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86983 clicks; posted to Main » on 05 Jul 2003 at 5:56 AM (11 years ago)   |  Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-07-05 03:58:57 AM  
I don't want to jump to conclusions, but I really don't believe that "Brook" here was born a girl:
[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-05 05:55:40 AM  
Ah mine eyes, zee goggles do nothing!

Ahem, that's a MAN baby. mind you nothing much else on this site was any better.

2003-07-05 06:01:45 AM  
*whine* I want my plastic! No manface!
2003-07-05 06:02:48 AM  
Uuuh... I mean "AAAAAAGH!!!"
2003-07-05 06:03:08 AM  
"Brook" or "Bruce?"
2003-07-05 06:04:03 AM  
Click on Heather: eye-soothing goodness.
2003-07-05 06:04:05 AM  
OFMG that is soooo nasty.

2003-07-05 06:04:51 AM  
And all the nekkid pictures of "Brook" aren't helpful in determining her gender... not a single shot where "her" crotch is in any way shown.

Thank you, Lord!
2003-07-05 06:04:55 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

This one seems iffy to me as well
2003-07-05 06:05:46 AM  
Oh, and Barbara Cali's face looks a lot like Jennifer Connelly's. Yay!
2003-07-05 06:07:10 AM  
Clicking on Miranda makes the site worth it ... just be careful with some of the others
2003-07-05 06:07:10 AM  
Well, that does it. You frightened my sexuality so much that my viagra bottle has gone soft.

/doesn't actually use viagra
2003-07-05 06:11:34 AM  
No wonder this guy only does this as "a favor". It's not like he's giving up any potential money opprotunities or something.
2003-07-05 06:15:29 AM  
Ugh, wtf. They bring boobies back, but transformed. First, the giant titties of luv and now the small titties of ex-man luv. For the luv, we've had enuf luv, stop with the luv and give us boobies or change boobies to uglies and quit farking the tag.
2003-07-05 06:18:27 AM  
Brook reminds me of Crispin Glover.

[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-05 06:18:47 AM  
I assume by 'non-plastic' you mean 'non-coont' as well?
2003-07-05 06:18:48 AM  
Barbara Cali has similar bone structure to Connely but isnt near as uh...endowed, and shes not near as cute. :) The guys got some decent artistic shots, just cant look at their faces too much.
2003-07-05 06:22:53 AM  
that was a really sad post
2003-07-05 06:23:12 AM  
Hmm, Akira looks pretty good.
2003-07-05 06:23:43 AM  
This is a pay site? Why is the link on Fark? "31 More Dolly Photos in Mikey's Private Gallery Purchase Ticket"

Posting thumbzilla or thehun would be more relevant than this.
2003-07-05 06:26:42 AM  
Leanna Scott ... (NSFW)

... I'd hit that, definitely.
2003-07-05 06:34:14 AM  
Seriously thinking about it, I really would just prefer the girls with plastic boobs, butts whatever, just as long as I don't have to wake up next to Brook. gah.
2003-07-05 06:35:45 AM  
Cameron is beautiful, and definitely hittable.
Nina looks a bit like the girl next door.
Miranda is ok, I don't like her face. Probably hit it after a few drinks.
2003-07-05 06:42:46 AM  
Sabrina reminds me of Amanda Lepore (Drag queen).
2003-07-05 06:50:29 AM  
Some of those "ladies" are pretty nasty...

This one must be from the pr0n remake of The Ring.
2003-07-05 06:57:33 AM  
I hope people infer "NSFW" from the reference to pr0n in my last post...

Also, This nsfw picture is just plain weird.
2003-07-05 07:17:11 AM  
einsatz, thank you for that. I like it.
2003-07-05 07:33:14 AM  
The kittens are mostly safe today. Most of these chicks are not hittable.

/where's my airbrush?
2003-07-05 08:12:55 AM  
I am not running a modeling agency, I make no money, get no commissions. I put up modeling and contact information as a favor only.
Read: I like to do this as favor to (mostly) beautyful girls, hoping they return the favor. *nudge* *nudge* *wink* *wink*
ZAZ [TotalFark]
2003-07-05 08:16:58 AM  
Has the full story on the boobies drought been posted yet?
2003-07-05 08:48:32 AM  
It's getting more difficult to tell the girls from the boys every day....

2003-07-05 08:51:11 AM  
Ahh real women what do we do farkers?
2003-07-05 09:01:27 AM  
Tag should be [image from too old to be available]
2003-07-05 09:01:59 AM  
Actually, Michelle Monroe is pretty attractive, but you have to like that dominatrix look and not mind tattoos. But I'd say she's the best of the bunch for my money.

/would hit it if I could get within 150 yards of it
2003-07-05 09:20:33 AM  
I'd say "average". With a very large variance, for those of you who know your statistics.

What the hell are we doing (no, don't answer that) visiting b00bies sites at 9 am on a saturday? Aren't there cartoons on or something? The intarweb has farked up all our little rituals.
2003-07-05 09:37:33 AM  
That is one nasty looking kennel. I hope Mikey didn't build up their hopes of becoming models. They won't make it.
2003-07-05 09:39:45 AM  
I'd bust their bunkers

well..some of em anyway....
2003-07-05 09:44:46 AM  
A few of `em are cute - Ariane for example - make the site bearable.

The swamp donkeys - Brooke and Sabrina - are absolutely terrifying.
2003-07-05 09:52:51 AM  
*click pic for a gallery of real, but much better looking girls*

[image from too old to be available]

2003-07-05 10:01:01 AM  
2003-07-05 06:04:55 AM Gig103

Is it just me or does that look like a white Wesley Snipes?
2003-07-05 10:18:22 AM  
Yeah, I like Ariane too. She's got that wholesome, girl-next-door thing going.

And doesn't Michelle Monroe look a hell of a lot like Joan Cusack?
2003-07-05 10:52:36 AM  
models, eh ? You use that term loosely
2003-07-05 10:54:43 AM  
"Swamp Donkeys".

Farkin' classic. I will use it today.
2003-07-05 11:06:41 AM  
JOHNDX I know I've said this before, but you spend way too much time surfing for porn and boobies... thanks! Your links save the rest of us a lot of wasted time.
2003-07-05 11:10:08 AM  
"Swamp Donkeys" :-)
Rode hard and put away uh... wet
2003-07-05 11:15:08 AM  
JohnDx's post prompts me to wonder if there was ever a time in our history when it could have been anticipated exactly how many women would some day be willing to pose nude for internet pictures.

I dare say: inconceivable.
2003-07-05 11:20:00 AM  
This answers a big question for me. On a few occasions, I've met girls who were average looking at best, but who had somehow managed to delude themselves into thinking they were model material. A big ego is never attractive, but when an unremarkable girl thinks she's hot... well, that's about the most unappealing thing I can think of.
2003-07-05 11:21:45 AM  
these boobies are substandard. Try this instead (NSFW obviously)
2003-07-05 11:36:12 AM  
Actually Dufus I don't spend too much time looking for porn, someone just happen to send that link to me in e-mail this morning. I found it appropriate to post here.

2003-07-05 12:05:58 PM  
Something is definately wrong with this gallery.
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