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(WorldOnline)   Loch Ness Monster found dead at age 27. Fast lifestyle suspected   ( divider line
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23856 clicks; posted to Main » on 18 Jul 2003 at 8:28 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-07-18 02:01:48 AM  
Discoverer is a

"retired scrap metal merchant"


"Gerald McSorley."

'nuff said.
2003-07-18 08:31:28 AM  
<-------Got beat with ugly stick
2003-07-18 08:34:09 AM  
What's wrong with being a retired scrap metal merchant?

[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-18 08:34:13 AM  
2003-07-18 08:34:41 AM  

Hahaha yer just mean. hahaha

2003-07-18 08:36:38 AM  
"My poor lassie!!!"
[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-18 08:47:54 AM  
a 10m monster once lived in the area, but they didn't say how long ago...was it last week? last year? last eon? details, people, details!

/continues search for brontosaurus burger
2003-07-18 08:48:29 AM  
Dead at 27:
Jim Morrison
Janice Joplin
Jimmy Hendrix
Kurt Cobain
Loch Ness Monster
2003-07-18 09:03:39 AM  
ahhh...that explains the headline :P
2003-07-18 09:34:03 AM  
Have they tested the bone to find out its age? Maybe the dead one isn't the only loch ness monster.
2003-07-18 09:36:15 AM  
This was a very irresponsible news story. If Nessie is dead then tourists won't come to Loch Ness anymore. Who are Scots going to make fun of and steal money from now? The Welsh I suppose.
2003-07-18 09:45:55 AM  
On this guy's deathbed, he'll have the last laugh... "Pssst, those won't real bones. It was a hoax. They were just from a dog that I found on the side of a road. Stupid tourists."
2003-07-18 09:48:30 AM  
"I literally tripped over the fossil in the water. When I put my hands down to steady myself I saw something unusual and picked it up,"

Jimmy Hoffa?
2003-07-18 10:22:09 AM  
worst headline ever
2003-07-18 11:09:17 AM  
I'd like this to be true...but I'm going to call SHENANIGANS! I better go get my broom.
2003-07-18 11:18:03 AM  
For those of you saying "OMG it's dead," how do you know there is not a whole family of them down there? You think that this fish could live for 100+ years? No, if it exists, there's gotta be a dozen of 'em.
2003-07-18 11:31:40 AM  
Live fast
Die young
Leave a weird looking corpse.
2003-07-18 11:59:15 AM  
I woke up this morning with a petrified bone.
2003-07-18 11:59:45 AM  
I woke up this morning with a petrified bone.
Coincidence? Perhaps.
2003-07-18 01:36:47 PM  

So.... is this the end of the whole Loch Ness monster thing, now?

They should perform some carbon-dating or other age testing action on those bones, to finally set aside doubts as to whether this thing dies 60 years ago or 60 million years ago. That should end it all, like, fer sure...

2003-07-18 02:31:45 PM  
Dammit, its all a coverup designed to distract us from not finding any WMDs in Iraq !!
2003-07-18 09:27:59 PM  
I remember in another story that they said the fossil was about 150 million years old. The Loch is only about 10,000 years old, formed during the last ice age.
It is impossible that type of creature had actually been living in the Loch 149,990,000 years before it existed.
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