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(Chron)   Teen battling ants with gasoline burned after forgetting to factor in wind shift   ( divider line
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6247 clicks; posted to Main » on 02 Jul 2003 at 4:43 AM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-07-02 12:18:47 AM  
Another article from a few weeks back

Ants and Caterpillars: 2
14-year-old boys: 0
2003-07-02 04:47:34 AM  
<-- thinks that was a sexy headline
2003-07-02 04:48:33 AM  
Note to self: DO NOT mess with invertibrates. They will always win.
2003-07-02 04:55:10 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Sally, we're going to need more gasoline...
2003-07-02 04:59:34 AM  
water won't put out gasoline. it just spreads it around.
2003-07-02 05:07:10 AM  
Are "teen battling ants" like ninja turtles?
2003-07-02 05:11:23 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

A teen battling ant (gasoline not included)
2003-07-02 05:13:15 AM  
14 lear old + gasoline = "the obvious"

On a related note: as anyone tried to battle fire ants? Hell, I'd grab the gasoline...
2003-07-02 05:19:13 AM  
Use honey mixed with petrol (gasoline to you Septics), or washing-up liquid mixed with petrol. Makes it stick beautifully.

"Hmmm, I love the smell of petrol mixed with honey in the morning. Smells like petrol mixed with honey". Apocalypse Tomorrow
2003-07-02 05:19:46 AM  
Teen asshat + gasoline = good wholesome family entertainment.
2003-07-02 05:25:38 AM  
sonovabiatch this is like a warning from god. I killed some ants with gasoline just yesterday.
2003-07-02 05:28:02 AM  
What about frozen orange juice concentrate?
[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-02 05:30:10 AM  
we tried to pour maolotv cocktails in the dark once, my freind pulled ut his zippo to give us some light... the bottle lit up, i dropped the gas container, and ran like hell because all the hair on my legs got scorched off. and in the end almost an acre of land got burnt up.
2003-07-02 05:38:19 AM  
Molotov Cocktail
- 2 part(s) Champagne
- 1 part(s) Cherry Brandy
- 1 part(s) Curacao
- 1 part(s) Vodka
- 1 part(s) Gin
Directions/Comments: Pour them into the glass, and serve cold, without ice. It's good especially when you drink it after some other drinks, and you don't really feel
2003-07-02 05:52:53 AM  
He still gets to laugh at the guy that got shot in the penis though
2003-07-02 06:34:52 AM  
Haha Uncle_Aught, you sick bastard.
2003-07-02 06:34:55 AM  
Stupid kid... Doesn't he know that you need a can of WD40 and a zippo to effectively get rid of 94.3% of all known ants?

That is, if you don't blow your hands off.
2003-07-02 06:49:11 AM  
Give that kid a magnifying glass and he'd probably burn off his penis!
2003-07-02 07:07:24 AM  
Forget all that. Use diesel fuel.

1) Pour diesel liberally over mound.
2) Lay a paper towel over the mound, so it soaks up some of the diesel
3) Light the paper towel.
4) Profit.

Anyone using gasoline to start fires is asking for trouble.
2003-07-02 07:44:15 AM  
We once blew a dead pig out of an old well with 5 gallons of gas.
2003-07-02 07:54:06 AM  
If there is anything that this horrible tragedy can teach us, it's that a male model's life is a precious, precious commodity. Just because we have chiseled abs and stunning features, it doesn't mean that we too can't not die in a freak gasoline fight accident.
2003-07-02 08:22:32 AM  
2003-07-02 08:24:14 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
"For they shall inherit the earth... sooner than you think!"
2003-07-02 08:42:27 AM  
I don't know which is worse...doing something this stupid, or doing something this stupid, and have the story spread across the internet.

2003-07-02 08:43:21 AM  
What side of the family were these Aunts from? 'Cause that parent's gonna be pissed.
2003-07-02 08:53:50 AM  
Human combustion ensued.
2003-07-02 08:59:15 AM  
Leiningen unavailable for comment.
2003-07-02 09:39:16 AM  
Washing-up liquid...gotta love the Brits.
2003-07-02 09:39:20 AM  
I was doing battle with a rather large pile of brush this past weekend, poured on my gasoline, then realized i didn't have an incendiary device on me, by the time i got back the fumes had spread. When i lit the match, I was enveloped in a large fire ball. Turns out i was doing battle with my eyebrows too. good times friends, good times.
2003-07-02 09:56:25 AM  
2003-07-02 10:04:47 AM  
What's with the "stupid teenage boy" stories today? Sheesh. You hardly ever see anything about a teenage girl lighting herself on fire with gasoline. I hereby issue a challenge to you Farkers: find "dumba$$ teen girl" stories.

/silently weeps for the future
2003-07-02 10:04:54 AM  
"How do you make a 14yr old boy go WOOF?"

PS - we need a Darwin tag....or did we used ta?
2003-07-02 10:07:03 AM  
You know, diazanon was great for ants, then they took it off the market. My brother in law got some stuff for the fire ants at his house. Its a powder, you dont even have to light it on fire. Granted, fire is more fun, but you dont want to get burnaited.
2003-07-02 10:10:43 AM  
I used to use just plain old water on ant hills....get the garden hose out and drown 'em. Not as sexy as gasoline, but did the job. Was especially cool when their eggs would come floating up out of the holes....

2003-07-02 10:12:02 AM  
can't believe no one has posted the obvious...

it's a trap!!!!
2003-07-02 10:14:02 AM  
How much gas was he using anyway?
2003-07-02 10:45:30 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-02 12:33:10 PM  
Boiling water. This will bring the little bastards up on top of the mound where they will die and form a velvety cover to the delight of your family and friends.

mmMmmm Velvety.
2003-07-02 12:40:14 PM  
CATCH22: That pic reminds me, isn't it about time Hollywood did a remake of THEM?
2003-07-02 01:43:41 PM  
its not stupid....its DUMBASS
2003-07-02 01:51:24 PM

Neighbors next door are always trying to burn these piles of brush. They set about 5 fires at a time. They pour TONS of gasoline on and then light it, which on more than one occasion has resulted in a huge BOOM! like a bomb going off that rattles me out of bed. Seriously. And I've seen the guy pouring gas on the fires while the brush pile he's pouring it onto is still smouldering and/or in flames. I took a bunch of pictures once of him doing this when I was sure that he was going to go up in flames and I was going to have to go stamp out his smouldering corpse. They even burned a large portion of one of the pine trees adjacent to our property.

Oh and we live right next door to a cop too and he hasn't done anyhting about it.
2003-07-02 06:18:33 PM  
As a teen I had an unfortunate incident involving ants, alcohol, matches, and the wall of the garage...

You know burning alcohol doesn't have much of a visible flame?
2003-07-02 10:34:17 PM  
think of it as evolution in action...
2003-07-03 07:26:22 AM  
Way late, but couldn't let this go without posting an appropriate Bob The Angry Flower:

[image from too old to be available]
2003-07-03 08:44:06 AM  
She hopes other children and adults become more aware of the danger of gasoline.

Duh!!! What a complete and utter asshat. Maybe her son should be exposed to high voltage electricity, rat poison and falling from high buildings as well, so she can hope that other children and adults become more aware of those dangers as well.
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