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(Yahoo)   Seventh-grader's prostate cancer linked to his smoking habit   ( divider line
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18544 clicks; posted to Main » on 15 Jul 2003 at 3:13 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-07-14 10:34:09 PM  
Severe-Grade Prostate Cancer Linked to Smoking

Illiteracy linked to poster
2003-07-14 10:34:39 PM  
the article actually refers to "severe grade" prostate cancer, not "seventh grade"
2003-07-14 10:51:54 PM  
Oh that's different....Nevermind.
2003-07-14 11:12:52 PM  
How did this link get approved? Do the admins not read the articles?
2003-07-14 11:26:44 PM  
This is a total fark-up! SEVERE! Not SEVENTH!

Man, I love fark.... just upgraded to totalfark a couple of weeks ago... but the past few days have been a let-down. :(.
2003-07-14 11:36:21 PM  
This is where knowing who submitted this article would be useful. Flame the illiterate dumbass who submitted it.
2003-07-14 11:53:18 PM  
heh.... i think it's hilarious either way. but i'm a sick fark.
2003-07-15 03:18:21 AM  

/today's article read........... failed
2003-07-15 03:19:23 AM  
for all we know, it DID read seventh grade, but yahoo or whoever fixed it before link was posted.... ?
2003-07-15 03:22:21 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-15 03:23:36 AM  
There should be a new 'Dyslexic' tag on Fark for all the headlines that have been farked up by visitors not reading the headlines properly.
2003-07-15 03:26:50 AM  
lol recockulous
2003-07-15 03:28:35 AM  
OH! SEVERE!! NOT SEVENTH!! That's WEIRD that the post was different than the article.
2003-07-15 03:28:46 AM  
I'm throwin' out the Viagra and smokin' more...yipee for science
2003-07-15 03:31:55 AM  
it was the wiskey
2003-07-15 03:33:32 AM  
What a moron.
2003-07-15 03:44:28 AM  
What a moron is right, Jarwa. When will they all learn? WHEN WILL THEY ALL LEARN?
2003-07-15 03:48:56 AM  
Argh.. Misleading headline! I read this whole article for NOTHING.

2003-07-15 03:52:53 AM  
The tagline writer might have been joking? Mightn't he? No?

Okay, he's (educated gender assumption there) a twat.
2003-07-15 03:53:38 AM  
NEVER! NEVER! They will NEVER learn, I tell you!
2003-07-15 03:58:30 AM  
Maybe he's trying to start a new fad, where the "dumbass" tag applies to whoever posted, not the article.
2003-07-15 04:06:46 AM  
What is this, <a href="">slashdot?</a>
2003-07-15 04:09:11 AM  
I'm actually glad it was a flub. I was thinking there was some poor kid who had to have been chain-smoking since 2nd grade. Bad mental image.
2003-07-15 04:10:05 AM  
So the seventh grader had severe prostate cancer?

Should I just read the article?
2003-07-15 04:13:01 AM  
Well, in my best internet style I only skimmed the article so completely missed the severe/seventh thing.

I thought the poster were refering to the 20 years of smoking but quiting 10 years before you are 40. 40-10-20 = 10 years old (that's about 7th grade isn't it)?

/also possible they caught a miss-spelling and fixed it.
2003-07-15 04:24:09 AM  
If he had started sooner, he wouldn't have to worry about this.
2003-07-15 04:29:15 AM  
HA! I love Fark.

Would help if the poster actually made it through 7th grade know...with the reading...
2003-07-15 04:49:17 AM  
Worst. Headline. EVER.

Awww, poor thing.
2003-07-15 05:00:28 AM  
If it helps, I actually saw this headline before it was posted on Fark, and it first looked like "Seventh-Grade Prostate Cancer..." to me, too.

Oh, but then I realized that it *actually* said "Severe-Grade." Unlike this guy...
2003-07-15 05:21:53 AM  
Hey, think of it this way: Ha ha, made you look!
2003-07-15 05:23:51 AM  
HA! I love Fark.
Would help if the poster actually made it through 7th grade know...with the reading...

I think the average age here is dropping dramatically. Many will probably get through 7th grade just fine, once they get there.
2003-07-15 05:29:50 AM  
I think the average age here is dropping dramatically. Many will probably get through 7th grade just fine, once they get there.

I, for one, would be kind of interested in the average age here. I'm 24 and would make a broad generalization that I'm about one to two years older than "average."

Ahh, what the hell
2003-07-15 05:40:15 AM  
just because i have a compulsive need to answer any questions, i'm 26!
2003-07-15 05:40:46 AM  
wuzupperson, they did a survey or some such a while ago and I think most were mid-twenty somethings, but the past few months I've noticed more and more who seemed to be much younger. And I think alot of older ones are dropping off.
2003-07-15 05:47:24 AM  
RingToll, so maybe I'm right... *grin* Do you mean the whole "let's enter our birthdays into a nice database so we can make a search engine" thing, or do you mean an actual survey?

I digress. And, umm, since it's all about smoking and cancer and all, why not just finally start the obligatory flame war?? I'll start: I smoke, and I think everybody around me should get with it and pick up smoking, too, and anybody who doesn't agree is an unedumacated ass. :-P
2003-07-15 05:49:20 AM  
OK, I just re-read my 1st sentence there, and noticed an obvious flaw in it. But since I'm trying to be 1337 here, I won't correct it.


2003-07-15 06:13:25 AM  
i'll second that, everyone should start smoking, who wants to be 90 anyway? i'll happily die at 40-50-60 :)
2003-07-15 06:22:59 AM  
Okay, so:

Does this count as a legitimately Ironic use of the Dumbass tag?
2003-07-15 06:28:11 AM  
Only the good die young? :-)
2003-07-15 06:33:16 AM  
if i DO live to be 60 i'll promptly start smoking crack, tons of lsd and shoot some heroin. it's getting about time to say byebye anyways, so why not have some fun? :)

yea wuzupp, the good.. and me! hehe
2003-07-15 06:34:44 AM  
C'mon, who was the poster? Put your hand up please.
2003-07-15 07:12:07 AM  
It's always nice when the "dumbass" tag applies to the poster more than to the article.
2003-07-15 08:18:19 AM  
When I was in 7th grade, I told chicks I had prostate cancer so they'd see me as more mature.
2003-07-15 08:27:34 AM  
Remember folks, here on Fark, reading the article is not a prerequsite for submitting or commenting.

Reading is optional and comprehension, well...we won't even go there.....
2003-07-15 08:29:31 AM  
What... Do you guys mean that smoking in the 7th grade isn't normal?
2003-07-15 08:38:42 AM  
Yeah, keep smoking, then you can spend the last 10 years of your life dragging a oxygen tank behind your sorry emphazemic ass like my uncle did. He thought he was a real badass too.
2003-07-15 08:39:57 AM  
You people commenting on the submitter's accuracy have missed the larger point:

Where in the hell were this poor kid's parents during all of this? I blame them!
2003-07-15 09:34:51 AM  
2003-07-15 09:35:21 AM  
Ummm... perhaps it was just a joke, not misreading. Maybe thats why it got posted, cause it was funny. The real idiots are the people that cant appreciate humor on a humor site.
2003-07-15 09:36:19 AM  
You all realize WHAT THIS MEANS, don't you? Mods don't read the stories behind the links they post. They just look for the most appealing tales/headlines. It doesn't matter if it jibes with the story. ... So now we've discovered the secret to getting links posted: make shiat up.
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