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(ABC News)   Priest sued after telling bereaved family that deceased was half-assed Christian going straight to hell   ( divider line
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2003-07-17 02:37:05 AM  
So what, a priest slapped me once.
2003-07-17 02:42:44 AM  
This is a beautiful example of what religion is all about: Just tell me what I want to hear.
2003-07-17 02:42:57 AM  

Was it on the ass? And does the reason why it was only once involve a shotgun?
2003-07-17 02:43:25 AM  
Well I don't know about the deceased, but the lawyerscum who took this case as yet another affront to personable responsibility and general common sense is sure going to Hell.
2003-07-17 02:44:11 AM  
personable ? maybe personal.

I'll sue this damn keyboard.
2003-07-17 02:44:19 AM  
Jedi. You know when a sabre comes in handy.
2003-07-17 02:44:52 AM  
Now, that wasn't very...polite.
2003-07-17 02:45:38 AM  
Yes, these people should take personal responsibility for the priest being an asshat.
2003-07-17 02:46:04 AM  
Court papers filed last month say Rev Scott Mansfield said at Martinez's funeral last year that the deceased was "living in sin", "lukewarm in his faith" and that "the Lord vomited people like Ben out of his mouth to hell".

Oh come on... he's gotta be messing with their heads with that last one!!!
2003-07-17 02:47:00 AM  
See? If you don't put out the priest will bad mouth you at your funeral.
2003-07-17 02:48:34 AM  
Yes, these people should take personal responsibility for the priest being an asshat.

No, they should realise that someone uttering something they don't like or agree with is not grounds to sue. Good grief, have we sunk that far as a society ?!?!
2003-07-17 02:49:21 AM  
Catholic Church 2: Everyone goes to Heaven.
2003-07-17 02:49:59 AM  
No, they should realise that someone uttering something they don't like or agree with is not grounds to sue.

It is if it amounts to intentional or negligent infliction of emotional distress. You don't like the law? Change it.
2003-07-17 02:52:28 AM  
Why didn't they just beat his ass? He would have had to "turn the other cheek". Easy target.
2003-07-17 02:52:31 AM  
Ouch. Poor guy. I don't think the priest knew what he was condemning the poor guy too.

[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-17 02:53:39 AM  
It is if it amounts to intentional or negligent infliction of emotional distress.

So if a doctor tells a patient bad news he can be sued? Bullshiat.
2003-07-17 02:54:34 AM  
Acts 24:15 says there is going to be a ressurection of the righteous and the unrighteous. I guess this priest missed that one.
2003-07-17 02:55:32 AM  
So if a doctor tells a patient bad news he can be sued? Bullshiat.

No, he couldn't be sued. Yes, that would be bullshiat. Good thing that doesn't amount to NIMD/IIMD/outrage.
2003-07-17 02:57:18 AM  
Uhm... Isn't that in direct contradiction with what you said.

What if a doctor telling a patient bad news results in emotional distress?
2003-07-17 02:58:31 AM  
And here I thought that telling the truth was an unbeatable defense!
2003-07-17 02:59:40 AM  
Don't you hate it when someone puts a damper on a funeral.
2003-07-17 03:00:00 AM  
What if a doctor telling a patient bad news results in emotional distress?

Just because something results in emotional distress doesn't mean that it satisfies the elements for the tort of negligent/intentional infliction of emotional distress (aka outrage in some jurisdictions). If a loved one dies and the police call you to tell you that your loved one died that's going to cause some emotional distress, but it's not going to satisfy the elements of the tort of emotional distress.
2003-07-17 03:00:25 AM  
The priest based his comments on his faith - not fact right?

But there must have been some truth to his characterization of Ben.

Pretty amusing for a funeral I bet...

Sounds like a "Candid Camera" kind of stunt.
2003-07-17 03:04:48 AM  
Does emotional distress really fall under the unacceptably illegal behavior of slander/libel? The only grounds for which I think the priest might invite legal action is if he was publicly trashing the family's reputation w/out justification. Which in this case might have happened since the townspeople seem to believe the deceased father was in hel?
2003-07-17 03:08:46 AM  
For those interested, the elements for the tort of intentional infliction of emotional distress in New Mexico are as follows: 1) the conduct in question was extreme and outrageous; (2) the conduct of the defendant was intentional or in reckless disregard of the plaintiff; (3) the plaintiff's mental distress was extreme and severe; and (4) there is a causal connection between the defendant's conduct and the claimant's mental distress.
2003-07-17 03:09:06 AM  
Well, if I understand Catholicism correctly, the priest acts as Jesus's lawyer in the confessional, and using his power of attorney, can choose whether to forgive you of your sins or bind them for eternity, sending you straight to hell. Still, isn't confession supposed to be like double top secret? Didn't the priest kinda blab?
2003-07-17 03:11:29 AM  
Thank God I'm not catholic...anymore.
2003-07-17 03:16:31 AM  
If it was some random person uttering this, then yes those requirements might apply. But a Priest saying someone is going to hell is along the lines of a professional assessment, hence my Doctor analogy.
2003-07-17 03:16:40 AM  
Thank God I don't believe in God.
2003-07-17 03:18:37 AM  
Wasn't there a "Thou shouldst not judgeth, lest thou be judgethed thyselfeth" clause somewhere in the Christianity rules?
2003-07-17 03:21:28 AM  
I have to agree with Spoofman on this. The guy was just doing his job. Given that the vast majority of us are going to hell,goats that we are, maybe it's the other priests (the ones who tell lies at funerals) who should be sued.
2003-07-17 03:21:35 AM  
But a Priest saying someone is going to hell is along the lines of a professional assessment, hence my Doctor analogy.

I can see where you're coming from. Maybe that kind of thing coming from a priest is much worse. Dunno. I guess it'll depend on what the judge and jury think. These types of claims are very difficult to win. If the judge/jury think that this wasn't outrageous, the defendant will win. Get the right judge and the right jury and the plaintiff will win. Personally, I think that the priest's behavior was outrageous and the law should kick him in the cojones before someone else does.
2003-07-17 03:21:52 AM  
Reincarnation makes a comeback
2003-07-17 03:23:43 AM  

Oooops, the Lords name in vein I guess I'm going to hell

does anyone care??? or believe in that stupid BS anymore

F the priest for bein an insensitive prick and F the family for caring

/now I feel better
2003-07-17 03:24:57 AM  
If they do get him, it'll have to be on that last quote about vomiting out of the mouth stuff. Even then that's pretty tame than some other imagery in the Bible.
2003-07-17 03:25:53 AM  
Suing the whole archdiocese instead of the priest alone, wow that's really smart. I know some priests are assholes and are going straight to hell, but the guy was just stupid. Whatever happened to free speech.
2003-07-17 03:27:57 AM  
Whatever happened to free speech

Uh oh, here we go...
2003-07-17 03:29:28 AM  
The priest should just be glad that he pulled this stunt in Santa Fe instead of Albuquerque. He'd have been shot, stabbed, and/or whipped with a chain before he finished his speech.
2003-07-17 03:29:33 AM  
Nope, now a days you have to pay a quarter for each word you speak. Language Tax. Just like AOL is going to start charging for IMs.

/This post cost me $8.00
2003-07-17 03:31:57 AM  
But church officials deny the family's claims.

Like this is anything new for catholics. If you watched a priest beat up an Italian Sausage on national tv the local diocese would deny it faster than Pete Rose running for the betting window at Suffolk Downs.
2003-07-17 03:33:41 AM  
You're all ugly farkers.
I'm guessing that statement has bewildered many of you and has caused much emotional and physical(???) distress, and I shall be sued to oblivion soon.
2003-07-17 03:34:15 AM  
I think being a priest is pretty much gods punishment anyway. Think of the lack of any redeeming perks about the job. Not even good dental.
2003-07-17 03:38:25 AM  
Whatever happened to free speech.
Whatere happened to decency? Here are people who lost a loved one, are burying him, and then this asshole comes and tell them, during the farkING BURIAL CEREMONY, how bad this guy was, and how he should go straight to hell? This guy should be sued for being an insensitive prick. Better yet, believe me that if a priest did that at, say, my father's funeral, I would split his skull open on the ground of the church. Consequences be damned.
Frankly, I expected more compassion from a priest.
2003-07-17 03:42:20 AM  
Why do some people believe in heaven, but also believe everyone goes there? If you believe in heaven, by necessity, you believe in hell. Otherwise you're just making up your own religion.
2003-07-17 03:45:56 AM  
Well if you see what priests have been upto lately. All the stories of them fondling little boys, then most of them are going to hell anyway. So this priest probably wanted a friend in hell when he gets there.
2003-07-17 03:46:06 AM  
Everyone is going to hell... why make such a fuss about it? They just want to get rich...
2003-07-17 03:47:39 AM  
The article says that he was too sick to go to church the last year of his life. He probably was too sick to send those weekly envelopes in too. THAT's why he's going to hell!!!!! For salvation, just keep sending the church those pictures of dead presidents.
2003-07-17 03:47:46 AM  
severe emotional and physical suffering

"Ouch! Somebody just interpreted the bible (a book I claim to fully believe in) literally and told me my flagrantly sinful relative is going to hell. Ouch, my spleen!!!"

Asshats, I'm gonna sue them their stupid lawsuit is causing me sever physical suffering. (vomiting)

yet more christian hypocrites
2003-07-17 03:50:42 AM  
Clearly there was something wrong with the priest - because even if the guy hated the guy who died, that's just not SOP under any circumstances. Suing him is not going to relieve the pain the family is going through - its going to make it worse in the short term. Money does NOT solve issues like this, even though some of you nasty little farkwards shaking kittens in your greasy fists think so. I don't know. The guy needs to make a serious apology to everyone in the family, then get some counselling. I feel bad for all of them.
2003-07-17 03:54:45 AM  
I agree the priest was an assclown, but if they just HAVE to sue it would be a nice gesture to donate it to a charity or something.

Of course, they'd probably never dream of doing something like that and will instead buy a car for every fat, greasy slob of a family member.

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