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(Psychology Today)   American Women generally unimpressed by penis sheaths   ( divider line
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30189 clicks; posted to Main » on 10 Jul 2003 at 9:17 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-07-10 10:03:22 PM  
There's a vast difference between "sexually repressed" and "practicing self-restraint".

Accusing someone of being a slut, a whore, and having a loose pussy because she's joking around is self restraint? Oh. Maybe I'll figure that one out when I grow up too.
2003-07-10 10:03:33 PM  
When I saw the headline, I thought it was going to be about circumcision.
2003-07-10 10:04:25 PM  
Did I say anything like that, CFM?
2003-07-10 10:05:03 PM  
Show me where I ever called anybody a slut, or apologise to me.
2003-07-10 10:06:30 PM  
You didn't, EricB did, who you were defending, I assume.

I want to make fun of penis sheaths, not flame about darkhorse's comment.
2003-07-10 10:07:05 PM  
Nanookanano: You missed the boat. It has already sailed. Go back to the start of the thread and read it again. ChickenFriedMonkey was not refering to you. He was refering to EricB.
2003-07-10 10:07:29 PM  

Does assembling a horse require glue, or can you get a Snap-Tite model?
2003-07-10 10:07:45 PM  
No, I said that by the time any woman gets to that state (where she can say " . . and I've seen many of them.") I want to have nothing to do with her.
2003-07-10 10:07:59 PM  
i read it and still don't see the correlation to women having no clue what they want and men being cut or not.

uhhh 1) married men are more attractive 2) married men more likely to attract mates 3) same language is important 4) universal characteristics of cuteness is good 5) having foreskin is disgusting

it was the obvious progression of this article.
2003-07-10 10:09:20 PM  
if a woman is unimpressed with the average dick, its HER problem

Or, maybe it is YOUR problem.
2003-07-10 10:09:45 PM  
You're an idiot, Goatboy.

There's a vast difference between "sexually repressed" and "practicing self-restraint". (my statement)

Accusing someone of being a slut, a whore, and having a loose pussy because she's joking around is self restraint? Oh. Maybe I'll figure that one out when I grow up too. his response

Hint: Get a clue.
2003-07-10 10:11:11 PM  
And, quit trolling.

I knew JB. I had long, involved head-banging sessions with JB. And, you are no JB.
2003-07-10 10:11:28 PM  
I wonder what would turn the crank of a female urologist.
2003-07-10 10:12:13 PM  
So Nanookanano, you are scared off by women who are experienced sexually? Why is that? Scared of not being able to live up to expectations?

Why is a guy sleeps around he is a stud and girl sleeps around she is a slut?
2003-07-10 10:15:32 PM  
Nanookanano what the hell are you talking about? I am not even going to being to try to explain to you how you completely missed the conversation that was going on here. You jumped in half way, grabbed the wrong of the stick and then started to hit yourself with it. And who the hell is JB? Ah forget it. I do not suffer fools gladly.
2003-07-10 10:15:37 PM  
Besides, loose hole? Nothing a little alum wont fix!
2003-07-10 10:17:35 PM  
There was some ho-bag in my dorm last year who wanted to be a urologist. She just wanted dick.
2003-07-10 10:17:45 PM  
Your armchair psychology leaves me unimpressed.
I'm not scared of "women who are experienced sexually".
I find that women who have a history of multiple, short relationships never develop the ability to sustain a permanant, monogamous one. That's all.

I don't think that men who sleep around are studs.
I don't suffer from oppositional thinking.
2003-07-10 10:18:18 PM  
Sooo.... I shouldn't wear my sheath on my date tomorrow?
2003-07-10 10:18:29 PM  
"I do not suffer fools gladly."

You must be really sick-and-tired of yourself, then.
2003-07-10 10:21:09 PM  
I wish more men would wear their sheaths!

2003-07-10 10:21:19 PM  
Where did you get this colorful but meaningless rhetoric of yours?

"picked-up the stick and started hitting yourself with it"????

Is this the product of an online education?
2003-07-10 10:22:33 PM  
You must be really sick-and-tired of yourself, then."

How old are you? Nine? What sort of response is that? "I know you are but what am I?" does not cut it and has not since being single digit in age.

I really am going to ignore you, it's just not worth it.
2003-07-10 10:23:03 PM  
Sigh . . by now I should know better than to feed the trolls.

2003-07-10 10:32:37 PM  
vagina is latin for sheath, ergo penis sheath= vagina

2003-07-10 10:34:42 PM  
Woohoo! I was right!
2003-07-10 10:35:05 PM  
Kanazawa notes that from guppies to humans, females prefer males who have recently mated.
I think if you are married, it is almost the antithesis of having recently mating. When I was living with a girl for a while, I did alot more "mating" by myself. Besides, how would a female guppy know if a male guppy was getting laid as of late, an extra swagger in his tailfin?
2003-07-10 10:42:37 PM  
of course, i never took latin, and i have no clue what i'm talking about. I post on fark, for god's sakes. My logic is fuzzier than a penis sheath smeared with rogaine.

PS. the plural of penis is penes. Far out, ain't it? No? OK, I'll go away now.
2003-07-10 10:43:59 PM  

darkhorse23, or should i say darkwhore.

youve seen a lot of penises and are generally unimpressed, this means 2 things.

1. you are a slut
2. you have a loose pussy

Or maybe lesbian penis doctor
2003-07-10 10:44:33 PM  
2003-07-10 10:47:33 PM  
My my, she does have you wrapped around her little finger, doesn't she? Female trolls are so much more effective, I think, especially when the issue of a male's 'manhood' is at stake.

As for this female, I have to agree that the term 'penis sheathe' seems to lend itself to a vagina. If we aren't impressed with vaginas, well, its to be expected. Georgia O'Keef ruined it for everyone with her nasty over-exploitation. Silly whore.

She must have been a loose slut.
2003-07-10 10:47:37 PM  
If they used the term 'sheath' in whatever survey they did, I'll be willing to bet about 3/4 of american women thought it had to do with circumcision.

As the foreskin is technically a sheath, the rest a shaft, glans and nut sack.
2003-07-10 10:50:05 PM  
dirty_kitchen ... so.. it does have to do with circumcision, right?
2003-07-10 10:55:28 PM  
Who Called Me A Slut?

and how many boobies have you seen, and does that make you a loser?
2003-07-10 10:56:14 PM  
biatch Slut and proud of it.
2003-07-10 10:56:28 PM  
I figured they meant it to be something about penis size, as a whole. Damned unclear writers. :)
2003-07-10 10:57:20 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-10 10:58:32 PM  
darkhorse, if you are so unimpressed with all the penes out there, why do you keep gathering new ones? It might be a sign that you should go to the other side!
2003-07-10 11:02:16 PM  
I got me one of them shiny go-fast cars. But the girls weren't impressed.
I got the mirrored walls and ceiling. But the girls weren't impressed.
I got a tattoo of elephant ears on my groin. But the girls weren't impressed.

And now they're telling me that my new penis sheath, with all of its glitter and spangles, won't impress the girls. That does it. I quit.
2003-07-10 11:03:14 PM  
Been there, done it, what can I say? And please note that I did say "MOST" of the ones I've seen.
2003-07-10 11:04:20 PM  
Dirty Kitchen - I lived in L5P for YEARS. How's Atlanta doin?
2003-07-10 11:05:09 PM  
About that article anyways...It says that single guys don't like to travel? That comment just floored me. That is the best way for single Americans like me to get zee girls. Most girls here in L.A. are kind of shallow IMHO, maybe not most but alot anyways.
2003-07-10 11:06:52 PM  
Also in that issue is a story describing how Homer and Marge Simpsons' marraige is the most realistic on TV. Of the three paragraphs they let you read on the site, it seems pretty interesting.

"Marraige is a constant struggle for moral superiority," says Marge.
2003-07-10 11:10:00 PM  
Marriage is fun. I've done it several times.
2003-07-10 11:10:08 PM  
I got far more p*ssy when I was married, because my wife was a sl*t, and helped me get it.

Then she married that guy from White Wolf.

But I don't have a sheath.
2003-07-10 11:13:37 PM  

I got far more p*ssy when I was married, because my wife was a sl*t, and helped me get it.

Then she married that guy from White Wolf.

What the hell does that mean?
2003-07-10 11:15:03 PM  
He had a wife like me. If I wasn't in the mood, I'd go find him some. There aren't many like us, ya know....
2003-07-10 11:20:19 PM  
besides the fact that darkhorse got a little fire started, and frankly her comment (IMO) is neither here or there...

I still don't get it! That article was not in plain English.
Well, actually it was in English, I just understood precious little of it.

Hey Darkhorse- ATL has too many people now, want some of them?
2003-07-10 11:20:43 PM  
darkhorse23, Atlanta is doing about the same it's been for years. We've got sinkholes every where because they built this city like a piece of crap. Lots of bums. Still trying to figure out what that smell is right after it rains. I think it's toad pee.

Oh, you will love this. L5P got a Starbucks a few years ago. They stuck it in the lot next to Junkman's Daughter and Aurora. I was lucky enough to live about 5 houses down from it. There were teenagers and hippies protesting capitalism in the area for weeks. Several bullets and bricks through the windows during the first few weeks.

I made sure to buy all my coffee at that store.

I Hated L5P. For those that are not familiar with Atlanta, it's a poor community with some nifty (overpriced, tho) shops and a safe haven for hippies, freaks, homeless ppl, skin heads, goth kids, etc. Currently, investors are building $400K-$900K homes in the area and the hippies are mad because their $300/mo basement apartment is about to be torn down in the name of progress. :)

I vacated for the berbs. Next step, buy a house in Athens. :D
2003-07-10 11:21:43 PM  
me no good grammar tonight
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