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4385 clicks; posted to Main » on 14 Oct 2001 at 10:15 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-10-14 10:19:51 AM  
Why is this here?
2001-10-14 10:31:29 AM  
Yeah, exactly. I've submitted things that are actually funny and this crapola gets put up? I guess somebody was drunk and thought the word Cipro is funny.....or else it's some secret inside Fark Joke and I just suck too much to know about it.
2001-10-14 10:33:24 AM  
Am I reading the ebay thing right? You pay $5+ for information about Cipro? This dude is selling links?

BTW, Cipro is "an oral antibiotic effective against a broad range of bacteria."

I'll save you $5 with a free link to CiproUSA.
2001-10-14 10:36:58 AM  
I think they are prescribing Cipro to people in whom they have found Anthrax. I'm too lazy to verify it but I think that's what I saw on CNN.
2001-10-14 10:46:03 AM  
OK. Off subject completely (probably).
It's my wife's birthday on November 11th. Haven't got a clue what to buy, as I don't think she would appreciate links to Cipro sites.
Need suggestions. Spend budget around £150 ($220). Go crazy, or serious. I don't care.
2001-10-14 11:02:58 AM  
a new vacuum cleaner? That's what women want, right?
2001-10-14 11:09:41 AM  
A bowling ball with a liquid center. With "Redbull" written on it.
2001-10-14 11:17:57 AM  
Buy her a huge bouquet of her favourite flowers and a really pretty necklace or something and then hide the jewellry box in the middle of the bouquet. It works, I promise. So long as the box isn't enormous. Now you see, I don't know if your wife's a typical chick, who likes jewellry and flowers and all that prissy crap, but it's still a good idea. Personally I'm happy with sex for my birthday....or going to an amusement park. But I'm not normal, so *shrugs* go figure.
2001-10-14 11:48:01 AM  
Manda, the world needs more women like you.
2001-10-14 11:56:46 AM  
Oh, and I'm looking forward to the responses to RedBull's question. The Cipro story is kinda stupid, but what to buy a wife on her birthday? That's a need-to-know item.

I gave up years ago. I just asked her what she wanted. (btw, don't do this: note the past tense.)
2001-10-14 11:59:06 AM  
Hey MANDA, come down to South Texas, I'll uh....... buy you some......fajitas....yeah, that's the ticket!
2001-10-14 12:09:41 PM  

all at one time:
1. a small ( the smaller, the cuter ) box of chocolates
2. mints
3. massage oil(s)
4. 3-piece matching lingerie set, hose and gloves optional
5. small bottle of perfume
6. maybe a necklace or watch, or ring
8. some kind of broach doo-dad, or other hair accesory
9. small stuffed animal
10. take her out to dinner, OR (even better) YOU cook dinner
11. Go watch a movie, OR (even better) rent one (or 2, or 3)
12. A photo of you and/or a photo of both of you (any kids?)
13. nice picture frames for above photos
14. write a poem for her
15. wash her car
16. surprise her at work
17. a Spanish SERANADE! (sing to her outside her window)
18. think of a different way to say "I love you"
2001-10-14 12:11:01 PM  
¿ Well that was interesting ¿
2001-10-14 12:13:05 PM  
Plant her a huge garden of flowers and put a box
with a shiny new lawnmower in the middle of it!
2001-10-14 12:14:23 PM  
Remember, it is NOT the cost associated with it, but rather, how much of an IMPACT it has. You can buy ALL the stuff above, you can get friends or neighbors to help you wash the car (or even pay a few kids to do it). By the way, if you DO seranade her, make sure a buddy captures it on video. And hey, maybe you can e-mail me the audio portion of it on MP3?
2001-10-14 12:25:44 PM  
Mr. Stickerman's way to wash a car:
1. soap and water
2. dry
3. tar/bug remover
4. paint cleaner/"scrubber" (it works VERY well, to clean out the dirt and oxidation in scratches and seams. I got it at Auto Zone. It is made by McGuire's. If you can't find it, ASK for it.)
5. Polish (NOT with sealer or wax, just polish)
6. PolyUrethane sealer (that NuFinish inan orange bottle, or the other Finish(?) 2001, in a green bottle)
7. CARNAUBA wax. not the liquid. the HARD paste.
8. repeat (7.)
9. vaccum the interior AND trunk
10. steam the engine
11. armor-all on tires
12. Rain-X on exterior glass and headlights, brake lights, turn signals and outside mirrors( it acually helps keep the bugs off, also, and makes them WAY easies to clean )
13. Rain-x ANTI-FOG treatment on the INTERIOR glass and interior rear-view mirror ( after using this, it makes your defroster OBSOLETE. )
14. get accesories like cup holders, cell-phone holder, padded seat cushion, sun deflector, CD colder, etc.
15. air freshener
2001-10-14 12:27:13 PM  
16. leave a little surprise for her in the ASHTRAY ;)
2001-10-14 12:28:57 PM  
also: get her a gift certificate for a full body massage and/or a beauty makeover or hairstyle
2001-10-14 12:29:05 PM  
Beat the shiat out of her, then brand your name on her ass.
2001-10-14 12:31:42 PM  
All suggestions are given without any implied warranty of any kind. Discontinue if rash develops. ( Don't blame me if she thinks lingerie is cheesy, or if she is chocolate intolorant)
have fun
2001-10-14 12:32:25 PM  
One year, for Valentine's day, I planted a dozen roses for my wife. Put in the irrigation system and everything. Lotta work. She seemed to really like them. For the next decade, she picked flowers daily.

Then, one day, she wanted them out. She was tired of them. So, I dug them out. Now, it's her house, and there's bare dirt there, except for one weedy little rose that keeps trying to come back, even though I stomp on it every time I'm there. But, hey, I'M NOT BITTER AT ALL.

Dammit, now my teeth are grinding.
2001-10-14 12:48:28 PM  
Geeze. Some jackass is selling a mug whose distinction is that it's for a drug from the same manufacturer as Ciprol.

Regarding gifts, one principle that's guided me is that you NEVER give a woman a gift that could be purchased in a hardware store.
2001-10-14 01:15:57 PM  
Swisstony - thx. she already has one. And plays Abba at full volume while using it.
VD - nice idea. She's not a bad bowler - but not that interested.
Manda - You Casanova you. A+. Best effort so far I think.
Homeless - Agree - Cipro story dull. and can't ask her. I always have to surprise.
MrStickerman - Wow. You made the effort didn't you. All great ideas. But I did the 'lots of smaller presents' thing last year. btw - I cook most of the time anyway.
KingOFthePOOPeaters - I did that for Christmas.
Jjorsett - There are some battery powered gifts, that women love.

Please keep going - It's her 30th birthday, and I am genuinely stuck.
2001-10-14 02:39:11 PM  
There's always the "take her out to dinner at a fancy restaurant" gift.
2001-10-14 03:38:29 PM  
Get her a massage -- one of those warm stone deals if they have it. Spring for the full package too, not the half-hour bargain. No woman in the history of women has ever looked down her nose at this gift.
2001-10-14 04:28:07 PM  
How about a hot-air balloon flight? With champage at the end. Very romantic.
2001-10-14 04:49:23 PM  
2 words: anal sex
2001-10-14 04:49:44 PM  
2 more words: strap on
2001-10-14 06:22:37 PM  
RedBull: Assuming she doesn't already have one, how 'bout a cell phone contract with a ton of airtime? And dinner as well, of course. They always want dinner.

Ladies, I'm actually serious here. Is this a good gift, or does it suck?
2001-10-14 06:37:28 PM  
Ask her if there's anyone she really can't stand, then go kill that person. Bring her his head on a platter. A nice one.
2001-10-14 09:12:12 PM  
Just blow a couple of paychecks on a peice of jewelry and give her a nice full body massage for me!
2001-10-14 09:44:50 PM  
gift certificate for the Home Depot- did I mention my ex left five years ago? (but I still have my ABBA albums)
2001-10-14 10:09:33 PM  
one thing i've always wanted to try, is to buy a blender, take the blender out, put a dozen roses in it, and wrap the box up all pretty like. I wanna know what happens.
2001-10-14 10:45:14 PM  
You could always figure out some way to have children and save her the pain and torture and humiliation. She'd really appreciate it.....or you can go with my first idea...which is a lot cheaper. :)
2001-10-15 04:15:27 AM  
Dogbone - She's had a few Health spa days recently, but thx
Bob Holness - I'd like it, but she'd like a P please Bob, 'P' for puke, she can't stand heights.
Darth - I have a small ring, and can't cope with it.
Homeless - Has a 'phone.
Jimmy Balls - unfortunately, if I don't come up with something good, it'll be my head on a platter.
Tooth - nice. but not the inspiration I was expecting from Farkers.
Bongoman - You bought albums at a Home depot ?
FRKBOY - Do I blend the roses first, and present her with a messy pulp ?
Manda - Adoption as a present is always a surprise, but rarely welcome I would guess.
2001-10-15 09:10:42 AM  
I think they are prescribing Cipro to people in whom they have found Anthrax. I'm too lazy to verify it but I think that's what I saw on CNN.)
Yup that would be it, there perscribing cipro to people with anthrax, so now people are trying to cash in on it and make some money. I have a perscription for it, wonder if i would get introuble for selling some of it.
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