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(The Sun)   Stephen Hawking pops into a strip club (w/ pic)   ( divider line
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46533 clicks; posted to Main » on 08 Jul 2003 at 4:28 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-07-08 12:25:23 AM  
His robotic voice must've been so awkward if he got a lap dance.
2003-07-08 12:30:42 AM  
Oh man this made my night, hahahah go Hawking!
2003-07-08 12:40:57 AM  
No doubt doing more research into the big bang theory.

Thank you very much, I'll be here all week.
2003-07-08 12:56:04 AM  
He truly is one of earth's greatest citizens.
/ sniff sniff
2003-07-08 12:57:03 AM  
Phew, now I don't feel so dumb for hitting the strip-clubs lately. Even the smart guys do it.
2003-07-08 01:10:22 AM  
MC Hawking gets all the fly biatches, yo.
2003-07-08 01:15:27 AM  
what, no "the Sun is there?"
2003-07-08 01:21:37 AM  
Looks like he ate a bag of Oreos before he got there.
2003-07-08 01:25:23 AM  
Good for him! I hope he got a BJ from her.
2003-07-08 01:28:57 AM  
Chick master! Chick Master! The mighty Stephen Hawking is a farking Chick Master!
2003-07-08 01:40:57 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

This image is forever burned onto my retina... And the Sun was there.
2003-07-08 02:15:04 AM  
Hahaha, Kent, I was thinking the same thing.

Seriously though, doesn't anyone brush his teeth for him? Honestly.
2003-07-08 03:36:24 AM  
2003-07-08 03:40:03 AM  
Haha. What the crazy biatches won't do for money.
2003-07-08 03:47:50 AM  
Anyone ever hear David Cross' impression of Stephen Hawking with a hooker? It is something to behear.

It's only 45 minutes into my Tuesday, but that picture will definitely end up as my favorite of the day.
2003-07-08 03:54:18 AM  
And I think that's just leftover pudding in his teeth, from a May picture.
2003-07-08 04:35:11 AM  

2003-07-08 04:36:08 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
Yes, you suck, I rule.
Who da man?
Who da man?
Who da man?
2003-07-08 04:38:05 AM  
I had lunch with Stephen about 3 months ago. He's not one for small talk, obviously, but I had quite a conversation with his personal assistant. Very interesting fellow.
2003-07-08 04:38:37 AM  
/me now has the voice of Stephen Hawkings running round his head going "Yes baby. Work it baby. Shake that arse"

heh heh, i think i may have to go and find that speech synthesis program.
2003-07-08 04:38:39 AM  
I'm lmao at some of these comments.

Farkers are gods gift to the internet. Or maybe even Satan's curse on the internet. Either way, Fark-ahoy.
2003-07-08 04:41:46 AM  
Look out for his new book, "A Brief History of Boobies!"
2003-07-08 04:42:38 AM  
Jova Who's interesting: Prof Hawking himself or his assistant?
2003-07-08 04:46:38 AM  
They both are. But Hawking, of course, is much more interesting than that kid. Actually, in the cirlces I run in (physics) Hawking is considered to be overrated. And he is, in my opinion. Sure he is inspirational and brilliant, but as a scientist he leaves more to be desired. What's his legacy? Hawking radiation? I'd imagine a Lucasian Professor, who hold's the same position in Cambridge as Sir Isaac Newton, to at have a Nobel Prize under his belt.
2003-07-08 04:50:40 AM  
So this is what happens when an irresistable force meets in immobile mass.
2003-07-08 04:52:52 AM  
I can't comment on the quality of his science credentials, but some things I've heard about him (as a person) over the years has been...disappointing.

Besides, Carl Sagan, dead for years, still rocks my world, a BEELYUN times over Hawking.

/still tripping on Cosmos
2003-07-08 04:53:11 AM  
Well hey. When you're in his condition, the silver lining is.........

2003-07-08 04:53:12 AM  
I'll bet $50(US) that I know exactly what that stripper was thinking the whole time...
"One Dollar"
"Two Dollar"
"Three Dollar"

- well, it was the UK, so "One pound, two pound", but you get the idea

2003-07-08 04:54:01 AM  
Pinko_Commie here's a sound clip
2003-07-08 04:55:58 AM  
T_J_Teru - His affair with his nurse? Leaving his wife of many years (who supported him before he turned out to be Mr. Popular)? Yeah, that is kind of disappointing. But I guess it's not fair to equate great intelligence with great moral character. Look at Newton, arguably the smartest man in history: an annoying prick who burned his parents house down.
2003-07-08 04:57:39 AM  
Hawking is cool.
2003-07-08 04:58:38 AM  
I had a professor who was a postdoc under Stephen Hawking. He said Dr. Hawking liked to party down with his postdocs and grad students.

I'm not kidding.
2003-07-08 05:00:58 AM  
Friends of mine saw him in Amsterdam in the red light district couple of weeks ago. What a dude !
2003-07-08 05:01:13 AM  
Go cyborgs!!!

/ stewie's voice from family guy.
2003-07-08 05:01:38 AM  
EplMania: Boom shacka lacka, boom shacka lacka, boom shacka lacka, boom.
2003-07-08 05:01:47 AM  
Note to self: Design robotic arm for placing of tips in g-string.
2003-07-08 05:06:12 AM  
According to my cousin, Hawking is joint owner of a chain of brothels and opium dens in thailand. Apparently he really knows how to party. Spends half his time there wasted on some local speciallity they make out of snkae venom.
2003-07-08 05:08:49 AM  
nice one kwang
2003-07-08 05:09:18 AM  
Someone beat me to it, but here it is anyway:
[image from too old to be available]

... and here's a Pshop I did earlier:

[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-08 05:10:13 AM  
Kent, re: the bag of oreos comment - You funny bastard!
2003-07-08 05:11:00 AM  
Being an ignorant Brit - what are oreos ?
2003-07-08 05:11:30 AM  
I read that Prof. Hawking was a reall pain in the ass to the students in his residence, always complaining.

Guess he lightened up a bit.
2003-07-08 05:12:30 AM  
Oreos = dark black chocolate cream biscuits. (cookies)
2003-07-08 05:13:57 AM  
MC hawking needz his Ho's, word.

[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-08 05:14:10 AM  
He was there to perform an experiment in G-String theory.
2003-07-08 05:15:28 AM  
Maybe he was looking for a hole for his worm
2003-07-08 05:18:56 AM  
Playtime continuum?

/running out of ideas fast.

wish we had voting :)
2003-07-08 05:22:09 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-08 05:25:17 AM  
2003-07-08 05:11:00 AM malcy
Being an ignorant Brit - what are oreos ?

Click here for answer!
2003-07-08 05:26:20 AM  
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