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(Yahoo)   US drops food shipment on the most well-fed town in Afghanistan   ( divider line
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2320 clicks; posted to Main » on 16 Oct 2001 at 8:49 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-10-16 08:55:57 AM  
Hey, at least it was just food and not a bomb.
2001-10-16 08:56:14 AM  
Trust the Americans when it comes to a SNAFY.
Labeled in English!!??
2001-10-16 08:57:02 AM  
Oooops, type
'SNAFY' must of course be 'SNAFU'.
2001-10-16 09:00:32 AM  
two cheeseburgers and a chicken kebabish to go.... I think they mistook the word food on the big grain bags as bomb, hey i am sure it has happened before. Or was it oops we entered the wrong coordinates, watch out the chinese embassy, youre next.
2001-10-16 09:09:06 AM  
Most well-fed = 1 handful of rice a day.
2001-10-16 09:15:50 AM  
Nice going, dumbass.

Once again, "military intelligence" proves itself to be an oxymoron.
2001-10-16 09:26:10 AM  
I think that story was wrong I could have sworn that the other article that talked about ready to eat meals has instructions printed in english and whatever-local-language we happened to be dropping them for.

Now grant it probably 99% of them are illiterate so it doesn't matter much.. but at least we can feel better in our warm beds that we dropped food and they are just heathens who can't read or figure out how to mush from a packet.
2001-10-16 09:27:18 AM  
Im no expert, but even I know the Northern Alliance held areas are well fed.

Very synically written article thou.
2001-10-16 09:27:42 AM  
I like how the Afghans simply tore open all the packages and left the food to rot....nice foresight there. They don't know that their "countrymen" the next town over are starving? What a bunch of dipshiats...
2001-10-16 09:28:58 AM  
Just get them used to American food and start putting up Mcdonalds'
2001-10-16 10:07:35 AM  
If you people had eaten afghani food you'd understand why they throw this crap way. Hmmm.... chicken kebab, and that fried bread with patato stuffing. Sooooo .. hungry.
2001-10-16 10:15:15 AM  
"Only a cynic would suggest the Pentagon does not really care where this aid ends up - as long as TV pictures show that it is dropping food, not just bombs, on Afghanistan."

I guess that makes me a cynic then...
2001-10-16 10:17:50 AM  
Oh yeah.. lest we forget how little the government cares about feeding Afghanistan. We biatch about the little yellow rations and forget about the 52,000 tons of wheat a month we are giving to the World Food Program to feed 7.5 Afghanis throughout the winter.

fark the USA.

[image from too old to be available]
2001-10-16 10:19:58 AM  
Once again, farkers amaze us with their brilliant minds.

A) pacakging on MREs was done before Sept 11, hence English/Spanish

B) Packaging has pretty PICTURES to show where it goes (in mouth)

C) fark off.

[image from too old to be available]
2001-10-16 10:25:42 AM  
You've already proven to me, and everybody else in this thread, that you're an idiot, Fb-. There's really no need for you to do it again...
2001-10-16 10:36:03 AM  
Livingdots that really not right. Fb- has proven he's an idiot many many times. Its unfair to pick that one thread.
2001-10-16 10:38:33 AM  
Although i must say the author of this report is complete moron. OK its amusing that they dropped their load in wrong place, and cost-benifit of plane drops is pretty bad.

But to suggest "uncle sam" isnt doing anything, is just an outright lie.
2001-10-16 10:40:10 AM  

You want to bet jerk? Go read the world food program's homepage. See how many bags of grain they have delivered already. See who the only donator of food is. The food is there, and it's not from the UN. I'll give you one guess, the bags have a giant farking USA stamped on them.
2001-10-16 10:43:23 AM  
This article is so funny :D

As well as things that the Americans imagine no refugee can live without - fruit flavoured pop-up toasties, shortbread biscuits, crackers, peanut butter and jam. All labelled in English.

But the locals, unable to read the packs, simply ripped them all open - discarding almost everything. "I don't like any of this stuff, except the peanut butter," said one hollow-cheeked old man. "We have our own food to eat. These packets are funny."
2001-10-16 10:45:01 AM  
why not starve them to death...they are getting the shiat bombed out of them and have been for years...huh food drops make up for all those years I guess....
2001-10-16 10:45:36 AM  
perhaps Livingdots can tear himself away from University long enough to fix all of the world's problems.

We all know University students have all the answers.
2001-10-16 10:48:02 AM  

Here's another one for you, complete list of Humanitarian aid given to Afghanistan before the war began.
2001-10-16 10:52:22 AM

World Hunger Organization calls the US, "Breadbasket to the World"

World's largest giver of humanitarian aid.
2001-10-16 10:53:14 AM

Here's another 75,200 metric tons of food we gave to Afghanistan in January.
2001-10-16 10:53:57 AM  
Mr Happy done his research on all these sites..maybe more people should take the time to read them.
2001-10-16 10:54:33 AM

Another $1billion in humanitarian aid for Central Asia.
2001-10-16 10:56:36 AM  
Excuse us FB...America is the only country to offer aid to countries in need...ok now I see.
2001-10-16 10:56:44 AM

Here's a caption:

"WASHINGTON, Oct. 7, 2001 -- Even before the first of 37,000 humanitarian daily rations began floating down to Afghan refugees, the United States was the largest foreign aid donor to the people of Afghanistan.

Well before the attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon Sept. 11, the United States provided food and medicine to thousands of refugees in the troubled land."
2001-10-16 10:58:41 AM  
I could go on like this for days. America is the world's largest contributer of humanitarian aid. We feed, clothe and vaccinate hundreds of millions people around the globe.

No matter how much you hate us, America's assistance to the world is a god send. You can't spin this into anti-US propaganda no matter how hard you try.

Failed food drops don't make us devils.
2001-10-16 11:04:23 AM  
I DO NOT hate Americans...only the assholes that try to prove that America is better than any other country....that was your aim I take it?
2001-10-16 11:10:03 AM  
nope ozzie_pride, i'm guessing FB- was defending the US from all the assholes who try to prove that America is the worst country in the world. Who seem to believe that we "had it coming."

Maybe we should just close up shop and leave the terrorists and the 3rd world relief efforts to the Aussies and the Swedish, since they have all the answers.
2001-10-16 11:15:56 AM  
Well I don't fall into that catagory then cause I quite like America and I do believe that what they are doing about the WTC tragedy is justified...I am just sick to death of people in these threads making out that America is superior to any other country...I know it is only a minority of Americans that are feeling some sort of hero staus from whats going on and it is these people that shiat me.
2001-10-16 11:16:55 AM  
But America is better than any other country, at most things, including war, sports, feeding other people, making money, etc, etc... I dont understand why the rest of the world hates us... We help everyone out, but get no respect back...
2001-10-16 11:17:47 AM  
FB is right, we gave the most money, but that would be the fair way to measure now would it. You would have to go by % compared to GNP or something like that to get a true bearing on how gerenous we really are.

Nice way to lie with statistics there.
2001-10-16 11:19:15 AM  
Look stop with the poor America,Everybody hates us shiat...Our country came to a complete stop on sep 11 and I can assure you all that Australians hearts went out to your country...
2001-10-16 11:28:10 AM  
So your saying these ignorant farks that are burning american flags actually like our country? The poeple saying that we had it coming actually respect us?
2001-10-16 11:29:24 AM  
"I dont understand why the rest of the world hates us... We help everyone out, but get no respect back"

Is that why there are so many countries wanting to help out with military support?
2001-10-16 11:32:40 AM  
The people you are speeking of are certainly not from Australia..also not 1 person I have spoke to here in regards to the current events have said that America desrved it...that is just stupidity if people think like that.
2001-10-16 11:33:31 AM  
My point with the posts was not to say that US is the greatest country in the world. Too many countries around the world are great for too many reasons for me to put the blinders on and call US the greatest. I love my country and have a tremendous amount of pride. It's the greatest in my heart and I hope and know many of you feel them same way about your country. That's the way it should be.

My only point was to rebuff the people that are using a failed food ration drop as anti-us slander. To call all that we do for the humanitarian relief of the world 'propaganda' is shameful. That's my point.
2001-10-16 11:35:48 AM  
One last comment in this thread. I know very few feel that 6000 American deserved to be cooked alive, but if you do, read this wonderful piece from a very intelligent Muslim-American.
2001-10-16 11:36:38 AM  
My appologies FB...I mistook the point you were trying to get across...anyways I think America is doing everybody proud and 1 failed ration drop can be dimissed as 1 mistake...shiat we all make mistakes...we are all human afterall
2001-10-16 11:40:47 AM  
This is what happens when americans give a whole shiatload of food to a starving country.
1. People stop starving
2. People stop looking for ways to get food
3. People sit on their asses and have sex all day
4. People have a shiatload of babies
5. People eat all the food cause now there's more mouths to feed
6. Americans say "Holy shiat, we can't feed all these people."
7. Americans pull out
8. People starve again
9. More people die than before because of the population increase (especially children)
10. a few years later different americans come back, say "holy shiat, people are starving!"
11. Rinse, Repeat, Wipe hands on pants.
2001-10-16 11:57:41 AM  
FireZ : what kind of ignorant shiat is that? Might as well say why bother taking a shower today, I'm just going to get dirty again tomorrow...
2001-10-16 12:06:37 PM  
So maybe they'll all pig out on the surplus food and turn into big motherfarking fatasses who will be too god damn lazy to want to retaliate against the US? Who knows?!

-he who stacks pork
2001-10-16 12:08:21 PM  
I love how people must attach moral significance to everything. It's just the way it is, nothing more, nothing less.
2001-10-16 12:11:49 PM  
You seem to have reading comprehension problems, Fb-.

The 52,000 metric tons of food are a part of an international relief effort, not only an American, and the WFP hasn't delivered the food yet. Mary Robinson, the UN high commissioner for human rights, have suggested a pause of the bombings to allow the convoys "safe passage" into Afghanistan. The US Government ignored that appeal.

The US Government has very generously donated several thousands of dollars to the WFP, but so have other countries. (And yes, I still know it says "USA" on the sacks, but try to look beyond that.) Japan is the largest source of "Official Development Assistance" (ODA) in the world according to the OECD. Japan is in fact a bigger contributor than America in absolute dollars, even though its economy is smaller than the US. USA's net ODA as a percentage of GDP is only 0.1%; well below the UN target of 0.7%, and lower than world average. Also, the biggest recipient of US aid is Israel.

So much for your "world's largest giver of humanitarian aid."

Also, even before the current crisis, Afghanistan was facing a major food crisis. Americas "war on terrorism" haven't made humanitarian aid in Afghanistan easier, on the contrary.

(BTW, flooding the forum with "links" to biased news sources, and continued misquoting doesn't exactly give you more credibility either.)
2001-10-16 12:13:47 PM  
Worst ... humanitarian ... air-drop ... ever.
2001-10-16 12:14:53 PM  

So, by your definition, Afghanistan can give a box of animal crackers to the relief effort and be the worlds largest giver of humanitarian aid? % of GDP is bullshiat. I want tonnage. I want vaccines. I want clothes.

All the sacks say USA. I don't see a Star of David or a Red Sun. Go read the world food programs homepage please.
2001-10-16 12:16:27 PM  
Livingdots: Since you're an expert on propaganda, what did you make of that "food left to rot" bit? Somehow, this story doesn't sound objective, to me.

I'm not saying the story doesn't contain facts. I'm saying that it has a certain slant to it (note the clever use of italics).
2001-10-16 12:18:54 PM  
We do more for the world. Period. I'm sorry you hate America. I'm sorry that no matter how hard we try to help the world, you turn it into an excuse to hate America. This is exactly what Marc Cooper was talking about when he published: The American Left -- Dysfunctional, Insular, Less Relevant Than Ever

It's a wonderful read. So is the plastic discussion. The leftist US bashing is stale and pointless. I'm tired of the usual Boo America, Legalize Pot, Nader/bin Laden in 2004 circus of the pathetic and the odious whiff of "chickens coming home to roost" that has permeated much of the left's reaction to Sept. 11. It's revolting.
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