use'em in humans, though. I say implant all babies and scan'em when they're registered for school. That'd cut down on the number of noncustodial parental kidnappings, which is the vast majority ot them.
2003-07-18 06:31:25 PM  
You mean after we give them anal probes?
2003-07-18 06:33:57 PM  

Yeah, becuase the kind of people who'll blow themselves up would blanch atthe idea of digging a rice grain -sized glass capsule out of their ass.
2003-07-18 07:28:49 PM  
Wasn't a similar scheme put forth on another thread to use these RFID 'tags' in place of UPC symbols in stores?

The advantage was that you could instantaniously check out a whole basket of putchases without scanning each one individually. Goodbye lineups at the checkout.

What killed the whole idea was the plan to use these 'tags' outside the store for 'targeting' advertizing, a la Minority Report. Invasion of privacy issues.

This really shows how Mexicans value privacy. US won't put these things in inanimate objects. Mexico wants to use them on people. Something to think about.
2003-07-18 07:51:34 PM  
Mark of the Beast. I'm sure Asscraft will be pushing for these to be mandatory upon birth pretty soon, almost like the Selective Service is now, and I'm pretty sure, with the way things are going, that it will be. Spooky stuff...
2003-07-18 08:24:33 PM  
I don't see the advantage. From what I can tell from the article, this is nothing more than a unique identifier that stays with you.

Don't we already have that in the form of finger prints or retinas? Scan an eyeball or thumb and match the image to the information on the database.

Also, I hate to break it to Mexico, but if fingerprints haven't lowered their crime rate, then I don't see how this is going to.
2003-07-18 08:35:25 PM  

Well, I'd guess the major difference between this and fingerprints is you can't be passively logged going in and out of, say, every bus, building, turnstile, porn shop, or liquor store you go near.
2003-07-18 09:41:57 PM  
I'm sorry, but I've never understood what's the big deal about "invasion of privacy". It's a big cultural difference.

The way I see it, as an average, long-penised mexican, is that it's more important to be safe than to worry about whether the government knows where you live, or when you last paid taxes, or what magazines I read.

I imagine crime is not so important in the US, and thus you now worry about privacy?
2003-07-19 01:59:47 AM  

Yes, let's plant tracking devices in children.....while we're at it, we can do the same for you....that way, it'll be much easier to find you and beat you farking skull in.


Crime IS a big deal in the US. You know, people die and get their possessions stolen all of the time.

Anyone else:

You assholes who cower under your blankets in fear of Charlie Chan or Turban Man breaking into your homes and slicing your throats have no right to be going around saying "if it makes it safer, hyuck". There's a difference between safety and farking tagging people like they're cattle.
2003-07-19 05:28:31 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-19 05:36:01 AM  

Isn't it obvious? At some point the Government is going to need to know exactly the location of everyone in order to completely insure Homeland Security.

You'll HAVE to submit to having a location device implanted - there will be no other way for them to insure you are who you say you are, and those without it will obviously be in the country as an Evil Doer.

Coming soon....


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