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(   Huge gelatinous school-bus-sized whatchamacallit washes ashore in Chile, baffles the crap out of biologists   ( divider line
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38649 clicks; posted to Main » on 02 Jul 2003 at 12:07 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-07-02 12:09:05 AM  
What does this have to do with Ann Coulter?
2003-07-02 12:09:34 AM  
Well, thats because it really is a huge gelatinous school bus.

2003-07-02 12:10:06 AM  
...and Oprah was it's name-o.
2003-07-02 12:10:34 AM  
2003-07-02 12:10:44 AM  
Sea snot.
2003-07-02 12:11:49 AM  
*SLAP*----->off side Nightsweat's head
2003-07-02 12:11:50 AM  
whale spooge?
2003-07-02 12:12:19 AM  
It just has to be said - that's something ya don't see everyday...
2003-07-02 12:12:25 AM  
it's just whats left a whale blowing its load and missing the target.
2003-07-02 12:12:30 AM  
no pic?
2003-07-02 12:12:31 AM  
I'd love to sea a photo...

2003-07-02 12:12:59 AM  
I wonder if it was giving the finger.
2003-07-02 12:13:09 AM  
the article's headline ain't bad either.
2003-07-02 12:13:26 AM  
Anybody call Mulder and Scully yet?
2003-07-02 12:13:43 AM  
When I take a dump it winds up in Chile?
2003-07-02 12:14:41 AM  
It's one of Cthulhu's boogers, obviously.
2003-07-02 12:14:58 AM  
any link like this which is sans photo does not need to make it to FARK
2003-07-02 12:15:11 AM  
"There was speculation that the mass might be a whale skin, but Cabrera said it was too big and did not have the right texture or smell."

These scientists are trying to identify it by smell? You'd think there would be better (and more plesant) ways to figure out what a blob is made of.
2003-07-02 12:16:03 AM  
Sea snot run.
2003-07-02 12:17:41 AM  
I hope there is a follow-up soon, because I want to find out what this is, or at least some pictures. Crap like this is so cool.
2003-07-02 12:18:22 AM  
Has anyone checked to see if Anna Nicole is missing?
2003-07-02 12:18:56 AM  
It's just the regurgitated innards of the humpback whale.

I was there, I saw the whole thing.
2003-07-02 12:19:55 AM  
No pic.
Doesn't exist.
2003-07-02 12:20:03 AM  
Isn't the Bukkake Film Festival usually held at some south island resort?
2003-07-02 12:20:18 AM  
Did you know that a whale's dick is called a dork. Thinka about that one for a while. Not to hard though, might hurt something.
2003-07-02 12:21:59 AM  
I bet it turns out to have been an oarfish. Here's a link to a pic.
2003-07-02 12:22:36 AM  

That's why I've always been flattered when the ladies tell me I'm a dork.... They tell me that a lot.

What, it has another meaning?
2003-07-02 12:23:12 AM  
Orca Dork?
2003-07-02 12:23:54 AM  
Only kids believe in Giant Squids.
2003-07-02 12:26:41 AM  
Why even post this without a pic?
2003-07-02 12:27:24 AM  
GIS "gelatinous blob"

[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-02 12:28:33 AM  
I agree with Alph.
2003-07-02 12:29:02 AM  
Huge gellatenous Whatchamacallit? Ewww.

[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-02 12:29:16 AM  
Looking for an appropriate GIS, I came across this. In the context of the page it's on, it makes sense. By itself, it's pretty funny.

Not Safe For Lunch
2003-07-02 12:29:22 AM  
Not_Todd, I don't think a bunch of scientists would confuse that with a WHALE. That thing is as thin as a ribbon, not some feet thick.

Either way, it's nasty as hell.
2003-07-02 12:32:44 AM  
They've found Louie Anderson ?
2003-07-02 12:34:09 AM  
Large sea creature? Was this the one?
[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-02 12:34:51 AM  
Louie Anderson? No, I think it's Michael Moore.
[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-02 12:34:59 AM  
They've found Louie Anderson ?

2003-07-02 12:35:10 AM  
We get these all the time in Hawaii. I call them tourists.
Just roll it over to tan the other side.
2003-07-02 12:40:05 AM  
Ifarked_Jomama, what the HELL did you just find?? That is quite disturbing.
2003-07-02 12:41:37 AM  
The real discovery here is that Chile has a navy
2003-07-02 12:41:48 AM  
Oh wait, they are blowing not sucking.

/redefining terms for the girlfriend
2003-07-02 12:43:05 AM  
Damn! I knew I shouldn't thrown my condom overboard!
2003-07-02 12:43:31 AM  
Not all whales are huge like blue whales or sperm whales, Another_Angry_Goth. They might have been comparing the size to a decomposing Minke Whale.

I've seen pix of an oarfish that was much larger than the one I linked to, but couldn't find one online.
2003-07-02 12:44:51 AM  
"The Chilean Navy first spotted the mystery specimen along with another large mass, but the other dead animal turned out to be a dead humpback whale. "

I think it means "two guys treading water holding rocks."

2003-07-02 12:45:11 AM  
it floated across the pacific from japan. it's the leftover from a bukakke.
2003-07-02 12:45:45 AM  
I agree with Unsatisfied_Customer.
2003-07-02 12:46:10 AM  
Whatever it is, do not taunt it.
2003-07-02 12:48:58 AM  

Sounds like something straight out of lovecraft. Nameless, shapeless horrors from the deep.

We're all gonna die. Aieeee! Nyarlath- ah, fark it.

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