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(Some Guy)   French remove America from D-Day memorial   ( divider line
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30957 clicks; posted to Main » on 01 Jul 2003 at 1:17 PM (14 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2003-07-02 01:21:47 AM  

*gloves come of*

2003-07-02 01:45:55 AM  
I believe that World War I was us paying them back for our independence. "Lafayette we have returned." or whatever it was.
2003-07-02 01:58:14 AM  
Uprights Bio Says it all.


Thats not really a part of America anymore is it.

We didnt try to coherce anyone into going to war we asked them to stand behind us as our Allies. They declined and that was fine. But they went one step further in trying to block us and garner support against us. If you cant see the difference you are an idiot.

BTW saying phark the French is valid discourse. It is disagreeing which is what you said freedom allows you to do. France is a dirty little country full of commies and Islamic fundamentalists who disagree with the principles that America stands for. they didnt want us interfering with the buisness dealings they had with IRAQ.

Now go away or I will taunt you a second time.
2003-07-02 02:09:58 AM  
"Frankreich, Frankreich..."
2003-07-02 02:15:19 AM  
Not that I'm a Phd historian but I cant find any instances of a French army during the revolution. I did find much about a French navy blocking the English navy from evacuating Cornwallis that resulted in the largest surrender of British forces in the war. However, a block does not exactly equal a full on dedication of assets, like D-Day Europe.

The French were nice enough to fund our little tea party, that's it. Best part is they got every cent back, we didnt default on a single loan. Heck we were even nice enough to return the favor a few years later when we bought Louisiana, sure we got a good deal on a lot of great land, but not our fault they didnt bother surveying it before selling. :)
2003-07-02 02:18:18 AM  
Has been mentioned in this thread that the military of France possesses weapons of mass destruction?
2003-07-02 02:43:25 AM  
My opinion is not that of the war - just that this monument (or gift shop on location at the memorial) has nothing to do with the war - it is to honor those who have fallen in WWII to save the world from Nazis. Thus, they should put the farking flags back up.
2003-07-02 03:29:47 AM  
Great, just great.
We're being bashed just because of three and only three american flags missing in a museum in Bayeux. (the guy precises that in an article to which the page is linked).
Knowing that 99% of the people here would have easily believed Bayeux was the name of a cake until they were told otherwise and that the closest our generation ever got to Normandy is while playing Medal of Honor, I'm really impressed by everybody's ferver.

Yep, French people stink. Showering twice a year is a national tradition and we love it.

Yes, we adore Jerry Lewis, which would explain why I've only seen him on tv twice in 25 years, once for the telethon and the other time on a Dr Jerry and Mister Love rerun at 1am (but nowadays Adam Sandler and the Wayans brothers seem to have sooo much more talent, considering the US box office)

Yes, we're nazi cowards. Whatever people here say, last elections brought up 17% of far-right voters.
(should this be a good thing for the ones among you who laugh at us because we have a lot of mexic... sorry muslims in our population or a bad thing for the ones (sometimes the same, depends on the forum) who treat us like racist farks?)
We're still waiting for people to burn crosses in front of churches but you know, we don't have that much freedom. Even if when my father was my age, black people could seat in front of buses.

Yes, we sold wmd to Iraq, but we just wanted to be part of the club. Though we left you the Harpoon missiles and the chemical-compliant fragmentation bombs part, you know, everybody has to make a living.

No, we didn't attack Iraq, because our army is shiat and we were considering the fact that the rest of the world could go on a pre-prehentive strike to teach us not to do a prehentive strike before they strike. Tricky uh?

But I'll give some points to you:

- French are patented whiners
- They're lazy bastards
- Reading about the resistance stats during wwII, you realize 95% are losers, 5% heroes (but hey! in my city three kids got shot in the head for writing 'Germans go home' on a wall, kind of refrains you to do anything bolder)
- They're whiners (I know, I said it before but it's so true)
- Put their nose down their shiat and they will come up with their farking wine&cheese and so called cultural heritage while nothing important has been done in that domain for the past century.
- Like I've read on many posts, we're "farking rude". (What a relevent statement)

Oh, and finally a note about things I have come to read on the net about some French personalities.

- Alain Madelin is a twat. That guy is a loser who'd say the exact opposite of what the government says, hoping he'd get right there and then and pretend to some political position.
- Bernard Henry Levy is not the greatest French philosopher alive (I nearly choked on that one). He's just a fake who'd come around and say 'war is bad', 'killing people is not good' and such shiat whenever things turn nasty somewhere in the world. He's done a movie once and it was the biggest pile I've ever seen on the silver screen.

It's my first and I hope last post concerning the Fr/us situation, just because I have trouble being insulted for things I haven't done nor supported by millions of people I don't even know.
2003-07-02 03:44:44 AM  
What do you expect they are french, these are the same people who wanted to build an Airport on the grave sites of hundreds of Australians who died saving their asses in WWII
2003-07-02 04:15:20 AM  
Never been so ashamed to be an American.......We have reduced ourselves to 5th graders throwing taunts to a country across the sea....Don't forget..WE started it..Don't forget the Freedom Fries..

If you whining farkers can't take an insult...Don't start a fight. End of story.
2003-07-02 04:26:13 AM  
if you think about it, fewer people seem to have died from france...

in thinking about it, france kind of has their hands full right now with past colonization efforts gone wrong and eu backlash that was not...

what would you do?

wait a minute - don't think about it...
2003-07-02 05:23:39 AM  
It's interesting how the "America desrves it" crowd don't seem to be concerned with revisionist history. Yeah, we made fun of France and some people were doing dumb things like "Freedom Firas" but I don't recall any Americans suggesting we edit history.
2003-07-02 05:50:32 AM  
welp I see only one thing to be done aboout france...

bomb them till they glow then shoot them in the dark!
2003-07-02 08:35:19 AM  
I think someone, somewhere is just massively pulling his pud while looking at all the comments he managed to generate with his little photo essay.
2003-07-02 09:16:59 AM  
Good thing I wasn't there. I'd've had to fight somebody.

/doesn't support childish behavior in France or America
2003-07-02 09:33:58 AM  
WAH WAH WAH. Is that all you can do.. boo hoo a Goddam GIFTSHOP doesnt have american flags for sale ...

Get a farking life.. all ye "patriots"
what a farking joke
2003-07-02 10:05:25 AM  
How to scare the french:

"Deutchland Uber Alles..."
2003-07-02 11:20:23 AM  

Read this article! I'm ashamed of for having so many dipshiats inside.
2003-07-02 11:21:49 AM
soory about that. READ
2003-07-02 12:26:18 PM  
albo: PA has a Fayette county named after LaFayette, and at least one town of North Fayette.

But is there a French town named Eisenhower or Bradley?

I don't have a map of France in front of me, but I don't believe they do. Suffer-n-succotash, they are ungrateful bastards!! I say we immediately embargo and block all shipments to France until Ike and Bradley get their due. Who's with me!?

Really people, this back-and-forth over France isn't making any of us look, sound or otherwise any smarter. The French opposed the war and now, according to his eminence in the White House, the war is over so it's time to move on. For all of you doyens of democracy out there, a majority of the French people opposed the war and majority rules in a democracy, so sanctioning or "punishing" them for their stance is decidedly un-democratic. The French government deserves kudos for pursuing an agenda that reflects the will of the French people with the means at its disposal...Tough titties if it hurts Shrubya's feelings--that's life. Next issue please.
2003-07-02 09:24:06 PM  
Allez Phoque un Cocque you farking frenchies.

Why not replace the maple leaf with [image from too old to be available]
2003-07-03 03:11:58 PM  
How about we stick an American Flag whoopee cushion under the seats of the French at the U.N. with notes attached that say "Truce?"

I think it would put a good end to all of these international tantrums.
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