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4895 clicks; posted to Main » on 05 Jul 2003 at 3:37 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-07-05 02:02:00 AM  
"The Newfoundland sealers have a game called head hockey, where they use a baby seal's head instead of a puck," Watson said in the release.

Gotta be more interesting than curling.

[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-05 02:03:28 AM  
Is "Clubbing the seal" Canadian slang for "Killing a Kitten?"
2003-07-05 02:55:09 AM  
Is this a medal event?
2003-07-05 03:09:54 AM  
No, HumbleGod, I think they'd use wood.
2003-07-05 03:45:15 AM  
Seal skin makes nice coats.
2003-07-05 03:46:09 AM  
I belong to a seal clubbing club. You should see our official seal. And our official club.
2003-07-05 03:46:43 AM  
Oh, I get a seal for an Olympic event and you get a medal. Do it ONCE at the Philadelphia Zoo and you are banned for life.

Hypocritical bastards.
2003-07-05 03:47:18 AM  
You all dont understand how vicious these things are. Its either them or you. Swing away.
2003-07-05 03:47:25 AM  
I do all my seal clubbing in Ice Climber, myself. Maybe that should be an event.
2003-07-05 03:49:06 AM  
Sounds good to me. Only as.sholes would club infant seals just to put a coat on some rich bitc.h's butt.
2003-07-05 03:52:30 AM  
Sorry folks, this is straight up bullshizzitty.

Why can't seals go to clubs? Oh sure, you might say "they have their own clubs" and so on, but we cannot progress as a society unless and until we recognize that seals have the every right to go "clubbin'" as the rest of us.
2003-07-05 03:52:44 AM  
yea, real hardcases kill bears with their bare hands for a coat.
i'd club seals all day if i got paid enough for it(well maybe not, but in principle!)
2003-07-05 03:54:38 AM  
i fail to see how any of you can eat meat and oppose seal clubbing. but, another story for another day. dont want a flamewar.
2003-07-05 03:56:17 AM  
Have you had seal? It tastes terrible. Too rubbery for my tastes.
2003-07-05 03:57:38 AM  
"The Newfoundland sealers have a game called head hockey, where they use a baby seal's head instead of a puck," Watson said in the release.

Yeah, and they rape old ladies and eat newborn babies, too. Bastards.
2003-07-05 03:58:13 AM  
Freaky Canadians, and they think we're barbarians.
2003-07-05 03:58:54 AM  
Crazy Newfies.
2003-07-05 04:01:30 AM  
*Club a seal to make a seal! That's right folks - if you don't come buy a used car, I'm gonna club this baby seal!*

I say, hey, they're their seals. If they want to be picking up frozen seal brains for the following 3 months, lettum at it.
2003-07-05 04:01:31 AM  
But, baby seals are so goddamn cute! You just have to bludgeon them to a fleshy pulp...
2003-07-05 04:04:23 AM  
Sounds like a radical group spreading false propaganda, two points in particular stand out as being so outlandish they smell of fabrication, or at least exaggeration.

- "The Olympics will be hosted by the province of British Columbia, where the government is calling for a slaughter of seals and sea lions."

- "The Newfoundland sealers have a game called head hockey, where they use a baby seal's head instead of a puck"

The first point would not make political sense, since it would be a very controversial stance.
The second point, seems so cruel I hope it is false.

In any case I am against the Olympics in Vancouver so I dont mind that special interests groups blast the Olympics.
2003-07-05 04:04:43 AM  
"i fail to see how any of you can eat meat and oppose seal clubbing. but, another story for another day. dont want a flamewar."

Easily. Humans are omnivores. We have been that way for millenia. Some individuals may decide to go vegan, but as a species, we eat meat. That doesn't mean we have to just go killing animals purely for their pelts. If we ate the seals, that would be a different story, but to kill something just so some rich biatch can have her farking fur is wasteful.
2003-07-05 04:07:57 AM  
I, however, do think this group is wacko. Head Hocky? Puh-leez.
2003-07-05 04:08:50 AM  
I lived in AK for a year....Seal fur is purdy...and warm....and worth a shiat-load of sheckles....but really, it's close to a neccesity up there.
2003-07-05 04:12:34 AM  
Maybe they should go club the walrus that lives in Portland
2003-07-05 04:12:54 AM  
Having lived in Newfoundland, I can tell you that this is unequivocably untrue. Newfies are too busy spending their pogey on booze.
In all seriousness, seals are a sore point with many Newfies (or at least the ones who haven't moved to Ontario). Seals eat cod, which are already a rare sight around the island. With no fish, there's no fishing, and about all you can do is hunt the seals. At least then you'll have something to live off of. Selling the fur to the mainlanders is a bonus.
2003-07-05 04:17:02 AM  
we've been eating meat since we were smart enough to kill stuff instead of picking it from the trees i'm guessing.

what i'm curious about is:these veggies, what about plants, dont they have feelings tooo? think of the wheat! that poor apple you ate yesterday could have grown into this huge tree someday! think of the apples!
you should only eat stuff like rocks, tacos and other stuff thats never been alive.
2003-07-05 04:19:29 AM  
Activists insist 2010 Winter Olympics shouldn't include seal clubbing event

This still wont stop me.

/a clubbin I will go....
2003-07-05 04:21:38 AM  
2003-07-05 04:23:43 AM  
There is no seal clubbing in Newfoundland, nomatter what any crazy group says.
And before anyone cracks -No, Im not the Iraqi information minister.
2003-07-05 04:26:00 AM  
93! i'm a winner.
2003-07-05 04:26:32 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Mmmmmmm... SealBurgers and McSealNuggets.

"Hold the flippers"
2003-07-05 04:28:42 AM  
Seals are killed with a shotgun in the head, then the pelts are removed. I don't necessarily agree with the hunt, I find fur-only hunting wasteful and vain, but am sick of activists using lies to push their agendas. None of them are getting a penny from me.

There is no seal-clubbing in Canada
2003-07-05 04:29:28 AM  
2003-07-05 04:29:36 AM  
My heavens, Fnord! That's just tasty...
2003-07-05 04:30:40 AM  
The Olympics are in VANCOUVER!!! And they are about sports.

The seal hunt is in farking NEWFOUNDLAND!!! And it's about animals. And probably to a lesser extent, survival.

These morons need to 1) get a map 2) at least try to argue against events that are in some way related and 3) mind their own farking business.

This is the equivalent of organizing a boycott against the Superbowl because in Seattle they toss fish. WTF?!!?!?
2003-07-05 04:31:10 AM  
did no one get the UHF reference?!?! Sheesh.
2003-07-05 04:32:08 AM  
There is no seal-clubbing in Canada

Well, crap. What *is* there to do in Canada then, eh? Just sit and watch the ice flow?
2003-07-05 04:32:21 AM  
Yeah, I bet we really haven't been clubbing them since we invented high powered rifles.

I bet you'd get tired chasing them around with a heavy club.
2003-07-05 04:37:01 AM  

There is Beer, Hockey and Weed, which we all enjoy in the comfort of our igloos :P
2003-07-05 05:07:05 AM  
Freegan (Bigwig)

Well I'd club a baby seal
But you know I won't ingest it
I'd tell my vegan girlfriend
You know I wouldn't suggest it
Well all my shoes are leather
And I don't care weather or not
If all the cute little animals were to be shot
Were to be shot
Consider someone else, stop preaching about animals

Great song, and totally appropriate.
2003-07-05 05:11:47 AM  
punkennedys: i fail to see how any of you can eat meat and oppose seal clubbing. but, another story for another day. dont want a flamewar.

It is only hypocritical to oppose an activity if I knowingly benefit from it: e.g., hating meat-packers but eating hamburgers. I do not, so far as I know, benefit from seal clubbing, as I do not eat seal meat and do not wear seal gloves or whatever else it is they make from seals (I didn't read much of the article), so it would not be hypocritical for me to oppose seal clubbing. Whether I would oppose the event depends on a lot of factors that I have not invested the effort to investigate, such as the animal's population and habitat, reliance of those taking part in the event on it's proceeds, etc.

By the way, I know where you can buy some capital letters. They don't cost much, either.
2003-07-05 06:41:38 AM  
"The Newfoundland sealers have a game called head hockey, where they use a baby seal's head instead of a puck," Watson said in the release.

This is totally farking untrue. Oh my god this pisses me off.

1. Seals are not clubbed. They are shot.
2. The seal hunt takes place to: a) Provide people with fur; it's like killing mink. b) Control the seal population and thus help the cod stocks regenerate on the east coast.
3. Nobody is killing baby seals. At all. It is totally farking illegal to kill the baby seals and anyone who does it gets their ass kicked by the law.

Yet, EVERY SINGLE picture these anti-seal-hunt groups have is of a BABY seal. Who are NOT hunted.

Myself, I'm pretty much against hunting if it isn't in the interests of the environment - regulating populations and all that. But, having looked into it, I've come to the conclusion that it's pretty much fair, and the fact that these farking PeTA-wannabes want to discredit Canada completely because of this pisses me the fark off. If these completely misguided activists want to do something useful, they should donate their money to help police the poaching that goes on of extremely endangered species in Africa, not target all Canadians for an extremely small industry that takes place in one corner of the country and actually has a semi-beneficial effect.
2003-07-05 07:39:21 AM  
I heard they were going to replace it with club a republican or a frenchman (clubber's choice). I'm all for it now.
2003-07-05 08:20:33 AM  
At what point is it alright to just give up trying to explain things to idiots?
2003-07-05 08:32:07 AM  
Seal-clubbing rocks.

But you know what would be better?

Evironmental Activist-clubbing.
2003-07-05 08:42:08 AM  
I think they're using nerf clubs this year.
2003-07-05 08:52:36 AM  
Bobette: Unfortunately PETA, etc activists lack your brain and insight

Newfoundland has had enough hard knocks as of late, let's give our Newfie buddies a chance
2003-07-05 08:53:43 AM  
Why is anyone surprised? What did we expect for not going to Iraq? First we had the Sars, then the mad cow disease, now baby seal clubbing. Whats next? The Mounties secretly taking control of the world from their "Secret Artic Terror Drome?"

/goes off to put on genuine seal-skin binding sno-shoes. In my igloo
In July.
2003-07-05 09:03:09 AM  
But if they ban seal clubbing, where will the cops go to train?
2003-07-05 09:22:43 AM  
Everything I know about killin' baby seals I learned from the MC Face song titled "Slaughter ya oughta".
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