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(Yahoo)   Borland gets smart, quits Limp Bizkit   ( divider line
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7278 clicks; posted to Main » on 14 Oct 2001 at 12:00 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2001-10-14 12:08:26 AM  
Now they have no talent
2001-10-14 12:16:28 AM  
Now if only Fred Durst could quit being alive, the world would be great
2001-10-14 12:24:00 AM  
aaannndddddddddddd Wwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!
2001-10-14 12:25:33 AM  
bout time
2001-10-14 12:28:00 AM  
Take the money and run.
2001-10-14 12:30:40 AM  
Now Wes is Rollin'. werd.
2001-10-14 12:33:22 AM  
Have any of you ever heard the Limp Bizkit homosexuality rumor? A friend of mine says that many of the things associated with the band have to do with homosexuality. Such as:

-Limp Bizkit- When, apparently, a bunch of guys get together and jerk off onto a biscuit, and the last one to come has to eat it.

-Three Dollar Bill, Y'all- There is an expression, "queer as a three dollar bill"

-Faith- First Limp Bizkit commercial hit, written and sung by George Michael

-Significant Other- along the same lines as "life partner"

-Chocolate Starfish and the Hot-Dog Flavored Water- A person's asshole looks like a 'chocolate starfish', and well, 'hot-dog flavored water' get the idea.

-Limp Bizkit is a bunch of guys, and they suck

So there you have it, submitted for your approval. Not that I am a homophobe or hate gay people, Limp Bizkit would suck just as bad if they were gay is if they were straight. I just find it amusing because every Limp Bizkit fan I have ever met has been a huge homophobe.
2001-10-14 12:40:48 AM  
Pretty weak analogy. They have a couple of good songs, but durst has a squeaky biatch voice in the live recordings I've heard.
2001-10-14 12:46:02 AM  
And let me state for the record that this is a friend of mine's, not my own theory.

2001-10-14 12:47:49 AM  
Thank God. Now maybe Limp Bizkit will just go away.
2001-10-14 01:00:11 AM  
good for him... the only part of that band that doesn't flech for a living........

I second that the rest of the band quietly fades away......
2001-10-14 01:00:57 AM  
whoopsie... I ment FELCH.. as in FELCHING or to FELCH...

gotta love learning new things.....
2001-10-14 01:02:14 AM  
Fred Durst said he tookout christina A. He stated that he did not score. He is gay.
2001-10-14 01:10:54 AM  
I thought everybody scored with Christina Aguilerra?
2001-10-14 01:12:41 AM  
LB will keep going unless they loose DJ Leathal (bout time he put out a solo CD). Then they'd REALLY be talentless. (IMO)
2001-10-14 01:34:28 AM  
Right now in thousands of white suburban basements, teenage boys are all saying the same thing,
" Like dude, that is so wack!"
2001-10-14 01:35:15 AM  
damn. I saw Borland and thought this thread would be about compilers.
2001-10-14 01:50:20 AM  
2001-10-14 01:51:12 AM  
Gasmasher: I thought the same thing. Welcome to Dorkville.
2001-10-14 01:52:06 AM  

but I suppose that is the pot calling the kettle black in here....
2001-10-14 01:52:52 AM  
Since we've established that we're in Dorkville, has anyone tried Kylix yet?
2001-10-14 01:57:10 AM  
Scraping-fetus-off-the-wheel: More like... Right now in thousands of white suburban basements, teenage boys are calling the Firm to find out how they can audition for Borland's old gig.

Durst really is a chocolate starfish licker. Go away.
2001-10-14 02:01:18 AM  

I am audtioning I suck but hell everyone sez limp sucks anyway so i Must be the right guy for the job

2001-10-14 02:15:28 AM  
"Chocolate starfish licker"? Ewwww, yick. Phooey. Blech.
I thought we were gonna discuss command-line parameters for BC5.
2001-10-14 02:15:41 AM  

Fred Durst

This guy is a virus. He's everywhere. He was driving a Rolls in a Lil Bow Wow video. What the hell is going on. I'm pretty sure everyone's aware that he blows. "My way or the highwaaay." Now there's a genius lyric if I ever heard one. As my co-worker put it, "Fred Durst must've bought a book of cliche's for $8.99 and used it to make three albums."
2001-10-14 02:25:47 AM  
I hate Limp Bizkit.
2001-10-14 02:29:14 AM  
Wow, im not the only limp bizkit fan on fark... thanks jordy :) oh well, wes is just one part...

Ill just keep Rollin Rollin Rollin...
2001-10-14 02:29:48 AM  
i hope leathal will get back with everlast so hes good again and bizcit goes away. they suck. music today sucks. your mom sucks. (maybe not the last one)
2001-10-14 02:30:51 AM  
wow, i just realized how bad of a pun that was... damn, im not very smart

*Begins cowering before hes attacked by every active farker*
2001-10-14 02:46:38 AM  

listening to dayglo abortions
2001-10-14 02:48:42 AM  
Okay, I'll admit it...I like their cover of Faith.

wouldn't admit this if i wasn't hungover
2001-10-14 02:55:19 AM  
what pun?
2001-10-14 03:10:06 AM  
Gas, I thought the same thing for a second, then I remember hearing about it earlier.

Randome Fractal for all us geeks:
[image from too old to be available]
2001-10-14 03:14:07 AM  
murr, very purty fractal.
2001-10-14 03:22:52 AM  
Ramohse: tell your friend that 'theory' is the stupidest thing i've ever heard. examples:
-"queer as a three dollar bill" is an old expression, back when 'queer' meant weird, not gay in any way.

-"faith/george michael" - coincidence, and big stretch.

-Significant Other - almost exclusively used to describe a hetero couple. never ever have i heard anyone use that phrase to describe gays. just because it is sexual or intimate does not mean it's gay.
2001-10-14 03:24:09 AM  
i'm not a big fan of theirs, not trying to defend them, but that theory was just plain dumb, and a huge stretch.
2001-10-14 03:51:09 AM  
Yeah, I mostly agree that it is a dumb theory, but it pertained to the thread and he told it to me yesterday, so it was fresh in my mind. Rest assured That I will call him an idiot. Not necessarily because of this, but because he really is an idiot. They sure do suck though. Damn.
2001-10-14 03:55:45 AM  
the article says "(see)" 5 times... wad dup wid dat?
2001-10-14 03:55:53 AM  
good thing he left
now he'll be able to write what he wants to
like on "duke lion fights the terror"
his solo project band called BIG dumb FACE

check it out
i saw it live, it's great
2001-10-14 04:10:40 AM  
I was a Limp Bizkit punk for a month!Then!I snapped out of it!And discovered black metal!My life has never been better!Send!$5.00!And I will tell!You!How to make!Your!Life better!

Ahh,the joys of punctuation abuse.But its all true!
2001-10-14 04:24:06 AM  
I'm limpin with the bizkit.
2001-10-14 04:45:25 AM  
I was thinking Borland, the software company (see). Or former software company (see). I couldn't understand why Borland Software (see) had anything to do with Limp Bizkit (see). Until I read the article (see).
2001-10-14 04:53:50 AM  
Hopefully this is the end of that wretched waste of human life. Those cock monkeys are only making the general population even more stupid than they already are. Don't you find it amusing that they have a "management group" called "firm"? Who the hell needs something like that? Wonder how much they pay for that crap...

Anyway, it's sad when a group needs to be contacted like a god damn corporation to find out any information. These guys are going to be in debt 'till they are 46...HAH, serves 'em right.
2001-10-14 05:54:59 AM  
hey PuyoDead, how exactly is(or was) Limp Bizkit "making the general population even more stupid than they already are."?
2001-10-14 05:58:40 AM  
I did it for the cookie the cookie... a peanut butter cookie.
2001-10-14 07:39:45 AM  
Worst band...ever!
2001-10-14 08:46:02 AM  
No, Hanson is the worst band ever. Having said that, Borland is an idiot for leaving a group that still has about 2 or 3 more years of big moneymaking potential. He will regret it 6 years or so down the line when he spends all of his money and his solo career goes nowhere, and Limp Bizkit is way past their prime of generating a cash flow.
2001-10-14 09:07:20 AM  
Wes will be sleeping with da fishes (see).

Sorry, random "Orgazmo" quote.
2001-10-14 09:07:42 AM  
Well, Wes is a good guitarist but can he handle being on his own emotionally?

Thats gonna be a brain-friar for sure, lets hope he keeps his head up
2001-10-14 09:54:14 AM  

another random orgazmo quote.

Anyways i could really care less on what happens to those idiots. if they make little brainless idiots happy let them waste there money on there crap albems or whatever... valumes are fun
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