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(Local6)   Prank callers getting grocery stores to strip-search customers   ( divider line
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20778 clicks; posted to Main » on 15 Jul 2003 at 8:50 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-07-15 04:14:24 AM  
Damn, you can get arrested for that? I should quit.
2003-07-15 05:58:23 AM  
Note to self:
1. Get job as store manager in store with attractive but dumb female employees.
2. Get fried to pose as police on phone.
3. Give breast examination if employee's leg starts to hurt.
2003-07-15 05:59:13 AM  
fried = friend in the above post

then again some of my friends are fried.
2003-07-15 08:54:09 AM  
<--- like to fry her up and eat her for lunch!
2003-07-15 08:55:13 AM  
Blackneto is dead-on. That's no "prank call," that's some dude helping his buddy look at nude ladies!
2003-07-15 08:58:12 AM  
What kind of stupid do you have to be to fall for something like that? This is teh human version of Natural Selection, I tell you. But the manager is not as stupid as the worker for obeying him.

The manager will be fired and the worker will sue both him and Winn Dixie. End of story.
2003-07-15 08:58:17 AM  
The woman told investigators Pate called her into his at a Winn-Dixie store on Friday and told her she would go to jail for theft if she didn't remove her clothing and submit to a search ordered by the caller, police said.

OK, I give, into his what?
2003-07-15 08:58:20 AM  
crazy peckerwood loony's son!!! loony, loony, loony!!!
2003-07-15 09:00:28 AM  
Wow. And again I say, wow. Assuming the girl wasn't retarded, how stupid do you have to be to consent to that? And to keep a job at Winn-Dixie, no less?

Learning not to over-estimate people, but I can't believe the manager was "duped". Or maybe I just don't want to believe.
2003-07-15 09:01:54 AM  
Police said he handed the phone over to the woman, who then undressed. Pate took her clothing, forced her to pose in different positions and refused to give her clothing back for an extended time, according to an arrest report

Something smells a little fishy about this and it ain't the seafood department.
2003-07-15 09:06:23 AM  
Pate took her clothing, forced her to pose in different positions and refused to give her clothing back for an extended time

Wow, that's some strip-search... Methinks that he was just blaming the prank caller...

Oh well, this happened in Florida. What do you expect?
2003-07-15 09:09:03 AM  
If this is illegal, what about all the Bangbus films?

</I truly believe they're real>
2003-07-15 09:09:05 AM  
how bright do you have to be to work at winn-dixie?
2003-07-15 09:11:12 AM  
Hey, not all Floridians are retarded! Just... uhh..... a lot of them. I still have to think of the Chupacabras, though.

2003-07-15 09:11:17 AM  
This reminds me of a prank call where we called up an employee and said we were store security and convinced him to turn his pockets out to prove he's not shoplifting. Tried to get him to pull his pants down but he wouldn't go for that.

here's the call
2003-07-15 09:13:29 AM  
how bright do you have to be to work at winn-dixie?

Apparently, you just have to have an IQ. :-)
2003-07-15 09:14:25 AM  
I don't see any problem with this, whatsoever.
2003-07-15 09:16:05 AM  
Just remember, these are the same people who couldn't figure out how to punch a hole in a voting ballot not so long ago....
2003-07-15 09:16:23 AM  
Did the police ask if their refrigerators were running?
2003-07-15 09:16:54 AM  
The "police" should have told her that she needed to post nude pictures of herself on the internet or go to jail.
2003-07-15 09:17:14 AM  
Do some women not know their rights? It is your right not to be strip-searched by creepy guys in a supermarket. You can refuse. If they insist, call a lawyer or simply walk out of the store. At least I, as a big ugly guy, will never have this problem (or the local supermarket will be looking for a new manager).
2003-07-15 09:21:41 AM  
did the police ask for Hugh Jass?

/yes, simpsons.
2003-07-15 09:24:06 AM  
But do they have Captain Crunch in a box?
2003-07-15 09:38:49 AM  
OK, so the guys methods are a bit harsh, but if it deters even one theft isn't it worth it to have a crime free workplace? I say random strip searches for everyone!
2003-07-15 09:39:04 AM  
You don't have to be an idiot to work here but it helps!
2003-07-15 09:41:45 AM  
this should be under 'sad' or 'dumbass' not 'amusing'. i hope the manager gets a long jail sentence.
2003-07-15 09:55:37 AM  
True story: my wife used to work at Foley's department store in Houston. Once she was called to witness (chaperone) the security agent with a teenage boy who they had caught shoplifting. The kid had carried an expensive pair of jeans into the dressing room, ditched his own pants, and tried to walk out with the jeans.

Funny part: his mom came to pick him up and, since noone could find HIS jeans, and she refused to buy the expensive jeans he was trying to steal, she made him walk to the car in his skivvies. HA!
2003-07-15 09:57:00 AM  
Ah wheres that FLORIDA tag!
2003-07-15 09:57:34 AM  
img.fark.netView Full Size
2003-07-15 09:57:55 AM  
Actually, this should have a FLORIDA tag. Even the name of the store sounds kinda hillbilly. Winn-Dixie is a phonetic cousin of Yee-Haa.
2003-07-15 09:59:18 AM  
Women - You want me to take off my cloths?

Manager - "That is what the police mand said over the phone, here he is...(hands phone over)

Women - "Hello, do i have to take off my cloths?"

Police - "Yes you do, (talking in the back ground to his friends who are laughing) shut up, she's buying this crap."
2003-07-15 10:01:43 AM  
The guy was posing her in different positions and she didn't catch on?


"Okay, now I want you to bend over those ceral boxes over there. Yeahhhh.... Okay, now swing around that pole over there and crawl back here on all fours..."

This woman is a victim, but she still deserves a dumbass tag for listening to the instructions of a "police man" over the phone. You don't have any rights unless you know what they are.
And the poster of the article obviously has too much faith in humanity in general, and in this manager in particular - quite obviously this was a two-man job. How much do you wanna bet the manager videotaped the whole thing so his accomplice could watch it later?
2003-07-15 10:04:42 AM  
Ditto InspectorMuffin

That is all...
2003-07-15 10:11:53 AM  
Maybe she was really trying to play "hide the salami". We should give the guys more credit. ;-)
2003-07-15 10:12:08 AM  
"Do you have Prince Albert in a can?"

"This is Prince Albert and I assure you that I am not in the can."

"You will be. . ." hangs up.

Nevermind, mondays are always a little surreal for me.
2003-07-15 10:14:58 AM  
How dumb can a person be? How dumb can they both be?
I wonder how much longer the store will be able to use the word Dixie? Once they get rid of all the flags and the sports mascots/nicknames, they will probably get around to Winn-Dixie also.
2003-07-15 10:38:29 AM  
New relatity show on Fox: When strip searches go bad! Be sure to buy the uncensored version on DVD!
2003-07-15 10:53:23 AM  
this story is pretty fishy. I mean she didn't think it was weird that he wanted her to pose in weird positions? I think she consented to a straight forward strip search (still stupid) and is just trying to make her story sound better so that she can get more money when she sues.
2003-07-15 11:26:32 AM  
"Sir, please remove your trousers. We have reason to believe your smuggling a sausage in your pants"
2003-07-15 11:32:40 AM  
Pose in weird positions?

Me thinks there was a hidden camera somewhere and we'll be seeing the video some time soon on the nearest "voyeur" website.
2003-07-15 11:46:22 AM  
Hmm. This "cop" was most likely one of the manager's friends. Obviously a pretty dumb girl. I can see why the store manager chose her to strip search. Consenting to a strip search over the phone is pretty stupid in the first place. But then posing in different positions... Christ.
2003-07-15 11:50:04 AM  
nickwalter: sure that's not just a vienna sausage?

I kid, I kid!
2003-07-15 12:36:55 PM  
Did anyone notice that the Fark headline has *nothing* to do with the story?
2003-07-15 01:47:41 PM  
Leave out the phony phone call and you've got a good role-playing scenario. The horny grocery store manager and the dumb clerk.
2003-07-15 05:28:26 PM  
2003-07-15 05:31:19 PM  
img src =
2003-07-15 06:21:37 PM  
I'm going to need you to remove your clothing. Okay, now shove these eggs in your butt and eat this raw fish while I beat you with this tree branch...
2003-07-16 03:03:40 AM  
i live in this farking town. shoot me.


i need hot chicks to im me.

2003-07-16 11:33:44 AM  
Who's dumber? The prank caller? The female employee for not questioning the accusation? or the guy who received the call and believing a cop would ask him to do that over the phone?

Some Americans are really stupid.

/uhf reference
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