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(   Wimbledon security guard spotted three men urinating on centre court baseline, net but did nothing about it because "there was no Brit in the final"   ( divider line
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7043 clicks; posted to Main » on 08 Jul 2003 at 4:55 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-07-08 02:15:40 PM  
I did this on the 50 yard line at the University of Michigan football stadium once, at two a.m., sober.

to this day, i couldn't tell you why.
2003-07-08 02:24:21 PM  

Because you could?
2003-07-08 04:57:26 PM  
But wouldn't the ball-boys be brit?

/too many b's in a sentence....
2003-07-08 04:59:23 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
sorry, had to.
2003-07-08 04:59:26 PM  
I peed off an overpass onto the windshield of a car stuck in a traffic jam.
2003-07-08 05:00:18 PM  
isn't that special?
2003-07-08 05:01:04 PM  
Stupid brits.
2003-07-08 05:01:11 PM  
What, so p***ing is a bad word now? I can't talk about how I need to take a p***? I mean, I can understand if I was trying to talk about my p****, but come on... everyone on the planet p***es, what's the big p***ing deal?

Darn aussies.

I'm working on trying to find a way to blame this on liberals, but so far I've got nothing.
2003-07-08 05:01:33 PM  

"He said he would just leave it to dry as there was no Brit in the final,"

We'll see how much you British like it when I go piss in your locker rooms during the Soccer World cup. "Why does it matter if I piss here, no American teams ever make the soccer playoffs anyways !"

2003-07-08 05:05:13 PM  
"Why does it matter if I piss here, no American teams ever make the soccer playoffs anyways !"

thats not true though, and he wasnt the one pissing there.
2003-07-08 05:08:56 PM  
Aussies; 'nuff said. Surprised they waited till nightfall to drop trou.
2003-07-08 05:12:56 PM  
They better just hope the Nazis don't come back.

/irrational observation
2003-07-08 05:17:20 PM  
Altho I'm probably the only avid tennis fan here...

This is Wimbeldon's 3rd major security snafu. First Anna K in a picture fest, then Venus in a headlock, now ppl pissing on Centre Court.

Can any of you Brits begin to tell me how security could be so poor at such a huge event? Wimbeldon is one of the biggest annual British events, yet security is run at like it's a county fair.
2003-07-08 05:17:55 PM  
...Anna K's incident happened last year, Venus was this year.
2003-07-08 05:21:15 PM  
Could it be that subconciously you hate the Wolverines as all good peoples of the world should?

/spartan fan
2003-07-08 05:24:07 PM  
british security:
2003-07-08 05:24:29 PM  

As a huge OSU fan, I am envious!!!
2003-07-08 05:25:18 PM  
Why did the grass look so shiaty this year?

I guess cause "there was no Brit in the final"
2003-07-08 05:27:46 PM  
maybe there were too many people pissing on the grass
2003-07-08 05:37:15 PM  
I thought this sort of thing was funny when I was 23, too. Actually, now that I am 34, I still think it is funny.
2003-07-08 05:38:51 PM  
Nightsweat - too freaking funny... and totally random.
2003-07-08 05:39:02 PM  

...egads man. So apparently by British standards security is as tight as ever at Wimbeldon?
2003-07-08 05:40:46 PM  
by british standards, if theres not a nuke strapped to the guys dick, let him piss. note: i love england, i just find this funny - so dont flame me, english.
2003-07-08 05:48:44 PM  
Piss Poor judgement on his part if you ask me
2003-07-08 05:53:13 PM  
«"I took them to a gate where the police arrived and cautioned them. But I didn't tell the police about the p***ing, as I'm only 23 and I thought it was quite funny»

Translation: "Hi. I do something stupid, tell about it to the press, and give enough personal information for them to start a witch hunt, if not identify me personally. In short, my parents were strangers."
2003-07-08 06:02:35 PM  
If Martina & the Williams sisters want to whip their cocks out and piss on centre court in some sort of drug-crazed midnight prank, it'd take a braver man than me to stop them.
2003-07-08 06:08:34 PM  
Why is that cow pissing on that boy's head??!??!?
2003-07-08 06:15:46 PM  
GIS for "aussie piss"

[image from too old to be available]

Ain't that the truth. Australia should be invaded solely for their massive marketing of this swill.
2003-07-08 06:28:01 PM  
Did you guys see 28 Days Later? It took a little over a month to turn the Brits into friggin' rapists.
2003-07-08 06:29:21 PM  
Does Fosters even sell in Aussieland? I've always wondered if maybe it was something like all those five dollar supermarket jug wines with French names here.
2003-07-08 06:31:22 PM  
as I'm only 23 and I thought it was quite funny.

Your ge-ge-generation.
2003-07-08 06:32:14 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

GIS for "australian piss" - i dont think this is a joke...
2003-07-08 07:42:09 PM  
Tennis players, upper class twits eating strawberries, silly old ladies with blue hair and funny hats, fark secrutiy, nuke urinate on the lot of them.
2003-07-08 08:15:09 PM  
Headline poster randomly, inserts comma. No reason, given.
2003-07-08 08:15:18 PM  
That's awesome, akulaalfa - totally beats the Moose Drool I tried last year...

[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-08 08:31:27 PM  
"Why does it matter if I piss here, no American teams ever make the soccer playoffs anyways !"

Last I saw we were about even in the world if you can just convince anyone else in the US to care...

/less than a month until pre-season NFL
2003-07-08 10:03:15 PM  
I wonder will they do a sniff test
2003-07-09 12:11:22 AM  
"Centre" just looks funny. In the States, we spell things logically and phonetically(well, for the most part).

/"center" just makes much more sense
2003-07-09 01:13:46 AM  
Mark Philipoussis is the hottest tennis player. Ever. Fark Federer!
2003-07-09 04:21:39 AM  
im sure 'the poo' would be flattered BrewCityQueen :)
2003-07-09 04:59:05 AM  
akulaalfa: I'll let you in on the secret. Fosters doesn't sell down here. I know it's crap and I don't drink (alcohol) much at all.

Fosters is a great Aussie joke that the rest of the world doesn't get. Especially the Brits. (You can throw Neighbours and Home and Away in there too)
2003-07-09 07:21:19 AM  
Moth, no-one really cares about Tennis over here, there are loads of bigger sports events, Tennis is a crap, dull game in my opinion.
2003-07-09 08:08:16 AM  
Australia exports Fosters (the crap) and keeps all the good stuff for themselves (Hahns and James Boags for instance)
2003-07-09 09:05:48 AM  
Not true hlx.

Fosters export is like Crown Lager.
2003-07-09 09:08:31 AM  
Actually if you look at a bottle/can of foster's, you will see it isn't even brewed in Austrailia.
2003-07-09 11:12:46 AM  
They mean to win wimbledon.
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