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9355 clicks; posted to Main » on 05 Jul 2003 at 6:41 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-07-05 05:34:14 PM  
"Hello, vicar!"

2003-07-05 05:42:32 PM  
It's not really the mass that's sexy so much as the volume.
2003-07-05 06:45:13 PM  
Which Bond girl was she? In Tomorrow Never Dies, there was the Chinese girl and Teri Hatcher as "Paris Carver". The only other girl left is the Dutch instructor in the very beginning of the movie. 5 minutes of screen time does not a Bond Girl make.
2003-07-05 06:45:22 PM  
I love this part of the article - "...said she had always known her real calling was religion..."

Yeah, right....
2003-07-05 06:47:36 PM  
is it still called "Mass" if it's not a Catholic service?
(no, this is a serious question.)
2003-07-05 06:47:43 PM  
<--- wish she would show me her rectory!!
2003-07-05 06:48:28 PM  
Could it be? Definietly SFW.
2003-07-05 06:49:02 PM  
By the way, 4th row, 3rd column.
2003-07-05 06:49:38 PM  
vicar? I barely know 'er!
2003-07-05 06:50:15 PM  
I like my communion wine shaken, not stirred.

No, as far as I know, it's just called a worship service.
2003-07-05 06:52:19 PM  
I don't even see her name on imdb for Tomorrow Never Dies.

Tomorrow Never Dies
2003-07-05 06:53:06 PM  
New Bond girl name:

Leica Virgin.
2003-07-05 06:53:40 PM  
Hmmmm. IMDB has no listing for Shannon Ledbetter, nor does the name appear in the "Tomorrow Never Dies" cast list. Suppose she was punching up her resume in order to snag a primo vicarship (or whatever)?
2003-07-05 06:55:59 PM  
not so hot....

but i might hit it.

And bond girl, bull shiat. She's no more a bond girl than I'm an action star cause I was an extra in Van Dam flick.
2003-07-05 06:56:12 PM  
Hey Forsythe, what's up with that video you mentioned? Were you gonna send that or what?
2003-07-05 06:57:44 PM  
I'd bless it!
2003-07-05 06:57:47 PM  
Born in Germany, she became a model at age was 21 and landed a part in the movie, wearing a skintight black outfit.

"I got close to (Irish actor) Pierce Brosnan (who played Bond) and that was exciting," Ms Ledbetter said.

Vicar, I have done many bad things. Well, so have I. What shall I do? Well, drink five Bloody Marys and, uh, you wont remember.

/Cake or Death?
2003-07-05 06:58:23 PM  
Bond Girl my arse.
2003-07-05 06:59:26 PM  
now if, it was Denise Richards that would be a whole other story.

I mean the coming of christmas would spawn all sorts of great lines. And who could resit asking if you could drink the communion wine off her bare breasts.
2003-07-05 07:04:44 PM  
Good_Moleman _too_You: Hey,man! Yeah,finally wrapped up my project in our bathroom,and had a chance to dub it the other day. I'll mail it out Monday. Thanks for the book,again.
2003-07-05 07:05:02 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Maybe her definition of a bond girl is any female that appears in a 007 movie.
2003-07-05 07:07:54 PM  
No prob, Forsythe. Thanks for the video, I'll be watching the mail eagerly for it :)
2003-07-05 07:10:43 PM  
Pah! Any bond movie made after the 70s is crap and not a real bond movie in my eyes.

Sean Connery = The man
George Lazenby = Okay
Roger Moore = hummmm.... -- Cut off point somewhere here --
Timothy Dolton = wanker
Pierce Brosnan = ponce

I mean FFS! You had bond driving a BMW, a german car! The real bond would never do that, he sooner drive a Reliant Robin.

2003-07-05 07:13:46 PM  
Connery was the best Bond, no question. Brosnan is 2nd, the others.....ehh...
2003-07-05 07:19:36 PM  
The very best Bond of all time was Danger Mouse.

[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-05 07:23:28 PM  
Ooops, I forgot David Niven as Bond (Casino Royal). Um... put him above Dolton but below Moore.

And I want Danger Mouse's car, it's the mutt's nuts.
2003-07-05 07:33:21 PM  
Today must be horse day on Fark
2003-07-05 07:35:43 PM  
She's not even credited and she's old! What a letdown.
2003-07-05 07:37:12 PM  
The Vicar's an imposter?

Cake or Death?

Why death please.....just kidding, I'll have cake too.

/clever Eddie Izzard reference by TylankRetore
2003-07-05 07:43:21 PM  
I'll have the chicken.
2003-07-05 08:06:30 PM  
Whoever greenlite this article and the sims article next to eachother is a freakin' genius and hilarious to boot. Nice to see that Fark can provide two forums: one for people who aren't afraid of girls and one for people who need a virtual life.
2003-07-05 08:06:37 PM  
ahhh! you chose death!

/continuing the threadjack
2003-07-05 08:17:32 PM  
There is no record of this woman in Tomorrow Never Dies movie. There is actually no record of this woman being in any movie. In fact, if you try to google "Shannon Ledbetter" and "Tomorrow Never Dies" you get zero hits. WTF?

/smells something strange
2003-07-05 08:40:50 PM  
Hey Blumf, would you accept Clive Owen as James Bond?
2003-07-05 08:44:06 PM  
Excellent man, I am from outside of Camden and the second I saw your tag I thought 'there is a person who is either from S. Jersey or knows alot about it'

In other news...

Did anyone else think that Grace Jones was the man when Bond banged her?

Bond:'Well thank you for a wonderful night...'

GJ: 'Where are you going? I'm not done with you, wussy. Get it hard now!'

Bond: "But...I...uh..."

GJ: (punches him) 'I SAID NOW!'
2003-07-05 08:44:55 PM  
i think this chick was an extra or something.
this is her? not a Bond material at all.
[image from too old to be available]

but this is:
[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-05 08:50:19 PM  
hmm, maybe one of the blonds?

[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-05 08:52:19 PM  
Ordaned Bond Girl + Dirty Vicar == More entertaining Dirty Vicar Sketch
2003-07-05 08:53:33 PM  
Just look out for Father Peter Puffer.
2003-07-05 09:04:38 PM  
Mmmmmmmmm...Carey Lowell = most sexy recent Bond girl
2003-07-05 09:15:20 PM  
IrishDrunk - Yes, it's still called "Mass". If you do a Google search for "Anglican Mass" you can verify that.

The word "Mass" itself has some Latin origin, related to the Roman Catholic liturgy, I believe. The Anglican (aka Episcopalian or Church of England) church was split off of the Roman Catholic church in England by Henry VIII for political reasons rather than religious ones.
2003-07-05 09:32:26 PM  
She was a bloody extra, not a Bond girl, for cripes sake. Bugger all. And such.
2003-07-05 10:25:33 PM  
You would be surprised (possibly horrified, in the "what people look like when they wakeup category of things") what makeup and costume people can do to a person's "look." As many have pointed out, she isn't credited at all, which hardly makes her a Bondgirl. Maybe her face wasn't in the movie and only her body? Anyone have the DVD?
2003-07-05 10:59:40 PM  
not a bond girl by any stretch of the imagination. glad to see the journalistic world took notice of the ny times fiasco and took to heart the lessons learned about poor research.
2003-07-06 01:00:21 AM  
While awesome, that Hatcher pic MUST be fake....
2003-07-06 01:15:26 AM  
Digger, yes, its pretty obviously her head plopped on someone else's body.
2003-07-06 01:23:57 AM  
Nope, she's not at IMDB....
2003-07-06 01:48:38 AM  
I thought a genuine "Bond girl" had to have at least one scene in the sheets with Bond -- not just be female and have some face time, however little, in a Bond movie.
2003-07-06 01:51:46 AM  
What part did Ms Ledbetter actually play in that movie? I looked and she's not listed in the credits, and not an entry for anyone close to that name at IMDB either.

Was she in the background of one scene serving coffee or something?
2003-07-06 01:53:18 AM  
After the Bloody Marys, I think you have to say ten Hello Dollys...

/izzard more interesting than this link
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