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(X-Entertainment)   A closer look at McDonald's new breakfast sandwiches, "McGriddles"   ( divider line
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30683 clicks; posted to Main » on 03 Jul 2003 at 6:40 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-07-03 03:20:05 PM  
mmm...they stilllook good to me but my heart tells me to run away fast.
2003-07-03 03:23:59 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Let me hear you say "That ain't right!"
2003-07-03 03:27:25 PM  
I'm dead serious when I say I would not eat that even if it was free.
2003-07-03 03:27:26 PM  
I want one now.
2003-07-03 03:28:58 PM  
Y'know, it's hard enough to keep the syrup and better from the pancakes from getting on my eggs and bacon at IHOP*, I'll be damned if I'm actually gonna pay for a "sandwich" that mixes them together.

*Yes, I know, extra plate.

2003-07-03 03:36:07 PM  
Mike, you have outdone yourself... I don't know whether to laugh or vomit after reading that.
2003-07-03 03:38:58 PM  
I don't know what the development people at McDonalds were thinking.
2003-07-03 03:46:15 PM  
Just try one before you judge. They inject crack ... er ... syrup into the griddle cakes. I don't have to waste all that time and effort dipping my sausage anymore.
2003-07-03 03:47:38 PM  
I've eaten one. And only one. If you see these things in your neighborhood, run! They'll only tempt you, then kill you with their fat-filled, sweetness.
2003-07-03 03:53:43 PM  
These things are actually quite tasty.

Hmmmm.... must go back and get... *SLAP*
2003-07-03 03:59:05 PM  
I'd only get one if they got the entire sandwich and deep-fried it, covered it in salt and deep fried it again.
2003-07-03 04:02:19 PM  

Wake, bake, McGriddle.

/ ref
2003-07-03 04:17:42 PM  
he's right about the intestinal distress part...egg mcmuffins make white castles look like tums.
2003-07-03 04:33:51 PM  
I had one last week and it was the crappiest crap i've ever tasted. And i've eaten crap before..

I mean.. I've NEVER..
2003-07-03 04:42:49 PM  
I think it is amazing that some people wonder why the world is becoming SO FAT SO QUICKLY...
2003-07-03 05:06:51 PM  
As bad as this is, it could be worse. Remember the Hungry Man review?
2003-07-03 05:54:12 PM  
I tried one on a whim last month.

Never again, but as suggested, try it now. I highly doubt it will be around long.
2003-07-03 06:48:25 PM  
why not cut to point and call it the 'McBypass'
2003-07-03 06:48:49 PM  
Im sorry to say that these things will be around for a while. Im a manager at one of our company's mcdonalds, and our store alone has invested quite a bit of money in equipment to sell these damn things. This things are sooo greasy its incredible. I tried one when we first got them, i ate half of one and my hands were all shiny it was amazing. And if you need discouragement on why not to eat them besides how bad they are for ya, this is how they are made, first they are baked at our supplier, then frozen, shipped to us, where we bake them again, then they sit around for a while then we microwave them. Then send em to your mouth.
2003-07-03 06:48:57 PM  
Arnold Schwarzeneggar was on Stern a while back and Stern asked him if he would ever consider eating one of these things. Arnold said that he would eat one if he felt like it, he just wouldn't eat it every day (of course).

The thought of Ahhnold eating a McGriddle is pretty amusing to me...for some reason.
2003-07-03 06:51:03 PM  
I like how the bag says "INGENIOUS!" and points at the miraculous golden arches baked right onto the bun.

With this invention, humans truly are our own Gods.
2003-07-03 06:52:15 PM  
I bet that about 75% of you "euuuwwww" people secretly scarf one of these 3-4 times a week.
2003-07-03 06:52:59 PM  
DownSouth, I wouldn't eat it if they payed me the cost of the thing AND it was free.
2003-07-03 06:54:26 PM  

2003-07-03 06:55:09 PM  
I'll be McSkippin this wretched little treat. Blecch !
2003-07-03 06:55:13 PM  
Hear... is ... about ... to ... explo *BANG*
2003-07-03 06:55:34 PM  
In France they must be known as McCrepes....

That is all well and good... but when are they bringing back the McRib ?
2003-07-03 06:55:39 PM  
Madbeefer: Isn't that how pretty much every McDonalds menu item is prepared, besides the salads? They certainly look like they might have been fresh at one point, just not the particular day you're eating it.
2003-07-03 06:55:54 PM  
1270 grams of sodium? 1,27 kg!? ~ 2 pounds? WTF?!
2003-07-03 06:56:19 PM  
Those things are damn good. It has bypassed the Burger King sausage egg and cheese crossandwich as the best breakfast in the world.

I can't wait for the Big McGriddle two burger patties inside three sweet griddle cakes.
2003-07-03 06:57:19 PM  
He must have meant 1270 milligrams of sodium. I don't think you normally measure dietary sodium in grams.
2003-07-03 06:57:20 PM  

So, you want them to make a light version, deep-fried only twice, then?
2003-07-03 06:57:39 PM  
It's all a scam to bring back OMC!

/obscure millionaire club refs.
2003-07-03 06:58:29 PM  
I remember as a kid when I loved everything there. not anymore, I wish they would just get back to what they do best and try not to introduce the next new thing much like this. anyone rembeber the mcrib, or the mcpizza, or the well the list goes on and on.

now I only get there fries and a hamburger or two, great nostalgia. thier chicken nuggets are good sometimes too.

everything else falls in to the mcflush catagory. that is about how it affects me, not just these mcgriddles. I won't get into details but for my system, it is a ten minute food rental

but on mcdonalds nostalgia, anybody remember the caboose they had at some of them, I found one that has a restored one in toldeo. kind of remember that aspect of mcd's with great fondness. me and my frined use to walk up to mcd's and get like three orders of large frys and eat them in the caboose. cool
2003-07-03 06:58:33 PM  
" McMuffins kinda just fark with the system for a few minutes, but McGriddles? These things will make you explode outright. And I mean that in the most disgusting way you can take it."

McDonalds Breakfast-anything = me throwing up unmercifully
2003-07-03 06:58:42 PM  
I use to eat foods like this all the time. McD's, Burger King, and even Taco Bell and they never bothered me in the slightest. But recently for reasons beyond my immediate comprehension I have been eating healthier and more nutritious, and now if I happen to have one of these type meals I feel quite ill afterwards. The logical conclusion. Healthy foods have made me weak, I must eat McDonalds, Taco Bell, and Hungry Man's to regain my awesome strength.
2003-07-03 06:58:43 PM  
Burger King once had the Bacon & Sausage breakfast bagel...

funny how theire is not one single jewish person on Burger King's board of directors
2003-07-03 06:58:44 PM  
McStupid McFlop. Hmm, McFloppies! Wonder if I can ram one of these in my Zip drive and make it retain data better?
2003-07-03 06:59:10 PM  
McYummy!!! I'd eat one! In fact, tomorrow morning I'm gonna go out and try one just to see what it is like...

Its not much different from what most people eat anyways... Most people eat bacon, eggs, and sausage for breakfast... This thing just puts it all in one!

Am I wrong?
2003-07-03 06:59:53 PM  
FAT: 33 G.
SODIUM: 1290 G.

He seems to have misunderstood the kilogram/metric system. Stupid yank...
2003-07-03 07:00:19 PM  
I was sitting in my office a while back, minding my own business (read: reading Fark) when one of our sales people comes around. One of her clients is the local group of McDonalds, and they sent over a bunch of these things for us to try.

She talked me into trying one. Now, let me preface this by saying while I really do appreciate fine foods, I'm far from a food snob - and due to some bizarre institutional programming, I actually prefer powdered eggs to the real thing.

Having said that, I have to say that after the first bite, I spit it into the trash and threw the rest out. These things are vile, and you can damn near hear your heart slowing down...
2003-07-03 07:00:26 PM  
I work at McDonalds those little McGriddles are being used improperly in my opinion. They should sell 'em like nuggets. They're actually quite tasty and not all that greasy - despite what Madbeefer says. I admit eating the sandwich was a let down, but I always find myself nabbing a couple after we stop serving breakfast. mcGriddles r teh yummay!
2003-07-03 07:00:28 PM  
Lou_Natic- Not really, the beef is cooked from a frozen raw state. From my understanding Burger King gets thier meat pre-cooked. And our deep fried products are all raw when we get them. But yea we have these times on cooked products (quality times) and when those timers go off (20 minute holding time on beef 30 on fried products and 1 hour on grilled chicken) we are supposed to throw them out. But I have NEVER worked in a store that has followed this unless someone from corporate is there watching which happens like 2 times a year. Say if you come in and order something around 2-3pm i can guarantee you that it has been sitting in our holding cabinet for at least twice as long as its supposed to. And if you come in late at night its worse. But since most of the poeple that come to Mcdonalds at night are drunk or stoned, they dont notice so its a win win situation for us.
2003-07-03 07:03:23 PM  
I dont get why its getting such a bad rap. I mean these things are actually really good. I have IBS too and I never had a single problem with these things. Course I can also down coffee's like mad...
2003-07-03 07:04:18 PM : just wait until the Dinner menu gets introduced. McSpegetti and other crap. Fantastic.
2003-07-03 07:05:32 PM  
Speaking of fast food places (er, make that Quick Service Restaurants), has anyone else eaten at a Hardee's/Carl Jr.'s lately? Their new burgers are really really damn good. I was pretty skeptical, but I gotta give 'em credit - they done good.
2003-07-03 07:06:39 PM  
I love these things. Too damn pricey though. As for the lunch menu at McDonald's. Echhhh!
2003-07-03 07:08:29 PM  
I tried my first one just this morning. Absolutely nasty, I won't be ordering another one.
2003-07-03 07:08:32 PM  
Ahhh, now I'm missing the old McRib "sammich" that they tested here in New Jersey back in the late 80s/early 90s.

mmmmmmmmmmmmm pork

[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-03 07:09:07 PM  
azmoviez "I don't have to waste all that time and effort dipping my sausage anymore."

Wow, you must be the laziest person on the planet...

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