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(The Morning Journal)   Woman accused of putting pot under stamps on letters to inmate   ( divider line
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12264 clicks; posted to Main » on 14 Jul 2003 at 1:24 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-07-14 11:19:10 AM  
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Farked already.
2003-07-14 11:34:50 AM  
The fact they even attempted this speaks volumes about their I.Q.s, but I'll give 'em an "A" for creativity.
2003-07-14 12:13:04 PM  
Wait, wait.

Did this person actually put a return address on the envelopes??

Stoopid? That's unpossible
2003-07-14 01:31:36 PM  
i'm calling shenanigans. get out your brooms, townspeople.

unless these were some very very big stamps indeed.
2003-07-14 01:32:39 PM  
She put "less than one gram" under each stamp,and sent them to an inmate in a prison?

Dumbass, it's a prison, that's nowhere near enough.
2003-07-14 01:36:34 PM  
I'm very disappointed. After watching all of those prison movies I thought there was only one way of smuggling drugs into prison for your boyfriend. It involved a plastic bag and some KY jelly.
2003-07-14 01:36:55 PM  
They had to be huge stamps. Maybe she used 1 cent stamps?
2003-07-14 01:47:10 PM  
this may have actually worked if they would've placed acid on the stamps instead of weed... silly billies...
2003-07-14 01:49:45 PM  
How big were these damn stamps?!
2003-07-14 01:51:01 PM  

She must've been using the USPS special edition "Willie Nelson" stamps.

[image from too old to be available]

Mr. Postman, look and see, if there's a letter, a letter for me !

2003-07-14 02:08:50 PM  

i don't think that acid in prison could be fun. i really don't.
2003-07-14 02:11:58 PM  
Im guessing she was smoking pot while writing the letters, and some fell in by accident.
2003-07-14 02:17:01 PM  
Acid in prison, not fun?

When youre being penetrated in every orifices by 300 pounds men, that's when youre going to need all the drugs you can put your hands on.
2003-07-14 02:25:30 PM  

DMSO mixed with LSD would have made it inside. Of course I wouldn't want to be tripping hard inside of a cage. Might end up cooking and eating my penis. :P
2003-07-14 02:32:37 PM  
Acid in prison is OK cuz it will give you the courage you need to throw a chair through the eye of the aryan guy who is raping you.

(everything i know about prison i learned on OZ)
2003-07-14 02:37:12 PM  
Hello pot, meet stamp.
2003-07-14 02:38:51 PM  
... Not everything about prison is about rape you know,

there is also the cuddling, the snuggling, the camaraderie....

And the occasional shoe shine with your tongue and the oil of your nose.
2003-07-14 02:44:27 PM  
a friend of mine used to send another friend of mine postcards from amsterdam with hash under the stamp all the time. it was never very much, about a 1/2 gram or so, but my friend would always comment that just a taste of that fine fine hash was taste enough. as a small aside, my friend sent a postcard to another friend, but feeling quite brazen, the friend sent a lude postcard of pierced genitalia - with hash under the stamp. it was intercepted by the postal inspector who promptly paid a visit to the house it was addressed to. unfortunatly, no one lived at that residence named, "I.P. Freely" and the postal inspector left shortly thereafter.
2003-07-14 02:46:30 PM  
HappyHarryHardOn - you've never taken LSD, have you.
2003-07-14 02:55:17 PM  
DMSO mixed with LSD would have made it inside.

I hear that stuff works well on door handles of police cars.

/starts snapping fingers
2003-07-14 02:58:44 PM  
Hah! My Dead Kennedy's reference obviously didn't make it above someone's head.

*golf clap*
2003-07-14 03:07:47 PM  
2003-07-14 03:15:49 PM  
prison pot == more valuable than gold

prison rape == comedy gold
2003-07-14 03:57:38 PM  
I did take my own weight in acid back in the days, just never in a correctional facility.

I just think your own drug taking as corroded your sense of sarcasm.

It's just SO easy to fabulate.

Had I had a scanner I could post my police arrest while on mushroom , which is much better than any acid you could ingest.

(better in which way, you ask? just coz it grows on cow shiat!)

ACid is so passe anyways, im on to ecstacy now.
2003-07-14 04:01:11 PM  
my girlfriend went to school with that girl. ha!
2003-07-14 04:48:34 PM  
I work at a county jail, and for years we have ripped the stamps off letters before the inmates get them for this very reason. And people are not very smart when they mail letters to inmates. Some people sned cigarettes in envelopes, lets just say they dont come in intact. But thats better than naked pictures they put in their letters *shivers*
2003-07-14 04:53:24 PM  
Moved on to Ecstacy? no wonder you sound like an idiot. I farking hate E-tards.
2003-07-14 10:05:58 PM  
I agree on the hating of E-tards...but, I must admit to my mental addiction to LSD and Psilocybin mushrooms...No better drug.

Ahh, then the weed...
2003-07-15 11:28:45 AM  
...never seems to amaze me... drug snobs?
gimme a break.

/takes hit from bong, shaking head... wishing I had some coke
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