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(Yahoo) NewsFlash Bush rejects offer from Taliban to hand bin Laden over to a third country   ( divider line
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3776 clicks; posted to Main » on 14 Oct 2001 at 5:09 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-10-14 05:13:53 PM  
Eh,they refuse our offer,we refuse theirs.That shall show the turban wearers!
2001-10-14 05:18:12 PM  
Seems like they're starting to crack. I think the Taliban would like to be rid of bin Laden, because they know he'll drag them down. Unfortunately they can't just hand him over like a delivered pizza without losing face in the Islamic world. Except the bombings to go on for sometime until the Taliban hands him over "...for the good of our oppressed country."
2001-10-14 05:18:40 PM  
Expect, not except in that previous post.
2001-10-14 05:18:54 PM  
Let me see if I understand this? The Talabin thinks Bin Ladin wouldn't get a fair trial in the USA ? lol Who told them that Bin Ladin was even going to get a Trial ? IM glad Bush is not buying into any of these crazy offers they are trying to hand off.
2001-10-14 05:20:54 PM  
They're on the ropes...
2001-10-14 05:23:10 PM  
cluster nukes filled with Anthrax ! And if a few digits are incorectly entered here and there , oh well .
2001-10-14 05:25:27 PM  
how bout we just take all the garbage in all our land fills and dump it all on afganistan, that would teach them not to mess with us
2001-10-14 05:26:41 PM  
I think the garbage would just increase their GNP.
2001-10-14 05:28:30 PM  
I don't know who makes me sicker, counter-culturalist, anti-everything the US does, pacifists or the terrorists.

I seriously hope somebody starts shooting up these anti-us rallies.
2001-10-14 05:30:56 PM  
I like how they said they would hand him over to a country that would not be under any pressure from the USA....

hmmm... I wonder what country that would be in this case?

ideas anyone?
2001-10-14 05:34:59 PM  
Let me get this straight. Not more than a week ago the Taliban is saying "No, we have no communications with Bin Laden, and we don't know where he is." Now that they realize how serious we are about bombing they magically have the ability to hand over Bin Laden to a third country. "Yes, yes, we will hand him over to the people of Pakistan, they will hold him." Fark this, and fark them. From this offer on they know where he is and what he is doing.
2001-10-14 05:38:32 PM  
Frankly I'm miffed Bush offered them a second chance (even though it really wasn't an offer, he said "Lets see" in the press conference).

Whether or not the Taliban turn over bin Laden is irrelevant. Our war is against terrorism, not bin Laden. The Taliban supported terrorist activities and were directly involved with the Sept. 11th attacks. They are an enemy of the United States and we should not stop until they are gone or severly crippled. No more deals, no more games, no more time. You're gone. You had your chance, you blew it.
2001-10-14 05:39:49 PM  
farkingLoser: "I wonder what country that would be in this case"

LOL, probably Iran or Iraq. Although, it'd be nice if it were Iraq because we know how to fight a war there and we know the proper angle and height at which to kick Sadam in the ASS
2001-10-14 05:44:05 PM  
daz- the Taliban were directly involved in the sept 11 attacks?

but I agree with basically everything you said otherwise
2001-10-14 05:50:02 PM  
Why, Saudi Arabia, of course.

Which would not be such a bad idea. S.A. is the heart of the Moslem world. It would be a Good Thing if the Saudi's put benny-boy's head in a basket.

It would truly send a message.

bin Ladne is not fighting a holy war. He is a criminal maniac who is using whomever is the lastest politically-correct down-trodden Moslem as his so-called motive to kill.

Bin Laden is not as pure as the driven snow. He is empire building. He is no better than Hitler.

fark them.

2001-10-14 05:52:51 PM  
Fb-: many of the rallies aren't anti-US, but rather pro-peace, two totally different things.
2001-10-14 05:53:47 PM  
Give us Bin Laden now, or else!

Or else what?

Or else we'll keep bombing

You've already bombed everything of value

2001-10-14 05:55:40 PM  
They Lie, and Lie, and Lie again. Everything they have said has been a lie of somekind. I think the only thing left is elimination from the face of this earth.
2001-10-14 06:00:16 PM  
Is peace really worth living in fear for the rest of our lives? Is peace really worth sacrificing justice for? You have to choose. Justice and Peace can coexist, but only if everyone is in agreement over who and/or where to administer it and even then is is not truly peace, but only war against one individual or group. Justice and Self-Defense are the only things that justify war.
2001-10-14 06:04:44 PM  
In a blistering statement, Mullah Mohammed Omar said there was no move to ``hand over anyone'' and accused the United States of killing Afghans.

I can't believe we had this Omar creep in our sights and let him get away.

By the way, Saudi Arabia would be a terrible place to try bin laden. They've been buying off terrorists for years by giving them money. In return, they get left alone. They'd probably acquit him.

chmod a+x /bin/laden
2001-10-14 06:08:14 PM  
I knew Bush was only offering them a second chance because he thought they would never accept the offer. But they called his bluff. Now he has to come up with excuses as to why they will not make a deal.
2001-10-14 06:19:38 PM  
chmod a+x /bin/laden
Okay. That was funny. I assume you mean 'group rights' on this one? How do I get an account?
2001-10-14 06:25:39 PM  
Bin Laden and the Taliban have said they were prepared to die for their if they hand over Bin Laden it is not going to stop the terrorism as he is just going to die for their cause...dumb bastards...I will say I don't like to see or hear of wars but in this case I am behind Bush and the USA 100%...NO DEALS WITH THE TALIBAN.
2001-10-14 06:38:49 PM  
Forget the article, look at the photo included with the article.

Good photoshop material.
2001-10-14 06:42:38 PM  
I was hoping that that poster in the article's picture had Bert, but it was a totally different poster.

We can bad-mouth the Taliban all we want, but we need to support Bush as well. How many politicians would have said, "Sure, we'll accept that offer!"? At least Bush has the guts to stand up to them. I'll bet you he gets re-elected.
2001-10-14 06:42:50 PM  
so what would happen if they turned him over?

Would he recieve a trial and then be executed?

They'd have to give him a trial before any official execution was made. My geuss would be that he'd get assassinated before that would happen
2001-10-14 07:01:30 PM  
stop bombing.
deliver aid to civilians.
do not destroy civilian targets.

you'll get your 'figurehead' soon enough. Object now would be to how best to avoid fanning the flames of anti US feeling in a faction that are already prepared to die for the cause.
2001-10-14 07:04:58 PM  
Yeah let them get exactly what they want.
No one is bombing civilian targets (on purpose).
We are deliveringh aid to civilians.
2001-10-14 07:07:27 PM  
no negotiations
we'll get our 'figurehead'
and then we'll move to the next stage of the operation in the war against terrorism,
one of hopefully many

-all your base are belong to Rumsfield-
2001-10-14 07:14:32 PM  
Take power and then make sure Afghanistan gets a stable government. Don't just put the Northern Alliance in. They were overthrown by the Taleban, so that means they must have f-ed up big. Don't just install a dictatorship like the US has done in Central America, to get oil.
2001-10-14 07:16:52 PM  
I'm not into shooting up people as much as FB is but those "no war" rallies piss me off too.

I heard one woman on TV the other day saying the food/aid that the USA is providing isn't going to do anything and blah, blah the US should do more. Well fark that, the USA isn't the global babysitter. I'm sorry but Bush and the US government is doing a damned good job so far and the US is not fighting for the poor people of Afganistan, it's fighting for the US!
2001-10-14 07:27:08 PM  
2001-10-14 07:37:08 PM  
I heard they already smuggled Osama out of Afghanistan... a camel's ass.
2001-10-14 07:43:50 PM  
smuggled? I thought that was his preferred way to travel.
2001-10-14 07:44:02 PM  
NO matter what way Bush goes he will never win the respect of everyone...if he excepts an offer he will be seen as giving in to terrorism...if he continues this struggle he is seen as a war lover....DAMN IT the man is doing what he thinks is best to stop all this shiat and make the world a better place to live in...I say he is doing a great job...Bless you Bush.
2001-10-14 07:54:08 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

2001-10-14 07:55:23 PM  
Well, perhaps the aid is not significant. I'm not a complete death monger. I wish everyone had enough to eat. But the fact remains, the land in Afghanistan is worthless pretty worthless.

Don't overbreed your resources.

But with regard to our H.D.R.'s were providing some help, whcih is more than any rich middle-eastern oils countries are doing... Gee, maybe that pig-eating Saudi billionaire should spend a little bit and help out the poor starving kids.
2001-10-14 07:56:31 PM  
Ozzie_Pride, did Bush sneeze or something?
2001-10-14 08:01:19 PM  
2001-10-14 08:04:47 PM  
"....DAMN IT the man is doing what he thinks is best to stop all this shiat and make the world a better place to live in..."

By 'World' you mean mostly America yeah? (i.e. not any small middle eastern states whose population has already suffred decades of war and years of famine, he was really putting himself out to make that part of the world a better place back in august)

Still I will say this, junior is in a tight situation, rock and hard place type stuff. No matter what he does somebody will be pissed with him, trouble is they way it seems to be going that someone will be another bin Laden.
2001-10-14 08:07:15 PM  
None of any of these rallies affect me one way or another.

There will always be "ists" of some stripe or other, and journalists (if they have any integrity) will seek out opinion of various representative kinds.

The public will sort it out. They know what needs to be done when the explanations are honest and have common sense.

It's pretty much useless to try to point out any incongruities in wanting both justice done and wanting no military action, because there just will always be "ists".
2001-10-14 08:07:44 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2001-10-14 08:13:18 PM  
I think everyone will benifit from this...I would love to see it put a stop to terrorism altogeather but I would be an idiot to believe it will as there will always be some looney that wants to make a stand...Ah Well..I am behind Bush and America on this one.
2001-10-14 08:18:25 PM  
Where is the after picture with the kid and the Bazooka?
Now that would be a Kodak moment.
2001-10-14 08:24:23 PM  
"Blumf: I think everyone will benifit from this..."

Unfortunatly not. There are too many conflicting needs (and wants) going on. For instance, if the Talaban are knocked out, will thier replacments be any better? Will Israil and Palastine stop bickering (this seems to be the source of most the anti-US stance, rightly or wrongly)? Will junior sort out Sadam properly this time (and get rid of the sanctions)?

What I'm worried about is that after this action is over, nothing realy will have changed and in a decades time there will be another attack of some sort.
2001-10-14 08:28:31 PM  

It can only get better. There is no law in Afghanistan at the present moment.
2001-10-14 08:34:09 PM  
I do see what you are trying to get at but backing off now and letting these crimes go unpunished will only worsen a bad situation...there is no alternative unfortunatly.
2001-10-14 08:36:02 PM  
"It can only get better. There is no law in Afghanistan at the present moment."

No law? The Talaban guys keep on coming up with new twisted Koran based laws every week or something! How long your beard must be, no pictures (except ID photos), all women must wear big blue um... things (I can think how to spell it) to stop them attacting unwanted attention from men with no self control... the list goes on.

They have laws, and in thier weird religous nutter type way, they're even a bit honourable (Think Jack Chick as president, shudder! :-) ).

What they don't have is a healthy respect for westen countries, or for that matter any other cultures.
2001-10-14 08:39:15 PM  
I feel if this war is fought out then our children will not have to fight out the same war.
2001-10-14 08:45:21 PM  
Fark Bin Laden. Fark the Taliban. Fark all these sadistic motherfarkers giving us infectious bacteria. I can't wait until these assholes are wiped from the Earth. Let God sort 'em out.
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