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(Sports by Brooks)   NBA players Steve Nash and Dirk Nowitzki booze it up in bar (with pics)   ( divider line
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17847 clicks; posted to Main » on 10 Jul 2003 at 8:53 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-07-10 08:14:30 PM  
2003-07-10 08:22:24 PM  
Thats one drunk Kraut.

Didn't Nash date Elizabeth Hurley? Lucky bastard.
2003-07-10 08:38:45 PM  
It looks to me as if they're pretending to be drunk... I mean, look at that one of Dirk in the middle - total Ham.
2003-07-10 08:55:54 PM  
secret middle finger extension detected...
2003-07-10 08:57:23 PM  
They loooooook foooony.
2003-07-10 08:58:31 PM  
Dirk kinda looks like Jason Mewes in that last pic.
2003-07-10 08:59:31 PM  
Kobe must have left that party early.......I wonder what he was doing.
2003-07-10 09:00:33 PM  
Nash: all the talent, none of the bling...

You just gotta love the guy
2003-07-10 09:00:34 PM  
Is anyone else convinced that Scooby Doo is just out of frame on that second shot of Dirk? Quite possibly holding the bong?
2003-07-10 09:00:35 PM  
farking foreigners. clean your shirt, dirk. you're a big boy. CLEAN YOUR SHIRT!!
2003-07-10 09:04:09 PM  
great! I think that everytime a sports star goes to a bar or gets drunk, it should make the Fark front page. Seriously, what's the point of this. BFD.
2003-07-10 09:04:35 PM  
Nash has kind of a Dave Grohl thing going on, don't he?
2003-07-10 09:07:41 PM  
Play quarters with a Canadian amd a German? No thanks. Those are some A-league drinking genes.
2003-07-10 09:09:03 PM  
NBA players out drinking in bars?

Let the sexual misconduct/drug paraphenilia/weapons charges lawsuits commence!

/now spell paraphenilia
2003-07-10 09:12:59 PM  
2003-07-10 09:13:08 PM  
You made laugh damn hard there...
2003-07-10 09:13:26 PM  
White men can't jump. Judging from the Mavs-Kings series, they can't play defense, either.
2003-07-10 09:13:45 PM  
This post made my day, no, week.
2003-07-10 09:17:09 PM  
Those guys are kinda cute........even with their drunk faces on
2003-07-10 09:18:14 PM  
Reminds me of that Foo Fighters video with Jack Black.
2003-07-10 09:19:42 PM  
Nash looks like that kid from the Bad News Bears, Kelly Leke.
2003-07-10 09:37:17 PM  
Wait, why is it necessary to say they "boozed it up" in a bar? Isn't that what bars are for, that and getting prospective girlies boozed up?
2003-07-10 09:39:50 PM  
haha, excellent. love most of the mavs players, not a fan of franchise.
2003-07-10 09:40:11 PM  
Nash has kind of a Dave Grohl thing going on, don't he?

Agreed. He usually looks exactly like Trent Reznor.
2003-07-10 09:40:24 PM  
mmmm....steve nash.

now marinated!
2003-07-10 09:41:20 PM  
I've always thought that Nash has a Liam Gallagher thing going on. He's the only reason I watch basketball.
2003-07-10 09:43:58 PM  
What, they didn't post the pics of Mark Cuban doing blow off the back of a toilet???????????????
2003-07-10 10:01:07 PM  
I think this is pretty cool, but you know this will start some big controversy about how Dirk and Steve are alcoholics. With that will follow all thier promotion contracts being pulled, and some sort of fine from the NBA. That's ok though, cause they aren't black, so they don't have promotional contracts in the US, and where they do (Dirk does Sprite Commercials in Germany, I know for a fact, and Steve probably has some in Canada) those countries aren't calling drinking a problem. Who ever said alcohol was bad? Leave it up to the US to ruin everything we hold dear.

/loves beer, Germany, and admires Dirk alot
2003-07-10 10:03:46 PM  
Not a basketball fan though, it's too 'Black' for me now.
2003-07-10 10:05:40 PM  
Maybe I should be a little more politically correct by saying 'African American', sorry.

/really not trying to offend anyone, seriously.
2003-07-10 10:06:45 PM  
Here's the real question... can anyone find this image--only larger--on the SBB site? I've been looking for days!

[image from too old to be available]

2003-07-10 10:21:41 PM  
Nash, you're a disgrace to all your fellow Canadians. My neice can hold her beer better than you.
2003-07-10 10:33:16 PM  

my two fave players in the league getting blotto. you may think they're fake, but trust me, i know that odd layer of drunk sweat: they're tanked. two more shots of goldschlager, and they're kissing.

these guys are totally pro. totally clutch. i've never been so proud to be a fan.

charles barkley used to come to the bar where i djed at, and we'd throw a few back. say what you want, that guy is a class act. i was super amped to be draining them with an nba legend, but i'd trade it all to be sinking a few with these two.

funny how the verbs for jump shooting and drinking are interchangable?

of course, the only thing better than that is burning a fat one with the one, the only, big smooth: sam perkins. what i wouldn't give.
2003-07-10 10:33:22 PM  
My best friend sent me these pictures with a friend of his in them too. Guess they just edited him out. Oh well.
2003-07-10 10:50:05 PM  
Cool? Cool? How dare you call boozing up at the bar cool? What's the cool part about it, the part where you puke all over that hot chick's expensive dress or the part where you go home drunk with a hideous transvestite who looks like a beauty queen through those beer goggles? What example are you setting for our children by calling this cool? Children need real role models, role models who know that getting plastered in a bar is not the answer: getting plastered at work is.
2003-07-10 10:56:50 PM  
I do believe it's paraphernalia.

//I was spelling bee champ, and I'm not afraid to admit it.

I think this is pretty funny. I like seeing that people like that are normal sometimes, getting tanked like the rest of us.
2003-07-10 10:58:42 PM  

if that hot chick's dress that you puke all over is expensive, then you are hanging out at the wrong bar.
2003-07-10 11:03:20 PM  
Apparently the Portland Trailblazers like having some fun too.

[image from too old to be available]

Best pic I could find... you get the idea.
2003-07-10 11:17:47 PM  
Butteredasian: Agreed. That smug bastard down the hall is looking at me right now. Lemme go take care of Mr. Fancy-Pants Vice-Presiledent.

2003-07-10 11:40:16 PM  
Steve Nash has the best hair in the NBA. Period.


2003-07-10 11:42:19 PM  
What is Uncle Junior doing with the Arian nation, in the picture above.
2003-07-10 11:44:32 PM  

I vote for "the part where you go home drunk with a hideous transvestite who looks like a beauty queen through those beer goggles."

Anyone else?
2003-07-10 11:54:25 PM  
Last photo...

2003-07-11 01:57:18 AM  
awesome photos!
2003-07-11 04:04:31 AM  
Ah c'mon, seeing as it's a Canadian and a German, to look like that, you know they're on at least their 9th or 10th pint.

I'm sure we've all got pictures of ourselves just like that floating around somwhere out there.
2003-07-11 04:48:32 AM  
If these pictures aren't photoshoped, it will be a crime against humanity.
2003-07-11 07:26:27 AM  
Larry Eustachy reportedly quite disappointed at the lack of hefty co-eds and Natty Lite in the pics.
2003-07-11 07:35:25 AM  
sovereignguru I got the same pictures! Guy with the same hair and facial hair as Dirk! We either have a mutual friend, or these pictures are just making the rounds, and my buddy was fibbing about being friends with the guy in picture.
2003-07-11 08:33:56 AM  
making the rounds. i got the same pics too. just some chach in a fratagonia shirt who is supposedly 'a really good friend' of my buddy. uh huh.

2003-07-11 09:20:15 AM  

I'm with you. Where's the full size pic, and who is she? I can't find that pic on the SbB site anywhere. Man ...
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