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(Centre Daily Times)   Bullhorn toting preacher sermonized on college campuses against "whores, fornicators and sodomites." Arrested for soliciting sex from 14 year old boy after asking for directions to local strip clubs and adult bookstores   ( divider line
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2003-07-04 11:25:45 AM  
"I was only in there to get directions on how to get away from there."
2003-07-04 12:02:40 PM  
Damn, it wasn't Brother Jed. Now THAT would be funny.
2003-07-04 01:47:08 PM  
It was research dammit!
2003-07-04 04:45:53 PM  
Wow, we had one of these guys on campus a while ago, causing a big stir. He was literally blocking traffic, and when told to move to a different part of campus, he flipped out and announced he'd be suing the school for millions, and raised a big stink about that in our campus paper for a few days. That was the last we ever heard of him... and I was so looking forward to that court battle!
2003-07-04 04:46:02 PM  
"Of course I don't practice what I preach - I'm not the kind of man I'm preaching to!"

I might have seen this clown at KSU once...
2003-07-04 04:48:11 PM  
This sounds like a job for the [image from too old to be available] tag.
2003-07-04 04:53:39 PM  
Shame on you farkers for making fun of this poor poor man.

I mean....who amoung us has not found difficulty in securing a blow job from a young boy when out on a business trip?
2003-07-04 04:55:03 PM  
Did anyone check out this dude's web site? He's also involved in these creationist/evolutionist debates. I saw the name Dr. Kent Hovind in the middle of the page and I imediately knew this guy was a complete nutjob. I watched a taped presentation by Hovind one time and it was about the scariest f#cking thing I ever saw.
2003-07-04 04:59:20 PM  
I dunno, this still seems a bit fishy to me. I mean, the guy wasn't a Catholic, so I think the odds of going after small children go down a bit. He was probably looking for all those strip joints so he could parade outside of them ranting and raving too. It just so happens he asks a little kid for directions, who goes home to tell mommy, who realizes a chance at a big lawsuit when she sees one and tells the kid to tell everyone he asked for a blowjob. Bingo, instant money in court.
2003-07-04 05:01:44 PM  
CDT + raving lunatic. Here I was hoping it would be the Willard Preacher. That guy is kind of cool, though.

2003-07-04 05:02:08 PM  
shoot first, let God sort it out?

/forget the movie it was from
2003-07-04 05:02:43 PM  
It's definitely [image from too old to be available]... only someone full of self-hate would spend their life hatefully condemning sinners.
2003-07-04 05:03:08 PM  
asked him if he new

/grammar nazi
2003-07-04 05:08:09 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-04 05:08:51 PM  
That would be funny if Jesse Jackson stepped into a "Hot" puddle.

2003-07-04 05:08:59 PM  
I'm not one that usually lends any creedence to conspiracy theories, but this sounds an awful lot like a case of someone who hates religion pretending to be a preacher and then "accidently" letting himself get caught doing the exact opposite of what preaches to further damage "the church".

2003-07-04 05:10:19 PM  
They told him never to talk to strangers. But did McGruff the Crime Dog ever specifically prohibit acts of fellatio?
2003-07-04 05:10:27 PM  

Very good points there, but what if religions other than Catholic prey on little boys for sex favors?
2003-07-04 05:11:04 PM  
Hmm, Farkistani might be onto something. But the story still seems believable. There might not be a whole lot of evidence; it'll just be one word against the other.
2003-07-04 05:11:09 PM  
AlleyKat yeah, because there are so many athiests who are willing to go to jail, be sodomized repeatedly, and live the rest of their lives on a sex offender list (making it virtually impossible to get a job and leading to endless harassment by neighbors) just to make religion look bad.
2003-07-04 05:12:17 PM  
Thank you, knickers... that annoied mee, two.
2003-07-04 05:13:32 PM  
[hands his or her very own tinfoil hat]
2003-07-04 05:14:13 PM  
AlleyKat getting caught for felony solicitation of a minor just to make priests look bad is a bit extreme, and also extremely innefficient... when a photoshopped picture would do so much more.
2003-07-04 05:14:17 PM  
[ hands AlleyKat his or her very own tinfoil hat ]

damned tags
2003-07-04 05:14:30 PM  
why does this not surprise me, even a little.
2003-07-04 05:15:24 PM  

That happened this year. The guy has lawsuits pending with like half the Big 10 schools.

2003-07-04 05:15:30 PM  
AlleyKat I could see a conspiracy between the kid and his parents to set up the guy, though. I think that's a much more likely possibility.

Or he's just a perv. There are plenty of them cloaked in religion (and plenty elsewhere too).
2003-07-04 05:18:27 PM  
Bullhorns are so annoying, to boot.
2003-07-04 05:19:53 PM  
Just another bible-thumper with the "do as I say, not as I do" mindset. Somehow the "dumbass" tag is fitting...
2003-07-04 05:20:04 PM  
Hah, I wish someone like this would come to my college this fall. Joke would be on him; I'm a virgin!
2003-07-04 05:20:41 PM  
Everyone knows that being a priest means God will not punish you for your sins, not that you are free from sin. If you become a priest, you are allowed live a life of total hypocripsy, punishing others for the same sins you commit and God will let you into Heaven anyway, just because you're wearing a white collar.

Let us mock the hypocripsy of religion together.
2003-07-04 05:22:20 PM  
I don't know if I so much see it as "someone who hates religion pretending to be a preacher" but as some kid sick of being screamed at and called a sinner on his walk past the city park telling a quasi-beievable story to further ruin the credibility of a raving lunatic. It's one thing to want people to meet Jesus, it's totally another to be an arse whilst doing it.
2003-07-04 05:23:02 PM  
oh how i miss the days when extremely religious people held true to their beliefs and practiced the things they preached, those days when they didn't kill anyone, force people to follow extremely harsh rules while they themselves did what ever they damned well pleased, or sexually abused little boys, knowing full well the church would protect them....oh wait.....i can't really miss something thats NEVER BEEN TRUE.
2003-07-04 05:27:55 PM  
Ah, repressed puritan weasels. A laugh riot, so long as they're not screwing with your civil liberties.
2003-07-04 05:31:06 PM  
Damn, Barry White just died, and this clown is sucking air? Where's the balance in the Universe?
2003-07-04 05:32:04 PM  
So the preacher says "Littly boy, I'll give you some candy if you come in my car."

And the little boy says, "Screw that, give me the whole bag and I'll come in your mouth!"
2003-07-04 05:34:44 PM  
Hey, telling people they are sinning and going to hell doesn't exactly require a phd or a lot of effort but these guys can make a lot of money. Guys like this give all religions a bad name.
2003-07-04 05:37:30 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Preach it, Bro Jed!
2003-07-04 05:38:05 PM  
We had a guy likes this at Kent state, some guy got him pissed at the student center and preacherman started swinging, jailaity ensued and he ain't allowed on campus no more, twadata.
2003-07-04 05:40:38 PM  
wadems: Bullhorns are so annoying, to boot.

Not when Tom Waits uses one.
2003-07-04 05:47:06 PM  
The "Breath of Life" our Lord Jesus Christ provides is given to us is only available as $19.95 "Space Bags".
2003-07-04 05:48:50 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-04 05:57:15 PM  
my thanks too Knickers. it galls me to think someone got paid to write that and took so little pride in his/her work they couldn't even proof read the darn thing. another example of the shortcomings of spell check.

ok, i'm ranting.
2003-07-04 05:57:55 PM  
Here is Brother Stephen's website:

He hangs around the Ivies a lot...
2003-07-04 06:13:44 PM  
SmarterThanYou, you know where I can get one of those shirts?
2003-07-04 06:14:30 PM  
I've seen this guy, he frequents the Penn/Drexel area. "Brother Stephen," as we call him, always attracted a crowd, it was always a source of amusement. He once called my friend a whore for watching Seinfeld.
2003-07-04 06:15:05 PM  
Holy shiat Fnord, I just know I saw that guy on campus back in about 1992. I'll never forget how hilarious it was the way he said ho-mo-SEX-uals during his preaching. What a riot.
2003-07-04 06:15:47 PM  
coelacanth you can go to any T-shirt shop and have one made and color and style you chose.
2003-07-04 06:17:22 PM  
Pennpreacher Discussion Forums Currently Unavailable.

2003-07-04 06:20:26 PM  
Ghastly: God bless you, dispenser of mirth!
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