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(Sydney Morning Herald)   Beer for the Homeless insists they're not socially irresponsible   ( divider line
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2003-07-02 11:22:10 PM  
This is a charity Farkers should support. Just imagine how hard it must be for them. I mean, there they are, living under a bridge, and after sitting around cruising Fark on a hot afternoon, they want a beer as much as the rest of us.
2003-07-02 11:27:46 PM  
kinda like giving clean needles to addicts.
2003-07-03 03:14:54 AM  
The more free beer they get, the more they spend on other things with the money they get from panhandling and etc.

Come to think of it, this might give the economy more stimulation than Bush's latest tax break. *rimshot*
2003-07-03 04:47:19 AM  
2003-07-03 04:51:16 AM  
Yeah, let's give alcoholics more alcohol. That's a grand idea. Absolutely genius. Sure it's a little irresponsible, but I'm a nuclear physicist so what the fark do I know?
2003-07-03 04:52:43 AM  
Jova, they'd just buy or steal listerine if they didn't get beer.
2003-07-03 04:54:51 AM  
i thought chugging listerine was the perfect solution for them... available 24/7, cheap, effective, and leaves them with minty fresh breath
2003-07-03 04:55:09 AM  
"kinda like giving clean needles to addicts."

Last I checked sharing beers isn't a big ause of prevetable disease.
2003-07-03 05:01:14 AM  
I too only give cans of beer to the homeless. If you give them the money to buy beer for themselves, they only squander it on fripperies like food, shelter and clothing.
2003-07-03 05:02:02 AM  
Anybody want my house?
2003-07-03 05:02:11 AM  
I was once approaced by a tramp who asked for "a couple of quid to buy some beer". I thought that was refreshingly honest. Didn't give it to him though.
2003-07-03 05:06:01 AM  
Sorry, I mean "a homeless person". Can't call the sartorially challeged "tramps" anymore.
2003-07-03 05:06:25 AM  
i did see a documentary about a homeless shelter here in germany that kind of bothered me

they let them drink IN the shelter, day in, day out. they would get up off the cots or whatever in the morning and sit around a card table pouring vodka into their coffee

the guy in charge was like, "technically they're not supposed to drink in here. but it was too hard to enforce that rule."
2003-07-03 05:10:41 AM  
Hey, homeless people need to get drunk too. It takes a cold heart to deny a homeless person their needed reality escape.
2003-07-03 05:10:54 AM  
hmmm let me ponder this, would i want beer from beer for the homeless or 'salvation' from the salvation army.
2003-07-03 05:12:25 AM  
Homeless people are con artists. They ask for "50p for a cup of coffee", you give them 50p, and I haven't had one yet who has given me a cup of coffee.
2003-07-03 05:15:48 AM  
We should be lifting them out from this shiat, not drowning them. This is backwards.
2003-07-03 05:16:13 AM  
one time a bum asked me for a bite so i bit him

true story
2003-07-03 05:17:11 AM  
jova you seem to be laboring under a misapprehension about what "uplifts" most homeless people. i'll give you a hint. it's not sobriety.
2003-07-03 05:17:54 AM  
Jay_vee - Quid? 50p? I don't think us Yanks understand.
2003-07-03 05:23:42 AM  
Jova:- Sorry,
50p is 4 shillings and tuppence
a quid is four crowns.
2003-07-03 05:24:01 AM  
If I donate to the homeless, I always give food products.
Never cash, never booze, never ever drugs.

/See? I'm not that much of a bastard.
2003-07-03 05:28:12 AM  
and i believe there are four rod sterlings in a king edward furlong
2003-07-03 05:30:08 AM  
I thought they got rid of that shillings, pounds, and guineas or whatever the hell you people use years ago and that quid was slang for a pound like a buck in america.
2003-07-03 05:31:08 AM  
sorry to "jack the thread" such as it were, but mayhaps some one could post the pisture of the dude with the erroniously spelled moron sign? I will pledge my eternal soul to the destination of your choice.
2003-07-03 05:32:48 AM  
as an added bonus, I will correctly spell picture. C and S aren't really even that close to each other.
2003-07-03 05:40:15 AM  
alcohol on an empty stomach is no good, tho. How about "Beer and Pizza for the homeless"?
2003-07-03 05:41:28 AM  
RadiationDude:- If that were true, then using our obsolete monetary system to answer an American claiming not to understand our money, could be considered a jokey way to try and confuse him (and you).
2003-07-03 05:56:54 AM  
this one barmy bloke on the dole was on the kerb scrounging and whingeing. he had tucked into some spotted dick, capers, and kippers, took off his kit and had a kip when a lorry tyre hit his arse and he fell down a lift and gob first into a pram.
2003-07-03 06:00:18 AM  

curb ;)
2003-07-03 06:01:06 AM  
hmmm... who spells it kerb? doesn't somebody?
2003-07-03 06:01:11 AM  
Hm... How about "Beer and Pizza and Boobies for the homeless?"
2003-07-03 06:02:20 AM  
And, yes, "kerb" is the British form of "curb," just as "gaol" is the British form of "jail."
2003-07-03 06:02:37 AM  
Fark, you're right. It's us. I've been reading FARK to long, I'm turning American.

I don't know whee you got "capers" from though?
2003-07-03 06:03:28 AM  
teh penis butt! roxor!
2003-07-03 06:03:49 AM  
wheeeeeeeeeeee (a more enjoyable version of "where" obviously)
2003-07-03 06:06:00 AM  
So, what, my 'crack for the homeless' program is DOA? C'mon... the homeless need crack more than you or I do...
2003-07-03 06:10:21 AM  
jayvee -- i dunno, for some reason i had capers in my head as something british people eat more than americans. maybe i was thinking of currants?
2003-07-03 06:36:10 AM  
hmmmm radio show, I wonder if by chance its Phil Hendry?
2003-07-03 06:38:48 AM  
this one barmy bloke on the dole was on the kerb scrounging and whingeing. he had tucked into some spotted dick, capers, and kippers, took off his kit and had a kip when a lorry tyre hit his arse and he fell down a lift and gob first into a pram.


this wacky dude on welfare was on the sidewalk, freeloading and biatching. He had chowed down on some waffles, grits and eggs over easy, dropped his pants and was catching some 'Z's when an 18 wheeler tire hit his butt and he fell down an elevator and his puss hit a stroller.
2003-07-03 07:04:33 AM  
What we're missing here is the (wonderful) trend this could establish.

Beer for the beerless? A great idea, as you're beerless, you get one, drink it, you're beerless, you get one, etc...

Anyway, what is the exchange rate? One pint of Tetley's for how many homeless. I've got two in a lane off my home road. How many pints will I get for them?

Answers on a postcard...
2003-07-03 07:04:53 AM  
Did you mean over-easy or over-medium?
2003-07-03 07:16:57 AM  

One time, as we were leaving town for the big Griswold-style vacation (sans kids), I saw a homeless man standing on the on-ramp. I briefly considered tossing him a joint from my golden cigarette case, but thought better of it. Hell, the guy might have ratted me out!

But giving beers to them is legal, so I say go for it. Not only because it makes us feel better to be charitable, but because some people would consider it EVIL. Heh heh heh...

/returns to beating his serfs and plotting the overthrow of all that is good and holy

2003-07-03 07:29:07 AM  
binnster gets my vote (if we could vote that is). :)
2003-07-03 07:29:13 AM  
'all i am saying is , give beer a chance'

Think need one my self, how about beer for the opressed office monkey
2003-07-03 07:33:54 AM  
Hytes Xian:- Not sure what you mean. I said over-easy.
2003-07-03 07:41:24 AM  
I bet they'd prefer chateau cardboardeaux over beer.
More bang for the buck .
2003-07-03 07:44:25 AM  
I know a lot of people who are over-easy.....maybe you could call 'em sometime?
2003-07-03 07:47:57 AM  

If you want to give 'em more bang for the buck, I might suggest a nice bottle of Everclear - The Hydrogen Bomb of Booze!

2003-07-03 07:56:23 AM  
Cheers Bob the Nob. Want a house? Swap you it for a lifetime of free beer ;)
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