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5552 clicks; posted to Video » on 12 Jan 2011 at 2:15 PM (7 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2011-01-12 12:52:02 PM  
magicref.tripod.comView Full Size
2011-01-12 01:45:04 PM  
This is always the first thing that pops into my head whenever I hear or see mention of Fig Newtons. They played the hell out of that commercial. I think the Frito Bandito killed him though.
2011-01-12 02:16:31 PM  
The guy in the nutsack suit was probably a classically-trained Shakespearean actor who took that spot trying to make rent, then cried himself to sleep for the next 15 years when he realized it was be the most popular thing he ever did.
2011-01-12 02:16:54 PM  
That wasn't very effective nightmare fuel.
2011-01-12 02:21:22 PM  
Damn, now I'm really craving Fig Newtons.

/wtf kind of fruit is a fig anyway?
2011-01-12 02:24:01 PM  

the_vegetarian_cannibal: Damn, now I'm really craving Fig Newtons.

/wtf kind of fruit is a fig anyway?

Well to be fair he did play the fruit part well.
2011-01-12 02:30:23 PM  

1nsanilicious: the_vegetarian_cannibal: Damn, now I'm really craving Fig Newtons.

/wtf kind of fruit is a fig anyway?

Well to be fair he did play the fruit part well.

imagemacros.files.wordpress.comView Full Size
2011-01-12 02:44:19 PM  
Wow, I so vaguely remember that. The 70's have to be the most farked up decade ever.
2011-01-12 02:58:39 PM  
I can't fap to this.

But I'll try.
2011-01-12 03:08:11 PM  
Homer's lullaby (new window)
2011-01-12 03:18:25 PM  
Was that Pumbaa?
theatermania.comView Full Size
2011-01-12 03:21:16 PM  
Subby must have the weakest nightmares ever.
2011-01-12 04:20:02 PM  
I remember that ad like it was yesterday...actually new all the lyrics to the song! Wow...that threw me back to my early childhood...
2011-01-12 04:26:18 PM  

the_vegetarian_cannibal: Damn, now I'm really craving Fig Newtons.

/wtf kind of fruit is a fig anyway?

Figs are technically multiple fruits.
2011-01-12 04:28:23 PM  
They are called PIG NEWTONS. I know you don't know.
2011-01-12 04:33:08 PM  
But it's not a nightmare mother

It's a fig newton
2011-01-12 05:14:30 PM  
all that did was remind me how much I want a fig newton
2011-01-12 05:49:36 PM  

Holy crap I'm old.
2011-01-12 05:55:43 PM  
So yesterday, relative to a conversation my wife and daughter were having, my wife says to me "Don't you like Fig Newtons?"

"Yes. Yes, I do," I replied.

Fast forward 10 or 15 minutes later, and I'm walking around, singing to myself "The Big...Fig...NEWTONNNN!!!" Wife and daughter were like "WTF?" And I'm like, "Don't you remember the commercial?!?" My wife had no recollection.

So I tried to explain to a 10 year old the sheer awesomeness of a giant singing dancing fig. She was duly unimpressed.

And then today...THIS!!!

2011-01-12 06:23:08 PM  

echocamp: Was that Pumbaa?

Absolutely the person I was thinking of. I remember this commercial. Not sure if it's him, but my memory wants to put him in the suit.

*kof* No, I will not rephrase.
2011-01-12 06:34:49 PM  
I like fig newtons.

api.ning.comView Full Size
2011-01-12 06:46:15 PM  
Cool commercial, never gets old.

/git the fark off my lawn, you jackwagon.
2011-01-12 06:57:29 PM  
I hum that tune almost every day.
Now I know I've been humming it for 31 years...

"Here's the tricky part!"
2011-01-12 06:57:57 PM  
"Here's the tricky part."
2011-01-12 07:31:54 PM  
examiner.comView Full Size

2011-01-12 08:09:32 PM  
If it's not an animal you're pounding, are you still a furry?
2011-01-12 08:16:37 PM  
I forgot about that, but the song jumped in my head as soon as the fig spoke. If only the tag line was better than "big fig newton."

Fig Newtons are a pretty good thing to carry if you're on an expedition far from a retail environment.
2011-01-12 08:59:17 PM  
The Simpsons did it already.
2011-01-12 10:22:39 PM  
I remember that commercial VERY well. And the fig guy was one of those actors that popped up all over the place in the 70's. Can't think of his name, but if you can track him down on IMDB, he was never hurting for a paycheck.
2011-01-12 10:43:34 PM  
adweek.blogs.comView Full Size

R.I.P. James "Big Fig" Harder^ (1931-2009)

2011-01-12 10:45:27 PM  
If you think the '70s were weird, how about this one?

A BIC Banana pen commercial with Charles Nelson Reilly (new window)
2011-01-12 10:49:15 PM  

Might we be over-dramatizing juuuust a bit?
2011-01-12 11:46:37 PM  
Forgot about that commercial. thanks for the memory.
2011-01-15 07:28:25 AM  

lohphat: R.I.P. James "Big Fig" Harder^ (1931-2009)

examiner.comView Full Size
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