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1738 clicks; posted to Main » on 15 Oct 2001 at 10:06 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-10-15 10:14:14 PM  
I don't need a gas mask for my pet because my dog has no nose...
2001-10-15 10:14:43 PM  
Buying gas masks for fear of bioterrorism is a waste imo. By the time you realize you're under attack, it's too late anyway. The only way the mask could help is if you wore it 24x7.
2001-10-15 10:27:02 PM  
O.K. PuppyPieChef -I'll bet you're just dying for this-......... "HOW DOES IT SMELL??"
2001-10-15 10:27:46 PM  
Actually, the gas mask would have some use. Take the Sarin gas attack in the Tokyo subways. Victims first smelled something, then had some trouble breathing, then felt the strongest effect. If any one of them had thrown a mask on when they smelled the gas or started to feel something was wrong, they would have been fine. In addition, while those at ground zero of a gas attack would have no warning, those who are nearby and will be effected when the gas drifts will have warning and can prepare.

Ratslapper - AWFUL!! Man, that one never gets old.
2001-10-15 10:29:28 PM  
The FARK title is misleading. On the PETA website it says "you don't need to go out and buy a gas mask for Fido".
How about this: "After gradma gets her gas mask, how about Fido?"
2001-10-15 10:33:56 PM  
Leave the mask off of the dog.
If he does not drop dead, then maybe what you smelled was just a rancid fart.
2001-10-15 10:35:57 PM  
Hmmm,looking for died a couple months ago!Should I still buy a gas mask for him?
2001-10-15 10:41:30 PM  
I still have the wounds from when I tried to put antlers on my ocelot for Christmas.
2001-10-15 10:46:51 PM  
I'm sad for you, Kthulhu.

"Dead puppies aren't much fun."
2001-10-15 10:50:06 PM  
Leave the mask off of the dog.

Id much appreciate that ;)
2001-10-15 10:52:51 PM  
Nanookanano:You're telling me.I tried to send him after a ball,he just fell apart!Um,do you bury dead things?I'm not sure...
2001-10-15 10:54:44 PM  
"With threats of terrorism looming large in the nation's consciousness, worried animal guardians wonder how best to protect their best friends."
It's called a Colt 1911 loaded with .45 ACP to send them to the Big Test Lab in the Sky when you can't stand to watch them writhing anymore.
2001-10-15 10:57:37 PM  
PuppyPieChef: Hey, he may smell awful, but I'll bet he TASTES just like chicken........

Kthulhu: Never fret over a dead dog. Just take him out for a 'drag'. shiat, think of the money you'll save on gas masks!!
2001-10-15 11:00:05 PM  
P.E.T.A. = People Eating Tasty Animals.
2001-10-15 11:08:08 PM  
Actually, since your pets will likely get sick and die before you do, it's best that they are left unprotected so you'll know if somethings up.
2001-10-15 11:08:23 PM  
Any dog owner that does NOT own a gas mask is obviously a complete idiot . . .

. . . or their dog hasn't lived quite long enough to create the perfect canine fart.
2001-10-15 11:08:27 PM  
Then again the same goes for a newborn baby...
2001-10-15 11:08:45 PM  
Can anyone say "coal mine canaries"?
Good! I knew you could.
2001-10-15 11:15:52 PM  
Just throw him in the stew.
2001-10-15 11:18:07 PM  
Ratslapper:Oh,I don't fret over him too much.Keeping him in the freezer next to the beef pot pies keeps him together for a few hours.And glue does wonders to put the fur back on.
2001-10-15 11:22:55 PM  
Just do what P.T. Barnum did with Jumbo the elephant when he died. Put the bones together, and then stuff the corpse. Then you've got two!!

O.k. this is getting retarded. I'll stop now.
2001-10-15 11:26:33 PM  
but i don't have a dog...
2001-10-15 11:33:36 PM  
Yes,very retarded.But it's something of a good thing my dog is gone,he was smart,stubborn,persistent,and adorable.I fear what would've happened if he lived long enough to evolve.Heil Shuppy,and all that.
2001-10-15 11:52:32 PM  
Wow. We are the only country that persecutes cruelty to animals, and we stand a charge of immoral behavior?

Go figure.

~ Pinky ~
2001-10-15 11:58:33 PM  
I am a proud member of PETA (people eating tastey animals) hahaah i love that saying. PETA people should all go suck a monkeys crap sack and then run nude backwards through a cornfield. ouch that would hurt.
2001-10-16 12:11:22 AM  
2001-10-16 01:51:39 AM  
McNuggets, speaking from experience?
2001-10-16 07:16:53 AM  
Looks like PETA advocates it to me.

[image from too old to be available]
2001-10-16 09:56:14 AM  
That gasmask will sure come in handy when the NUKES fly!!!
2001-10-16 10:19:52 AM  
You guys are idiots. I am a proud member of PETA. They simply stated that you do NOT have to rush out and by a gas mask for your pet. You guys make me sick with all of your anti-animal remarks. I would hate to see the way you treat your own animals. Kylie
2001-10-16 10:26:39 AM  
I'm going to kick my dog when I get home for you Kylie.
2001-10-16 10:36:25 AM  
Fb-I feel sorry for anyone that has to associate them selves with you. You seem to have some major issues. I pray to god that you don't have any children.
2001-10-16 11:54:08 AM  
"Fill every sink, bowl, pan, and Tupperware container with water, then set them on the floor"

Set your sink on the floor?!!? Won't a major plumbing job in the middle of a disaster just make matters worse? Where would you find a plumber willing to work in bio/chemical hazard conditions? Perhaps peta should look into creating speacial teams to deal with this issue.
2001-10-16 01:10:26 PM  
Kylie you wanker - I have no pets. I don't believe in god. I don't believe in subjugating/incarcerating pets.

And I need a spell checker...
2001-10-16 01:44:30 PM  
"speacial"?? Tsunami isn't the only one in need of a spell checker.
2001-10-16 01:54:22 PM  
You guys are evil, evil people.
2001-10-16 03:34:09 PM  
my puppy died late last fall; now he's rotting in the hall.

hehehe. hadn't heard that one since church camp.

i pray to god that _i_ don't have any children.....
2001-10-16 04:05:45 PM  
I am a dog. Woof.

x---X--The Filthy Sanchez--X---x
2001-10-16 04:06:47 PM  
I'm with ya Kylie... They need to legalize Cannabilism.
2001-10-16 05:00:27 PM  
Well said Kylie.. Just because they're animals doesn't mean they're worthless :P
2001-10-16 05:16:50 PM  
Even though I'm a vegetarian, PETA pisses me off...
2001-10-16 05:35:48 PM  
Please explaim starlight, how could PETA piss you off?
2001-10-16 06:03:24 PM  
Kylie - Just because you love animals doesn't mean you should force your views on us meat eating caveman types. Uggh
2001-10-16 06:18:33 PM  
Bildo- I am not forcing anything on your "types" I was commenting on how mean I think the anti-animal remarks are. You have your opinion, I have mine. SO THERE. Uggh right back atcha.
2001-10-16 06:37:21 PM  
Kylie: Please explaim (sic) ..., how could PETA piss you off?

Wow, talk about your open-ended questions....

How about interrupting my lunch at Burger King, calling me cruel because I like meat, disrupting medical research, telling me that sharks attack humans out of revenge, and a general lack of common sense, decency, tact, and intellegence.

But wait, there's more. I'm sure there's more....
2001-10-16 07:08:55 PM  
Pretty harsh words there Wood....... So you know, PETA won the fight against Burger King. There are alternatives to meat. Have you seen the horrible abuse animals(such as your common house pet)go through during these senseless medical researches? Sharks are provoked in certain instances. How is that a lack of common sense and intellegence?

you got me on one.....I do agree that I could spell better.

2001-10-16 08:44:50 PM  
There are alternatives to meat.
Yeah, like chicken.

And my house pets aren't common.
2001-10-16 09:30:47 PM  
Now, come on guys, give Kylie a break. No need to jump all over the poor little animal rights activist.
However, the PETA does frequently say some dumb things. Really dumb things.
Fark it, I'm going to bed.
2001-10-16 10:55:14 PM  
**packs up his retorts and goes home**
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