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9977 clicks; posted to Main » on 02 Jul 2003 at 8:29 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-07-02 07:01:40 PM  
Better stock up on Acutane quick!
2003-07-02 07:06:02 PM  
Separately, the New York Office of Cyber-Security and Critical Infrastructure Coordination warned internet providers and other organisations that the goal of the hackers was to vandalise 6,000 websites in six hours.

I guess there's been increased "chatter" in some hacker cells.
2003-07-02 07:18:37 PM  
The first rule of Hacker Club, there is no hacker club!
2003-07-02 07:18:40 PM  
I really don't see this coming off as planned....
2003-07-02 08:32:20 PM  
so what's 733T for 'dork'?
2003-07-02 08:34:18 PM  

/has no webpage.
2003-07-02 08:35:52 PM  
SweaterGirl you're not too far off:

...US Department of Homeland Security, notified companies that it received "credible information" about the planned attacks...
2003-07-02 08:36:30 PM  
In other news, Jolt Cola sales pick up this month
2003-07-02 08:36:46 PM  
BendSinister - |)0|%|< ?
2003-07-02 08:37:11 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

"This weekend, somewhere on the Internet, something bad will happen. I don't know what, but I know it's bad, and it's going to happen."
2003-07-02 08:37:19 PM  
My ships Care-o-meter reads dangerously low.
2003-07-02 08:38:17 PM  
2003-07-02 08:38:44 PM  
...and all the major news organizations are publicizing it, so the script kiddies who are bore this weekend will all join in.

Self-fulfilling prophecy, methinks.
2003-07-02 08:39:11 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-02 08:40:58 PM  
good movie
2003-07-02 08:42:03 PM  
GIS for "hacker contest"

[image from too old to be available]

Man, that is some hacker contest. Looks like a steaming pile of crap.
2003-07-02 08:42:03 PM  
Once again, the media doesn't know the difference between hackers (which may as well be extinct nowadays) and malicious adolescent farktards. Sigh.

Oh, well. I guess I better call in my usual Saturday order from Ilitch's Pie With A Toga-Bearing Mascot a bit early.
2003-07-02 08:42:07 PM  
With this comment, I DEFACE Fark.

/surfing to Slashdot
2003-07-02 08:42:47 PM  
Wow I was almost worried for a nanosecond. Gee, the Homeland Security says they heard a rumor something somewhere might happen.,

God help us all if the EBS came on my TV right now telling me Washington was under attack with live footage. I still wouldn't believe them.
2003-07-02 08:45:12 PM  
More than likely the information was misinterpreted, however if it isnt, i hope it goes as planned.
2003-07-02 08:46:31 PM  
I just totally hacked a watermelon with a knife. Damn, I'm elite.
2003-07-02 08:47:20 PM  
f3ar th3 p1g4! OMFG! LOLOLOOLL!!11!!11
[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-02 08:48:15 PM  
I suppose this could somehow be used to the benefit of humanity . . . (doubtful) Although there is that virus-creating class just started at a university somewhere in California. (I can't remember whether I read this on Frak or not.)
2003-07-02 08:49:59 PM  
to learn the truth about moment by moment reality, come to my blog.

Terrifying, yes.

Bring extra clothing.
2003-07-02 08:50:14 PM  
buzz_kirkwood, i think that's 37!+3 or such nonsense. either way, you're totally it. roflmao, brb, etc.
2003-07-02 08:53:34 PM  
If there is a god they would start with the pathetic DemocraticUnderground site,and work their way up the food chain
2003-07-02 08:54:16 PM  
All it takes is for one of them to be slightly bright and hack the website hosting the results.


Thats what I'll be doing.

w00t. Etc.
2003-07-02 08:55:10 PM  
«New York officials urged companies to change default computer passwords, »

Don't forget to warn the schools too!
2003-07-02 08:55:23 PM  
2003-07-02 08:55:25 PM  
Alright, so who here spilled the beans to the n00b13 named "cH1p_hArD3s7Y1959" in the ubersecret hacker AOL chatroom? I told youse guys he looked like a f1n|<.
2003-07-02 08:55:45 PM  
mofomisfit: 31337, 1337, l33t, take your pick.

I'm not ashamed I know 1337speak. It comes in handy when talking to the stereotypical CS player.
2003-07-02 08:58:20 PM  
Zero Cool, Acid Burn, Little Joey, Cereal Killer, Lord Nikon, Razor & Blade VS. The Plague all over again! pH34r T3h g1Bs0n....
2003-07-02 08:59:36 PM  
PseudoPsy, read my mind on that. Drew better watch out for the Hamsters.
2003-07-02 09:01:33 PM  
New York officials urged companies to change default computer passwords, begin monitoring website activities more aggressively, remove unnecessary functions from server computers and apply the latest software repairs from vendors such as Microsoft Corp.

Where the hell did Microsoft come from? Payoff?

2003-07-02 09:02:07 PM  
You know what this means....there's more likely to be a terrorist attack!

/Homeland security sucks sarcasm
2003-07-02 09:02:52 PM  
mikemir nah, they probably just knew most of the script kiddies would be screwed if they faced patched servers.
2003-07-02 09:04:38 PM  
Cracker, not hacker!

/now refers to self as "computer enthusiast"
2003-07-02 09:07:27 PM  
0|\/|Fg 1'M tot4LLY Go|\|n@ ORdEr @ +|-|0U54|\||) p1Zz45 @|\|d |-|4ve +|-|E|\/| |)3li\/eR3|) TO |)R3w A|\|d +|-|En hE W1LL Fe@R M3 4|\||) J00 wILl tOO! 8o\/\/ |)OWn +o |\/|Y 3LiTe |-|@><0R $|<iLL$!
2003-07-02 09:07:47 PM  
And that is why I don't leave the house anymore. Darn hackers, just waiting for you can leave the room and then bam they steal al your hard-earned kitty porn and swiss bank account information, which I like to keep inconspicuously on my desktop in a file labeled kittyporn & illegal bankaccounts.
2003-07-02 09:08:22 PM  
Script kiddies and 14m3r 5p3a|< suck. I'm sure they would enjoy it if someone were to adjust their parents' mortgage payments to be 6 monthes behind or simply erased from the previous 12.
2003-07-02 09:09:58 PM  
"Oops. We're sorry. That was an internal Homeland Security memo. Nobody will be hacking websites. These aren't the hackers you're looking for."
2003-07-02 09:10:17 PM  
And, in a related story, the RIAA changes their root password to "god" and waits to be victimized again.
2003-07-02 09:10:29 PM  
PseudoPsy was close...

[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-02 09:11:51 PM  
this isn't somethin' new... its almost expected with any long weekend...

if they tag a site on thursday night, it stands a better chance of lasting longer, as the admins wont be coming in friday.

well.. at least they *thought* they wouldn't be coming in friday.......
2003-07-02 09:12:03 PM  
doccm9, they're guinea pigs, not hamsters. Thus the p1g5. And they're going to h4x0r j00 w3bp4g3 just for that comment. For reals.
2003-07-02 09:12:41 PM  
2003-07-02 08:42:47 PM Gwendolyn
Wow I was almost worried for a nanosecond. Gee, the Homeland Security says they heard a rumor something somewhere might happen.

2003-07-02 09:12:52 PM  
Unless you give up the hay
2003-07-02 09:15:32 PM  
heap actually, I was thinking of a sort of false-alert thing, and your comment plays into it.

Leak plans saying you're going to take things down on Thursday, bosses force admins to work long hours waiting Thursday, then nothing happens. Admins get Friday off, or call in sick Friday, and that becomes the real day.
2003-07-02 09:17:08 PM  
spose anything's possible. its just a given at the datacenter i work at.. the day before a long weekend, the probes start. its a given to make sure any and all security patches are applied before then.
2003-07-02 09:18:09 PM  
Gosh, Homeland Security warning coinciding with a holiday weekend, what a strange twist of fate. There goes our color alert system "to the moon Alice, to the moon"
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