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(BBC)   Numerous galaxies in our local region of space are mostly gas with very few stars. Just like Dollywood   ( divider line
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3190 clicks; posted to Main » on 15 Jul 2003 at 6:28 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-07-15 05:11:37 PM  
I would like to say that I contribute to that gas.
2003-07-15 06:32:39 PM  
2003-07-15 06:33:24 PM  
woulda been more funny if Branson was used instead of Dollywood.
2003-07-15 06:34:11 PM  
Has the motherboard been replaced? Things seem to be running normally.

2003-07-15 06:34:40 PM  
Follow up?
2003-07-15 06:34:50 PM  
beat to the Branson joke
2003-07-15 06:36:23 PM  

I was planning to go the rest of my life without being reminded of the existence of Dollywood.

Damn you poster! Damn you straight to hell!
2003-07-15 06:40:40 PM  
More Taco Bells in space than I thought.
2003-07-15 06:48:42 PM  
The House and Senate Galaxies are particularly known for this phenomenon.
2003-07-15 06:53:11 PM  
If you look for gas with a radio telescope you see an enormous blob of gas
And if you look for Anna Nicole with a radio telescope you see an enormous blob.
2003-07-15 06:56:42 PM  
Well, if it is just us, it would be an awful waste of space.
2003-07-15 06:57:33 PM  
How dare you slander Dollywood if you've never been there.

well i haven't either. ha
2003-07-15 07:03:30 PM  
I've been to Dollywood and it's great. So there.
2003-07-15 07:06:06 PM  
(---- actualy wants to go to dollywood something about hicks now that is an amusement park !

/ trying to be funny
2003-07-15 07:11:18 PM  
"Few objects inhabit these regions, where lonely stars, torn from their parent galaxies, live isolated lives before they fade and die alone"

-Sounds like a Star Trek convention...
2003-07-15 07:12:26 PM  
good headline
2003-07-15 07:14:24 PM  
Holy crap, three posts in a row defending Dollywood.

Good taste surrenders.
2003-07-15 07:16:24 PM  
Screw Dollywood. I'd be spending too much of my time in Tennessee's divine pig temples, stuffing my face with barbecue.

AmigaJoe: LMAO.
2003-07-15 07:16:55 PM  
Our local region of space only being a few tens of thousands of light years across.

Randumb, they're running Fark off the old server.
2003-07-15 07:19:20 PM  
Believe it or not I booked a weekend at the Lawerence Welk resort in SD with me and some of my friends. Maybe I should have realized that I'm 23 and not 63. Oh well should be fun. anyone ever been?
2003-07-15 07:20:56 PM  
I hate living in the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable end of the western spiral arm of the Galaxy.
2003-07-15 07:26:28 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Ah, there's the missing mass...
2003-07-15 08:14:17 PM  
Sorry, did someone say something?

I dozed off.
/slow day?
2003-07-15 08:59:32 PM  
FarkShadows, you don't need a radio teleschope for that, mate.
2003-07-15 09:01:02 PM  
err scope not schope
2003-07-15 09:16:51 PM  
Ya.. unlike Hollywood. But I guess the poster feels like the better person for picking on aging country music stars instead of those who actually do shoot their mouths off.
2003-07-15 09:38:37 PM  
GRRR....AlleyKat SMASH!
2003-07-15 09:56:27 PM  
believe it or not dolly parton has put out a couple of amazing bluegrass albums over the past few years, "the grass is blue" being the best one....
2003-07-15 10:01:03 PM  
Dollywood: Bringing even more rednecks to East Tennessee than normal.

Trust me, I grew up near there.
2003-07-15 10:31:19 PM  
Who read the whole article? Raise your hands gentlemen...
2003-07-15 10:59:46 PM  
I'm so gonna get a beating for this but...

Dolly is a very sweet person and don't you pick on her! I looove me some Ms. Parton.

/sis has a store at Dollywood. And yours doesn't neenerneener. :P
2003-07-15 11:06:06 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

2003-07-16 12:06:22 AM  
More proof that the Bush/Cheney elitist conspiracy extends into the outer reaches and have plotted to keep those less privileged galaxies from getting their rightfully due quota of stars. Hillary has submitted a bill calling for the government to move stars from the small percent of greedy hoarders and be equitably distributed amoungst the underpriveleged galaxies. Taxes to support this endeavor will be raised to 150% of income.
2003-07-16 12:16:22 AM  
I do not know about Dollywood, but Dolly herself is one of the most lovable stars out there. She possesses more charm than all of the stars of Hollywood put together.

Plus she is witty. One has to possess wit to come up with this line..."It takes a lot of money to look this cheap!"

And talented.

And then, of course, are the...
2003-07-16 10:21:16 AM  
Headline made me chuckle. I worked with some rather country folks in the N. Carolina Piedmont at my last job. Sitting in the break room one day, the subject of honeymooning at Dollywood came up. Of course, I made some snide comment about trailer park amusement parks. The gal sitting there who actually was living in a trailer and had honeymooned at Dollywood failed to see the humor.

/me'n my big mouth
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