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2003-07-02 11:20:03 AM
She's just not doing it for me.
2003-07-02 11:20:45 AM
"Cutie"? No siree.
2003-07-02 11:27:32 AM
ordinary, and pro'lly safe for work to boot.
2003-07-02 11:28:29 AM
kinda weird looking, and not in a very sexy way
2003-07-02 11:32:30 AM
Oh Mai.

/got nothin'
2003-07-02 11:34:15 AM
Sorry, but she is not a cutie, the average Vietnamese grad student looks better than that..
2003-07-02 11:43:35 AM
At her best, kind of a Lucy Liu wanna be.

Kittens everywhere...resume what they were doing.
2003-07-02 12:02:12 PM
I dig the face; I might even remember her if I saw her again. Might.
2003-07-02 12:08:32 PM
wee [TotalFark]
2003-07-02 12:10:52 PM
Yeah, dat's nasty.
2003-07-02 12:21:59 PM
She's not bad, but there are a bunch of Vietnamese girls where I go to college that are a lot better looking than that.
2003-07-02 12:27:38 PM
2003-07-02 01:28:52 PM

No sir I don't like it.
2003-07-02 01:34:03 PM
Did someone hit her face with a frying pan ?
2003-07-02 02:22:18 PM
I wonder if they look at pics of our cuties and say, "Did someone pull on her face with a toilet plunger?"
2003-07-02 02:23:06 PM
It's loading very, very slow

2003-07-02 02:23:35 PM
I wonder if she is one of these: http://www.msnbc.com/news/934076.asp?0cv=CB10
2003-07-02 02:24:37 PM
somebody cue up the 2Live Crew, please...
2003-07-02 02:24:45 PM
WOW! The hentai pics got a better reception than this.
2003-07-02 02:25:47 PM
Unfortunately, her site is located on a server that is transmitting into the internet at 300 baud.
2003-07-02 02:26:04 PM
Nguyen must be the Vietnamese equivalent of Smith. I know about 15 vietnamese people and I think 14 have that last name. And they're not related. Hmmm. Thats something to think about.
2003-07-02 02:26:24 PM
Farked for me.
2003-07-02 02:26:29 PM
Vietnamese chicks are generally one of the least-goodlooking of the Asian nationalities. They tend to be rather rawboned, and they age extremely quickly...30 years old might as well be 60.
2003-07-02 02:27:15 PM

/going to hell
2003-07-02 02:28:04 PM

I was just going to ask: Is she 40 or 50 years old?
2003-07-02 02:28:41 PM
farked for me too
2003-07-02 02:29:01 PM

I second that emotion. Not that I want to stereotype.
2003-07-02 02:29:03 PM
I thinBk thLere's a gUuy in thEe nfl wRith thaAt lasSt naCme aAlso. My theLory i.s makCing mOore sensMe already.
2003-07-02 02:29:18 PM
Even this guy wouldn't hit it!

2003-07-02 02:30:02 PM
seems farked...loading slow...growing old waiting
2003-07-02 02:30:42 PM
Nguyen is a very common last name there (pronounced when). A former ruler of Vietnam was named Nguyen and in loyalty most of the families there changed their surname to that. The other most common one is Vu which is my fiance's surname.
2003-07-02 02:31:43 PM
2003-07-02 02:32:24 PM
Based on what everybody's saying - I'm glad it was farked for me.

Guess I did't miss anything.
2003-07-02 02:32:56 PM

My fiance is 30 and doesn't look a day over 23. IMHO the Vietnamese women are the most loyal women you can find.
2003-07-02 02:33:05 PM
OK, since the server's down, I did y'all a favor and found another site.
I use the word 'favor' lightly, though, b/c my LORD is she homely. And I usually like Asians.
2003-07-02 02:33:35 PM
WebSense no like-ee...can some one post a pic?
2003-07-02 02:33:37 PM
2003-07-02 02:34:13 PM
Vietnamese skullfarking, anyone?
2003-07-02 02:34:14 PM

Those are some serious man-hands
2003-07-02 02:36:57 PM
Kitten population is exploding today. Lot of blue-balls being iced down w/ the lack of Boobies today. Time to whip out the DVD porn nnnniiiiiiicccccce.
2003-07-02 02:37:27 PM
helluva body tho ...
2003-07-02 02:37:53 PM
ewwww tomveil! I agree with the fryingpan to the face interpretation. I'm not down with the eggroll scene though.
2003-07-02 02:37:56 PM
Oh, I see - she's a man.
2003-07-02 02:38:09 PM
Behold the power of Fark. 10 minutes and still loading. Good thing I work from home.
2003-07-02 02:38:30 PM
Jeez,posts like this make me hanker for that cross-eyed retarded redhead from awhile back.
2003-07-02 02:38:43 PM
Ok, come on guys, it can't be that bad...


2003-07-02 02:39:19 PM
Everyone knows Asian women hit the wall hard at 40. Almost like a Nascar wreck.
2003-07-02 02:39:40 PM
Ackkkk!!!! It Loaded!


/kittens rejoice
2003-07-02 02:40:04 PM
Woah, just checked tmovey's link...

I think i'll pass on this one.

/goes back to hitting it with mine.
2003-07-02 02:40:35 PM
Why, lord, why?
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