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(London Times)   Anti-gun activist shot dead   ( divider line
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2001-10-15 12:15:25 AM  
The tag Ironic doesn't apply here - it would if it was a PRO-gun activist that was shot dead. Perhaps Sad would be more fitting...
2001-10-15 12:16:51 AM  
interesting this came from a british newspaper.
2001-10-15 12:17:10 AM  
Guns dont kill people, bullets do.
2001-10-15 12:19:21 AM  
So to prove how safe guns are, the NRA activist shot his opposition?
2001-10-15 12:21:14 AM  
Guns don't kill people. Activists do.
2001-10-15 12:22:32 AM  
Actually, it was hard to hit the anti-gun victim since he was leaning so far to the left.
2001-10-15 12:22:34 AM  
Irony is when someone is demonstrating why guns are unsafe and accidentally shoots himself. This guy was shot while he was in his home, working at his computer.

Definitely not ironic.
2001-10-15 12:24:05 AM  
The following jokes are hereby banned from this thread in the hopes of original humor being produced:

1. Shooting his mouth off.
2. Going off half-cocked.
3. Sticking to your guns.

Carry on.
2001-10-15 12:24:52 AM  
Not really ironic since he was intentionally targeted. Why is it they automatically assume that it was a NRA supporter? Maybe it was someone from the home owners association that didn't like the way he kept his yard. Maybe he was on his cell phone too much and the ghosts got fed up.
2001-10-15 12:25:32 AM  
Great, just farking great. One asshole off on a rampage and the rest of the law abiding gun owners are gonna suffer for it.

BTW how the hell do we know that the NRA was involved if there is no suspect and apparently no witnesses..

2001-10-15 12:27:07 AM  
Good lord that was a biased article.

"Authorities said that they believed he might have been killed by a supporter of the National Rifle Association (NRA), the lobby group that supports the right of Americans to bear arms, or a vengeful fraudster who had been prosecuted by Mr Wales."

So it could be either the NRA, or a vengeful fruadster, and yet the entire article is about his gun activism. Nice.
2001-10-15 12:27:23 AM  
Little does the idiot shooter know, he just did his part to help prove anti-gun activists right.
2001-10-15 12:27:57 AM  
guns dont kill people, it just that certain sound they make.
(baam, bomm, ratatattat and the like)
Thor2586: irony is when somone shoots themselves while showing how guns are safe. in my opinion.
2001-10-15 12:29:08 AM  
guns are for fag0ts.
2001-10-15 12:29:09 AM  
Maybe the perp was an ANTI-gun activist and the victim was "volunteered" to die bravely for the cause. Most of the Robots, after all, will assume that it was an NRA-activist who did the shoot. What better way to drum up hysteria?
2001-10-15 12:30:52 AM  
Gotta love fanatics and their logic. Whoever pulled the trigger just did more damage to the right to bear arms than the guy he killed ever could.

Then again we could play conspiracy theory. It was an anti-gun fanatic that did it to prove guns are evil. Yeah that's it.
2001-10-15 12:33:49 AM  

They know it was NRA related because that's what they want to believe. That article was incredibly biased. Bad journalism.

I really hope the idiot who did this wasn't an NRA member or even a legal gun owner. It just adds fuel to the anti-gun fire.

Before all the Rosie fans jump on this, let me just say that gun related crimes by legal gun owners is almost non-existent.
2001-10-15 12:33:50 AM  
>>>> Then again we could play conspiracy theory. It was an anti-gun fanatic that did it to prove guns are evil. Yeah that's it.

Anyone here ever read about the Reischstad fire? About who got blamed? About who really set it? Duh....

Ro-bot Ants, Ro-bot Ants, rootin' tootin' Ro-bot Ants......
2001-10-15 12:33:50 AM  
Guns don't kill people, guns fanatics are suspected of killing people
2001-10-15 12:34:21 AM  
three posts in 2 seconds.. NEW WORLD RECORD!
2001-10-15 12:35:22 AM  
lol, the NRA is for men without penises
2001-10-15 12:37:53 AM  
2001-10-15 12:38:39 AM  
Does anyone here (helllooooo.... chirp chirp chirp....) notice that this happened just at the time when the feds are asking for more stringent police powers to deal with the terrorists?

Must be one of them there coINcidences......
2001-10-15 12:38:58 AM  
Uh-oh - I smell a 100 plus comments forum. :)
2001-10-15 12:39:38 AM  
Why dont they put these pricks that shoot other people needlessly to good use and send them over to kill some Taliban bastardes?
2001-10-15 12:39:54 AM  
Ah, here come the usual sad liberals...

Answer this and stay fashionable:

Why is unfair to "profile" people as potential terrorists based on their appearance even after thousands are slaughtered, but acceptable and even encouraged to color all gun owners based on the crimes of the occasional nut-job?
2001-10-15 12:40:19 AM  
What an idiot. Now the guy will be seen as a friggin martyr. But, I must say, that this is definitely suspicious. I do believe there are cases of radical feminists faking rape to garner media attention. Perhaps this guy engineered the whole thing. All I'm saying is that we should wait until the facts come in before we indict Charlton Heston for capital murder.
2001-10-15 12:40:22 AM  
Mask: I thought that's what Corvettes were for.
2001-10-15 12:41:30 AM  
EnemyFrank: Because it's PC to bash gun owners. And if Libs are anything, they's PC.
2001-10-15 12:42:47 AM  
>>>>Mask: lol, the NRA is for men without penises

And I bet you know this because you have personally inspected (from very close range) every one of their genital areas.

No, I'm not an NRA member, I just detest ad hominem assholes. Take the name-calling back to the playground little boy.
2001-10-15 12:43:51 AM  
Frank, you're absolutely right, but liberals have a "don't confuse me with the facts" attitude about everything. Actually all fanatics have that attitude. Let's keep guns, but have fanatic registration.

And why is it that every time there's a gun article, some n00b has to go and mock the collective size of the NRA's penis? Get some new material, jerkoff.
2001-10-15 12:45:52 AM  
This probably isn't related to the anti-gun campaign at all. The article was painfully biased.

If he was "assassinated" by NRA fanatics they probably would have been more subtle in there use of firepower.
2001-10-15 12:53:45 AM  
I doubt the thing has anything to do with him being anti-gun rights. The guy is probably just an asshole that pissed someone off.
I had a neighbor suspected of drug sales, one night a car went by and popped off a couple 22 rounds at his house.
Everyone yelled Drug Related! Drug Related!
It was a punk kid that he told couldn't date his daughter.
Careful of carrying a sign, everything you do will be blamed on that sign.
2001-10-15 12:54:08 AM  
The NRA are perceived as fanatics only because the media has portrayed them that way. If anti-gun folks would mind their own business and pay attention to the FACTS, gun owners wouldn't have to be so vocal.
I know a lot of NRA members. They're not in the militia. They're not white supremists. They don't own (or want to own) machine guns. They're just regular people who like to shoot or hunt.
2001-10-15 12:54:20 AM  
Authorities said that they believed he might have been killed by a supporter of the National Rifle Association (NRA), the lobby group that supports the right of Americans to bear arms, or a vengeful fraudster who had been prosecuted by Mr Wales.
The "authorities" are full of crap. SO full, their eyes are brown. Why would one not discount the possibility of a street punk, just wanting to prove to himself or his gang members, that he is not afraid to kill somebody?
Why not a case of mistaken Identity?
Stray gunfire?
A jealous husband?
A gay lover?
His bookie?
An old enemy?
No-good, shiat-eating, filth-spewing, dumb-ass, motherfarking, coont-faced, doughnut-eating, never-took-a-CALCULUS-class, tv show "COPS"-watching, intolorant, racist-ass, homophobic, republican, trigger-happy, illogical, can't think a fart, wana-be, shoot-themselves-in-the-foot, take my home protection firearms away, always PROFILING, turning-on-their-DISCO-lights, ATTITUDE-having, sucking-my-dick-until-I-make-them-swallow, bribe-taking, can't-form a completely grammatically correct sentence to save their lives, sub-human pieces of amphibian shiat!
2001-10-15 12:54:24 AM  
Maybe we should ban large jets. They kill people, too.

People kill people, not inamimate objects. They are only a tool.

Politics always seems to overcome common sense.
2001-10-15 12:54:52 AM  
Enginerd: In my experience, NRA members are either really smart, or really stoopid. Not much middle ground. I can think of some NRA members in my hometown that would be that dumb.
2001-10-15 12:58:42 AM  
One more:
2001-10-15 01:00:34 AM  
Here is a Seattle Times article on this story if anyone is interested.
2001-10-15 01:03:54 AM  
And America is worried about the Taliban - Sort your own kind out first eh?
2001-10-15 01:06:13 AM  
Thanks Kolacky,

That article was a bit more informative. Can you believe his coleagues trying to use his death to further their cause? His own family doesn't even buy the NRA connection, but these guys are feeding that shiat to the press. Nice. That's stooping low, even for that crowd.
2001-10-15 01:07:30 AM  
Thank you, Mr. Kolackey.
I feel much better now.
2001-10-15 01:11:15 AM  
If the "authorities" say that it might be NRA-related, how is that bad reporting? Wouldn't it be worse for them to put words in the mouths of the "authorities?"
2001-10-15 01:11:56 AM  
news flash

British newspaper = Britain has among the most restrictive gun laws in the world = very biased against guns and gun owners

funny how their violent crime has been shooting up ever since they banned guns . . .
2001-10-15 01:12:21 AM  
2001-10-15 01:13:24 AM  
Have to ring in on this one. Someone was mad at this guy, for sure. NRA member? Hmm. Sounds fishy.

"I know a lot of NRA members. They're not in the militia.
-I'm not
They're not white supremists.
-I'm not
They're just regular people who like to shoot
-thats me
or hunt.
-giving it up. Don't like killing anything really.
but..-They don't own (or want to own) machine guns.

I really would like to own a machine gun. I've no criminal record, I'm sane, happy, and wouldn't hurt a fly. If only for a few months. Try it out. I live in the Socialist Republic of California. I called the ATF up (I abide by the laws and wanted to go about this the right way).
They say California, no way. Move to Nevada. Or, there are a few border towns that rent lockers to gun owners so they can cross the border and have some fun. So, even after passing the check, and paying the tax fees for a SMG ya can't have it in CA. I seriously doubt any licensed SMG owner has done anything wrong here, but there you have it. Many other guns are illegal here, for no other reason than "looks mean".

What's next?
2001-10-15 01:14:03 AM  
'Guns don't kill people, people do. But it's a lot easier to shoot someone than it is to beat them to death with a stick.' -The singer from Everclear. I forget his name.
2001-10-15 01:14:30 AM  
Wow, great article Kolacky. Funny how the Times didn't home in on that "Federal Prosecutor = hundreds of people who would want him dead" angle
2001-10-15 01:15:12 AM  
Mrstickerman:I notice you threw republican into your rant. I resent that, and I think my fellow republican farkers will agree.
2001-10-15 01:15:42 AM  
wow my first HTML worked
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