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1753 clicks; posted to Main » on 15 Jul 2003 at 10:55 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-07-15 05:38:14 PM  
Vitamin-V. One of my personal favorites. I picked up a bottle of 100 10mg (diazempam)for $75.00 in Mexico. Had to got to a couple of pharmacies before I could talk the pharmacist into selling them without an Rx. One of these, a couple a brews, a bong hit or two, and fark me raw and call me Leroy, life is good.
2003-07-15 06:02:27 PM  
Mmmmmmm Valium! The best way to relieve the anxiety of Fark being so slow. Pop a few and you're right at the same speed as Fark.

/but get a prescription from a real doctor! Medical safety rant over
2003-07-15 08:44:09 PM  
Bring back quaaludes!
2003-07-15 10:58:29 PM  
Hooray for Shyster's little helper!
2003-07-15 11:01:17 PM  
I wanna be sedated
2003-07-15 11:03:31 PM  
relaxed and limp. yep. ah, the good old days.
2003-07-15 11:11:19 PM  
its the only drug i've ever taken thats stronger than aleve. i needed some when i had my wisdom teeth removed. I only had 5 and it was over a year ago, but I STILL CRAVE MORE!
2003-07-15 11:11:20 PM  
This linbk sucks. Man, I hope no one attacks this post, it's just my opinion. Who's responding to this, did any one see it ? I'm just kidding, don't ask me what the fark is my problem. Stop staring at me through my monit...


Ah, I love everyone at Fark. Sweet, sweet, Valium.

2003-07-15 11:13:37 PM  
Prince Valium to the rescue!
2003-07-15 11:16:37 PM  
Paint chips make me thirsty.
2003-07-15 11:21:30 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

"I always take valium before photo shoots."
2003-07-15 11:21:52 PM  
I was in a pharmacy about a year ago when this 70 something year old man was apparently having trouble getting his Xanax (same class of drug as valium) filled. I've never seen an old man that pissed off my whole life, yelling, swearing, threatening peoples lives if he didn't get his xanax. If you even try to mention lowering the dosage or trying to get some of those old folks off their sleepers they go ballistic.
/can't wait to get old, demented, and constantly sedated
2003-07-15 11:23:16 PM  
I_Can't_Believe_It's_Not_Smegma: Can't you just go to a psychiatrist and say "I'm nervous" like everyone else? Then you just have to fork over a $5 copay... ahh, insurance.
2003-07-15 11:23:44 PM  
They say 40 is a real downer.
2003-07-15 11:25:33 PM  
You must have the worlds best dentist,valium is not a painkiller it's a mellow out happy pill like xanax.
2003-07-15 11:26:54 PM  
What a drag it is getting old
"Kids are different today,"
I hear ev'ry mother say
Mother needs something today to calm her down
And though she's not really ill
There's a little yellow pill
She goes running for the shelter of a mother's little helper
And it helps her on her way, gets her through her busy day
2003-07-15 11:38:48 PM  
Jackie is just speeding away
Thought she was James Dean for a day
Then I guess she had to crash
Valium would have helped that bash
Said, Hey babe,
Take a walk on the wild side

Although I always thought a particular, now apparently defunct, concoction called "loads" were more of a walk on the "wild side". Four Codeine "4's" and two Dorodans. Helluva buzz, but nasty stuff the next day. Lots of vomiting.
2003-07-15 11:40:04 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

It's difficult to swim after you've had a handful.

[image from too old to be available]
Earth to Brian, come in Brian.
wil [TotalFark]
2003-07-15 11:56:02 PM  
It's just a farking headline, but I like it.
2003-07-16 12:03:37 AM  
Valium is an excellent anti-anxiety pill.

Xanax is slightly better, only because it is a little quicker to kick in. The only thing is, that quickness is what makes it highly addictive.

Everyone knocks the drug companies. I happen to think that they are some of the best companies around, and the high profits that they make off of their products encourage them to come up with better and better pills. If they did not make those profits, we would still be applying poultices to every ailment we contacted. Or bleeding the patient. Or waiting for the cart with the man who yells, Bring out your dead!.
2003-07-16 12:09:22 AM  

The old man was likely very addicted. One of the side effects of benzodiazepine addiction is extreme agitation and oversensitivity. That whole class of drugs is horrible. Doctors are far too quick to prescribe them. IMO, any drug which is potentially addictive should be labelled as such and the user be informed specifically both by the doctor and by the pharmacist.

Then you have phrases from the inventor of Valium like:

"It had no unpleasant side effects. It gave you a feeling of well-being,"

Yeah it does give you a feeling of well being. That is, until your body is able to metabolize more of it to the tune of it becoming less and less effective over time. Then you get more panicky symptoms and need to take more, and more, and more. If you don't end up suffering from liver failure or tardive dyskinesia, you'll end up burning out your brain's ability to produce GABA, making you unable to sleep. Then you can't control your thoughts without it, become very aggressive and agitated and scared by everything, and pretty soon you become overrun by it. Eventually you'll become psychotic and try to resort to other drugs or try to take your own life. That is the road that benzodiazepines, including valium, take you down. According to Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac, her clonazepam addiction was worse than her cocaine addiction; in her words, "Klonopin is a horrible, dangerous drug."

See for the real story on this class of drugs.
2003-07-16 12:20:50 AM  
Valium has utterly no effect on me, in my experience.

(The title of this submission is the greatest!)
2003-07-16 12:25:23 AM  
Valium and Xanax are labeled as potentially addictive.

The makers of Valium and Xanax do not recommend unsupervised use.

Stevie Nicks is not the most reliable witness to the proper use of drugs.

All medication should be used responsibly, and if are, are very helpful to the vast majority of users.

Anecdotal evidence is not scientifically useful.

I do not have any connection to any drug company.
2003-07-16 12:27:08 AM  
Good Stones referance!!!
2003-07-16 12:52:58 AM  
Never, I repeat, NEVER go to a telemarketer job interview zonked on Xanax. They can tell

Plus the drive home takes like twelve hours
2003-07-16 01:09:47 AM  
Meh, valium has never done anything for me that a few beers couldn't.

...and you know what the only thing is missing? The <blink> tag. Every other seizure inducing feature is included. Not to be a prick, but it's difficult to read the articles when I'm rolling around on the floor having a grand mal and swallowing my tongue.
2003-07-16 01:14:34 AM  
I have never read of benzo's causing tardive dyskinesia, nor have I ever treated somoene who developed it from benzo's. Usually TD results from taking some of the older "dirtier" antipsychotics. You've peaked my interest though, if you can find a source for it, post it.
2003-07-16 01:20:50 AM  
Wow, Sinatra. Brian Jones will be showing up in my nightmares tonight, I'm sure.
2003-07-16 02:07:40 AM  

I think you mean Vicodin, which indeed would be stronger than Aleve for pain.

Borg9 or anyone for that matter.
Please enlighten me as to the effects of Quaaludes?

Happy birthday Valium. Thanks for many a good nights sleep. Couldnt have done it with out you [on those rare occasions.]
2003-07-16 02:16:03 AM  
The only problem I have with this article is the following excerpt: Unlike earlier drugs, Valium did not slow breathing, so patients couldn't use it to commit suicide.

Bullshiat. My best friend offed himself with a script of valium and a bottle of Jim Beam. R.I.P. Brian.
2003-07-16 02:16:19 AM  

Tip of the day. Having trouble finding a good pharmacy in TJ or anywhere in Mexico? Find a cab driver and ask him. He likely knows someone or will walk in with you to further your cause. Ask BEFORE you get in the cab. Best $5 you can spend when you are short on time or have other things to do.

Stay away from the well-lit places on busy streets.
2003-07-16 02:19:11 AM  
Forgot the . the point remains, however.
2003-07-16 08:04:38 AM  
This site says valium was invented in 1961.
2003-07-16 08:37:55 AM  
I've never encountered a physician who would provide me with any pharmaceutical relief other than OTCcrap. I guess since I can calmly describe my ailments without whining or crying, my pain levels aren't taken seriously.....
so I don't think physicians are quick to prescribe anything.

I've had a whole one valium in my life. It would be nice for the population to be able to go to a pharmacy and have the ability to get 5 pills in a year without having to see a worthless doctor. I'd even settle for a weaker Darvocet just for my cramps that motrin doesn't touch.

So, I enjoy the useless calories of booze.

Caring physicians--- what an oxymoron.

/found that I have nothing nice to say this morning.
2003-07-16 08:41:06 AM  
Happiest day of my life: the day I took a valium

Saddest day of my life: the day someone stole the rest of the bottle from my freezer
2003-07-16 09:00:51 AM  
God I wish I had some now...

Last year I was in Bangkok and every foriegner there was zonked out on valium (and Singa). I had to try a couple of pharmacies (some said no straight off), but finally found one that sold the generic version, don't remember the name.

Anyway, it was only$0.25 per pilll! I bought many dozens and had a wonderful rest of my trip. Snuck quite a few back to the States, too.
2003-07-16 09:53:10 AM  
but wait, he was over 35, married, and still inventing things and making discoveries. what's the deal??

/reference to earlier article
2003-07-16 10:49:10 AM  
I'm currently taking narcotics to help relieve back pain from 2 car accidents.

My doctor just prescribed 2mg pills of diazepam (valium) that I'm supposed to take when needed in 8 hour intervals.

I looked in a pill book, and found a dose for a child is between 1.5 and 4mg or something like that.

It does nothing for me - except I almost fell asleep during the last half hour of Terminator 3, but I think that was just the movie's fault.

So now I'm just taking a couple vicodin a night instead. Any advice? Should I ask for a larger mg dose of diazepam, or just forget it?

2003-07-16 11:00:21 AM  
I forgot to mention - I'm supposed to take only one 2mg pill. 'Tis lame.
2003-07-16 03:57:39 PM  

My prescription for Klonopin ran out Saturday, and since I'm having... financial disagreements... with the prescribing doctor, I haven't even tried to refill. Except for a less restful sleep, I haven't noticed any problem going cold turkey. And I've been taking the shiat for 13 years.
2003-07-16 09:27:19 PM  
You mean that tune wasn't about speed? I've been listening to that tune for how farking long and IT WASN'T ABOUT SPEED??
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