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4030 clicks; posted to Main » on 16 Oct 2001 at 11:44 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-10-16 04:38:20 PM  
Ozhead (now living in New Zealand) recommends you put ozone depletion on your list of downsides if you are considering moving there.

Speed55 notes that you get sunburn after about 15 minutes

. . . and Rocko67, who in Wellington New Zealand 3 years ago still has tan lines on his feet and recommends avoiding beer, just to prove that the sun is farking harsh on skin and can also fry your brain.

I did one huge fart in 1982 and the effetcs are still being felt and discussed. This is very gratifying for the Feral-Kiwi ego.
2001-10-16 05:42:20 PM  

Global warming isn't really global warming, it's really just the normal ebb and flow of climate conditions over thousands of years.
2001-10-16 05:59:27 PM  
Eh, it's the kids problem now.

2001-10-16 06:00:53 PM  
hmmm very strange. In the morningnews (Rapport) here in Sweden i heard that the ozonehole was larger then ever before.
2001-10-16 07:14:13 PM  
If it's true what you guys are saying about New Zealand, I feel sorry for all those pasty-faced Brits who are there filming Lord of the Rings.

"By jove, Elrond, it's hotter than Mt. Doom!"
2001-10-16 08:53:27 PM  
A whole heap of Rings scenes were filmed just up the road from where I live.

It pissed down with rain for about three months while the cameras rolled. Excess sunshine was NOT a problem.
2001-10-16 09:36:18 PM  
Global Warming != Ozone Hole, people. 2 different issues. And volcanoes spew greenhouse gasses (global warming), not CFC's (ozone depletion). That's what happens when you get your science from Rush.
2001-10-16 10:39:04 PM  
Phineas, wtf are you talking about? Volcanos release CO2, not CFCs. BIG difference. CO2 is the greenhouse gas that, yes, is primarily produced by natural means (livestock, rotting vegetable matter, etc.), but humans have still significantly increased the amount of it that's in the air. CFCs are not produced in nature and come mostly from aerosols and leaking refrigerant systems. These are the ones responsible for the hole in the O3. However, since the early nineties their production has been going down and we're starting to see the effects of this.

/me is double-majoring in chemistry and chemical engineering.

BTW, I'm originally from Aus. too and everyone there is much more paranoid about skin cancer than in the U.S. At my primary school you weren't allowed to go outside for recess unless you were wearing your school hat (with ridiculously wide, floppy brim.) At the elementary school I went to in America, you weren't allowed to wear a hat at all.
2001-10-16 10:42:41 PM

Go there. Live the Star Trek dream. Seriously.

~ Pinky ~
2001-10-16 10:46:47 PM  
Listen humans can not make such a large hole in the ozone layer in only a handful of years using refridgerators, hairspray, and deoderant. The hole in the ozone layer is where it is because of earth's magnetic field, various free radicals are pulled toward the pole and effect the ozone's natural reaction with ultraviolet rays.

The ozone dosen't go anywhere, it just dosen't work the way it is supposed to.
2001-10-16 10:49:44 PM  
Oops, make that

Sorry. My bad.

~ Pinky ~
2001-10-16 10:52:17 PM  
Anytime you hear something about how the earth is doomed from some sort of enviromental "scientist" remember that these were the people who weren't smart enough to make it in a real scientific field.

"What I failed chemistry?! Well I can still make a living as an eccologist saying pollution is bad and backing that claim up with almost random numbers and things I heard from hippies"

Note: Hippies are not a good source of scientific information
2001-10-16 11:44:40 PM  
Hey Enginerd, where do you get your info at? So environmental scientist are smart enough to make it in a "real" field? How do you figure? To earn my degree I had to take organic and inorganic chemistry, and pass them, along with about 10 bio classes, and poly-sci classes. Thats just for a BS. For a MS of a PhD there is even more bio, chem, physics, geology and many other fields of science that you or I have prob never heard of. So to put into perspective how "dumb" environment scientists are, we need to take into account everything in the world and how it interacts with everything else, including the stuff we don't understand and don't know and come up with a reasonable explanation and solution.

and once you figure out how to save the planet, you realize that it doesn't matter cus people want to drive their huge SUV's that get about 4 feet to the tank, then biatch about high gas prices and how the environmentalist ruin everything and that air polution was never that bad. Even though you could'nt breath some days and the brand new paint job on your car would be eaten away by the acid in the air and rain, but all was good cus we didn't care.

Ugh, I'll step off my soapbox now and find something else to rant about later.
2001-10-17 01:36:11 AM  
RUETERS - Antarctica - Realizing that humans have become more efficient at killing each other than any of her measures to control population explosion, Mother Nature has taken a well deserved vacation. Sources indicated that many northern cities are in for a longer than expected winter as Mrs. Nature annouced that normal weather cycles will be disrupted as she takes a year-long sabbatical to visit Florida.
2001-10-17 02:24:55 AM  
Apparently Cranky is some sort of farking multiple college degree wielding genius. If you're so god damned scientifically-inclined, what, may I ask is the cause of this phenomenon?

-he who stacks pork
2001-10-17 11:58:14 AM  
Larouche had it right 15 years ago.

The Holes In The Ozone Scare: The Scientific Evidence That The Sky Isn't Falling. EIR News, 1989 (?)
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