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(The Wave)   Seanbaby examines celebrity exercise videos. Perfect article for those serious about getting in shape, or for those who want to see Angela Lansbury do pelvic thrusts in a tight, flesh-tone body suit   ( divider line
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10374 clicks; posted to Main » on 05 Jul 2003 at 4:08 PM (13 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-07-05 12:39:15 PM  
Wow, those were pretty hot...I don't know how I've managed to overlook them for this long :)
2003-07-05 02:37:49 PM  
I'd like to state for the record that the only thing I'd like to see Angela Lansbury in is a deep sea diving suit.
2003-07-05 02:51:49 PM  
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand the articleiscompletelyfarked.

Which is too bad, because Seanbaby is pain-in-the-gut-from-laughing funny.
2003-07-05 04:15:08 PM  
Farked after 129 hits?!? Is it running on an old, steam-powered server or something?
2003-07-05 04:15:19 PM  
2003-07-05 04:16:42 PM  
That sucks, but then again, I don't HAVE to see Angela Lansbury in a tight suit.
2003-07-05 04:16:47 PM  
Already farked? wtf?
2003-07-05 04:17:22 PM  
Their serve is t3h suxx0rz.
2003-07-05 04:17:50 PM  
And the Lord spake, declaring thine article to be farked.
2003-07-05 04:17:59 PM  
And my spelling is t3h suxx0rz, too. That should say, "Their server".
2003-07-05 04:20:00 PM  
Damn gerbil stopped running in its wheel... farked!

This site powered by... tired gerbils!
2003-07-05 04:22:31 PM  
It's not hosted by Seanbaby... maybe Seanbaby has a link on his site to it on his server?
2003-07-05 04:23:14 PM  
Angela Lansbury was pretty hot when she was younger. She was smokin' in "The Portrait of Dorian Gray".
2003-07-05 04:23:50 PM  
get lance armstrong back on that bike. not only does he power espn he powers that server. woah.
2003-07-05 04:24:33 PM  
Unable to connect to sessions database!
2003-07-05 04:25:21 PM  
Sorry 'bout that, it was fine when I submitted it (obviously)

Now I feel guilty. hold me.
2003-07-05 04:28:05 PM  
Unable to connect to sessions database!
I Think This Was The Easiest Fark Of All Time.....
2003-07-05 04:28:57 PM  
looks like the "hacking" started a little early...

2003-07-05 04:29:23 PM  
Seanbaby rocks. His Nintendo page ( is one of the most beautiful things online.
2003-07-05 04:33:36 PM  
Curses. 701 hits and it's already completely farked up. Moodddddssssss!
2003-07-05 04:34:16 PM  
Make that 731 hits. I'm not wearing my glasses.

2003-07-05 04:35:49 PM  
Still farked at 780.

For more Seanbaby antics, get a copy of EGM. He now has a column in the back of every issue, right before Hsu and Chan.

2003-07-05 04:38:37 PM  
God these are OLD. Can I just submit old stuff that's good then?
2003-07-05 04:43:58 PM  
DjArcas God these are OLD. Can I just submit old stuff that's good then?

Only if it involves Angela Lansbury in a skinsuit, or cops launching carrots out of their asses. Other content need not apply.
2003-07-05 04:43:59 PM  
999 hits, all farked.



/lights a cigarette
2003-07-05 04:46:27 PM  
The great thumb of Fark mashed another web sight.


/lights a cigarette too
2003-07-05 04:57:30 PM  
Dammit, I wanted to see this too.


Server: Unable to connect to sessions database.

Me: ...eff you!
2003-07-05 04:58:51 PM  
Still Farked at 1477.
2003-07-05 05:02:43 PM  
I believe this pwnij can be summed up in two characters: gg
2003-07-05 05:08:59 PM  
Seanbaby's NES page is worth it for the "Dear Nintendo Power," section alone. I think I actually recognized some of those letters from the actual magazines.

I wish Old Man Murray updated more than once a year. Their review/strategy guide for SWAT 3 is freaking hilarious.
2003-07-05 05:16:25 PM  
I don't see a link to it on Seanbaby's page. Such a shame, I want to read it.
2003-07-05 05:21:43 PM  
Cola, I thought you were one of the most beautiful things online.
2003-07-05 05:22:41 PM  
something about database error. where are the pics??
2003-07-05 05:33:22 PM  
Feetsza - You'll have better luck scoring at OzzFest. Not that I disagree with your sentiments....I'm just sayin'.
2003-07-05 05:42:21 PM  
Reading that headline after a day getting baked at the beach makes me want to just tear out my eyes.
2003-07-05 05:44:42 PM  
Seanbaby? Oh geez louise.. Why don't I just go back to reading Portal of Evil or the Stile Project again?
2003-07-05 05:45:17 PM  
So does anyone have naked pictures of Angela Lansbury or not?
2003-07-05 05:46:40 PM  
Holy crappy server Batman!
2003-07-05 05:54:21 PM  
Mirror, anyone?
2003-07-05 05:58:06 PM  
I wish Sean would do more appears our Seanbaby is becoming a Seanadult...probably got a job now and everything.
2003-07-05 06:02:27 PM  
So does anyone have naked pictures of Angela Lansbury or not?

Actually, ArmyOfFun, they do have Marie Callender's frozen dinners on sale at the downtown Randall's for $2.50 a pop. I recommend the Herb Roasted Chicken with Mashed Potatoes. No little packets of gravy to prop up in a bowl. No pulling the film back to turn the damn meat. You just poke the holes and wait til it's done. As simple as a microwave meal oughta be!
2003-07-05 06:09:52 PM  
Farked so soon?
2003-07-05 06:14:44 PM  
So, you're saying that a naked Angela Lansbury looks strikingly similar to frozen herb-roasted chicken?

Yeah. On second thought, I can see it.
2003-07-05 06:20:58 PM  
This server's forked worse than a road in Alabama.
2003-07-05 06:29:19 PM  
Seanbaby is sweet... too bad he's been neglecting his own website for the Wave mag.

We need a Seanbaby Tag!
2003-07-05 06:46:10 PM  
4418 still fark-ed
2003-07-05 06:46:49 PM  
Fark! It's been FARKed! Oh well.
Well, might as well post this here:

[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-05 06:46:59 PM  
2003-07-05 07:01:44 PM  
2003-07-05 07:04:46 PM  
Looking seductive:

[image from too old to be available]

The Lady in Red:

[image from too old to be available]

Very pretty:

[image from too old to be available]

Kicking some murdering ass:

[image from too old to be available]

Lookout!! Grandpa's fapping...
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