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(NewsNet5)   7% of all car accidents in Ohio due to deer collisions.   ( divider line
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2001-10-15 03:30:28 AM  
It's the other 93% caused by idiot drivers that would have me worried...
2001-10-15 03:48:17 AM  
Just don't shoot them, cause they're so pretty, right? Oh yeah, hunting is wrong also. Yeah that too. Can't kill innocent animals. It's just not right.
2001-10-15 03:50:05 AM  
93% due to beer collisions...
2001-10-15 03:59:20 AM  
Don't shoot Bambi. Nothin but rats with hooves. Real bad in Wisconsin with deer-car crashes too
2001-10-15 03:59:20 AM  
I live in Ohio, and I see deer every night on my way home from work. The way I see it, it is only 7% what about the other 93% of accidents? It would have been nice if the article would have broken down the other causes into percentages in order to see how it compares to that of the deer.
2001-10-15 04:01:38 AM  
I do support hunting in order to control the deer population, and I go hunting myself. If people didn't hunt then, it would cause not only a rise in the deer population, but also increase the instance of disease.
2001-10-15 04:06:45 AM  
Its the assholes on cell phones that cause the rest of the collisions.
2001-10-15 04:19:48 AM  
I do support hunting in order to control the deer population, and I go hunting myself. If people didn't hunt then, it would cause not only a rise in the deer population, but also increase the instance of disease.
Expect to be flamed by a member of peta. Don't you know animals are more important then people!?!? I bet your one of those evil right wing NRA republians. They made up lies about clinton killing vince foster and wanting tax cuts instead of socialist programs to pay poor people who should not work because they cannot help themselfs. Even though the richest men in this country have never graduated college in less then one try, could not afford it or did not have the grades to get in.
2001-10-15 04:26:57 AM  
I can see the newest model car to be released in Ohio... "Bambi Basher 2001" :)
2001-10-15 04:36:40 AM  
thats what happens when you let a deer behind the wheels of a car
2001-10-15 05:39:31 AM  
At least 50% of the other crashes in Ohio have to be due to the HORRIBLE condition of the roads here - Interstate 71 has potholes that are bigger than my car.....
2001-10-15 05:48:47 AM  
Yeah Media: PETA makes tons of sense on this issue.

To hunt an animal IE deer, take it home use it for food for your family or the homeless is evil and mean to the animal.

Instead it's much better to leave the animal population totally unchecked. Their population explodes. The food supply in their habitat runs low. They starve to death or go in search of food elsewhere and get hit by a car. The people in the car may be killed and the deer dies an agonizing death on the side of the road.

Makes much more sense.
2001-10-15 06:01:53 AM  
Sacred Nut Fuzz, I live in Ohio as well, and I will easily vouch for the road contitions. I hit one of the mighty potholes on I-71 felt like someone dropped a damn bomb on my hood. That's when I knew, my tired are made of used space shuttle tire rubber. I can't belive they didn't explode right there on impact.

But, hey they're fixing it aren't they?.......-long pause-.....and well, I guess they have been fixing it for what, 5 years or something horrible like that? I swear, I see more orange barrels than cars on I-71. Speaking of which, Ohio is weird, most of our roads have 7 in them...71, 74, 75, 275, 747, 27...all right around where I live.
2001-10-15 08:24:13 AM  
"That means male deer are chasing females and not paying a lot of attention to anything else" Doesn't that just sound like a male af any species?

And 4score, I'm pretty sure Media was being sarcastic.
2001-10-15 08:26:04 AM  
Another Buckeye throwing in his two cents.
Yes, this place has deer out the a hole. I'm in Columbus, and I remember a big stink a few years back about deer over running this park and there was a debate about whether to start thinning them out a little. I say fark 'em, we got more.

As to the cause of the other 93% of accidents? Steve Bellisari, just cause he sucks and I hate him.
2001-10-15 08:38:00 AM  
Sheesh... take a nice innocent article like this and make it a platform to express your hunting beliefs. Less hunting discussion, more humorous quips!
2001-10-15 08:47:12 AM  
Not that Ohio drivers are without blame. Pittsburghers dread their neighbors coming east b/c the damned flatlanders cause havoc on the roads.
2001-10-15 09:28:39 AM  
Funkychuck wrote:
"Steve Bellisari, just cause he sucks and I hate him."
Amen, brother. My 3 year old daughter can throw better than that loser.

eat PETA.
2001-10-15 09:38:07 AM  
Since I'm a White male Human, deer on deer violence does not effect me.
2001-10-15 09:42:34 AM  
Another Ohioan here to biatch about our loverly ODOT program, or lack thereof. I live near Columbus, and the area in a 30-mile radius of Columbus is in a perpetual state of construction, with no progress made. There are potholes big enough to bury bodies in, and these said potholes are in the only lane of traffic on an otherwise 4-lane road that is not blocked off by construction. I have a friend who lived in Los Angeles, and he says that traffic is worse in Columbus than it ever was in LA.
2001-10-15 09:42:37 AM  
Even more surprising the other 93% involve a morbidly obese man named Raymond.
2001-10-15 09:43:33 AM  
Also, as a resident of the lovely city of Cincitsnasti I must say I-75 SUCKS!
2001-10-15 09:46:34 AM  
Hey, it could be worse. Here in the great white north (at least the eastern provinces), it's moose. Those farkers are huge and can really total your car. My cousin hit one and rolled a minivan. The moose was fine.
2001-10-15 10:01:22 AM  
As a resident of Columbus, I can say that I've been in a car that hit a deer (I wasn't driving)... the damage was significant. Some friends of ours were seriously injured a few years ago when they struck a deer. I've seen many cars totalled by deer.

The problem is, when you're going down the road and a deer wanders into your lane, they see your headlights, and they just freeze. Ever heard the phrase "like a deer in headlights"? If it didn't originate here, it should have.

More Ohioans are upset by hitting a deer, not because of the damage to their car, but rather for killing the deer in a way that ruins the meat.
2001-10-15 10:26:51 AM  
that's fair enough...venison is delicious and wasting enough meat to live off of for a month is just a damn shame. if you doubt the destructive power of a deer just watch The Long Kiss Goodnight...the movie also showcases the destructive power of Geens Davis.
2001-10-15 10:31:13 AM  
ahem...Geena Davis
2001-10-15 11:10:26 AM  
Man I saw a deer once.
2001-10-15 11:18:33 AM  
Trains, Planes, and Automobiles.
The distructive power of Bambi.

Bambi the Biatch

(Yes, I know that Bambi was male)
2001-10-15 11:28:52 AM  

Know why the orange barrels come out in the summer? Not enough room in the ODOT garages for the barrels AND the snowplows.

4 seasons: Winter, Construction, Construction, and Winter.
2001-10-15 11:39:34 AM  
I'd just like to say that we Toledoans are the ones that probably account for the other 93%. And the roads aren't terrible, because they're always maintained. But that means orange barrels. I'll account for 75's crappy conditions here.

PuyoDead: I've noticed that too: 70, 71, 74, 75, 76, and 77 all go through our state. Plus their branches.

At least here we still make fun of Michigan roads and drivers ;-)
2001-10-15 11:41:44 AM  
And I almost forgot, if you hit a deer with your car and kill it, you can keep it so long as you report it to the game warden within 24 hours. So I guess the only ammo you need here to hunt is your front bumper.
2001-10-15 11:44:58 AM  
Hey Scrappy: I figured that Media was being sarcastic in the second part of his comment. Sorry if it came out sounding like I was taking issue with him. I was just trying to expand on his PETA reference.

By the way I was in Maine/Canada a few years back doing some canoeing and saw some moose. They are some big buggers.
We were portaging our canoes between 2 rivers and came across a patch of ground that looked like it had had a VW parked on it over night. Our guide told us a moose had bedded down there. I also saw a picture of a moose in a store up there. It was jumping over the front of a large car, made it look like a compact.
2001-10-15 11:47:20 AM  
2 glass that's a heck of an expensive way to hunt. Besides if you take a deer out with a car you waste a lot of good meat.
2001-10-15 12:01:56 PM  
I will offer my opion on this since every other farker from ohio is doing the same.

Think about this...Deer do nothing but look pretty, and provide awful tasting meat to a few people. My suggestion is to hunt these renegade deer by any means nessesary, be it gun, vehicle, or fist and eradicate thier population completely. And for the diseased few that miss deer meat...COME TO MY DEER FARM, where you can walk out into the natural deer habitat / fenced in area, pick out the lovely piece of flesh, and kick it to death. We will process every aspect of the nasty deer cutting process for the low low price of $49.95! What you say, you still want more? As a special offer ending in just 30 minutes. I will throw in a gold plated "Deer Blade" for absolutly free if you promise to take the "Deer Blade" and hunt down just 1 (now scarce) wild deer.

Yes...the problem with deer in Ohio is bad...I hate the bloody things so farkin much. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH
2001-10-15 12:03:02 PM  
In the neighboring state, Indiana, I hit 3 deer within 6 months. It sucks to hit them. It sucks for the peopel as well as the deer since two of the times the deer ran off into the woods where it amlost certainly died a slow painful death. Even as a vegitarian, I can see that shooting them is better than hitting them or having them starve to death. Besides, hunting dear decreases demand for the much much worse factory farmed meat.
2001-10-15 12:08:50 PM  
PuyoDead: don't forget 471 which is now scheduled to be closed for who-the-hell-knows-how-long, and 127 the only way to get from Michigan to Florida without going over 35mph (unless you count gridlock on 75)
2001-10-15 12:12:08 PM  
I was born and raised in Michigan and now I live in NE Ohio. Driving styles are definitely different!

I actually saw a minivan smack into a deer. I was in the left lane, the minivan was in the right...I was wanting to go into the right lane but it's a good thing I didn't, 'cause this deer came leaping out from the median. I slowed down, the minivan driver didn't...and WHACK! Deer went off the side of the road, and kept rolling and rolling and rolling...the minivan pulled off the side, and there was a HUGE dent in the bumper and half the hood was pretty well mangled...I drive a Festiva and my car would have been TOTALED if I'd hit that deer!

I was driving westbound on US 30 when this happened. I know of a statey outpost in Massillon, on Route 172, and it was on the way so I stopped there and basically asked them to send out someone to help the people in the minivan.

That minivan had to have been going at least 55 (speed limit there is 65) when it hit the deer. I know they barely slowed down, because I washiatting my brakes!

Another statistic they don't bother to show is car vs. Amish buggies....
2001-10-15 12:22:51 PM  
2_glass_eyes: I dunno...I learned how to drive in the Detroit area and now I live 50 miles south of Cleveland. And any time my parents have come down to visit, the first thing they complained about was Ohio drivers! Having lived and driven in both states...well...they're both crazy, but in Michigan people at least seem to know what they're doing and what they can get away with, while here in Ohio people seem to act, well, clueless! Especially in the rural area I live in, out near Amish country.

Pennsylvania is bad too. Nine times out of ten, someone that's shooting past me at 80 mph has a Pennsylvania tag. They seem to tailgate a lot more too. And I guess 70 isn't fast enough....

And don't get me started on Chicago! That's where they'll cut you off with inches to spare!

California's the father-in-law grew up in L.A. and learned to drive there...and he said they're the craziest!

Now for bumpy roads about where Route 83 and US 250 merge for a couple miles or so! Yeah the road's patched up...but it hardly makes a difference!

You Detroit-area peeps--how about that ramp for I-275/I-96/I-696? That construction sign has been up how many years now? That ramp is STILL bumpy! And I-75 through downtown Detroit--heh, half the time I'll take 275 and go through the western 'burbs, less bumpy. I said LESS!!! :)
2001-10-15 01:21:14 PM  
How did this discussion go from leather jacket wearing evil dear out trying to kill people to let's have a contest to see which state has the sh*ttiest drivers?
2001-10-15 01:33:06 PM  
Damn deer terrorists.

guess we need 7% deer hunting season.
2001-10-15 01:41:48 PM  
Bildo I'm not sure if it's the shiattiest drivers; but Ohio definitely has the shiattiest roads.

Just when you think you're in the clear, the orange barrels pop up out of nowhere. and the killer is, the barrels are there, but where are the workers? Eerie, I tellya.
2001-10-15 01:58:52 PM  
Stealth construction, yea we've got it in Texas too. Our deer speak with spanish accents, and carry switchblades.
2001-10-15 03:25:43 PM  
How come one never hears about how good a state's drivers are? I've never heard "Yeah, those Colorado drivers are the best. Always perfectly merging and such."
2001-10-15 03:38:35 PM  
Deer happens. 100% of my accidents are deer-related. I am also a bi-coastal deer killer. I took one out last week (Hwy 1 in Cambria, CA), seriously farked up my car, will be in the shop for weeks. A couple years ago a humongous buck darted across a road and slammed into the rear of my car in Western NJ. It was a rental and I had the insurance, but never expected I'd need it for that. It's bad news all the way around, for the deer and your car. Some people say deer whistles work. Dunno, never tried.
2001-10-15 04:22:07 PM  
Only 7% of accidents? actually, most of them probably go unreported. As for the roads and drivers, I will say this. I grew up around Columbus, Grove City (Grovetucky) to be exact for those who also live 'round these parts. Yes, the roads suck here,and are always under construction (at least they finally finished 315- or, did they really?) The drivers? bad, but not the worst. I now live near Athens, and I will say this. The reason why S.E. Ohio has such a small population is not because of the hills and the poverty or the lack of jobs. It's because they are killing themselves on the road. Only here do people think its fun to shoot up a road so narrow that 2 cars can't pass each other w/o going part way off at 90 MPH, around the many sharp curves and over the steep hills. This happens quite regularly. I thank God when I go back to columbus that at least the bad drivers know they are bad- the main problem there is that people wont MOVE THEIR A$$!
2001-10-15 05:31:23 PM  
What if an elderly drunk driver on a cell phone with an expired license hits a deer?
2001-10-16 12:43:02 AM  
Your solution to all the 7's in the federal highways: They are numbered east to west and south to north. I-10, 20, and so on run east/west, the number increasing going north. Then I-5, 15 etc. run north/south, starting in the west and moving east. When they add new freeways between existing ones, x6-x9 run north/south, x1-x4 are east/west. Ohio happens to be north and east enough to get the 70's running both directions. This applies only to federal interstates. The states number their freeways their own ways
2001-10-16 12:43:06 AM  
Personally I think those animals on the road are just bucking the system. (sorry couldn't resist).
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