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(Atlanta Journal Constitution)   These guys saw a turtle   ( divider line
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19676 clicks; posted to Main » on 18 Jul 2003 at 4:07 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-07-18 03:58:52 AM  
An aquatic bigfoot.
2003-07-18 04:17:28 AM  
An psychotic wigsoot
2003-07-18 04:21:26 AM  
I saw a dumbass headline
2003-07-18 04:21:33 AM  
"The city of Berkeley looking at the water a lot these days."

That sounds so sad.

On a side note, first thing i thought of when reading headline: "Nice marmot." Don't know why.
2003-07-18 04:22:25 AM  
Whoa! This is bizarre. I just happened to be perusing the Top Comments link and opened the original "I saw a turtle" board for the first time. (It was truly a beautiful thing!) But when I came back out to the main page and refreshed, this was the top post! Today must be meant for me to read about turtles (and myrtles and splurtles and squirtles and girdles and purple nurples....)
2003-07-18 04:24:56 AM  
Oh, that Joe and his turtle stories.
2003-07-18 04:25:53 AM  
The common snapper lives all over the southeastern United States...

In that case...

There's hope for you "common" FARKers in the SE

/already got my snappa
2003-07-18 04:26:10 AM  
And the turtle has seen them.
2003-07-18 04:27:22 AM  
Cue TMNT ref in 5...4...3...
2003-07-18 04:30:19 AM  
What was the name of that big flying turtle that Godzilla had to fight?
2003-07-18 04:31:54 AM  
I think that was Rodan, but I could be wrong.
2003-07-18 04:32:39 AM  
Wooooooow. This stuff is fascinating!

2003-07-18 04:32:46 AM  
Now, this is a TURTLE.

[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-18 04:37:01 AM  
Rodan was the teradactyl. Bow before Gamera.
2003-07-18 04:43:35 AM  
It could have been Squirtle...

2003-07-18 04:48:48 AM  
I currently have the turtles head

/obscure British humour ?
2003-07-18 04:51:15 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-18 04:52:28 AM  
Yep, they're pretty big...
[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-18 04:57:56 AM  
(sigh) Now, kids, this is what happens when Photoshop gets in the wrong hands
[image from too old to be available]
(I'm on a roll now)
2003-07-18 05:04:11 AM  
Hell, let's go for the trifecta
[image from too old to be available]
(has now hit for the cycle)
2003-07-18 05:10:32 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-18 05:27:04 AM  
Gamera is really neat, He is filled with turtle
meat. We all love you, GAMERA!!!
2003-07-18 05:27:52 AM  
You know, the word "turtle" sounds really weird after hearing it a couple times.

Turtle turtle turtle turtle turtle turtle aaaaaaAAAAH!!
2003-07-18 05:31:21 AM  
Am I not turtlie enough for ya?
2003-07-18 05:40:34 AM  
I loved the headline,

"These guys saw a turtle"

It's not news, It's, has never been truer.
2003-07-18 05:40:42 AM  
i got 2 snappers in a lake by ymy house. not as big as that one, but big enough. man if yer fishing they bite the fish as you reel it in and usually u need cut your line or your rod bvreaks. there strong as hell, and they dsont let go of what they bite.
2003-07-18 05:45:12 AM  
They're good eatin' too - tastes like chicken they say
2003-07-18 06:08:00 AM  
Holy crap, tyguy, you either need to lay off the beer or go back to grammar school.
2003-07-18 06:11:56 AM  
I saw a snapping turtle the size of a manhole cover when I was fishing for bluegill a few years ago. Turtles half that size can easily break your finger or take it off, so it was BACK IN THE CAR for me.
2003-07-18 06:14:52 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

I shot a turtle motherfukas.
2003-07-18 06:16:42 AM  
Did it say cowabunga? Ask for Pizza? Perhaps someone should check this guys blood alcohol levels.
2003-07-18 06:17:15 AM  
Doesn't Anna Nicole Smith vacation near there?

I'm just saying...
2003-07-18 06:25:14 AM  
It could have been the Parable of the Wurtle

Soon they would be delivered. And not by that Jesus character either. He was some sort of magician--creating dinner for thousands from a few loaves and some sardines. How could people eat that stuff? They must have known he made it. What where they thinking? That the disciples and him carried enough food for thousands with them up the hill? C'mon give me a break. Oh, well. She knew that wherever David was he was safe--for God would always guide him.

"Where is the wurtle?! Where is it?" the creature screamed at David in Hebrew. "Peace be still" said the prophet. David recognized him from the newspapers. He was that Jesus fellow. "Who you talking to?" the creature screamed at Jesus. Perhaps I should just nail you down and torture you"
2003-07-18 06:49:12 AM  
Yesterday I played Pokemon Monopoly and my gamepeice was Squirtle!

(this is a true story)
2003-07-18 06:54:35 AM  
"his head came up," Voyles said. "His head was as big as mine."

"I gotta a Turtle Head poppin out too."

/Runs to Loo
2003-07-18 07:08:18 AM  
Shameless link to the original "I Saw a Turtle" thread. Enjoy.

Kudos to whoever submitted this. This is one of the best headline rehashes I've ever seen.
2003-07-18 07:12:56 AM  
There's a local pet store that has a snapper that size in a custom-built tank. Staring at that thing really gives you the creeps...
It looks totally prehistoric.
2003-07-18 07:24:25 AM  

Once while swimming cross turtle creek
Man them snappers right at my feet
Sure was hard swimming cross that thing
with both hands holding my dingaling

/A blast(oise) from the past from Chuck Berry
2003-07-18 07:38:55 AM  
There's a bigass turtle like that one swimming around Lake Lynn in Raleigh, NC.
2003-07-18 08:03:33 AM  
Somewhere on Cape Cod there is this really dirty, shallow pond and a turtle like that lives there. Or at least it did about 5 years ago. Its back is covered by algae and seaweed.

That thing is really huge! I saw it one time when walking past the pond to get to the beach.
2003-07-18 08:03:44 AM  
I believe it. I once saw a gigantic turtle in Georgian Bay. It glided by the dock as I was fishing - must have been 3 feet across.

I didn't go in the water again that summer.
2003-07-18 08:07:07 AM  
wake me when it eats a baby.
2003-07-18 08:08:27 AM  
Denim shorts. not sexy.
2003-07-18 08:11:02 AM  

...Like a scared turtle
2003-07-18 08:11:32 AM  
Snappers be real mean and like eating appendages. Lake up by me (Sparkle Lake for anyone in N. Westchester, NY) had a big snapper about 10 years back, bit of a kid's foot. Got shot a couple of days later, but I never went, and never will go, back in that lake again!
2003-07-18 08:41:31 AM  
These guys are in a Canadian band called Murtle
2003-07-18 08:42:48 AM  
We have a camp on Yellow Bayou in south Louisiana. When I was a kid we heard an ungodly sound one morning that sounded like a baby screaming. We went down to the water and saw a huge turtle dragging a raccoon under.

/true story
2003-07-18 08:44:45 AM  
There is a Canadian Rock Band named Murtle
2003-07-18 08:45:47 AM  
Forgive the seemingly odd posts. You didn't care anyway so quit staring. Moving right along.
2003-07-18 08:58:18 AM  
That was a lot of artile to read for absolutely nothing. That story deserves 3 paragraphs at best.
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