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(NewsNet5)   Pastor asks for sign from God. God responds by striking church with lightning   ( divider line
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9284 clicks; posted to Main » on 03 Jul 2003 at 5:18 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-07-04 02:10:16 AM  
Krantzstone, where in the burning pits of hell did that Ottawa and Senators slur come from?

Go sit in the corner for ten minutes and apologize, or I'll have you turned into a pillar of salt.
2003-07-04 02:14:27 AM  

If you believe in religion, we don't have any free will anyway. God has already foreseen all that we ever was, is, or ever will be. He has seen everything we ever did, what we're doing now, or what we'll ever do. Everything is already done, the future, the past and the present is immutable, and every mistake we've made is unrectifiable.

Perhaps you're right about all of this, but I think we do have free will, and all that you've described doesn't change the fact that whatever it is we've done, we've done it, not God.
2003-07-04 02:30:44 AM  
When dealing with the Almighty you best be careful what you ask for.

I think God was in a foul mood after having just watched the movie "Bruce Almighty".
2003-07-04 02:57:50 AM  
In medieval Europe and England, ringing the church bell could be a hazardous occupation. During thunderstorms, it was general practice to ring church bells violently in an effort to keep the lightning from striking the tall church spire. Some felt the clamor of the bells dispersed evil spirits that sought to destroy the church with fire; others claimed that the noise of the bells disrupted the lightning strokes. (The second reason explains the common inscription on medieval bells: Fulgura Frango. which means "I break up the lightning flashes."). During the years from 1753 to 1786, lightning struck 386 French church towers. Lightning running down the bell ropes killed 103 French bell ringers. In 1786, the French government finally outlawed the custom.

2003-07-04 03:42:19 AM  
This whole story sounds like something that was made up. Maybe lightening struck the church, but I think all the rest of that shiat was totally fabricated by the Evangelists (the lightening in the mic cord, the engulfing of the preacher, the preacher asking for a sign, etc.). Mass hysteria, I say. These religious nutballs are prone to it. Remember the witch trials?
2003-07-04 04:06:05 AM  
Church Catches Fire
Can I get a "HAW! HAW!"?

Legal shiat: "HAW! HAW!"(r)(tm)(c) is property of Jack Chick enterprises, INC, LLC, BFD, XXX. Or something like that.
2003-07-04 04:34:22 AM  

The scientific age hasn't even begun.

I agree. Look at what we've done in just a hundred years once manufacturing processes caught up with what we could theoretically achieve, and theoretical achievements had enough ground knowledge under them to practically reach critical mass.

How much more do we know now than we did even in 1900, and how many more life-changing inventions are still ideas in sci-fi books but oh so close to being reality.

If they ever get teleportation, antigravity, strong AI or home production of energy (electricity) sorted out, this world will look as different in 3003 as 1503 does to us now.

Wish I could be around to marvel at it.
2003-07-04 11:09:03 AM  
So... did some whiny p*ssy get around to saying "Oh look, another round of Christian-bashing" because someone cracked the obvious joke about lightning striking a church yet? Because that's what I like to see: someone with a stick up their ass to "initiate" a round of Christian bashing with their annoying comment.
2003-07-04 11:15:49 AM  
Well if you believe there's too much evil in the world to warrant an omnibenevolent God, then Gnosticism may be the dead religion for you!

There IS a God named YHVH; he is just a whiny young man who never grew up and likes to throw tantrums. His mother Sophia, goddess of all that is well and good, will scold him every now and again.

There IS a Satan as well; many of them in fact. Their leader and YHVH are spirited rivals and hold round-table discussions frequently on matters of believers and the world at large; by YHVH's will so does Satan do his deeds. Their most famous experiment was testing the faith of Job.

Actually I have no clue.... I was kinda rambling.
2003-07-04 01:16:08 PM  

Ur, that should be "God has already foreseen all that we ever /were/, is, or ever will be. He has seen everything we ever did, what we're doing now, or what we'll ever do. Everything is already done, the future, the past and the present /are/ immutable, and every mistake we've made is unrectifiable.

/ex-Christian Fundamentalist-turned-atheist

And once again the pendulum swings too far in the other direction.
2003-07-04 07:03:51 PM  
sens says:
"Is it not possible, even logical, to assume that we didn't come from nowhere; that we had to come from somewhere, some entity, some form of consciousness far beyond our own, and that "God," as we've named him, is the architect of it all? That he has been the mastermind behind evolution, and all other things that have led us to this point?"

And this 'god' came from ... where exactly? Are you gonna use the 'he was always here' crap? If we go by this law of the universe (the 'crap doesn't come out of nowhere' law) then god has to apply to it as well.

We don't KNOW enough to know where we came from yet and we probably never will. Here is my question ... why does it MATTER where we came from? Isn't it OK to not know something? Who freaking cares where we came from. We are here. Let's deal with that problem first (not killing, hating, and other wise being asses to each other).
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