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(Some Guy)   What the hell is wrong with the Finns?   ( divider line
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9699 clicks; posted to Main » on 16 Oct 2001 at 11:44 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-10-16 11:46:33 AM  
Or is that Finns?
2001-10-16 11:46:51 AM  
Yes! This proves, once and for all, that the Internet only has valid uses!
2001-10-16 11:47:37 AM  
Hey! i am a finn!
2001-10-16 11:49:13 AM  
I want some of their drugs NOW
2001-10-16 11:50:58 AM  
Why, what's wrong with this?
2001-10-16 11:51:26 AM  
I'm half Finn, and yes, it's two n's.

I've also been wondering my whole life what the hell is wrong with the Finns....
2001-10-16 11:51:29 AM  
Wahahahaha!! That's classic! Pure comedy! Takes talent to $hit prime numbers, when I $hit it's only "Avogadro's number". Occasionally if I put my mind to it, I can $hit "pi".... :-) :-)
2001-10-16 11:51:59 AM  
God bless the Finns! They have so much to teach us!
2001-10-16 11:52:20 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

I shiat numbers all the time.
2001-10-16 11:53:43 AM  
OK, so what does he eat? Pi?!?! Get it?!? HAW HAW HAW! oh man *wipes away tears* I kill me!
2001-10-16 11:54:40 AM  
Not only are the Finns strange (as some of you say), they also don't know math! (if the creator of this page is any indication)

The bear poops out a 1... but 1 isn't prime.

That's all I have to say. I guess that means I'm... Finnished!
2001-10-16 11:54:59 AM  
2001-10-16 11:58:33 AM  
The prime turds falling across the screen remind me of the bouncing card effect in solitaire.

Looks more like a rat with a puffy tail than a bear tho.
2001-10-16 11:59:11 AM  

"The bear poops out a 1... but 1 isn't prime."

Bet he dosn't poop out a 2 either.

I've always wondered why 1 can't be a prime.
2001-10-16 12:01:00 PM  
They hang out in Amsterdam WAY too much.
2001-10-16 12:01:21 PM  
Oopse he does poop 2 out.
2001-10-16 12:05:15 PM  
This is how I'm going to teach my daughter Prime Numbers.

There are some things school just can't teach properly.

2001-10-16 12:08:25 PM

This is the funniest thing I've seen all week, except maybe for the page on Anthrax Discrimination
2001-10-16 12:11:17 PM  
I wish I could speak Finnish.
2001-10-16 12:12:47 PM  
2 is not prime but it is poop
2001-10-16 12:22:18 PM  
Yeah... Number 2 coming out of the bear is the most normal thing on that page.
2001-10-16 12:31:24 PM  
2 is a prime (can only be divided by itself and 1)
2001-10-16 12:38:25 PM  
Yes, 2 is prime, 1 is not.
2001-10-16 12:38:49 PM  
It appears that the problem with Finns is that they can't write cross-browser code...
JavaScript Error:, line 81:

shiat is not defined.
2001-10-16 12:39:23 PM  
How many Finns does it take to change a light bulb?

2001-10-16 12:43:23 PM  
2001-10-16 12:45:30 PM  
yeah, i dont think it works in netscape
2001-10-16 12:46:53 PM  
Leave it to the Finns for groundbreaking website technology.

-he who stacks pork
2001-10-16 12:51:43 PM  
I thought it was very funny. Bear shiats prime numbers, hilarity ensues.

Now if only this educational site had a shiatting bear.
2001-10-16 12:53:30 PM  
I meant this educational site (damn html quotation marks)
2001-10-16 12:53:54 PM  
We should have a bear that shiats random Fark links
2001-10-16 12:56:07 PM  
I don't understand the Finnish discrimination. I bet I can find an equally or more dumb American site, then call it "What the hell is wrong with Americans".

If it were "What the hell is wrong with this Finn" then I'd be more understanding.
2001-10-16 01:00:09 PM  
Pertifly: Are you now or have you ever been associated in any way with the Finns?

*obviously a Finn lover
2001-10-16 01:06:04 PM  
Not only that but they produced that fruity overrated OS, Linux.
2001-10-16 01:07:44 PM  
"Yes, 2 is prime, 1 is not."

Why isn't 1 a prime? Whats wrong with it?
2001-10-16 01:22:25 PM  
I am part Finnish and have family (however distant) there.

It would probably bother me anyway, no matter what nationality it was referring to. One dipshiat site does not a stupid race make :).
2001-10-16 01:28:06 PM  
What did that bear EAT?!?
2001-10-16 01:38:34 PM  
Main Entry: prime number
Function: noun
Date: 1570
: any integer other than 0 or ± 1 that is not divisible without remainder by any other integers except ± 1 and ± the integer itself
2001-10-16 01:39:39 PM  
I came back after a while and he was still crapping out thousands..
2001-10-16 01:48:21 PM  
That's like, math or science or something
2001-10-16 01:55:38 PM  
2001-10-16 02:00:54 PM  
They love surf music over there. Go figure.
2001-10-16 02:02:14 PM  
for posterity's sake and because i love boobies, i will leav this page open for the rest of the day (or until IE crashes :/ ). in 5 hrs i'll close it. cookie to he who guesses the last number.

*the ill*
2001-10-16 02:07:39 PM  
Optimus and Rodiums are both Primes.
2001-10-16 02:07:58 PM  
I wish I had a bear that poops prime numbers when I was in school. This is the coolest thing I've seen all day!
2001-10-16 02:08:29 PM  
Ha Ha Ha 73 ! 79 ! Ha Ha Ha.
2001-10-16 02:11:09 PM  
well I found the answer to why 1 isn't a prime...

As answers go, it sucks, but it keeps the anal-math geeks happy. If anybody wants to think of 1 as prime than I'm cool with that.
2001-10-16 02:14:42 PM  
I'm assuming that the only reason why the bear sh!ts out a "1" (even though by definition not a prime) is because it's probably necessary to make the algorythm work... I suppose you'd have to write MORE code to have the program "mask" the "1" from being seen at first....
2001-10-16 02:15:54 PM  
Answer Three: Because one is a unit.

2001-10-16 02:22:41 PM  
"I'm assuming that the only reason why the bear shiats out a "1" (even though by definition not a prime) is because it's probably necessary to make the algorythm work..."

Looking at the source code in the page he could easily fix this problem. (It uses a var called number to hold the current prime and calculate the next, it's initialy set to 1 instead of, the more correct, 2)

So he's not only Finnish, he's lazy too! :-P
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