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(AP)   Scientists say clownfish have the ability to change their sex, thus ensuring there's always someone to hook up with   ( divider line
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2003-07-09 11:18:43 PM  
Man, I wish I could do that.
2003-07-09 11:33:16 PM  
You can! All it takes is a wig, a dress, and duct tape.
2003-07-09 11:34:48 PM  
I was meaning something a little more ... detailed of a transformation.
2003-07-10 04:13:27 AM  
sounds like some Farkettes.
2003-07-10 04:13:42 AM  
You could always buy a makeup gun while you're at it...
2003-07-10 04:22:15 AM  
Chicks can do it already, they just gotta leave 3/4 of a dildo hanging out "down there" and its instant peckerwood!
2003-07-10 04:26:30 AM  
Why is this news? Plenty of amphibians and fish can change sex if the balance is wrong. In fact, it's a key plot device in Jurassic Park...
2003-07-10 04:29:20 AM  
I'd like to grow some boobies. That's keep my hands busy for the rest of my life.

* wonders whether to click the add comment button - oh, what the hell *
2003-07-10 04:30:24 AM  
That's = That'd, obviously
2003-07-10 04:32:00 AM  
I am SO glad that humans can't do this. Remember when you were 14, horny as hell, and hanging out with all of your loser, horny as hell friends? You KNOW that one night you'd get desperate and one of you would make the transformation and... ugh... ewww...

On the other hand, that way I could experience hot lesbian action first hand...
2003-07-10 04:42:31 AM  
I'm with the Major. This is old news, and that AP writer just trundled it out of his Arsch to cash in on Nemo bandwagon.
2003-07-10 04:44:10 AM  
God hates sinner fish.

I guess the Jesus fish is a fish for a reason.
2003-07-10 04:44:28 AM  
Hell thats easy. I've got my PocketCock and PocketPussy right here... just remove and attach the one you want to use.

/slinks off to bed
2003-07-10 04:44:38 AM  
This is very common in tropical marine fishes. E.g., Anthias sp.
2003-07-10 04:45:34 AM  
hate to think what Unpopular clownfish can do...
2003-07-10 04:45:35 AM  
Scientists could have written an R-rated, gender-bending plot twist to Disney's "Finding Nemo"

Well... That'll make the erotic fan fic writers REAL happy.

I can see it now... That clownfish changes gender, and then the lesbian fish molests "her".

But, hey, I always thought the internet could use more lesbian fish.
2003-07-10 04:53:02 AM  

Scientists could have written an R-rated, gender-bending plot twist to Disney's "Finding Nemo"

Well... That'll make the erotic fan fic writers REAL happy.

I can see it now... That clownfish changes gender, and then the lesbian fish molests "her".

But, hey, I always thought the internet could use more lesbian fish.

Urge. To. Push. Image. Out. Of. Mind. Being. Overridden. By. Urge. To. Make. Inappropriate. Smells. Like. Fish. Joke.

/And. Urge. To. Use. Excess. Punctuation. While. Typing. Like. Billy. Shatner. Acts.
2003-07-10 04:54:52 AM  
Uh, where's the news in this?

Also, from what I last remember, these fishy sex changes are permanent.
2003-07-10 04:55:00 AM  
Lesbian fish goes great with lesbian rice pilaf, lesbian asparagus, and lesbian chardonnay.
2003-07-10 05:16:33 AM  
Coming next:

Jerry Falwell to call for ban of Finding Nemo, claims that the title "Finding Nemo" is an allusion to transsexual behaviour too disturbing to describe.
2003-07-10 05:22:37 AM  
So then, is it alright for them to marry in Star Wars Galaxies?
2003-07-10 05:23:49 AM  
No, fish wouldn't play Star Wars Galaxies.

They have standards.

God, I hate everything Star Wars...
2003-07-10 07:04:26 AM  
Wow, just like David Bowie!
2003-07-10 07:23:00 AM  
Ya that happens to rodao clowns all the time, also causes much confussion after the running of the bulls in the bars around Madrid"hic", Maride"hic,Madrian"hic", spain. Humm where,ed i put tha martini glass?
2003-07-10 07:45:45 AM  
Clownfish? That's funny!
2003-07-10 07:57:05 AM  
"The good thing about being bisexual is that it doubles your chance of a date on a Saturday night." - Woody Allen
2003-07-10 08:00:20 AM  
Hook up with? Here we go with the witty-writer puns again. I can just see them sitting in their dark, greasy office, drooling over the keyboard. "YES! THIS will make the masses chuckle! A fish 'hooking up.' This is why I rake in 41,500 a year!"
2003-07-10 08:17:28 AM  
This could make a great porn flick.

Ok. Maybe not even close.
2003-07-10 08:22:20 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
"Can you change into a girl? Please say
you can change into a girl. I like girl
fish, I don't like boy fish."
2003-07-10 08:32:37 AM  
RylandDotNet!!! You WIN!!! excellent.
2003-07-10 08:35:38 AM  
The sequel: "Finding Shemo"
2003-07-10 08:39:24 AM  
Why should gender be a consideration in looking for whom to hook up [with]?
2003-07-10 08:51:40 AM  
sounds like some Farkettes.

Ha! I was going to say "sounds like most college girls."
You know, until they leave college and get actual jobs. Or find a guy to "settle down with."

Why should gender be a consideration in looking for whom to hook up [with]?

Well, because some people prefer one sex or the other. Just like some guys prefer brunettes/girls prefer musicians.
2003-07-10 09:27:45 AM  
some people prefer one sex...

I like all seven of 'em.
2003-07-10 10:06:45 AM  

It's all good.
2003-07-10 10:26:01 AM  
I thought this was a pretty well-known fact. I was surprised to see it on the main page. I know you guys watch Discovery and Animal Planet too.
2003-07-10 10:30:00 AM  
I like the "Scientists say" part of the headline because you can never trust that wacky thing called science.
2003-07-10 11:08:23 AM  
fyi-poverty is a turn off
2003-07-10 11:14:18 AM  
something got lost in the translation
2003-07-10 11:16:01 AM  
image to go with ^

(if the doesn't work, try clickin' this
2003-07-10 11:20:46 AM  
Clownfish can only change from male to female.

Other fish tend to go from female to male. (They usually become the more aggressive gender.)

Sheepshead are interesting. The male has a harem of females, and if he keels over, the more aggressive female will become the new male and harem leader. I saw one at an aquarium that was kind of halfway into changing into a male. The male died, and she started to become a male, but then they got another male, so she stopped and looks sorta male, but not. (Males are red and black, females are pink.)
2003-07-10 11:40:30 AM  
Transformers! More than meets the eye!
2003-07-10 11:54:37 AM  
I feel bad for gay clownfish. Just when you find another hot male clownfish he turns female.
2003-07-10 12:27:55 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Hey! quit steal'n my gig! I've been a sex change'n clownfish forever so Fark off!
2003-07-10 12:52:30 PM  
If men could change sexes, I bet we all would change to women and then become lesbians!
2003-07-10 01:01:55 PM  
Clowns scare me....
2003-07-10 02:29:37 PM  
Swordtails (very common aquarium fishes related to guppies and mollies) can also undergo sex reversal... but only from female to male. They turn out as large males with a short sword (males are normally much smaller than females)

:/ glad this does not happen in humans... who wants a bunch of large-breasted men with small penises in the gene pool
2003-07-10 03:33:02 PM  
It'll be harder than ever to find Nemo now.

2003-07-11 10:20:06 PM  
Anyone read Ursula K. Leguin's "Left Hand of Darkness"?
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