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(Nature)   Waitresses who copy their customers' behaviour get substantially bigger tips than those who don't   ( divider line
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19255 clicks; posted to Main » on 09 Jul 2003 at 2:33 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-07-09 03:19:20 AM  
As a waiter I sometimes crouch down to eye level. I'm tall and having me hover looking down at them intimidates some people. I also crouch when I'm talking with kids.
Don't touch
I believe in being a silent waiter as well. Drinks, appetizers, entree, a quick check to make sure everything is good and I keep your drinks filled.
As far as the mimicing goes...I will match their energy level. If they're quick with their order or serious I will be. If they're joking around I will too. I won't mimic facial expressions etc.
Sound good?
2003-07-09 03:23:10 AM  
I hate places that add the tip to the bill if you have a party over "X" number of people. The best tips I've ever led have been in large groups, without the forced tip...just because we were a hassle.

My policy is that, in a bar, you'll get at least 20% (and it's actually often closer to 40%, since I don't spend a lot most nights). At a restauraunt you can ignore me and you'll get about 15-17% (depending how the math works out)...and more if you can convince me that you don't hate me.
2003-07-09 03:23:21 AM  
In many states waitpersons don't get paid $2.whatever an hour, in many (maybe even most) they're paid minimum wage at the least, plus raises every few months in nicer places. Tipping is still very good though.

I'm a pizza man and this is probably the only tippable profession where the more expensive the order, the smaller the tip. Waiters walk 10 feet to your goddamn table and get 20% of your $60 bill and I deliver 40 pizzas 3 miles to your work and get $2 for my services. :(
2003-07-09 03:25:47 AM  
BTW in addition to being a pizza man, I'm a psychology student, and I just did some research a while ago and ran across a few journal articles about tipping. Strangely enough, waitresses don't get bigger tips than waiters (on average). People who pay with credit cards do tip a lot more though, probably because it's play money
2003-07-09 03:26:49 AM  
No soup for you!
2003-07-09 03:27:21 AM  
jeremyf: then get a better job and stop your biatching.
No one respects the pizza boy.
2003-07-09 03:28:25 AM  
jeremyf I think there are a couple factors in tipping more on a credit card. When you're paying cash you're limited to what you have. It's often hard to have enough dollar bills to make things work out right...and if you have a choice between wipping 10% or 50% most people won't take 50%.

And then there's the (assumed) hassle of tipping on a credit card. With cash they just pocket it (or throw it in a jar to split), but with the card they have to work a little harder to handle the tip.
2003-07-09 03:29:17 AM  
than what's wrong with those d0uche bags at TGI Fridays. oooh i hate those people and their stupid hats and pins, and that damn chipper attitude.

and for the sake of the group, don't think you're clever and make office space "flare" jokes. thanks
2003-07-09 03:29:58 AM  
By the way, I'm a waitress in the clubhouse at a golf course. Drunk golfers are great tippers! Yesterday, 3 guys in their early 30s came in, bought 8 cans of beer, and tipped me $15.
2003-07-09 03:30:40 AM  
I always thought is was flair, not flare, but I can see it both ways.
2003-07-09 03:32:25 AM  
I love some of the attitudes toward tipping that I have come across in my travels.

I knew someone who tipped the waiter in a restaurant down in Mexico. It was made very clear soon afterwards that you're not supposed to tip down there, because a standard US tip is, like, a week's pay* down in Mexico, and the whole employer-employee relationship becomes rather strained (at best). Lots of shouting.

* Well, not really, but it's still a lot.
2003-07-09 03:34:31 AM  
What's a reasonable tip for pizza delivery guys?
2003-07-09 03:36:15 AM  

neither definition on the webster's page mentions anything about annoying buttons with what are suppose to be funny sayings.
2003-07-09 03:41:52 AM  

Unless your in TJ and everyone wants a tip there. I'm not even sure if they get paid unless you tip them in that wonderful/filthy city.
2003-07-09 03:42:05 AM  
in addition to being a pizza man, I'm a psychology student

Waiting for the third source to be written so you can finish your doctor's thesis?
2003-07-09 03:42:24 AM  
Mimicking the customers? Good grief.....somebody's been listening to WAY too many Tony Robbins tapes. It might come across as a method of subtle communication with the customer, but in any other social context, you'd just be a smart ass.

By the way, i'm sick of people saying "waiters/waitresses ONLY make 3 dollars an hour, plus tips!" So what? My first job, I only made 5.45 an hour, and I sure as hell wasn't getting any tips. I don't feel sorry for these people. Also, let's face the facts: if your'e a crummy waiter, all your'e gonna get is crumbs.

I left a quarter tip at IHOP's last year.

/bore useless information
2003-07-09 03:48:39 AM  
DenvrHottie: As a waiter I sometimes crouch down to eye level. I'm tall and having me hover looking down at them intimidates some people. I also crouch when I'm talking with kids.

That's why I don't like it when waters crouch down. I feel like I am being treated like a kid.
2003-07-09 04:00:57 AM  
Waitresses who copy their customers' behaviour get substantially bigger tips than those who don't

I'm gonna start dropping my trousers in retaurants!
2003-07-09 04:03:43 AM  
The article states this, but mimicking someone's body language is a huge way to subconciously demonstrate that you understand them. This skill is of great importance to professional salespersons. Poor or incompatible body language will tank a surprising amount of sales.

Kind of a related point...I once worked with a sales manager who could simply take a 30 second glance from way across the office at one of his salespersons sitting and talking with a client and immediately judge whether or not the sale was going to be made. The scary thing is that he was right probably 4 out of 5 times...all from reading body language. If he came near you and tried to subtly get your attention when you were with a client, it was his way of telling you "Hey dumbass, you're boring these poor folks to something different fast." He was amazing...taught me a lot, and saved my ass quite a few times.
2003-07-09 04:04:53 AM  
I don't wait tables anymore but I used to in a fairly nice but easy going place.

This is what I learned.
My tips averaged more than most of the waitresses by a bit. I am a man. Sad but true. I'd like to say I just kicked butt but I doubt that was the reason.
Best way to get a bigger tip is to sell more, not give better service.
Be enthusiastic but match the customer's demenour like Denver said.
Clear the shiat off the table if it doesn't need to be there. All that was at a table when they left were the last glasses/mugs used. When I started doing that, tips went up.
Always blame the kitchen, ppl usually don't punish you for others mistake.

Where I worked you could either add 18% gratutiy in on large parties or not, it was the waiters choice. Most of the staff always added it. I usually would go off of the feeling I got from the table so I added it about 30% of the time. I usually got a larger tip if I didn't add it, sometimes smaller, but I know that there were many that wouldn't put a 10% tip on a $400 bill so I better put it there.

I got more but that's all for now.
2003-07-09 04:08:27 AM

[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-09 04:12:59 AM  
Oh yeah, I ate at Outback once with the wife and the server did that sit down and chat thing. I thought the service was OK, not spectacular. After we left my wife was complaining about the waitress and stuff, she just didn't like the girl after she sat down and chatted and was overly critical. We've had much worse service in the past that went unmentioned. I bet waitresses that do this with husbands get crappy tips if the wife fills out the cc bill.
2003-07-09 04:13:25 AM  
So if you wait on one of these guys who picks his nose proudly in public - imitating him will increase your tip?
2003-07-09 04:14:04 AM  
Q: What's the difference between a canoe and a Canadian?

A: A canoe will tip!

Hoo-hoo! Eh?
2003-07-09 04:18:13 AM  
I'll tip a waitress 20% if she sits in my lap. 30% if she's ticklish.
2003-07-09 04:18:14 AM  
At some "gentlemen's" clubs...

- I find it annoying when the dancers or waitresses will plop themselves at your table (or on your lap) and expect their charm (or perfume?) to coax you into pulling out the wallet...
2003-07-09 04:28:05 AM  
A tip from me to waiters: I am ALWAYS ready to pay as soon as you appear with the bill. If you drop off the bill and leave without my cash or credit card, your tip gets cut in half. I don't like having to sit there for 10 minutes with bill and money in hand waiting for you to come back when I could have left immediately. :)

I'm sure there is some deep psychological reason why wiaters and waitresses always do the drive-by bill drop, but I don't dig on it much.
2003-07-09 04:30:01 AM  
Zeromyhero a lot of people like to talk, eat the mints, or whatever after the bill has been left. I think a good server should drop the bill off, walk away, but keep an eye out. If someone pulls out their wallet come back and collect the bill, if they ignore it let them sit for a while.
2003-07-09 04:33:33 AM  
The number of people that get annoyed by the waiter 'hovering' for the cash far out weighs you. Do you have your cash/cc ready when the bill is dropped? Do you tell the waiter, 'wait a sec, I'm ready'. If not then why would you expect the server to stay?
2003-07-09 04:38:19 AM  
When I dated a lot I would always let the bill sit there on the table for a few minutes. I thought at the time that it would make it seem as if I didn't care how much the total was. Probably most of the girls either didn't notice, pretended not to notice, or thought I expected them to pay it.

Now I am dating an Australian and she still hates the concept of tipping after 7 months in the States.
2003-07-09 04:39:23 AM  
Japan's a great place for tipping.

Just try it. They simply don't accept them, feeling that if it was necessary to 'bribe' them they weren't doing their jobs properly. The waiter/waitress will come running down the street after you to give it back!

Despite that, Japan has about the best level of service I've seen anywhere. The only place where you can walk into a a restaurant, or even a quickie-mart and everyone shouts 'welcome'. Kinda freaky at first but you get used to it.
2003-07-09 04:43:10 AM  
"Imitation is the sincerest form of flatulence"

2003-07-09 04:43:37 AM  
lindseyp having the tip built into the bill (in the form of higher prices due to a good wage for servers) would certainly be nice. That way you don't penalize the normal and generous people at the expense of the people who don't tip.
2003-07-09 04:44:57 AM  
I've got a big tip for ya right here, honey.
2003-07-09 04:48:33 AM  
My pet peeve is the waitress who takes my plate without asking if she can take it away. Almost always, I have finished my meal and my girlfriend won't even have come close to finishing her meal and won't even eat half of her meal anyways. So please don't take away my plate, I still need it to feed my fat face. Once I am done eating, I want to leave, so I get out my cc in advance. I play rock-paper-scissors with my girlfriend to see who pays the bill, with the twist that the winner pays. I am always happy to tip alot knowing I kicked her ass in the game.
2003-07-09 04:53:59 AM  
I as well am a Pizza Delivery guy (and a college student, it ain't a career). This "study" deserves the obvious tag. People are more apt to tip me when I bong a beer with them (plus, free beer) or am completely cool about them smoking weed, you just try to associate with people and it does work.

But the 2-3 girls i work with will slaughter me in tips (possibly because people consider this a lot more dangerous than waiting at a restaurant or just because i'm in a college town). And I will slaughter the guys who don't look like they're putting themselves through college. Wanna know just how much more money girls make? Same amount of Deliveries, same dollar amount of business, i'd say it's somewhere between 30-40% more in tips.
And most of the time, by the way, I can tell just by looking at a person how much i'm gonna get tipped, maybe that's the cause of SOME farkers poor service at restaurants.
2003-07-09 04:59:32 AM  
I don't like eating out in the US because tipping makes it a hassle. In every other business I expect that I will be served with efficiency and courtesy because I am a customer. Why does it need otherwise with bars and restaurants? Soon I will have to tip the cashier in the supermarket.

And before you know, prices have no meaning anymore because you are supposed to give everyone extra money. Luckily the madness of tipping is mostly limited to the US.
2003-07-09 05:01:33 AM  
I'm more likely to give a bigger tip to a man than a woman (no underlying sexual humor to be found here, folks). At least when you give a guy money, you know he'll spend it on something worthwhile. Like drugs, or booze. Maybe porn. With women, what'll they do? Pay bills? Buy that new mascara that (enter model/celebrity) is pitching on the television? Thanks, but no thanks.

/sexist manifesto
2003-07-09 05:13:26 AM  
I'm pretty sure I saw this exact article on Fark 6 months ago, at which time I made the same comment:

I never got the tipping thing in the US, it drove me nuts. Employers should PAY their bloody staff enough, and not expect the customer to 1) buy the food/wine/beer and also pay for the waiter too. In that case, i'll buy food, and cook it at home. Makes no sense to me, but there you go. I worked as a bartender and waitress in here and in Ireland and Scotland, and never got more then 10% tip, which was considered a big bonus, as my wage was decent for the work (5.50 pound sterling at the time..thats what? 7 or 8 dollars? per hour)

Here in holland its again rare to tip, as, well..if I have to pay the waiters wages as well as for the food, then why? and they get very decent salaries 9Dutch wait staff are rude anyway in general, you'd have to be nuts to give them a tip)
2003-07-09 05:14:33 AM  


I wouldn't go into a place that didn't rely on them. Not if I wanted my food served hot, at least.
2003-07-09 05:29:04 AM  
ahh, the good old tips acronym. Question for Farkers not in the US and in places that don't like to tip though, is there a lot of food delivery places where you live? I'm assuming that's a luxury of having a society based on tipping.
2003-07-09 05:30:32 AM  
SciHobo Of course there are, the cost of what you order includes the delivery charge.
2003-07-09 05:35:11 AM  
Ouch, if I had the same job with a standard delivery charge i'd take my time and be a lot less friendly on my deliveries. Pizza Hut has a standard 50 cent delivery charge, i worked there when they started it, and guess what, the driver got 50 cents a delivery before the charge started, and got 50 cents after it, way to screw over your own employees. Papa Johns isn't that stupid at least.
2003-07-09 05:39:34 AM  

otherwise no tip for you ;)
2003-07-09 05:42:54 AM  

Patent Pending, and Snow Crash for that matter, rock. Good show, lad!
2003-07-09 05:47:32 AM  

A friend of mine worked for Dominos pizza as delivery person while in college. The hourly pay is ok for such a low grade job, people usually tip about 10% of the value, basically between 1-3 euro per delivery, except for students whom he hates delivering to. The delivery charge is nil, if the location is a 2/3 km radius of the pizza place. The concept is..Dominos pay their staff properly (as such jobs ain't brain surgery) provide the bike/scooter and uniform thingy, give the staff free food, and flexible hours etc, and some customers let 'em keep the change as well. They make a little bit less profit on their pizza business, therefore, then employeers who don't pay staff, but rely on the customer to cover this cost via tips. The customer isn't expected to pay for pizza, and pay for its delivery, and pay the guy who delivers as well....makes sense to me, anyway, why pay delivery charge, pay for a pizza AND again pay the guy who delivers. I imaginr the delivery charge doesn't reallyend up in the pocket of the delivery person anyway.
2003-07-09 05:50:03 AM  
SweaterGirl, that applies to US only. Everywhere else your food and drinks will make it to your table in a timely fashion completely without tips. Just like in any other business the waiters are expected to do their work for which they're paid a salary.
2003-07-09 05:50:07 AM  
that's the difference, sounds like a larger city, I'm in a city of 40,000 and drive my own car at work, make 5% of my net sales as commission, 6.99 one large one topping college special, 35 cents in commission... Tipping is very near and dear to me.
2003-07-09 05:51:31 AM  
Meh, I have no problem with tipping. In fact, as others have noted, it can really work in your favor.

In a crowded bar, one fairly big tip with your first drink of the night will help keep the flow of beverages going all night long. When the crowd around the bar is 4 people deep, dropping an extra 5-spot early in the evening will pay off big.
2003-07-09 05:57:07 AM  
2003-07-09 05:50:03 AM babycrepe

SweaterGirl, that applies to US only. Everywhere else your food and drinks will make it to your table in a timely fashion completely without tips. Just like in any other business the waiters are expected to do their work for which they're paid a salary.

Ah, but see, waiting isn't like any other business - there's such a huge grey area. How long is "timely"? It's not really set in stone. For most jobs, there's a pretty clear cut line between doing your job and not doing your job; when waiting tables, that line is pretty vague.
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