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(NYPost)   Study finds burgers are as addictive as heroin. Horse is still tastier   ( divider line
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2003-07-14 02:56:06 PM  
i'm sure this is just as true as the one about the pot under the postage stamps.
2003-07-14 02:57:26 PM  
I would have become an addict but i couldn't figure out how to fit the burger into a syringe. I got lucky. Heed my warning.
2003-07-14 02:58:31 PM  
This should be interesting.
2003-07-14 02:59:09 PM  
I can almost vouch for this. Back in my college days in San Fran, I would borrow a car and drive 80 miles one way just to get an In-N-Out burger. YUM!
2003-07-14 03:01:10 PM  
The military fights on its stomach.

Fat tastes good. If I was given food that tastes good and then forced to only eat cardboard flavored food, I would be depressed too.
2003-07-14 03:01:11 PM  
McDonald's and Burger King brace for slew of lawsuits.

Can you claim more damages in the impending class action suit if you regularly "stuporsize" your junk food meals?

Personal responsibility surrenders.
2003-07-14 03:01:53 PM  
"No, thank you. I'll proceed directly to the intravenous injection of hard drugs, please."
2003-07-14 03:03:34 PM  
One new study settles a debate? I'm sold.
2003-07-14 03:03:44 PM  
Ah yes, scientific research published in a documentary and a newpaper. Long live peer-review.

I think this strategy also worked for those cold-fusion researchers.
2003-07-14 03:03:57 PM  
[image from too old to be available] <-- Heroin addict
2003-07-14 03:04:13 PM  
Hm so humans are prone to addictive behavior. Who'da thunk it.
2003-07-14 03:05:19 PM  
Was this study funded by the 2 fat biatches who sued micky dees in the first place? That wouldn't surprise me at all. Just like how all tobacco studies funded by Phillip Morris show that smoking actualy CURES cancer!

This is bullshiat, All this proves is that fat people have no willpower or desire to eat right. We knew this already. If they had it, they wouldn't weigh 800 pounds and have to be taken to their fast food joints by crane.

2003-07-14 03:07:17 PM  
Nah, I am so much more addicted to heroin than burgers. I can go a few hours without a burger, but without smack? Man, it's funny when I start puking and shiatting myself.
2003-07-14 03:07:19 PM  
"I used to suck dick for coke. You ever sucked some dick for burgers?"
2003-07-14 03:07:19 PM  
New study finds "free will" causes acute psychosis in lawyers and politicians, often leading to manic symptoms manifested in courts and legislatures. Authors of study recommend outlawing government for purposes other than paving roads, delivering mail, and guarding borders.
2003-07-14 03:08:15 PM  
I'm waiting for the study that says 'having fun' is just as addictive as heroin because it goes for the same pleasure center. Maybe they should ban people from making friends and going on vacation because, goddamnit, it's just too addictive.

2003-07-14 03:08:44 PM  
I was thinking of writing a conspiracy story about how a fast food company put traces of nicotine in their burgers, so that no other burger would satisfy the "cravings" people would get.... take that one & run with it if your interested.... just remember me with a small check and have Ben Affleck play me in the film, and JLo as my naughty girlfriend who insists on being spanked before sex....
2003-07-14 03:09:43 PM  
Lawyers have launched a series of high-profile lawsuits against fast-food chains, claiming that they have misrepresented the effects of their products - and the new research is sure to add to the debate.

I hate the trends in America right now. If McDonalds knew about their food being "addictive" then why did it take a team of scientists this long to inform the public?

The bottom line is: You are responsible for what you eat. Period.

Everyone talks about fear of having their freedom taken away, yet they blame others for everything they do wrong. People want to sue McDonald's, yet nobody really wants it to go away. What would happen if you took McD's away and told people you couln't eat there anymore.

Or better yet: What would happen if you told a person they were to fat to eat there and they could not?

Then it's a violation of freedom.
2003-07-14 03:11:13 PM  
Hmm. Nothing like a horse hamburger... Some french farkers could probably back me up on a hamburger de cheval.
2003-07-14 03:12:41 PM  
Such bullshiat. If you continuously do something that alters your biochemistry and/or metabolism, then try to force it to be otherwise, you can feel symptoms like withdrawal. But that includes healthy activities too - eating correctly and getting regular excercise. So are we going to start suing doctors for telling us to eat our vegetables and get an hour of cardio a week?
2003-07-14 03:17:59 PM  
misrepresented the effects of their products

I don't think the fast food industry ever said you'd get skinny and lower your blood pressure by eating their food.
2003-07-14 03:19:45 PM  


"You must think our brains are full of shiate, mate. I laugh in your general direction."

2003-07-14 03:22:04 PM  

I like how "Food is addictive in a chemically similar way to hard drugs" makes you all fear that we're suddenly gunna make McDonalds an FDA-banned, federally controlled subtance.

KNOWLEDGE IS GOOD. Now you know more. But listening to you all freakout because this is *so* clearly just the intermediate step to banning all fatty foods (just one of the many nightmares libertarians probably have on a daily basis) is just plain sad.

Why don't we discuss how interesting this claim is (if its true) rather than freak out about waking up in a McD's-free 1984 tommorow? Nothin says you got nuthin to say like taking an interesting story like this and meaninglessly dovetailing it with your socio-political agenda and fears.

Anyhow, I believe it. Just belieiving the findings doesn't mean everyone is going to think we should ban these things. Cars kill daily, and we don't ban them. So why are all your panties' in knots?
2003-07-14 03:23:54 PM  

Burgers are more addictive than heroin ? Riiiight ...

[image from too old to be available]

2003-07-14 03:35:26 PM  
For those who aculy read the article the reporter (or he editor as the case may be) is the one who claimed burgers are as addictive as heroin, NOT the people who conducted the study.

Let's critisize the actual study, not the newspaper reporter's half-assed interpetation of it.
2003-07-14 03:36:45 PM  
Look you guys, whether burgers are made out of crap or not, they are, more often than not, mighty farkin' tasty. I know the risks from eating them, but I consider a good cheeseburger one of the food groups. But I also realize that there are a lot of fat farks that are just plain stupid and have no respect for their own bodies, and then after gaining 300 lbs, becoming incontinent and suffering from innumerable diseases & metabolic afflictions will do anything to blame anyone but themselves.
/rant over & pass me that cheeseburger. No ketchup please, it's carcinogenic
2003-07-14 03:37:23 PM  
Nawwww .. you gotta be shiatting me

2003-07-14 03:37:38 PM  
howdoibegin: You're making an assumption that the majority of the populace is going to react rationally to this information, and take it for what it is worth. That's a VERY big assumption.
2003-07-14 03:41:50 PM  
It would be funny if McDonald's started denying burgers to the overly fat, like bars cutting off drunks. Some 400 pounder comes in looking for a triple big mac: "Sorry, buddy, I think you've had enough."

Of couse, they'd be safe from the "selling addictive fat" lawsuits, and totally massacred by the "discrimination against fat people" lawsuits.
2003-07-14 03:42:16 PM  
I crave fresh white castles...
2003-07-14 03:42:49 PM  
what a coincidence.
i prefer my heroin with cheese too!
2003-07-14 03:43:17 PM  
And the worst part is, you cannot quit food! Withdrawal is always fatal!
2003-07-14 03:44:54 PM  
You want evidence of this?
Check out a late nite (3 am or so) drive thru at McDicks/BurgerKing/Wendy's after the bars let out. People sit in hour long lines for their junk food
2003-07-14 03:47:40 PM  
Actually, this line of study is old news. For those of us old enough to remember, there was a famous case about 40 years ago concerning a man who was addicted to soda-crackers, because his body turned them into alcohol.

Fortunately, conservatives were not in charge then so crackers remained legal.
2003-07-14 03:55:26 PM  

Of course libertarians have nightmares about lawyers. I can speak only for myself of course, but I've a feeling that I'm not the only one who views a successful idiot lawsuit the way an abolitionist viewed the Dred Scott decision. Conclusive evidence is being provided that proves politicians and lawyers hate free will, don't believe in the principles of freedom and laissez-faire upon which this country was founded, and are otherwise self-aggrandizing, power-mad asshats.

I'm probably more radical than most (after all, I've openly stated that I condone the mass murder of psychiatrists in this space), but the thought process is the same.

NOTE: The next person who calls me a Scientologist gets a free ticket on to my shiat list. I'm not a Ronbot. I'm someone who's seen firsthand the human rights abuse that is the "mental health" field. Just because I agree with one of a cult's basic beliefs does not mean I share any of its other beliefs, nor does it mean that I condone the cult as a whole.
2003-07-14 04:08:22 PM  
I have a hard time with fat being made the culprit. I think it's more of a fat and carbs (the bun) mixture, or just the bun itself. This is just from personal experience, but here are my findings:

I am on Atkins. This means I am on a diet where my fuel is predominantly fat.

If I cheat, I switch, very quickly, to a fuel base of carbs. Lets say that when I cheat, I do it up big-time. I'm talking an all-Doritoes-all-the-time kind of cheating. Sometimes, because of a lack of self control, this will go on for a few days.

When I changed from a fat-based diet to a carb-based diet, I felt no ill effects, no withdrawl. If anything I felt a nice sugar buzz, but no ill effects. In fact, it's a lot closer to a drug-induced euphoria, but that's pushing the bounds of creative description.

However, when I try to go back to my fat-based way of life, I have a very hard time dropping the carbs. I go through withdrawl, including headaches and fatigue. In fact sometimes it takes a few days to get up the determination to go back ot the diet. It effects every area of my life, and interferes with my normal routines. Sounds like addiction to me.

Again, this is only my experience, but I'm going through it right now. This all says, to me, that the substance to blame is sugar (i.e. carbohydrates) and not the fat.

I'm not a nutritionist, nor am I studying the neuochemical effects on my brain, I am just experiencing this first-hand, and am very familiar with the mechanisms of drug addiction, again from first-hand experience.

I doubt the results and tend to think most of this article is journalist spin, rather than scientific findings.

Just my $.02

(I do not intend to start an Atkins debate. Yes, it works. I lost 60lbs in a year and am doing very well, despite my summertime lack of resolve. My cholesterol, triglycerides, blood pressure, and general health have gone from typical-American-crappy to near-perfect for common parameters, and that's with little to no change in activity levels.)
2003-07-14 04:10:47 PM  
Part of me says "Bull" to this, considering that I know hundreds of people who've eaten burgers at least a couple of times in their lives, and none of them is hopelessly addicted to the things. Well, okay, maybe one or two of them are.

But, then again, I look at how fat the average American is, and can't help but think that maybe there's something to this study.
2003-07-14 04:13:44 PM  
And here I've been spending $800 per quarter pound on heroin like a sucker... I can get the same thing at McDonalds for a five spot and I get Fries and a coke too? That's what I call a Happy Meal.

Now that they've got this study outta the way maybe they'll get on my addiction to fat chicks.
2003-07-14 04:14:11 PM  
Wow, what a bunch of chicken little wanna-be's. As soon as somebody says something is addictive and/or harmful, the paranoid farkers start screaming about taking of freedoms, banning, and the irresponsibility of fat people. NOBODY IS CALLING FOR A BAN! The article is simply stating the same ideal that was recently publicized regarding trans-fats. The fast-food giants, much like the junk food manufacturers SHOULD have to disclose what the risks are before selling their stuff. Sure, people know a diet of burgers and fries is unhealthy, but do they know HOW unhealthy. I am a strong believer in personal responsibility, and I think EVERY substance should be legal for purchase and consumption by adults (including drugs) but, the risks of use should be known. I'm sure if my folks knew McD's or any fast food chain's product was addictive and long-term use would make it harder to change my future eating habits, they would have never let me near the place when I was a kid. Instead, you would have the fast-food peddlars base most of their marketing strategy on hooking kids like they have been doing for 25-30 years. Its wrong for the tobacco industry, its wrong for the alcohol industry, and it should also be wrong for the fast-food industry. What adults do is up to them, but parents and all individuals should at least know what they are getting themselves into.

/end rant
2003-07-14 04:15:39 PM  
He also found that a steady diet of fat alters the development of the brain so much that it is almost impossible for a fast-food "junkie" to switch to a healthy diet.

This is just assinine. Omega 3 fatty acids from fish and other sources are exactly what a growing brain needs. Fat is not the problem. Certain fats are very good for you, and should be sought after in your diet as much as fruits and vegetables. Just don't overdo it with the solid-at-room-temperature fats, and avoid all transfats (hydrogenated oils). If you really want to make it a no-brainer nutrition-wise, just don't buy any processed foods, especially individually-wrapped crap that comes out of vending machines.
2003-07-14 04:22:15 PM  

Oh and... My typing suXx0rs!

Thank You.
2003-07-14 04:23:27 PM  
Hey, I'm not saying *everyone* is going to knee-jerk react .. just the fist 50 posters on this thread.

The first 20 posts are (in sarcastic tones): "Geez, yeah, free will sucks, lets make it illegal."

But if you want my take on 'free will', I am *not* about to say that we should abandon .. say, the seat belt law. When my mom dies because shes too stupid to buckle her seat belt, it hurts ME. Thus, I support laws that regulate, to reasonable degrees, people's stupidity/weakness/whateveryouwannacallit.

Saying *everything* should be left to free will (or nothing at all) is simply extremist to me. So we're left with debating what *should* be left up to free will. (After all, we don't say we have free will to shoot ourselves in the head for the same reason above .. nobody is an island, as much as one might like to think so.)

I was just sayin, for those freakin out about this study should just chillax! Its an interesting study .. just as AIDS hasnt made us make it illegal to fark without a condom, why are people so worried studies like this will make it illegal to eat a cheeseburger? Education is good - yeah, if you keep on eating, you might die. We don't make it illegal to be anorexic, we don't make it illegal to be fat. But I can tell you all one of the easiest ways to encourage people to not seek out help for their weaknesses .. to mock them. I really wish people would view studies like this and think in a more positive light - we now have more information to help us recognize loved ones' problems *as* problems as to help them out with them.

Nobody got through life without others' help, and that includes Libertarians who seem to enjoy postulating that its possible to live life in a vacuum and *impossible* to end up in a state of needing help without neccessarily deserving the full on consequences of their actions.

Yeah, so I'm a little on the liberal side, but I'd rather help people and have some people abuse the system than to through the baby out with the bathwater. I don't mind helping others even if some people abuse my aid. Nor do I mind helping people not die if it means a bunch of people can't eat burgers. Thinking ones own freedoms are more important than the welfare of society is the paramount of self-centeredness in my opinion.

All that said, I'm not in any way condoning regulating the consumption of unhealthy foods via law - same as drugs, its a medical problem and should be dealt with via education and social/medical treatment. It shouldn't be a crime to do something bad to yourself, but it also sure as hell shouldn't be a justification for others to chime in with, "You get what you deserve."

I'll also add that anybody who quotes unsuccessful lawsuits is a moron. Our judicial system is there to determine what is fair and what isn't. (Not that the system is near perfect, but thats another chat.) When lawsuits are thrown out, GOOD FOR JUSTICE. Bemoaning the *existance* of lawsuits is retarded. Some lawsuits are completely legitimate, and would be supported by these people if they were personally involved. Some lawsuits are not valid, and are thrown out. Don't make me think y'all wanna live in a dictatorship where citizens dont have the *ability* to seek damages when they are done wrong in legit circumstances.
2003-07-14 04:23:48 PM  

At my local McD's, Nutrition Facts pamphlets are available. They're displayed rather prominently right near the could argue that such a placement strategy would discourage return visits.

Nobody's saying that the fast-food restaurants aren't making their customers aware of the risks. Every major fast-food chain has nutrition facts for its food either available at their restaurants, on their Web sites, or independently through various nutrition info clearinghouses both on- and off-line. Anyone who claims the fast-food chains aren't telling us the story about their food is making a baseless argument.

Yet, when media, lawyers, and government pick up on a perceived "need" in their constituencies (or, in the media's case, a chance to manipulate people for ratings), it represents a potential threat to liberty. Eternal vigilance and all that.
2003-07-14 04:28:52 PM  
Looks like the editor/reporter has never been addicted to heroin. He should try burgers and heroin for a month each, and find out which one is easier to quit.
Also, how the fark did this report assume that

A high-fat diet alters brain biochemistry with effects similar to those in powerful opiates such as morphine," lead researcher Matthew Will told a British television documentary.
= being as addictive as heroin.

Damn, now I want a burger and some oxy.
2003-07-14 04:31:52 PM  

For my part, I'll just agree to disagree with me coldhearted and callous, but I don't hold it against someone who kills him/herself...if life is so unbearable to someone that they feel only a bullet can solve their problems, that's their personal choice. I wouldn't want five minutes alone with their thoughts if they've reached a point where that's a viable option.

The M*A*S*H theme song, "Suicide is Painless", comes to mind.

To quote O'Rourke: "You can say, 'in the long run we're destroying the planet', and I can quote John Maynard Keynes: 'In the long run we're all dead.'"

Or Watterson (speaking through Hobbes): "It makes you wonder why Man considers himself such a big screaming deal."

My point? I'm a radical libertarian who believes that "what about other people?" is a symptom of the Oprahfication of our society. It should be illegal to do something that causes direct, proveable harm, such as murder, rape, kidnapping...everything else? All bets are off.
2003-07-14 04:37:02 PM  
Another easy rule of nutrition:

Don't eat flammable materials.

With a very few exceptions, this is a good one.

Flammable materials: Potato chips, doretos, clam cakes, deep fried anything, booze above 30% alcohol, ext.

When in doubt, put a match to it. Seriously. I have used potato chips as kindling starting a campfire.
2003-07-14 04:37:37 PM  
You shouldn't eat horses. Another reason the French suck.
2003-07-14 04:38:52 PM  
Study finds burgers are as addictive as heroin. Horse is still tastier

"Horse" = heroin.
Pun intended?
2003-07-14 04:42:51 PM  
Don't you think that fat people should be tranqualized and placed on an island somewhere until they have achieved a societally acceptable health status. I mean seriously, fat people are so pathetic.
And we need islands for smokers and other greedy people. Yup we got lots of islands for these leeches.

/jiggling in greenland
2003-07-14 04:48:02 PM  
I find that I'm addicted to all edible solids and liquids. I'm so addicted to these items that I suffer severe withdrawal symptoms and eventually death when I am unable consume them. I also find I have a similar but more severe problem with a substance called "oxygen."

Does anyone know who I can sue about these problems?
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