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(Wired)   SirCam: will it or won't it detonate infected hard drives today?   ( ) divider line
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3137 clicks; posted to Main » on 16 Oct 2001 at 9:50 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-10-16 09:52:58 AM  
Who cares. If you have this virus, not only do you need your computer wiped out, you need to be sterilized. (Yes, I feel this way.)
2001-10-16 10:00:43 AM  
"If it matches, some experts said, an infected drive will be freed of all its files."

That makes it sound like it's a good thing.
2001-10-16 10:01:16 AM  
good thing my harddrive farking died yesterday....

I am SO SCARED....

2001-10-16 10:01:16 AM  
I send you this file in order to have your advice....
2001-10-16 10:02:15 AM  
Like a mugger relieving you of your wallet.
2001-10-16 10:05:42 AM  
One of our web hosting clients had the equivalent of an e-mail bomb in his box yesterday because of this virus. Someone with a dedicated connection kept sending this virus to him over and over again. I don't know if it was a mail server error on the other end, or if the sending idiot intentionally kept clicking on the virus, but yesterday I had to clean out 800 occurrences (and 150 megs worth) of "I send you this file in order to have your advice" messages. We finally denied the sender in Sendmail's access file to reject the messages.

This virus is annoying if nothing else.
2001-10-16 10:29:39 AM  
I like the last 2 paragraphs of this article.

"At last SirCam is going to punish those idiots that are still running around the Net with infected computers," Marquis Grove, of Security News Portal wrote last week, in response to a Wired News article detailing the expected Oct. 16 activity.

"Frankly I have no sympathy. The deletion of all their files might finally get their virus-infested machines off the Internet."
2001-10-16 10:42:24 AM  
"It seems this was one virus writer who didn't test his code properly"

well, duh.
2001-10-16 11:19:21 AM  
Look at me! I'm runningaroundthe internetwith an infectedcomputer and weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
2001-10-16 11:45:58 AM  
Might I just say... *clears throat*... HAW HAW HAW!
2001-10-16 12:02:42 PM  
Quetzl: Lol

Sircam for me has been a great source of amusement... most of the fools infected with it also keep interesting things in their My Docs directory (which always sounded like a Playskool thing to me, but that's Windows for you). Memos, love letters, pr0n, silly games, mp3s....
2001-10-16 12:04:10 PM  
Oh cool..harddrives will be wiped out on my birthday..woo
2001-10-16 12:26:34 PM  
Will it or will it not detonate Macintosh, Sun or Linux hard drives? OF COURSE IT WON'T, SILLY GOOSE!

-he who stacks pork
2001-10-16 01:16:39 PM  
Heh, I just got the virus sent to me a few minutes ago from Indonesia. Maybe it's going to spread again today.
2001-10-16 02:30:24 PM  
Mmm... can we say "Unless your farking hard-drive is packed with some kind of explosive(ie C4, RDX, TNT, etc.) it's mechanically impossible, given the type of circuitry, for such a piece of equipment to 'detonate'."

The worst anything like that could possibly do is fry a relay or two, or maybe, /maybe/ blow the capacitator... but not blow the whole drive.

Now the Chernobyl virus is funny. That little mutherfarker re-writes your BIOS chip. Evil... hehe
2001-10-16 02:59:23 PM  
Mjollnir- for those of whom are only 98.5% geek, what exactly does rewriting your BIOS chip do?
2001-10-16 03:34:14 PM  
The BIOS is arguably the most important part of the computer. It's a tiny little chip that contains a sort of pseudo operating system. It performs the POST test, uses CMOS to store your system's settings, and after everything is all good, it tells your OS to start.
2001-10-16 03:35:10 PM  
The BIOS is what runs before the OS loads, it's what does the memory test and contains the setup program and whatnot. Erasing the BIOS pretty much turns the motherboard into a paperweight unless you can find a way to reflashiat somehow.
2001-10-16 04:54:17 PM  
When I was in High School I wanted to write a virus that overwrites the BIOS.
Now, that's the easy part.
However, I wanted to make it so that a skull and crossbones is displayed on your screen and to say something like "You've been farked by xxxxx, have a nice day".

Now, that would involve a lot of work. Also, I didn't know enough about hardware at the time to make it work.

Worst Case scenario, you create the bitmapped fonts that you need (quite literally bitmap, i.e. black and white only) and devote the rest of them for partial designs for the big image that you want to display.

When I was programming my shell, I used this exact trick to make a two color bitmap appear in text mode.

I know more about hardware now, and with a little devotion I could probably make it happen :)
2001-10-16 05:03:33 PM  
There is a dandy little download which will replace the BMP in certain BIOS's with one of your chosing, another (I forget where I got this) will decompile an executable to C or C++ code.

From there it is just a matter of cut and paste, although a viri with a bmp inside it is going to be part whale.
2001-10-16 05:21:04 PM  
I realy really hope that this, Code Red, Nimda, and all of those blow up infected hard drives. I'm so damn tired of seeing nothing but crap from these in the log for my web server. Anyone still running unpatched IIS needs to be shot, or at least have their hard drive wiped out.

Since these computers are obviously comprimised, is there any way to break into them and just shut the computer off? Windows has a security hole to do just aout everything else...
2001-10-16 05:39:58 PM  
Microsoft will be releasing a patch soon to make this virus will work correctly.
2001-10-16 07:16:00 PM  
hehhe the new, improved sh*tfilter sure does some interesting things...
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