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(Some Guy)   Generate some random urban legends and mass mail them to all your friends   ( divider line
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5135 clicks; posted to Main » on 15 Oct 2001 at 3:56 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-10-15 04:00:29 PM  
One time ... at band camp ...
2001-10-15 04:01:11 PM  
pretty ghey.
sadly that site will be farked in a matter of minutes.
2001-10-15 04:01:48 PM  
haha, not!!!
2001-10-15 04:03:32 PM  
thanks for making it easier for farkers to send me this shiat
2001-10-15 04:04:14 PM  
Anyone ever have a friend get online for the first time and they start sending you the oldest worn out crap from the net. Its so sad!
2001-10-15 04:06:58 PM  
Yes Thirdrail, that's been happening to me for about 10 years now. I still get stuff from Internet newbies that I used to get in my email in the early 90s. Sad indeed.
2001-10-15 04:08:04 PM  
a monster has just been unleashed...
2001-10-15 04:09:15 PM  
This might've been fun had it actually been "random"... the menu choices are too specific and predictable.
2001-10-15 04:14:31 PM  
speaking of farking crap... how many people got the one about not going into malls on Halloween today?
2001-10-15 04:17:09 PM  
This one time, my 2nd cousin on my mother's side, got this account from some baby ISP, and put up this random-generation website where you could make up dirty fortunes for Chinese fortune cookies, and it was really lame, and he told all his friends to check it out. And so many people hit it at once that crashed and couldn't be recovered.
2001-10-15 04:18:40 PM  
A friend said that a friend had been told by a friend about both 911 and the halloween thing, back in january.
2001-10-15 04:20:23 PM  

That Halloween email made its way into our email at work and I have now got 25 reply-all messages saying please don't reply-all! It's nuts!
2001-10-15 04:20:40 PM  
Already farked.
2001-10-15 04:23:34 PM  
Alienmagic, Well I officially apologize for any thing that I might have sent you or anybody else back in 1990. Sorry!
2001-10-15 04:24:39 PM  
The only hoax email that should be perpetuated is the "AOL.EXE is a virus" one
2001-10-15 04:25:25 PM  
Omerta_bk, I got that one last week.
2001-10-15 04:28:33 PM  
Thirdrail, apology accepted :)

Omerta_bk, got that one last week, too.
2001-10-15 04:28:37 PM  
The Halloween thing has already been proved a hoax by Check it out, y'all.
2001-10-15 04:29:30 PM  
Ahhh some oldies,

Microsoft mouse balls memo
The rocket car guy.
The guy fixing his roof that went up and down injuring himself each time.

I still gt these! ohhhhh!
This is why I have all FWD messages automaticly deleted.
2001-10-15 04:31:12 PM  
who thought this was a good idea?
2001-10-15 04:32:09 PM  
I hate these urban legends.
Except for the one about people waking up in ice
water with their kidneys removed.
That one was true.
2001-10-15 04:39:10 PM  
Me thinks it has been FARKED.
2001-10-15 04:43:22 PM  
I'm thinking up an urban legend. Spread the word.

Originally AIDS was caused by female gorillas masturbating with ebola contaminated bannans. It was spread to humans when Jane Goodall was raped by a contaminated male. This was never put into her book because she was too humiliated about the whole experience.

I wonder if we could make this one "fly"

Hahahaha more internet trash.
2001-10-15 04:47:27 PM  
Urban legends have a great purpose, they keep you from looking too closely at the cattle mutilations.

That being said, I would love to start one concerning those satinistic markings they scratch in front of intersections, just what form of demon is contained in all of those pentagrams?

Any good Christian should be concerned about losing their immortal soul as they pass under the green lights from hell.

I am not making this up!

Send three copies of this to all of your friends and then cower under a bed for three more weeks, we should be safe then.
2001-10-15 04:49:58 PM  
I know a good one. I just made this up. The newest fad is for pet ownwers and thier pets to get matching tattoos! Just a few simple photoshops and shazaam! This would really piss people off.
Well I think it's funny anyway.
2001-10-15 04:51:19 PM  
A friend of a friend of mine got the Halloween email (luckily he didn't have to pay an email tax on it), and later that night when he flashed his brights at an oncoming car, he realized that the pictures he just got back from fotomat contained a picture of a burglar with his toothbrush shoved up his ass -- the same burglar they had found dead in his bathtub with one kidney removed. Strange.
2001-10-15 04:57:32 PM  
I know this guy, who has a friend who went on this Caribbean Cruise. While he was on the cruise, he noticed these other guys acting all strange, they were sort of Arab-looking. After a couple of days, he finally had enough so he decided to sneak into their cabin. He was never seen again, but later they found the shorts he was wearing washed up on a Florida beach, near Palm Springs! The date: September 11, 2001.
2001-10-15 04:58:29 PM  
Be sure to send the previous post to everyone you know.
2001-10-15 05:27:15 PM  
I like the 'Florida beach, near Palm Springs' part.
2001-10-15 05:32:25 PM  
2001-10-15 05:35:43 PM  
By friend's brother's barber's sister-in-law doesn't have any friends. That's why I never hear about these things. Crazy world, huh?

A worthwhile rumor we might spread is that Special Forces soldiers are smearing pork fat on their bullets as they wait to go into Afghanistan. Seriously.
2001-10-15 05:51:55 PM  
Every time you click on fark then $0.0005 will be donated to save a little boy dying of cancer.
2001-10-15 05:53:16 PM  
Oh the pets-and-owners matching tattoos is PRECIOUS! I could just see it actually catching on!.. Photoshops would have to be convincing, but wow! the possibilities... Good thinking MaxLoad.. lemme know if you go ahead with it.
2001-10-15 06:40:32 PM  
anybody remember the fake chain letter from the little boy who only had a head and his mother needed money, please don't cry, mommy, why are you crying? so that he could get a new body? right now we are very poor and all we can afford for a body is a bag of dried leaves. forward this email to all of your friends and the nasa astronauts will take them into space and give them to god and god will give my mommy money for a new body. hahahaha... I hate those stupid chain emails.
2001-10-15 07:22:19 PM  
With "hundreds" of real anthrax mail scares (according to the NBC Evening News), who needs urban legends anymore?
2001-10-15 08:12:55 PM  
Kibo, that was hilarious; thank you.
2001-10-15 08:50:23 PM  
Kibo... that was beautiful. I almost cried. Encore!
2001-10-15 08:55:23 PM  
I once knew this guy that ate a Whatchamacallit and the next day had rice all in his poop. True story, man!
2001-10-15 11:25:42 PM  
I am still waiting for that refund from Bill Gates.
And my babyfood settlement money.
2001-10-16 02:43:28 AM  
My great-grandfather, hard of hearing, did not hear the beep-beep-beep of the dump truck that was backing up. He got squished right through the chicken wire!

No really....
2001-10-16 06:02:20 PM  
Yeah, the pet tatoo idea is a good one, except that you'd have to shave 'em to see the tatoo.

And I'd like to watch someone try to put a tatoo on a cat....

Preferably from outside the tatoo shop!
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