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(MSNBC)   What will the world look like in 300 years?   ( divider line
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22882 clicks; posted to Main » on 04 Jul 2003 at 1:23 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-07-04 07:07:25 AM  
2003-07-04 08:13:33 AM  
Fewer religious differences? Suuuuure. There's no way that some freaky religion based on caressing mustard seeds couldn't rise to the fore in a hundred years.
2003-07-04 08:28:06 AM  
Hm, sounds a lot more plausible than christianity or islam...
2003-07-04 09:57:36 AM  
The aliens will be using Earth as a weapons testing range.
2003-07-04 12:21:40 PM  
still no flying cars
2003-07-04 12:42:12 PM  
Emperor George W. Bush XXIII's 40th birthday?
2003-07-04 12:48:36 PM  
That was a bit too optomistic. Forecasters should always divine at least a little doom and gloom.
2003-07-04 01:27:33 PM  
President Hillary Jefferson Lewinsky the 14th states today, July 4th 2303 that FINALLY there's a cure for cancer.

Researchers around the solar system surrender.
2003-07-04 01:28:32 PM  
I think it'll look more like cube instead of a ball.
2003-07-04 01:28:40 PM  
Probably more penis in the future.
2003-07-04 01:29:23 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-04 01:29:25 PM  
in 300 years, there will be a new version of everything, but nothing really changes...everyone's still biatching about the same things, it's just an updated version
2003-07-04 01:30:16 PM  
2003-07-04 01:30:18 PM  
Right, just like they told us we'd have flying cars in the fifties?

I'll believe it when I live 300 years to see it.
2003-07-04 01:31:50 PM  
Muslims in Athens? Greek Orthodox in the Middle East?

Maybe this guy has not heard of the Ottoman Empire...
2003-07-04 01:33:20 PM  
I think the Grand Canyon will grow much larger until the planet looks like Oprah's ass.
2003-07-04 01:37:06 PM  
In the future there will be robots!
2003-07-04 01:37:51 PM  
How about a glowing radioactive ball?
2003-07-04 01:37:51 PM  
"In the future there will be robots."

/reference no one gets
2003-07-04 01:38:18 PM  
manfish....funny shiat man.
2003-07-04 01:38:21 PM  
Humans will start to get lazier and stupider. Its a phenomenon sometimes called reverse evolution.

Basically, in a technologically advanced society, the bad genes recreate themeselves faster than the good ones. That means that a hard working middle class family will have two kids, and all the poor dumbasses where I live, who are 40 years old and still smoke pot and 'ax' questions, will have 8 kids.

Anyways. In the future, population control isnt an if, but a when.

/social commentary.
2003-07-04 01:38:57 PM  
2003-07-04 01:39:34 PM  
I think the Grand Canyon will grow much larger until the planet looks like
Oprah's ass.

Only smaller!

2003-07-04 01:39:39 PM  

2003-07-04 01:41:51 PM  
Lower birth rates will be the result of improved pornographic technologies.
2003-07-04 01:42:24 PM  
A post-apocalyptic wasteland overrun with roving gangs of teenage youth.

Or something like out of Mad Max.
2003-07-04 01:42:55 PM  
It must be nice to have a job where there is absolutely no way of judging your performance at all
2003-07-04 01:43:19 PM  
NEWSWEEK: Is there any point in forecasting so far into the future?
Joseph Chamie: We cant really tell whats going to happen beyond 25 years, because so much could change.

Well, I'm glad they can still see at least 25 years into the future.
2003-07-04 01:43:46 PM  
WOW. This guy's full of shiat
2003-07-04 01:47:26 PM  
Does it really matter, everyone alive now will all be dead 300 years in the future. Let those futuristic bastards deal with it when it happens.
2003-07-04 01:47:31 PM  
I smell doom in the future, then an exodus a la Alpha Centari like in civ 3
2003-07-04 01:50:16 PM  
The same as it does now, only
2003-07-04 01:51:31 PM  
Nanoaugmentation will be realised, and some evil genius will try and merge himself with a computer AI under the disguise of UNATCO and FEMA. There will be a new diesease called "gray death" that will be created by this man to weaken the governments of the world and make them ripe for taking over. Then a guy with shades stops him before the evil genius can merge with Helios.
2003-07-04 01:51:57 PM  
Enslaved by our dolphin masters from the Sirius system.
2003-07-04 01:52:37 PM  
Doomy doomy dooooom!

2003-07-04 01:52:54 PM  
One thing that was totally left out is the economic scenario. This person failed to address where the money is going to come from. If anyone has read Robert Kiyosaki's "Rich Dad's Prophecy", you will know what I am talking about. For those who haven't, I suggest you be more diverse with your investments and get yourself re-educated on the subject of money. This study assumes that the current world situation is the status quo and will continue for 300 years without any change. I agree with a few others here, but these guys are full of crap.
2003-07-04 01:53:48 PM  
Still waiting for the Cubs to win a World Series

/runs for cover
2003-07-04 01:54:17 PM  
If my current investments have any validity 300 years from now, then I'm diverse enough, thankee! <=
2003-07-04 01:54:27 PM  
Fark will rule the world. MUWWHAHAHAHAHAHA!

/got nu-diddly-uthin'
2003-07-04 01:55:29 PM  
And we'll all have flying cars! And robots will do all the work for us!
2003-07-04 01:56:11 PM  
In 300 years we'll have the first stable* release of Windows, and Linux will be on the rise - almost mature enought to take over the desktop. The latest Pentium 523 CPUs from Intel are once again nearly fast enought to let you run the new, 'improved' Windows at nearly as fast as the old, slow Pentium 522 ran the old verson of the same...

Cynical, me?

*)'stable' as in "will run fine as long as you don't load any apps.
2003-07-04 01:57:43 PM  

Does it really matter, everyone alive now will all be dead 300 years in the future. Let those futuristic bastards deal with it when it happens.

unless of course we pull a ted williams and hop into our frost free deep freeze with a note taped to the lid that says don't open till 2303. tried that once with my parents freezer. Forgot about that poor little cat.

/damn going to hell hope its frozen over.
2003-07-04 01:58:41 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-04 02:00:20 PM  
Will masturbating still be a Stigma on teen society? Will people have star trek doors? Those are things I want to know about!!
2003-07-04 02:00:38 PM  
I'm guessing Keith Richards will be wandering around somewhere too. Start him up!
2003-07-04 02:00:47 PM  
where are the flying cars? i was promised flying cars!
2003-07-04 02:02:47 PM  
abdul It's GIR, a take off on the standard SIR Unit

Zim: GIR? What does the 'g' stand for? GIR: I don't know!
2003-07-04 02:03:53 PM  

[image from too old to be available]


[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-04 02:05:27 PM  
above should read

I'm going to sleep now!!!
2003-07-04 02:05:37 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
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