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(   College prof wins buffalo-dung throwing contest with 111 foot, two-inch toss   ( divider line
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2891 clicks; posted to Main » on 14 Jul 2003 at 4:57 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-07-13 10:30:13 PM  
a strong headwind kept this year's throws shorter than usual.

Better than being downwind, where the casualty rate was higher than normal.
2003-07-14 05:15:50 AM  
I smell a turd...
2003-07-14 05:21:25 AM  
Fix the farking database already. WTF.
2003-07-14 05:34:43 AM  
<---- mama mia!
2003-07-14 05:51:30 AM  
Ah yes, I remember my friends and I throwing feces at each other. The good old days.
2003-07-14 05:56:22 AM  
2003-07-14 05:58:05 AM  
What? Where is the rest of my comment?
2003-07-14 06:00:02 AM  
Oh nevermindit was a crap comment anyway.
2003-07-14 07:41:07 AM  
i really wish they would stop that shiat

/my first , yippy
2003-07-14 08:13:39 AM  
Nebraska must be a boring place if they have things like that there. Don't they have any midgets there they can toss around?
2003-07-14 08:20:39 AM  
Of course a college professor won that contest. They have been slinging shiat on campus for about 30 years now.
2003-07-14 08:24:50 AM  
Here's how I read that headline first 3 times:

College prof wins Buffalo during throwing contest...

I mean, whoa. That's some trophy.
2003-07-14 08:49:00 AM  
How is this not obvious?

College Professor + bullshiat

Aren't they one and the same?
2003-07-14 09:04:47 AM  
Why you throw chip??
2003-07-14 09:19:57 AM  
Insert standard display of complete ignorance about college professors here.

Giggle in self-satisfied glee over how original and right I am.
2003-07-14 09:42:13 AM  
shiate, man, did ya knooooow that yer throwing Craaahp? Craahp.
[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-14 09:51:24 AM  
This crap makes it on Fark, and yet my wild and wacky Nebraska postings never do? WTF? I smell a turd...

(BTW, they're called "buffalo chips"--not "buffalo dung"...Geez...)
2003-07-14 10:05:26 AM  
Who gives a shiat about Nebraska?

You know what the N on their football helmet stands for?
2003-07-14 10:53:12 AM  
This headline is terrible. It should read something like:
"Professor wins buffalo-dung-throwing contest with 111'2" throw."
Seriously, Headline Writer, brush up on your English.

/grammar fascist
2003-07-14 10:55:45 AM  
Buffalo should not be capitalized in this headline!
2003-07-14 11:23:04 AM  
What kind of bullshiat story is this?
2003-07-14 11:24:14 AM  
Well...You know...

The same thing Happens when the chip hits the fan.
2003-07-14 01:18:02 PM  
...only in farkin Nebraska...
2003-07-14 02:21:29 PM  
I won a Free night at the Custer Holiday Inn, located in South Dakota, during a Buffalo Chip Flip contest in Custer State Park. It was cool, you could see the roaming buffalos down the hill grazing and rolling in the dust. I flung it 192 feet (it rolled down the hill) to take first place. I was interviewed by the ABC affiliate out of Rapid City, SD. It was after September 11th, and asked, "Why are you vacationing in South Dakota?" And I told them, "because the liberals have farked up everything on the coasts, And I just love the Midwest." "I just love the Midwest." was the only statement not edited out. Once again, glad to see we don't have biased media.

2003-07-14 07:03:11 PM  
Those who can't dooo, teach?

/I dunno
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