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(AP)   Japanese scientists prepare to clone wooly mammoths   ( divider line
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10786 clicks; posted to Main » on 17 Jul 2003 at 2:08 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-07-17 12:29:53 AM  
2003-07-17 01:36:14 AM  
Farking hell yeah. I always thought bringing an extinct species back to life would be cool. I hope this works.
2003-07-17 02:11:29 AM  
And so the world ends.
2003-07-17 02:14:37 AM  
Uhhh, I think it would be fun to ride a big hairy elephant... I'ma gonna git my tickets erley
2003-07-17 02:15:51 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-17 02:16:02 AM  
Tentacles might be a side effect to this....
2003-07-17 02:16:07 AM  
Nice thought, but to make a real mammoth, you have to have a mammoth. What they'll likely get is an elepha-mammoth.
2003-07-17 02:18:10 AM  
Hey, I have that book. I think. I'm gonna go find it.
2003-07-17 02:19:15 AM  
And 100% pure mammoth or just part mammoth, it would still be incredibly cool.
2003-07-17 02:19:29 AM  
Blah, bad, uninformative link. Basically, mommy's body interacts with womb-baby's body.

/even more uninformative.

/even more uninformative, given that I'm probably talkin' out my hairy mammoth butt. :)
2003-07-17 02:38:32 AM  
It'll have 15 trunks and a lust for schoolgirls.

2003-07-17 02:51:49 AM  
Ooh, Ahh...That's how all this starts, but then later there's running and screaming.
2003-07-17 02:56:16 AM  
Kinki University? hope they're not gonna use the mammoth in kinki manga porn
2003-07-17 03:01:50 AM  
I predict that in the future, when everyone is in rocket cars, and wearing tinfoil clothing, every home will have its own wooly mammoth.
2003-07-17 03:19:39 AM  
There just doing it to eat them.
2003-07-17 03:25:49 AM  
You wish Ghastly :)
2003-07-17 03:32:24 AM  
That would be pimp as hell if scientists brought back the mammoth from extinction so we could have them in zoos. Next, bring back the sabre-tooth tiger.
2003-07-17 03:57:35 AM  
Who cares about Mammoths? These scientists should be working on making genetically bred super-warriors, so we can fight them in Arenas and make ourselves, the human race, that much better by overcoming those foes (which we designed to be better than us!).

Also, we should be genetically engineering /huge/ hot pockets. Like... HUUUUGE ones.

/420, man.
2003-07-17 04:00:10 AM  
Bah! That's nothing. I know a band that cloned a Wooly Bully.
2003-07-17 04:10:32 AM  
I would like one outside my kitchen and bathroom so I can do dishes and take showers like on the Flintstones, but everyone knows they will breed them to eat them.
2003-07-17 04:37:45 AM  
Wooly Mammoths? Sweet!

2003-07-17 05:43:16 AM  
Screw the mammoths!
I want chicken that fly with the speed of sound, grow about the size of a CD but their wings should be the size of a Yugo.
Chicken wings rule!

And while we're at it, bring Elvis back. But with improved capabilities. LOL
2003-07-17 05:52:13 AM  
Mammoth pets + Kids =
[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-17 06:57:31 AM  
Just wait for Jurasic Park to become a reality.

And you know they will use that name.
2003-07-17 07:38:43 AM  
2003-07-17 08:43:58 AM  
To hell with seeing them in zoos! I want to EAT one!


Weren't these creatures one of the first that we hunted to extinction?

Think about it! How awesome must they taste if we friggin couldn't stop eating them long enough to let them "do it".

And the tusks! We should SOOOooo sell the tusks. People give ivory a bad name because it comes from elephants, and elephants are rare, etc. But what if elephants were as common as cows? We don't have a problem (collectively) with leather. It's just a matter of availability.

Hmmmm - mammoth burger.
2003-07-17 08:48:15 AM  
No you can get a full mammoth. Thus, the "clone", not fertilization. Take a female elephant, remove an egg, clean it out, place the mammoth dna in it, and implant it.
Of course it's extremely hard to do, and we're hoping the elephant will provide the correct nutrients.
2003-07-17 09:24:42 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

God creates wooly mammoths. God destroys wooly mammoths. God creates man. Man destroys God. Man creates wooly mammoths...
2003-07-17 09:40:39 AM  
Mammoth genes in an elephant? Booo-ring.
Crossbreed it with a gorilla instead and you'll have a yeti for this guy.
2003-07-17 09:45:39 AM  
That would be this guy:

Too slow to link?
2003-07-17 10:27:38 AM  
May I just say... first Fark link approved, ever!

You may now return to your previous farking.
2003-07-17 10:58:11 AM  
OK, so they bring back mammoths. They then discover that mammoths are damn good eating. They then begin killing them for medical research and eating them afterward and bring them back to the brink of extinction. Sound familiar?
2003-07-17 11:02:09 AM  
You suckers. They've been saying this for the last twenty years. And still no mammoths. Less talk, more rock.
2003-07-17 12:48:24 PM  
2003-07-17 03:25:49 AM Mikenolike

You wish Ghastly :)

I do... I really, really do.
2003-07-17 01:37:10 PM  
Teaser - We're supposed to learn from our mistakes. We almost ate the buffalo to extinction, but now... We farm them, and can enjoy eating them with a Micro-Brew at restraunts with names like "The Big Buck Brewery".

Hmmm... Bison.
2003-07-17 05:16:48 PM  
Dude, Kinki University? I think it's time for a transfer...
2003-07-17 08:07:43 PM  
...because whales just weren't endangered enough to make a real satisfying meal. Why not try something already extinct!
2003-07-17 08:21:40 PM  
tastes like chicken
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